Forbidden Nephilim

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ChApter 10

I stilled and looked down, surely my towel was on the ground. I quickly grabbed it and wrapped it around my body. When I was done he opened his eyes, this time his eyes were glowing. Beautiful. No- he’s my enemy. He has the book that I need, he stole it from the Above. But the Above is my enemy as well, so who should I rely on?

“Get. Out.” I seethed. “Didn’t I make it clear that I didn’t want to see you.” He chuckled.

“I came here to warn you.” He said while approaching me. “I can feel when you’re about to unleash yourself onto someone.” He stood right in front of me. His scent engulfing me once again, and I met his intense gaze while he looked down at me.

His eyes no longer glowing but he grabbed my chin not roughly but enough to hold me there. He scanned my face, taking in every detail and I wanted to push him again. “I don’t want you to hurt someone because you’ll regret it.” He said flatly.

“Trust me, if I hurt them it will be for a reason. They probably deserved it.” I said harshly. His eyes narrowed into mine and I grabbed my towel with one hand and with the other I grabbed his wrist.

“Let go, and leave.”

He held my chin tighter and said, “Why do you look haunted darling angel, who made those beautiful eyes haunted.” I stiffened, and he let go. I looked to the ground, not wanting him to read me further. I hated that he could see right through me.

“I’m not your enemy Celeste.” Just like that, he was gone. Tendrils of darkness-like my bracelet were left behind trying to wrap themselves around me. His words replaying in my head. I’m not your enemy. I desperately wanted help, to feel understood.

I changed into a t-shirt and sleeping shorts. I was about to call in for work when a knock sounded on my door.

“Come in.” My mom walked in, still wearing her work scrubs. She looked tired, probably from working long hours and still having to deal with Jared once she got home. She sat on my bed and exhaled. She then looked at me and said, “Why is it that every time I come home I have to hear your dad complain.”

I had no words for her. I’ve been through hell and I just can’t take it anymore. So I just stare at her which leads her to continue. “Me and your dad have been fine these few days, I don’t understand why you can’t do the same. Why do you hold onto the bad.” She said toneless.

“I hold onto the bad because I’m not going to follow into your steps, never. He treats you like the dirt on his feet and there you go, always running back to him. I can’t do that, all my life I’ve seen him treat you like shit and I can’t.” The tears threaten to spill because with her I can never hold them in. She opens her mouth but I continue.

“Its always been the same, always the same problems. I’m stuck in a carousel- never ending problems and going up and down.” I can’t take this situation anymore. I’m tired of living this life, how can one stay with a person like that. But my feelings don’t matter anymore, they stopped having importance a long time ago.

“Celeste, how could you. I keep it calm so we can all live in a peaceful environment, because imagine if me and him were always fighting, it would be hell.” She raised her voice.

“Then why don’t you leave him, you deserve better.” The tears I held in fall now. Every time we have this conversation she always has a new excuse. I can’t forgive Jared anymore, I gave him so many chances when I was a little girl and no one protected my heart back then. So now I have to protect myself because no-one did. Not even my mom.

“You don’t get it.” She responded, shaking her head.

“No, you don’t get it. How could you things like ‘Oh Celeste he doesn’t deserve you’ but then you say things like this. How do I not get it, tell me!” I yelled, and the bracelet on my wrist tightened painfully.

“I guess everything is my fault.” Was all she said, and left.

A sob made its way up my throat and I didn’t want to cry. I can’t, not ever. I have to hold it in but I couldn’t. I broke like a water dam, I’ve held it in for years and I finally broke. I sobbed like a child, feeling lost. The bracelet loosened and a tendril of smoke made its way to my face, brushing the tears away-then it went back to my wrist. My chest ached so badly, my heart breaking once more.


I walked into work feeling so numb to the pain. I don’t even know how I made it to work. Seraphina’s eyes widened when she saw me in the back. Her disguise was back; well only the black hair.

“Celeste!” She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to a corner of the dressing room. “You realize your hair is platinum, and your eyes near glowing!” She whispered yelled. “What happened?” She asked, her voice worried.

“Don’t you feel and hear all.” I said, trying to move and get ready but she blocked me. “Actually no, I can’t anymore and it’s scaring me. It’s like my other half is missing.” Her voice shaky.

“Well I didn’t do anything.” Her eyes watered, and she went towards the restroom. I took a deep breath and went to change to my normal outfit- a black lingerie set with a garter belt.

“Celeste, I need you on the main stage from now on. They only want you, ‘The Queen of Darkness’. He raises his hands while saying my new stage name. I nod and finish applying the red lipstick. I pick up the beautiful black mask and put it on. The skull’s golden eyes gleaming in the dim lights and the raven feathers fitting me like a crown.

I make my way towards the stage and my skin gets chills all of a sudden. I turn and see Seraphina. She nods once and continues giving the costumers their drinks.

The lights go dim and there’s a spotlight on the pole. A slow sensual but erotic song comes on and I make my way to the pole. Everyone starts yelling and cheering and I move my hips to the rhythm of the song. Getting lost in the music and forgetting all of my problems. I forget every single one and lose myself to the music.

My back hits the pole and I grab it, my hands above my head-and I lower myself slowly. When I make eye contact with the crowd I feel that similar hum I feel when I’m around one person. Then I see them, the golden eyes on me, and I smirk. There, in the back, in the dark corner, is Asxian.

I feel my bracelet tighten and I drag that hand down, down, down. I feel it loosen and I almost laugh.

“You’re a tease darling angel,” he rasps. I freeze, eyes widening because I heard him in my head. “Shocked, little angel?” He chuckles, and I feel myself heat up.

“How,” I say in my head, how did he do that?

“Keep dancing for me, little angel.” Those eyes glowing so brightly. Following, every, movement.

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