Forbidden Nephilim

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ChApter 8

I just couldn’t believe it, did he know I existed? Asxian’s forearms and hands had a black looking ink on them. It was his power, and he is the most powerful person. He followed my gaze and he made it disappear. I looked to my own hands and instead of an inner light shining through it was exactly like Asxian’s. My forearms and hands were covered in a gold looking ink.

“How did you do that?” He said coming closer and taking my hand in his own. My hand was small compared to his. His broad chest coming to my view, I looked away. He summoned his power and as soon as the dark touched the gold it made a tendril of smoke, both twirling together.

I looked at it, both of them mixed together making the color of flame. When I looked at him, he was staring at me, still holding my hand in his.

“What are you Celeste.” He said, his deep sensual voice bouncing off the rock cell. I took my hand and held onto the cloak.

“Can you take me home please, I’ll do anything just take me home.” I pleaded. I just wanted to go back and forget everything for just a few seconds.

“I want nothing to do with you half-breed so I’ll take you.” His words stung, I’m not going to lie. Part of me wanted him to help me, help me adjust to the thing running through my veins. What can I expect from the king of the Below.

He took my arm, and I didn’t want to look at him so I let him. His power wrapped around us like smoke. For a split second I felt myself in the air and I shut my eyes ready for the pain to hit just like it did when that angel took me. But it never came, when I opened my eyes we were in front of Seraphina’s apartment, though this time it was dark out again.

I looked over at Asxian and he had a cloak on. I went to open the door but Asxian put his arm in-front of me. I looked at him and he said, “Let me see if there’s no trouble.”

I nodded at him and he lifted his other arm. The door opened by itself and he stepped in first, when I got in the apartment was the same. My eyes widened when I saw my guardians still on the floor.

“Pathetic.” He whispered. He slowly waved his hand over them and they started waking up. They took me in then Asxian.

“Didn’t I warn you Seraphina that they would find her.” He said calmly, his tone promising punishment.

I stepped in front of my guardians. “They didn’t do anything wrong. They can’t protect me anymore so things are bound to find me again.” I said standing up for them. It’s not their fault, if anything I should be grateful, they have protected me for a long time.

“Looks like you soul tied with them.” They all stood as one behind me. “You three are lucky she was in the Below, because if she wasn’t she wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Get out.” Zerachiel said. Asxian just chuckled. He swirled his hand in front of us and I felt something on my wrist. When I looked down there was a black bracelet. I went to touch it but my hand just went through, it was made of a midnight smoke. I turned and my guardians had one too.

“What is this?” I asked him, his face emotionless.“It’s for your protection. You will never get found with that on, none of you. Now you can live your life and pretend we don’t exist, pretend none of this happened.”

Cruel. Cruel is a good way to describe his words…describe him. How can I pretend my mom’s killer didn’t just show me how he killed her. How can I pretend I don’t know my father is one of the best and admired archangels.

I felt it, the familiar hum, the familiar feeling ready to erupt. “How do you want me to go back to my normal life if I can’t control my power, if I can’t control myself.” I said looking from the bracelet to him.

I slowly made my way to him. “How do you want me to pretend none of this happened if my mom’s killer just tried to kill me the way he killed her.” I yelled. Again emotionless. That bastard was emotionless. He just looked at me while I was yelling at him.

“How do you want me to pretend like I don’t know my father is the most admired archangel.” I heard three gasps behind me. I just looked up at the bastard in front of me.

“Celeste-” He actually remembered my name, for someone as selfish as him I only thought he would think of himself. I cut him off before he continued.

“Get out Asxian, I never want to see you again. I’m going to pretend you don’t exist.” Something flashed in his eyes, I couldn’t name it. In that moment I swear I felt the bracelet tighten.

“Take care of her, or I will kill all of you.” A black smoke wrapped around him and he disappeared. I stared at where he had just been. Tendrils of black smoke so light I could barely see them wanted to wrap around my ankles. I turned to Seraphina, then Zerachiel, and finally to Evangeline. They were ok, and they’re here.

I cleared my throat, “I uh…I need to go home, my mom will be looking for me. I’ll see both of you at school and Seraphina I’ll see you at work.” I told them.

“Why are you leaving?” Evangeline asked.

“We don’t have to worry anymore with these,” I lifted my hand where the bracelet of smoke rested. “We can live our normal lives. You heard Asxian.”

“Celeste, not all is lost. We can find your father and he can help us.” Evangeline said, taking my hand in hers.

“We don’t need him, we were worried about being discovered. Well now we have the bracelets, so we’re good.”

“What about you power Celeste,” Seraphina said, her face filled with worry. “These bracelets can buy us time but we need help with your powers.” I shook my head. I need space and time. I feel suffocated.

“That bastard has the book that has all the information on me! Do you think he will hand me the book, no. He won’t because that means he would have someone as powerful as him and I bet he doesn’t want that.”

Seraphina stayed silent for a moment and then said.

“Zerachiel and Evangeline, go to the Above without getting caught. Find Michael, only him and tell him everything.” Seraphina looked at me, then back to them. “We need him.”

They nodded and came towards me. “We’ll be back, I promise. But please Celeste don’t give up, we need you and so does everyone else.” Zerachiel said hugging me. In that moment I let myself feel, I let my tears fall freely. I hugged him back, not wanting either of them go. His hug was different, I felt at peace, like he was healing me.

I let go and went to hug Evangeline. “Take care, I’ll take care of Seraphina. We’ll be fine.” She embraced me, and whispered for only me to hear. “Everything will get better, trust me.”

We let go and Seraphina went to hug both go them. We then watched both of them go, beige smoke enveloping them and they were gone.

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