Inferno Nightmares

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Nova was living a pretty normal life until she ends up transporting to another world when sleeping. It's a dream but it isn't. If you get hurt or die in that world it also happens in the human world. Will Nova be able to ever sleep again with out harm. What will she do?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Reality is a construct

Back against the cold wall, tears trace down my body I feel a sudden emptiness....
Why was I crying again? I don't remember. It feels like something important is now missing. I'm sure it's nothing. Hoping up off the floor, I walk to the bathroom to go brush my teeth. While brushing I notice that there is three other toothbrushes in the holder. There should be only two, one for mom, and the other for dad. Who's toothbrush is that? Maybe an extra? Whatever i'm sure it's nothing.
I should get to bed it's getting late. I have big soccer game tomorrow and I can't be tired. Honesty today felt off like really off, I still feel that huge emptiness inside me. But Im sure everything will be normal in the morning. I bet i'm just nervous for the game.

I wake to yellow spotlight shining down on me. No not a spotlight. The sun? Am I outside? Beneath me my skin rubs against the dry overgrown grass. What is happening? Where am I? A shape appears above me. My eyes began to focus.

"Lost little giiiirl?"

"AHHHHHH" I screamed. I jumped up out of fear. What stood in front me was a clown? A monster? A demon? The devil? It has a long face with 8 eye holes, but no eyes filling the sockets, and a long stripped neck with fur.The bottom half of its body was a spring like a jack in the box.
I have to get away from this thing. Turning around I see I've been surrounded by more creatures. The more I look the scarier they get.
To my right was a giant boulder, I could jump up there for now. I rush to the rock jumping as quickly as I can. During the process a creature with long claws dug itself it to my leg. I still manage to jump up on the boulder but my body was fueled with a immense pain. The cuts with were an inch deep. I was going to bleed out. The monsters surround the boulder trying to reach for me. and suddenly a deep voice yelled "Stop all of you! That's enough." The creatures stop. Turning around I see a man? I think? He had a suit on but his face was a ball. Like a magic 8 ball. "Hello child my name is M8. Welcome to the Crimson Nexus."
"Wait what? What are you talking about?" I asked.
M8 sighs, "The Crimson Nexus. It's the name of this world."
"How did I get here?"
"Well....the only way humans are able to come here is if they face a great level of distress in the human world."
"I still don't understand..."
"That's fine! All you need to know is in the world we don't like people who aren't from here. In other words we don't like humans."
What did he just say? I gulp as fear takes control of my body.
"Get her" M8 announces.
The creatures try to climb up the boulder again. I screech feeling a huge loss of hope. But then a two bottles get thrown at the group. Thick white gas release from the bottles temporarily blinding the creatures. I suddenly feel a hand grab my wrist and pull me down.
"Hurry", a voice says.

It's hard to make out who grabbed me since the smoke bomb had blocked my vision making it blurry. I blink multiple times trying wash the blur away. It worked. I was lead into a cave. If it weren't for the a huge amount of lanterns everything would definitely be pitch black. But that wasn't the biggest issue right now. It's the guy? I think a guy, who saved me from tho-those things! He wore dark baggy clothes and had a robotic arm? What the heck? And wore a mask, hopefully a mask, with only two holes for the eyes.
"We should probably get your leg fixed up. Wouldn't want you bleeding out on me." the masked figure says.
"Who are you?", I say trying to hide the trembles in my voice.

"Oh right!", he takes off his mask. Underneath was a boy maybe 18-19? He had short dark dreads with chestnut skin tone and dark brown eyes. He looks so familiar but at the same time he looks like a stranger.
"I'm Zion." He looked at me nervously like he was hoping I'd say something he wanted to here. I'm just not sure what he wanted.
"This place isn't making any sense."
"Well welcome to the Crimson Nexus where nothing makes sense because reality is really just a construct."
Reality's a construct? That's a weird way of saying IM SCREWED. How am I going by to get back home. And that M8 guy said he doesn't like humans but Zions just walking around. Wait is Zion human?
" you mind if I ask you just a few-OH MY GO WHAT IS THAT?" I jump and run behind him in fear.
"Relax it's just a hawk moth"
"A hawkmoth..oh".
I avoid eye contact with him because of the embarrassment I'm feeling right now. I just
screamed over a moth? But now that up looking at the bug more it's actually quite pretty. I try to place my hand near it to see if it would hop on me.

"NOVA! Please you need to focus here. Ok?", Zion commands while putting his hands on both my shoulders looking at me straight in the eyes.
How in the world does he know my name? I never told him...this place is getting creepier and creepier.
"Nova, look at me in the eyes." My heart is starting to beat a little faster. What is he doing. I look at him in the eyes. And now I'm terrified. His eyes weren't the same likes earlier. These eyes turned black and white and started moving in circles like a swirl. No a spiral. I don't what's happening but I can't move my body. Or say anything.
"Wake up" he says.

I jerk forward realizing I'm now in my room and sitting up in my bed. What in the hell kind of dream was that?

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