He was never mine

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" Do you want it to be here? Or my room? " HE WAS ABOUT TO WIN HE WAS READY TO WIN " Here " AND THEN HE REALIZED HE WASN'T READY FOR HER AT ALL. ~~~~***~~~~ Lucifer the ruler of seven hells and the father of the seven deadliest sin fell in love with someone who was never meant to be loved by him at all. His world came to a sudden halt when she gasped for her very first air on the earth. He felt something he never felt before in his millennium. He never wanted to loose control over his heart. And he could slaughter anything which comes between his path. But he had to loose for her, he had to fall in love with her. ~~~~~****~~~~ Jennie, a 18 year old university girl all innocent and cute but with a hint of little bit of sassiness was enjoying her life for the fullest with her bff's Ariana and James. What would happen when she had to fall in love with the demon king , out of 7 billion humans on earth? (WARNING:- STRONG LANGUAGE, SEX SCENES AND VIOLENCE)

Fantasy / Humor
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A very warm welcome to you. First of all thank you for clicking on my book 'HE WAS NEVER MINE'💕

You indeed have a very great taste😝, that's why you are here.

Thank you for joining the ride with me and my other readers. Put your seat belts on, never know where and how would you hit your head. Hehehehe love u ( ◜‿◝ )♡.


"I told you before, not to show this fuck face of yours ever again near my palace. Didn't I, hmmm." I growled at the one who joined hands with some of the dickhead demons who got enough braveness to turn there backs on me, pointing a nail in front of his eyes.

Slowly i started penetrating the nail in his eyes. Blood started coming flowing out like water.
" Who's behind this,hmmm" i asked piercing more. "Whom do you work for"

He cried in agony when i took that eye out.

"My.... lor....DDD.

"Forg...iii...ve me , my lord"

"I will ......tell you everything"

"You are pretty late for this aren't you."

I started stabbing the nail onto his another eye and scratching everywhere in his face with it. His blood was splattering all over my face and the room while he was pleading in pain. His cries were music to my ear.

I wanted more. I needed more. I grabbed his one leg and started dragging him to the centre of the dungeon.

I hanged him upside down with one of his leg tied and one leg hanging in the mid air. Blood still pouring out of his no more recognisable face.

"What you thought, you low life can betray me in my own fucking palace, under my nose..... Naaah!!!! Naaah!!! "

*Sound of bone cracking* and *lucifer's laugh*

That motherfucker cried in pain when i twisted his whole leg backward from the knee. Blood was bursting out from every corner of his leg.

He was wriggling out in pain in the mid air when i ripped his hand off.


"U should have thought of the consequences before, hmmmm."

"M.....yyy lordddd, your......" he was about to say something when Zaroth came and slash his tounge off. He was twisting and wriggling in pain in his half hanging flesh.

"Lucifer let me handle this, you need to focus on other things." with this he slashed his body in two parts.

I left the room leaving them behind.

I took a shower and washed off all the bastard's blood.

It is already midnight and am standing in front of my window looking at the lifeless sky.

Suddenly my heart started aching. My legs were shivering and I staggered in the place where i was standing.

A very blurred image of a little girl smiling passed infront of my eyes. I was sad, happy, frustrated all at the same time. I couldn't put all this together.

"Who is she? What is this feeling? I need to stop this" I can't let this happen."
I can never loose my control over my heart. It shouldn't feel anything.

"She is my little prey, and i won't let anyone take away from me. I will rip her head off from her little body."

few years later:-

I keep on trying to approach her for few years now, but something was indeed stopping me to reach her. It's a very strong holy power around her. It was repelling me. Evertime i feel her presence near me, a invisible barrier would stop me to let her reach.

"I need to find her at any cost. I need to get rid of that shit anyhow. I will make sure you suffer the most painful death that no one ever thought of."

"I'll find you"

On earth :-

"Congratulations Mr. Williams your wife gave birth to a beautiful girl. Your wife is still unconscious, we will let you meet her soon, once she is awake."

Harry's pov:-

"Nurse, can i see my daughter."

"Yeah sure, please come this way sir."

The nurse handed me my daughter. She was so beautiful, my eyes got blurred as happy tears were forming.

I couldn't take my eyes off her face. She got her mommy's eyes. Her cute little nose , her pouty lips everything is so perfect about her. I couldn't thank enough almighty that he gifted me with this little angel.

"Awwww, she smiled , she is smiling. I will even die to protect your little smile my angel."

Few hours later:-

I was standing outside the hospital with my baby in my arms and my wife beside me.

We were heading towards our car when suddenly a old lady maniac attacked my baby.

"What you are doing, stay away from us"

"She is the one. Yes she is the one. "

She was laughing like a crazy old witch.

"He is going to find her. She doesn't belong here. He will kill her. Ha ha haha"

She was rambling nonsense. My wife was way too much scared . She grabbed our baby safely in her hands and i went to the old maniac to shoo away from us.

"Your daughter is very precious, my boy .
She is meant to be his. She is born for a reason. She belongs to him." She said cupping my face with her dead and wrinkled hands. She will protect the humanity from his wrath.

"Stop making a scene crazy women or else am sending you to the prison." I spatted grabbing her hands away from my face and pushing her away.

She came ran behind me and and clutched my shirt from the back.

"You have to keep her away from him until she turns 18. He will kill her." I pushed her way too hardly and she fell on the streets.

I somehow regretted after pushing her so hard. I mean she is the age of my grand mom. She was very very old and my ethics didn't allow me to do this to her.

I helped her to stand up but she suddenly ran towards my wife and sprinkled something like water and muttered something under her breathe.

I ran towards my wife and pushed her hard enough to keep her away from my family.

"What did you do to my child you crazy old witch?"

I walked few steps to reach her but few officers came and managed to take her away.

I reached my already scared wife and crying daughter and headed towards my car. But that witch still blabbering something from far as her sound was fading step by step.

"It will keep her safe my boy until she reaches 18. He will take her away. You have to protect her until then..

*Slowly the sound was fading*

"She... ...is. ... the .... savi....our...." You...
ke..ep .... her safe...

And suddenly the voice faded and there was no one to see. Neither the lady , not the police officers.

My wife was a crying mess by now and she was holding our daughter like her life depends on it.

"Bella it's fine, she is just a crazy maniac. That's it. You don't have to worry about it." I said giving her a peck.

"But Harry what she was saying, who will take my daughter away from us" she started crying again looking our daughter."

"Nothing honey, she just need a psychiatrist." I said assuring her.


Guys this is my very first book hope you don't mind few grammatical mistakes. English is not my first language but am working on it. Thank you again for picking up this book(༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ).

I would love to read your thoughts on my book.

Love you all💕

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