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Tales of Dürembroch

By GwenDalaviria All Rights Reserved ©



The matriarch of Dürembroch is a woman of temper but with no sort of vertue. She did not make her way around the throne by military conquer. Instead, she roved quietly behind one of these young people who were given the regalia at a time their hands were still unassured. She whispered soft things in his ear to win his confidence, telling him she understood his disarray, that she was also forced to grow up too fast.

Poor fellow, will he ever know how many greedy hands groped below the skirts of his mistress in the depths of moonless nights when she was only in teenagehood ? Scharlarschnee* has lost her innocence in blood and tears. And if the peole around her all knew about her distress, never anyone gave her hand out of it. No of them worried about that little bastard blood marquise. Let the kid drop, like her mother in childbirth. She’s got what she deserves.

Scharlarschnee wanted to take revenge on all of those who remained silent to her misery by taking the power, and she did in the most natural way that appeared to her.

Oh, that never kept the court from gossiping. They now amuse themselves, making a big deal about the private meetings between the king and the bastard marquise. Damned little precious princess, may she go Hell, so they whisper around the corridors. Whisper, I said. As a matter of fact, the damn princess managed to get two hunt dogs educated in order to cut the peskiest tongues. It wasn’t too hard to get done. During the winter cycle, children are likely to get abbandoned in this poor country. The people get rid of what’s not worth being fed, and also some chimeras born after the well got poisonned. All Scharlachschnee had to do was send her Hunter pick up some runt, not too sickly, and make it into a killing machine. That night, her servant came back to her with twin sisters. Orphans, abbandonned to the frost bite. Pretty enough to cover the ramparts* with a few more years but not strong enough to survive Dürembroch’s siberian winter. Blueish feet, their legs all scratched up by thorn bushes in the woods. Wide ebony eyes, untamed firey red hair. So small, all shaky, but happy to be together and alive.

« Dresse la marmaille» (raise these children), so were the words of Scharlarschnee as she watched the chilling little girls huddled up under the Hunter’s cape.


*Pronounce “shar-lar-shneh”

*“Scharlach” means scarlet and also scarlet fever in german, “Schnee” stands for snow.

*“To cover the ramparts” is a french middle age idiom, meaning to prostitute onself (namely feminine).
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