Forbidden Nephilim

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ChApter 12

Celeste’s Pov

I texted my mom I was staying at Chantelle’s but in reality I was back at Seraphina’s apartment, I couldn’t be alone with Jared. Not that he scared me- I was afraid of what I would do now. I don’t trust myself. My mom was due for a night shift at the hospital so I doubt she’s even going to check her phone.

Seraphina and I called it an early night and collected our earnings and came here. Her disguise no longer in sight, her platinum blonde hair shining with every move, I don’t know why she still hides herself.

“I-uh…wanted to apologize for the way I’ve been acting. You’ve been protecting me since the day I was born and this is how I treat you, I’m sorry.” I felt guilty for my lashing out, and I can’t live knowing that I’ve hurt the people that have been with me since day one.

“Celeste, it’s ok, and don’t you dare say no. You’ve been told so many new things that you didn’t know you had, if anything your handling it so well. You are brave and strong, don’t ever forget.” She said with such determination that made me believe it for a little bit.

“Has Chantelle or Zerachiel contacted you?” I asked as she poured us some tea. “They’ve entered The Above is all I know.” She placed the mugs and some cookies on a tray and brought them over to her living room. “They can’t keep contact anymore until they get out or else they’ll get caught.” Seraphina said as she took a sip of her tea.

“Caught? I don’t understand, are you not welcome?” Seraphina sighed, “We disobeyed The Above once we discovered who you were and we didn’t turn you in. And well they know who you are and that you exist so if we get caught they will kill us.”

I froze when those words left her mouth… kill, they’d kill them for not turning me in. I shook my head, “No. Tell them to come back. Tell them to come back now!” I can’t be responsible for more deaths or suffering. I couldn’t live with myself.

“No” I couldn’t breathe. I shook my head, I can’t lose those two. I’ve known them my whole life even though they hid what they were, but they’re the only real thing I have to a real family-all three of them. If one of them dies I will die. I will go with them.

“I can’t” I tried to get air into my lungs but I couldn’t. I felt the bracelet on my wrist tighten but that couldn’t get me to stop hyperventilating. Seraphina had my head in her hands shouting my name but I couldn’t hear her. When did she get here? She cursed and mouthed “I’m sorry”.

She stepped back and she started chanting something in another language, and her eyes glowed an icy blue. My vision was getting hazy and then I saw a dark blur behind her. My body began to hum but I barely felt it. I felt muscular arms pick me up and cradle me to their chest. The scent of rain and pine enveloped me and I felt like I could breathe again. My body trembled as I tried to get air into my lungs.

I was hearing muffled voices, and then I heard “Breathe my angel, breathe” and I knew who it was. I should’ve known by his scent or by the way my body reacts to him. His hold tightened on me when I opened my eyes and I was met with flaring gold ones. His eyes frantic, his hair disheveled and his composed look gone.“Three times in one day Asxian, you must really like me.” I said weakly. He brought his forehead down to mine and mumbled, “You scared me angel.”

He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy being in his arms. I looked around for Seraphina and she was nowhere in sight. When I looked back at Asxian he was already taking me in, to see if I was in any sort of pain or discomfort.

“You’re coming with me, I’m not asking, I’m telling you so collect your belongings and we go.” He said coldly.

“Go where?” I ask, pulling away slightly to put space between us but he only held on. My hair fell over my shoulders and I saw that it was a platinum white, which meant I was about to lose control. I sighed and he said, “Celeste let me take you,” He whispered. I gasped and felt my heart thundering. Asxian shuddered, “I’ll teach you everything I know so we can take The Above down.” Disappointment washed over me, what did I expect we barely knew each other.

“So you’re only using me for revenge.” I said looking at the wall wanting to get away from him. From the hurt he caused.

“Celeste I…” He started but I interrupted him.

“I’ll go with you, there’s nothing here for me either way and might as well learn how to use what’s running through my veins to protect my guardians.” I said quickly trying to hide my disappointment but failing miserably.

He nodded and I went to get up but his arms were still a vice grip around my waist. I looked at him and he seemed so vulnerable but I couldn’t go down this road, we’d be each others destruction.

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