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Forbidden Nephilim

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She’s the daughter of an archangel, the archangel that slayed the devil. And yet she happens to be drawn to the devil himself and him to her. What a tragic story since the beginning of time.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Aiyana was cradling her stomach and giggling. She was giggling because her baby girl wouldn’t stop kicking it’s like she knew her daddy was close. She only does that when she knows her daddy is around.

“What are you giggling about” Aiyana looked up and saw him, with his dark hair and blue eyes; those crystal blue eyes, she saw her angel. He was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed. “You know why I’m giggling, she only gets like this when you come around. So I tell her to be patient and let her mom rest.” Michael only chuckled and went to his two girls.

He knew things were only going to get more complicated because celestial beings were not supposed to interact with humans. He no longer cared because he was happy with Aiyana and she was about to gift him with more happiness, their little bundle of joy is to be born soon.

He sat next to Aiyana and placed his hand on her belly and said “My angel let mommy rest.” That didn’t help because she responded with more kicks. Aiyana just laughed because she only got to experience these family moments a few times. Michael could only stare as Aiyana laughed, she looked so breathtaking he sometimes wondered if she was an angel.

“What’s wrong my love, you look tense,” Aiyana said. Michael was never this tense, something must be wrong. She worried that he brought bad news from above, she knew it would be about their baby.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around her so she leaned on him. This is the only place he was at peace where he knew Aiyana and his baby girl were safe. “I’m just worried, you’re getting closer to your due date and I know once she takes her first breath of life, they will know she was born. They will know she is my daughter.” He worried because both The Above and The Below can come for her. Aiyana twisted in his embrace and she held his face in both of her hands.

“Michael we knew this was going to happen someday, The Above will be happy, you know that. They love you and if anything happens they will help us. Don’t worry.” He did worry though because he’s done terrible things to The Below, like putting away Asxian…their ruler. Aiyana knew all about his world, and she was never afraid of that or him so that’s what made him fall in love even more. She was fearless, and so full of life, and he loved every bit of her.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” She stared at him and then kissed him. “Yes, but I like hearing it.” Michael chuckled. He couldn’t wait for it to be three of them in this apartment. “So what are we going to name her,” Aiyana asked.

“I don’t know, it’s your choice-” Aiyana cut him off before he could finish. “No, no don’t say that we both have to pick a name. One that shows power but who she really is, your daughter.” Michael could only think, did Aiyana really want their baby to be recognized as celestial?

“Hmm… you really want her to be in this life? You’re not afraid.”

“Yes, I want her to grow up knowing that her dad is the most amazing person there is. And no I’m not afraid and neither should you, you worry too much” she said as she tapped his nose.

“Ok, fine. You win…as always.” She giggled and their baby kicked in response too. “Yes, my little angel we’re going to finally name you.” He said as he rubbed Aiyana’s stomach. “Oo how about Angel.” Michael could only scrunch his nose in response. “What… ever since you found out I was pregnant you’ve called her little angel. So I thought it was cute.”

“Because she’s my little angel, not anyone else’s. So I only get to call her that…and well you too because she’s ours.” Aiyana rolled her eyes, Michael has always been so protective, and even more now that she was about to give birth. She thought for a moment.

“How about Celeste, it means celestial.” Aiyana looked down at her belly and rubbed it, she loved it. It would fit their little angel perfectly. “It’s perfect, our little Celeste. Oh, I can’t wait to have her in my arms.” Michael looked down at Aiyana as she spoke about Celeste’s arrival, but he couldn’t help but notice how lucky he was.

He found love and now he was to have a family. Aiyana was perfect, the way the sun shined on her hair showing the red streaks in her brown hair. The way her eyes looked like golden honey as the sun hit them, she was perfect and she was his.

“Why are you looking at me like that,” Aiyana asked him. He could only smile, “Because you make me the happiest angel there is.”

“You are the sappiest angel I know.”

“You know you love it,” Michael crinkled his nose. “I’m the only angel you know.”

Aiyana sighed heavily loving his embrace, longing for when Michael would stay with her forever. She knew that he would have to leave, either before Celeste was born or after she was born. But what kept her mind at ease is that he would watch over them from Above. He will always be with them.

“What do you want to eat my darling?” He always knew that Aiyana was hungry especially since their little girl was taking a lot of her energy. She lifted her brow and said, “How do you know I’m hungry?” He laughed. “My darling Aiyana, I know because every time I come my little angel takes your energy and she’s always hungry.” Aiyana hid her face in her hands, he knew her too well. “You probably think I’m a pig.”

“Aiyana! How many times do I have to tell you to stop telling yourself that.” She buried her face in his chest. He pulled her away from his chest. “Aiyana, you look beautiful, radiant actually. Don’t call yourself those names. Words cannot express how beautiful you look. I fall more in love with you by the day.”

She buried her face back in his chest, she always gets shy when he compliments her. “Why are you so shy.” Michael laughed. “You know I get shy when you say things like that.” She said hitting his chest playfully. “You getting shy at a compliment? Even after all the things I’ve done to you.” He whispered in her ear.

Aiyana felt goosebumps all over her body, yes she can remember all of the things he’s done to her body. “Ah ah ah,’’ Michael said shaking his head, knowing well what was going through her head. “First you eat, then I’ll take care of you.” He whispered to her ear again knowing well what it did. She blushed knowing his intentions all too well. Michael helped his beloved Aiyana up and led her to the kitchen.

They spent the rest of the day eating and talking about Celeste’s arrival. Both parents were beyond ecstatic to meet their little angel. They both knew that whatever troubles were headed their way it will be worth it because their little angel was their miracle. Michael spent two more days with Aiyana before he left.

He had to leave to not raise suspicions, he hated being apart from Aiyana and their little angel. He was to be back in two days though, he couldn’t be apart from them especially when Aiyana was so close to her due date.

“Remember what I said Aiyana, call out to me and I’ll come rushing. Please even if it’s little.”

“Yes, I will call out to you if anything happens. Stop worrying we’ll be fine.” She said rubbing her belly. Michael kneeled and kissed her belly, “I’ll see you in two days little angel.” He stood up and kissed Aiyana, “I’ll see you soon my love.” He flared his wings and stepped back, Aiyana loved seeing his big white wings. They showed his power and yet they were soft like silk. She smiled, he knew that she loved seeing his wings.

He launched out of the balcony and disappeared. “Well, it’s just me and you till your daddy comes back.” It was still early, she rubbed her belly. She liked talking to her like she was there. “So what do you want to do missy, ice cream or Oreo milkshake.” She felt the thundering kicks which meant one thing, oreo milkshake.

“Ok, oreo milkshake it is.” She spent her day setting up Celeste’s nursery room. Michael had already set up the crib, the rocking chair, and the changing table dresser while he was there. So now all she was doing was putting all the cute little outfits away. She also made her hospital bag because she could tell that Celeste was almost here.

After she was done in the nursery she made lunch and went to see a movie. She was so tired that she slept instead. When she woke up it was dark out-the beautiful twilight hour, where the sun wasn’t out anymore but there was still light. Gray’s and pinks adorned the sky, with the moon glowing. She rubbed her belly but something felt off. Celeste hadn’t kicked since the morning, she never does that.

“No, calm down everything is all right she’s probably just asleep. You don’t need to worry Michael.” She said to herself. She heard the doorbell, weird she thought no one ever comes because she doesn’t have any friends anymore. She opened the door and saw a handsome man outside her door. He had platinum hair and ice-blue eyes, he kind of reminded her of an angel. “May I help you,” She asked peeking behind the door. He looked very intimidating. She actually had a weird feeling about this man.

“Yes, you may help me. Are you Aiyana Arabella?” He said looking at her with intensity. Aiyana felt fear like never before. “No, sorry wrong apartment.” She said closing the door.

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