Dangerous rose

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Kathrine is a village girl who finds that things are not what they seem to be. Come along with Kathrine and uncover many secrets. Waring bad Grammer and spelling errors will be present. Blood and sexual content will be present Read at your own risk

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

As my eyes awaken , thay blink a few times to adjust to the morning light, the sun shing as brightly as ever whith no motivation to get up.

l lie on my bed sterling at the panting my sister gave me for my15 birthday, senc then l have never taken it down, it was a
Picture of a balarena dancing in the medow whith flowers in full bloom, that reminded me I must go viset my mother's grave its the only day of the week I'm of from work,

uhg! I have to rearranged the books again but my work does have some perkes to it, their are some cute boys coming to buy books,

I was suddenly awoken from my day dreem when my best friend swong my door open shouting :
"up up up come on let's go you promest that we'd go to you're mother's grave",

and I did promest her, " fine l will get up"

A few moments later I was trying to titen my corset suddenly I had I great idear that if I tie the laces of the corset laces to the leg of the bed and run forwed it would be fine, but no the leg came off and my bed broke subenly my best friend came running and showed

"what the hell did you do"

I responded:I broke my bed oop!,

K she just laughed at me, well at least I know now what to get your birthday l just smiled, come on let me help you she sead,
After I was probably clothed I went to the the counter and grabbed my brekfist,

"you are only having an apple?"

"Ya what's wrong with an apple" nothing, she just looked at me,

As we were walking to the market I sore tow horses, I nugeed iris with my lelbow
"look at the horses"

"no we are not going to stell them,"

" but it will be faster to get to moms grave, pls just one more time"

she sighed "fine"

"yay!" clapping my hands together, "come on we gotta be quick" .

Running toerds the horses I graded iris' hand and dreaged her along, jumping on the horse,

iris sead," I can't believe that l let talk me in to doing this"

I just smiled at her, as I swesed my legs to gether I could see to men running twords us.

Shouting at iris, "go! go! go!"

Riding thow the market people hurrying aside as we wher dashing throw. In the corner of my eye I could see the two men still chasing after us, I signeled at iris to go left in to a ali but thay still wher behind us,

I shouted at iris that "we have to split up and meat each other by ower favorite medow, "

she nodded as she took a right , I carryed on going straight, I saw the man stopping to chach their breathe the other one still casing me, then he found a horse and hoped on it. Wher the hell did he get it, still chasing after me I had to create a divergen. quickly my eyes scand the market looking for something but nothing was there just people and I wasn't going to hert them,

carrying on my path the market coming to a end and then I was met with a field of bright green grass, if I had stood in the tall grass it wold come up to my hips not a moment later a branch came out of nowhere and smacked me in my face and out of my thorghts, feeling a sudden rush of cold then hot. my eyes felling as hevey as ever fluted closed all I could fell was my face touch the soft grass

As I awoke looking around me I could see I was still in the filed but I was ender a tree, was this the tree that had attacked me? What! how did I get here? And why was I under this tree? Who put me hear? Had iris come back for me? Putting me out of my thoughts I saw a man no, a Yong boy a proch me he looked a bout my age wait! he's coming to you run ,

I got up as quickly as I could my feet taking one big step after another runig as fast as I could as my amatic ass could take me, looking back to see if the boy was behind me, I triped over my dress, oh how I hate this dress but my mother loved it so I wore it to go see her taking me out of my thoughts agen was my body hitting the ground the air in my lungs was knocked out of me it felt as tho someone had reached into my lungs and pulled out all of the air

gasping for air this is a horrible experience, when I terned my head I could see leather boots, l cared on looking up and I was met whith a handsome face, he has derty blond hear and gorges hazel eyes, some freckles along his checks and a very lovely jaw line his body was bulcy and not in the scery tipe of way, I could cinda see his abs thew the very whit visabel shert

my thoughts was interrupted when he reached out his hand to me and whith a smerk on his face he sead

"you gataa stop rung into things"

I grab his hand and apologized

"sorry" while helping me up he asked why I stole the horse and I answered "I was going to see my mom's grave, and it's the only day of the week I get to see her"

"oh, sorry" he sead, seemed my plan to make him feel sorry for me is working, and I asked him a question

" how coud you find me so fast down that Ali?

he laghfed at me "you're red hear, oh and I'm Aidan by the way Aiden Scott"

I smiled "Elizabeth moon"

"Well nice to meat you," Elizabeth" well don't you still wana see your mother? I looked at him weird, "but l stole your horses" he just smiled, don't questions, just say yes, I blerted out "yes!" he just looked at me,

"I mean yes I want to see her"

"OK then u can take my horse"

"what!! OK thanks,"

I quickly hoped on the horse, he looked at me and sead,

" wait, but u have to retrn him after, meet u back hear "

OK! I sead, whith a big smile on my face as I rod slowly away, my plane cinda worked. if I just didn't ask him how he followed me down the ail it wold have been fine but no I had to ask now I had to think of another way to get ot the medow whit it's not far from hear I cold achely see iris from a distance, wait have I found a short cut, as coming closer I cold see that she had a big becay of flowers in hands and on her face was the most biggest smile I have ever seen,

"whats with the smile?" she giggled,

"the man that was casing after me gave it to me and he was gorges",

"oh is that so"

still giggleing, "yip"

I just smiled and shaked my head, "come lets go, I ges we finely get to see her",

"may I ask where did you're horse go",

"i had to give it back els I can't go to the ball. Hey why do u still have a horse"?

Oh adine gave it to me"

"and who's this aien"

I have to meet him after we are done visiting mothers grave Iris just smiled

"come on we got a keep moving"

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