Allen Chambers' Mindways Chronicles - Book 1 - Reflection

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1.Buzz – A synthetic substance originally designed for military use. When administered in strictly controlled doses, it had a unique effect on individuals, clearing their minds of mental clutter, enabling enhanced brain capability, which extended through the nervous system, giving a prolonged sensation of exhilaration and physical capability. When administered to a group of like-minded individuals at the same time, it enabled these individuals to be linked mentally, thinking collectively and acting as one. It dramatically improved problem-solving, strategic ability and, ultimately, fighting effectiveness. This gave troops ground-breaking strategic capability in the field, however its prolonged use resulted in users developing aggressive, anarchic tendencies and rendered the troops unmanageable and dangerous. In larger doses, it becomes highly addictive and has uncontrollable hallucinatory effects. There were some who, on identifying its potential for use on the black market, introduced the substance to the criminal underworld. The drug is socially accepted by the majority as it gives respite from the otherwise pathetic existence they are expected to endure under totalitarian rule. Ten years of the drug is giving the authorities significant problems of control and lawlessness, to the point where a shoot-to-kill policy is in force for the police when faced with Buzz-using criminals and junkies. This, of course, has given the state police the excuse to try and obliterate the criminal and underworld fraternity, which has resulted in an underground war of attrition and many innocent deaths. Sides have become polarised, no-go ghettos have sprung up as no-one is capable of drawing the war to a conclusion, The Autonomous Government has made it clear this dictate will remain in force ad infinitum, the criminals and underworld will fight on… stalemate.

2.Forbidden Zone – Once a mile-deep, police-patrolled buffer sector between the city’s outer defences and the populated inner areas, designed to capture those who breached the city’s defences to gain sanctuary and those wishing to escape the hell it really was. Eventually, the desperation of those wishing to enter or leave the city for reasons of safety stretched the police to breaking point. The Government decided to appoint vigilantes and mercenaries to ensure the Forbidden Zone remained sterile – using any force necessary. This led to a bloodletting and the creation of a subculture, which thrived using its own laws, the ‘Zone Crew’. Although against the fundamental principles of an Autonomous Government, the Zone Crew served a purpose in the Forbidden Zone, keeping the unwanted out and the disillusioned in.

3.Zone Crew – A culture that evolved from vigilantes and mercenaries who broke the treaty with the State and took control of the Forbidden Zone for their own ends. Their reliance on Buzz created a race that feared none and rendered the Forbidden Zone a no-go area.

4.Hades – hell; a place for the undead, a place in which evil reigns and evil life can be recreated from the fires of damnation. Demons live freely, including those created by The Darkness, Nyx and her brother, Thanatus.

5.Talker’s chair – An interrogation device bolted to the floor, used for strapping in suspects. Systematic beatings are delivered to extract confessions. The chair was made of stainless steel with automatic shackles and could be connected to an electricity supply for those who resisted standard means of interrogation.

6.Anarchy Uprisings – Following a State crackdown on the few freedoms the people had, anarchy exploded onto the streets through increasing violent acts of protest over the diminishing availability of basic needs and uncontrolled increases of their prices. The Radical Anarchy Movement (RAM), a vocal protest group, turned to terrorism in retaliation for the imposition of totalitarian State control. The result was a war of attrition in which the innocent population suffered more than most. The State instigated Marshal Law and strict curfews. Anyone who breached or appeared to breach these laws was summarily executed. The impact of countless casualties caused the RAM to go underground to save further bloodshed. They are currently active secretly, building their strength in numbers and weapons for Judgement Day.

7.Abbadon – An Angel of the bottomless pit that is Hades, servant to The Dark Lord, of a weak disposition but evil and sly.

8.Demons – A variety of beings from Hades, Tartarus and some uniquely created by the Gods, Nyx and Thanatus when they experimented with ‘new’ life forms before the Great Rift.

a.Tryxes – Scaled lizard-like demon warriors from the depths of Hades who live in clans and have a fragile hierarchical structure based on warrior strength and cunning.

b.Acephali – Headless demon warriors who rely on vibration to find their prey.

c.Garganter – Demons breathing fire and poisonous gas, one of Nyx’s creations.

d.Shtriga – vampiric witches.

e.Storm Wraith – Demons of destruction called upon by The Darkness to be destroyers of worlds.

f.Ordogs – Shape-shifters, difficult to identify as they blend from one shape to another. They can take on human form in every way bar speech and their eyes remain lifeless black pools.

g.Ajatars – Dragons from Tartarus.

h.Shadow Wraiths – Spectres who live in the shadows. They feed off the life force of the living and retain the souls of their prey. They can move only in shadows. When grouped together in numbers, they can overpower light but will break ranks when subjected to intense light or fire.

i.Krark – A rare, power-channelling demon from the deepest darkest realms of Hades. Difficult to control, but very powerful if used effectively.

9.The Mindways – The means to travel between Dimensions of the Universe. Gods and those empowered by Gods can travel the Mindways by thought alone; they think of where they want to be or who they want to be with and they get there. Access into the Mindways is through mirror portals and can only be achieved with a talisman made of the mirror. Once in, you can access any portal. Virgin portals accessed for the first time release a talisman. Inside the Mindways there are no tangible barriers or limits. Externally they have structure as they connect all Dimensions.

10. The Universe – Gods and their Dimensions

a.Chronus – Father of the Gods, lives within the Bootes Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Arcturus.

b.Chiron – God of Wisdom, lives within the Centaurus Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Alpha Centauri.

c.Tyche – Goddess of Good Fortune, lives within the Aquarius Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Sadalsud.

d.Eurydice – Queen of the Gods, lived within the Lyra Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Vega.

e.Triton – God of Ships, lived within the Argo Navis Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Canopus.

f.Cratos – God of Strength and Power, lived within the Orion Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Rigel.

g.Poseidon – God of Water, lived within the Eridanus Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Achernar.

h.Pallas – God of Warfare, lived within the Leo Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Regulus.

i.Hemera – Goddess of Daylight, lived within the Canis Minor Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Procyon.

j.Ananke – Goddess of Inevitability, Compulsion and Necessity, lived within the Canis Major Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Sirius.

k.Thanatus – God of the Underworld, son to Chaos and brother to Nyx. He lives within the Altair Dimension, the main portal being via the star of Aquila.

l.Nyx – Goddess of the Night, daughter to Chaos and sister to Thanatus. She lives within the Hydra Dimension, the main portal being the star of Epsilon Hydrae.

11. The Darkness – The power behind all evil, primordial and interminable. Came forth from a place beyond the known Universe through the Horsehead Nebula.

12. Seth, Lord of Chaos – The God of Confusion, represents chaos and disorder, the constant and eternal challenge to the order of Creation. He is responsible for the uncertainty of life.

13. Hermes – Toddy – A young God who has the celestial powers of speed of mind and body, way finding, negotiation and sleight of hand.

14. Hyperion – Carter – A young God who has the celestial powers of physical strength, endurance and can harness and manipulate the power of the air and wind.

15. Artemis – Sophie – A young Goddess who has the celestial powers of the hunt, perception, persuasion and is able to harness nature and animals.

16. Ares – God of War, often embodies the passionate raw characteristics of war, has celestial powers of strength, endurance, skill in battle and owns the Golden Cord of the Righteous, which seeks out and ensnares evil on touch. He can be stiff and overbearing.

17. Athena – Angie – A young Goddess, Queen of the Gods elect, possesses an amazing array of celestial powers – courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy and skill in the arts and crafts.

18. Erebus – Son to Nyx and Thanatus, born under the influence of Seth, Lord of Chaos to take the Universe to the next plane. Personifies The Darkness and is cast of pure evil. Immeasurable power yet still to realise his true potential.

19. Light of Sirius – An ancient weapon of the Gods, drawn from the brightest star in the Universe, a beacon for the Righteous and weak to follow, a blinding light lethal to evil spirits and wraiths.

20. Language of the Darkness – An ancient dialect of The Darkness lost many millennia before the dawn of the known Universe.

21. Tartarus – Somewhere deeper and darker than the deepest realms of Hades. It is rumoured, even by the most sceptical, that demons of greater evil and destruction roam there and, occasionally throughout history, as told by folklore, these Demons enter worlds to feed on life.

22. The Pioneers – Ancient life spirits, nomadic travellers of the eternal cosmos, creators of Time, collectors of knowledge and givers of life.

23. Hecate – Daughter to Nyx and Thanatus, sister to Erebus. Powerful Witch Goddess, Necromancer of Hades who believes it is her destiny to Rule as Queen of Darkness in spite of her brother’s claim.

24. Doric – A style of architectural column invented by the Ancient Greeks.

25. Gaia – Gaia was a Pioneer, the great mother of all the heavenly Gods and was the personification of the Universe and all within.

26. Brightfire – A cold white fire extracted from a rare type of lava deep within Hades, originally found by Hecate on one of her many forays into hell. When summoned by those who are endowed with special properties, it can be used to punish life by taking body and soul and committing them to eternal damnation, imprisoned within the Aurora Borealis.

27. Boreas – Gaoler of the Northern Lights. Accepts the lost souls taken by Brightfire and uses their life-force to maintain the spectacle of the Aurora Borelis, which acts as a beacon for The Darkness.

28. Obsidian – The gateway to Hades and beyond. A highly active volcanic planet with a high moisture content. Rapid cooling of the felsic lava by the persistent rain forms Obsidian, hence the name of the planet. Mirrors formed from the black shiny Obsidian are portals to Hades and the worlds of The Darkness beyond. Hecate, wanting to be close to her playground in Hades, made her home on Obsidian, which she named the Fortress of the Black Moon.

29. Wakan Tanka – Peaceful yet powerful Ancient Great Spirit God to the North American Indians, his creations. He and his spiritual kind are early descendants of the Pioneers who, on one of their many nomadic journeys, once settled on a small planet called Earth. His creations referred to Wakan Tanka and his people as sacred entities whose ways were mysterious. The Darkness had passed close by Earth during their brief stay and tainted many on the small planet, which led to the destruction of the way of life for the North American Indians. Wakan Tanka and his people left for fear of The Darkness taking many of his creations with them and crafted a sacred Dimension between the realms of time and The Universe, which allows an ethereal transition between both.

30. Excubitor Sentinel – Ever alert and watchful spirit sentry used by Gods to observe and inform on happenings as ordered.

31. Hamadryad – Ancient nymphs who live in trees and are bonded to them. Some have evolved and become part of the tree, impossible to find and can only be summoned and used by Gods as Excubitor Sentinels. Once a tree dies, the Hamadryad die with it.

32. Thalian – A humanoid race who are servants to Hecate. They are highly prized, skilled weapon smiths and their knowledge of and workmanship with all metals is second to none.

33. Iridius – Home planet to the Thalians, which is within the same Solar System as Obsidian.

34. Antarite – A rare alloy made from two precious ores mined on Iridius. Used for chains for its strength and unbreakable qualities.

35. Curfew Vigilantes (CV) – When resources were stretched, the CIB employed willing thugs as volunteers to maintain ‘law and order’ during the Anarchy Uprisings. A blind eye was turned to their methods and means of keeping the peace. Many criminal families had their roots during this time.

36. Enyo – Goddess of War, supreme in the art of warfare and fearless sister to Ares.

37. Oracle of Truth – The Orator’s pulpit in the centre of the Crucible within the Temple of Arcturus. Those wishing to speak during debates held by the Higher Council could only have audience when occupying this holy place.

38. Dungchen – Long horns used to announce meetings and to ensure order in times of heated debate.

39. Sentinels – Sentries of importance, elite warriors loyal to Chronus who were sent to the extremes of the Universe to watch for the coming of The Darkness.

40. Epimethius – Cousin to fair and beautiful Queen of the Gods, Eurydice, who was cast into Hades for eternity by the jealous Nyx during the Great Rift. Epimethius was elected Steward to the Dimension of Lyra and, being corrupt, has retained control through foul deeds.

41. Time Amulet – An ancient jewel handed down by the Pioneers to Chronus, who used it to form the Universe and the Dimensions for his peers. The Amulet has known power to control time but also a legacy of untapped hegemonies for the chosen one yet to be born.

42. Fortress of the Black Moon – Massive fortified home built by demons for Hecate, where the daughter to Nyx and Thanatus lives close to her playground in the realms of hell. The Fortress of the Black Moon contains portals to various levels of Hades and Tartarus, including a rare portal to access the Mindways.

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