Allen Chambers' Mindways Chronicles - Book 1 - Reflection

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Allen Chambers’ Mindways Chronicles Book 2 – Labyrinth Chapter 1 – Reflection

Angie felt her heart quickening as rough hands caressed her vagina, raising her sexual senses. She began to push herself rhythmically against this intrusion. Her moist sex being deftly explored heightened her sexuality. She moaned as pulses of pleasure coursed through her body. To her disappointment, the hands momentarily stopped. Her sex protested, wanting more. The hands slowly and deliberately parted her legs and the strong muscular body they belonged to lay down upon her. His manhood penetrated deeply into her warm moist secret place. Angie gasped and wrapped her legs around his, aiding his entry. Her arms pulled him closer, her nails digging deeply into his flesh as he took her powerfully, thrusting hard with each stroke. Angie breathed heavily and pushed hard against each thrust to ensure he was as deep inside as he could be. Their rhythm quickened as they neared their climax. The rush of adrenalin, mixed with the sexual explosion and the release of his seed deep inside her, took them both to the pleasures of the high heavens. They lay together, entwined, spent and exhausted, breathing heavily as their hearts raced and sweat glistened on their naked bodies. Angie took her hands and ran them through his long hair, then brought them to his face and pulled him towards her lips. They kissed passionately. Angie felt a warm glow within and smiled to herself. She opened her eyes…

Angie woke with a jolt.

“Nooooo!” she wailed and began sobbing loudly. “I couldn’t have! How could I? Harry, dear Harry, I’ve failed you again!”

Sophie rushed into Angie’s room and sat down beside her. She took the sheets and wrapped them around her shivering delicate figure and pulled her close.

“What’s happened, Angie? Have you had a bad dream?” asked Sophie softly.

Angie wrapped her arms around Sophie and buried her head in her chest. She took a deep breath and wept inconsolably.

“I am with child, Sophie.”

“That can’t be so bad, Angie. I know the loss of Harry is still raw for you, but to have his child, surely…”

Angie pulled away from Sophie, cutting her dead.

“Sophie, I’m sorry. It isn’t Harry. This child’s father is Erebus!”

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