Forbidden Nephilim

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ChApter 5

I ran behind the curtains and everyone kept cheering to come out. I kept running until I bumped into Ruby. “Hey, are you ok.” She said holding me by my shoulders.

“I…..I..I saw someone with wings and horns, and he had golden eyes. He was looking into my soul Ruby, it felt so weird.” I rushed out.

She laughed.

“What the hell are you laughing at,”

“Oh my dear Celeste, only you would see the dark prince in a place like this.” She giggled. “Is he as beautiful as they say.” She says peaking through the blinds. I pull her back, “You could see him too, so he’s human?”

For a second I thought I was seeing something supernatural, until she said, “I could see him, but my dear he’s far from human. He’s the King of The Below.” She smiled wickedly.

“The what!” I exclaimed. “What is he doing here?” What Ruby just told me should scare me but, it doesn’t. God it just peaks my interest, and as if she can hear my thoughts she smirks.

“He’s here to collect something, that is all.” She says quickly, eyes widening. “We have to go, and now.” She pulls me to the changing room and tells me to dress quickly. I take out the extra clothes I have in my back pack, not bothering to take off my work clothes. I pull the t-shirt over my head and put my pants on. Tying my shoes quickly I look over to her and she’s ready too, we gather our stuff and speed walk out of the room.

The crowd cheers for the new girl on the stage, and thankfully they don’t see us. I’ll have to come back tomorrow to get my money. We were moving through the crowd until I bumped into Rubys’ back. I look up and she’s stoped and everyone is frozen in place, except me. I stare in shock when the hair in my neck rises. How is this possible, what is this. I feel a powerful presence and I don’t want to turn. There was no need to turn because that powerful presence circles around me, and stands right in-front of me. God this was the man who was staring at me intently, he was beautiful.

His dark hair was beautifully styled and neat. No sign of those wings he had shown earlier, but his eyes oh those eyes were gleaming gold in the darkness of the club. He was wearing black leather armor, daggers barely visible due to the cloak he was wearing. If I kept staring straight I came to view to his muscled chest, and to look at him in the eye I had to look up.

He reached to touch my face and when his fingers were close to my mask, I forgot to take it off-good. He won’t see my full face. I felt my body hum and as if he felt what I felt he retreated his hand- putting them in his pockets.

“Well, well, well.” He says eyeing me up. His voice husky and smooth, making my body hum.

“What is a half breed celestial doing here,” Still circling me. I couldn’t move, it’s like something is wrapped around me.

“And why is their guardian angel doing here breaking the law.” He says chuckling, walking towards Ruby.

“Don’t touch her.” I whispered. He could do whatever he wants to me but not Ruby.

“So she speaks,” He smirks, his black wings flaring- then tucking themselves in. “You know your guardian angel should be protecting you.” He steps toward me instead, good not Ruby. Everything is hitting me like a pile of bricks. Every word shocks me more and more. But I can’t show it, I have to be normal.

“It’s not the other way around,” He says, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. My whole body hums, something I’ve never felt before. It feels so strange like it comes within me. He leans down and whispers in my ear, “What are you.”

I don’t even know how to answer that, what is going on. What’s happening to me because I feel very tingly.

“Or should I ask your guardian angel.” He says staring at me but walking towards Ruby. I can’t move I feel chained in place. My body kept humming and I was getting more and more agitated and I felt loose all of a sudden. As soon as I felt that, I grabbed his tucked wings they were like silk-so soft. He turned looking at me with a shocked expression but that was gone in a flash.

He grabbed Ruby by her upper arm before I could react and she got out of that frozen like state. She gasped and he tapped her forehead and with that Ruby changed. I couldn’t believe what was happening before my eyes. Rubys’ appearance was changing, her hair turned from raven to a white-platinum. Her eyes stayed the same crystal blue and everything else stayed the same too but she had wings. What’s happening.

I couldn’t place an emotion on this stranger, but Ruby was shocked especially when she saw me.

“What did you do?” She yelled at him.

“Don’t talk to me like that guardian.” He snarled. “What is she, because she’s obviously a half-breed and she’s stronger than you. Not to mention you’re breaking the laws.”

“Asxian, please let us go. You don’t want to do this, it’s not her time to know.” She pleaded. His face softened a bit.

“Fine, I don’t need to get involved with The Above either way. But if I were you I would hide her because she’s like a beacon and you obviously can’t protect her.” He said looking at her pointedly. He then looked at me, his eyes glowing like molten gold. His gaze made me feel naked, but then he disappeared into thin smoke. Everything returned to normalcy except Ruby’s appearance. The crowd had their eyes on the dancer, like if nothing happened. Ruby grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the club.

Once outside I pulled away from her and ran to the nearest bush to throw up. Everything that happened today was just too much. Ruby came behind me and held my hair while I dry heaved. Once I stood she reached into her bag and handed me a water bottle. I took it and rinsed my mouth with it. I walked towards her car and I started breaking down.

How. How was this all possible.

“Celeste,” Ruby said cautiously. “Just get in the car and we’ll talk ok. We’ll go to my apartment, just please.” She said, her voice cracking. I got in the passenger seat not knowing what to do or say.

Ruby got in the car fast and took off. My life has been an entire lie. My parents are not really my parents, I’m not fully human, and I’m being hunted. The tears won’t stop, I try to breathe in but it’s hard. It’s hard with everything that’s going on.

Ruby touches my arm and I feel like I can breathe again.

“Thank you.” I mumble. She nods and keeps driving. We drive for ten more minutes and then we arrive to an apartment complex near my school.

“Why aren’t you in your old appearance?” I want to know why she hasn’t changed back, is this now her permanent look.

“Umm Asxian, made my true form come out.” She sighed, a few tears falling too. “His power is like nothing anyone has ever seen so I don’t know if my glamour will come back.” She added looking down at her hands. What is Asxian?

“Shall we,” I said taking a much needed breath.

We get off the car and make our way through the apartment complex. I follow Ruby, keeping my head down not wanting to see the perfect families- because that’s all I ever wanted. We get to the back of the complex and she opens the door to her apartment. She lets me go through first and I see Chantelle sitting in the couch watching tv.

She doesn’t look up and she yells, “Ben! Ruby’s here.” I stand there shocked. What the fuck is going on, I look back at Ruby and she stares at me in shock. No. Not…them. Please not them. I look back at Chantelle and she stares back at me-eyes wide. Then Ben comes out from a room with his massive beige wings on display. Tears slide down my face. They’re angels too.

They’re all staring at me and I feel the hum I felt with Asxian. A sob gets out of me, I can’t be here. I don’t want to, I need to get out now. Ruby goes in-front of me and I lift my arms to push her away but what I see distracts me. My hands are glowing a gold-white light. I look up and Ruby touches my head, the last thing I hear is a sobbed, “I’m sorry.”

Then slowly everything turns black, and I hope I never wake up.

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