Forbidden Nephilim

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I make sure to be the first one here to hide my eyes, and well now to take off my uniform. God forbid I’m seen in a catholic uniform. I do my make-up real quick, making a smokey eye look and matching it with a blood red lip-stick. I then change into one of my outfits, tonights consist of a black garter with a matching lacey bra, with a bow on either side of the strap. The garter hugs my waist perfectly, showing off my curves. I look myself over in the mirror and get shy, I thought I would get used to this but I haven’t. I’m the only one that wears too much I’m told, but it feels like I’m wearing nothing.

The girls start to arrive and I hurry touching up my hair and make-up, making sure everything looks good. “Hey Celeste, don’t you look good.” Says Ruby.

Ruby is the one that showed me how to get around here, and showed me how to do things. She also gives me a ride after my shift, and I’ll be forever grateful.

“Hey Ruby,” She gives me a puzzled look.

“What’s wrong little bird, you look sad.” I need to make sure to hide things better but I’am disappointed with my mom. How can she do this to me, after all we’ve been through.

“I’m fine, I promise.” I say with the best smile I can give. I guess it works because she goes back to getting ready. I put on some heels that wrap around my ankle to make my legs stand out.

“Little bird,” I turn to look at Ruby and she’s going through her backpack.

“What’s up,”

“So, I know you like wearing masks that cover half your face.” I nod. “I got you more.” She pulls out three beautiful masks. A gold one, a white one and my favorite, the black one. They’re all lace, the gold and white one covered in diamonds.The black one though, it has a black skull in the middle and the eyes have golden diamonds in them. In the corner of the mask it has feathers not actual feathers but black metal feathers, curving up. This… this had to cost her a fortune.

“Ruby…I…I can’t accept these. This is too much.” I said, still stunned.

“You can and you will, because if anyone deserves them it’s you and only you. Besides I saw that black one and I knew it was for you. Especially with that outfit.”

I went to hug her because god, I needed to hear words like that. To feel like I still matter. She hugged me back. “My little bird, you will have such a beautiful life, I promise it will get better.”

I got teary eyed and quickly blinked them away, “You’re always saying how my future will be beautiful.” I giggle.

“Oh Celeste, because it will. It will be rough, but keep going no matter what because people are relying on you and waiting for you in the end the tunnel.” She says, holding my hands.

“What are you physic.” I snicker.

“Call me whatever you want. I’ll always be by your side, no matter what.” I got a weird feeling, but at the sometime a nice one.

“Ok, ok. Enough with the weird stuff. Can you help me put the black mask.”

“Ah yes, I knew this one was for you. Made for the queen herself, and the colors match.” She smirked. Her discreetness is weird, never giving me the answers straight.

Ruby was perfect in every way, her hair a raven color that reached past her shoulders. Her eyes so blue almost crystal like. She’s curvy like me but she has bigger boobs than I do, and she’s always teasing me about it.

She put on the mask, and I didn’t recognize myself, I looked beautiful and powerful. Ruby bowed behind me and said, “To the queen herself.”

I rolled my eyes. “So dramatic Ruby.” She smiled.

“You’ll see.”

“Celeste, you’re up now.” My boss comes in and yells.

God it’s my turn to go to the stage, but I don’t want to. I want the money, but not what I have to go through to get the money. I do this for my mother, I have to remind myself every other night. It’s for my own good also because if I save enough money I’ll be able to get her out of that house.

“I know you don’t like it, just dance one song and then I’ll take it from there.” I nodded, and made my way towards the stage.

I went through the curtains and instantly everyone started cheering. Inside I wanted to cower away and hide. I didn’t want to do this and I did not want to be here, the cheering and vulgar things they yell at me it’s disgusting. My boss said ever since I came, more people came in- I know why. They see one new-young girl and immediately they come running, it’s sick. I only applied because it had the worse reviews and it was always empty, or so I was told.

But in the outside I had to be another person, I had to be dead and not feel at all. I had to pretend I liked this and smile at the pigs that threw money at me. I had to endure this because my mom couldn’t make a decision, she couldn’t decide wether to leave him or not. It’s destroying my life, I have to be the one whoring myself to the world while she decides to play nice to her husband after all the abuse.

I sound like a hypocrite, but it hurts. It hurts that your protector is hurting you instead of keeping you safe. The person that’s supposed to keep you safe from this god forsaken place is the one harming you. It hurts because I want to keep her safe while she’s stabbing me in the back, I’ve endured so much that I’m tired.

I walk to the poll swaying my hips, and once I reach it I dance around it, earning more cheers. I grab the poll and go down slowly, arching my back. Earning more cheers and the money starts pouring to the stage. I climb up the pole making sure to put myself on display better. Once I’m at the top I hold on with one arm and with my other arm I get my leg and hold it out. The pole spins on its own so I just have to make my way down slowly and put on a show, and that’s what I do.

The crowd is cheering but it’s like I’m not here, I’m here, but it’s like they’re far away. Maybe it’s because today was just a fucking bad day but I feel a tear slide down my cheek. I’m glad I wear masks because this would ruin everything. The worst part is that I have to keep smiling. I flip my hair to make it look like part of my routine but it’s to hide my tears. That makes the crowd crazier but my tears don’t stop.

“Queen of Masks!” Someone yells. Way to state the obvious buddy. The crowd starts cheering and whistling. I see someone stand on a chair and yell, “No,” and everyone looks at him. “She’s the Queen of Skulls, the Queen of darkness!” I guess I now have a nickname.

I’m almost at the bottom when I see something in the crowd. Something that’s not human at all. It’s hiding in the shadows to the human eyes, but, I can see things that nobody else can. He’s standing there, staring at me, actually staring at me. He has golden eyes that shine so bright, I can barely see his pupils. His hair is like Rubys’ a raven color so black it’s almost midnight blue. He has…he has horns, they’re small but they’re there. It’s the type of horns people put for Halloween to dress as the devil. He looks like the devil himself too, tall, taller than the low lives here.

Once I reach the floor I can still see he’s staring at me, and for the first time since I got this job I look at someone in the eye. I look at him in the eyes, and that answers my question about him not being human. Because when I looked at him, black wings came out, and I gasped and ran off the stage.

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