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Children of Indiana: Roaming pack

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After all that has happened to her. There was still more to come and he was still trailing her for a love that was never her own. Now someone else is after her and the power in claiming her commands. Will she keep fighting them or will she give in to the shadows and the pain.

Fantasy / Romance
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The start of the inner fight

The sun hung low in the sky and the trees didn't move as she sat on the porch of the now empty house. Feeling the full weight of the sun as some cars pulled up into the front of the house.
Many people with fake smiles got out and slowly walked up the walkway, knowing they where being judged for their mistake. As my eyes moved over the wolves that where still alive after the run that left me without my family.
Silent I sat as they walked through the well kept shot gun house looking for things they wanted to take with them.
After a few hours they spoke, in kind hushed tones and their tails between their legs.

" I am so sorry for your loss. She was a great person and you know that I always admired her for her spirit. " One woman said as she shy placed a hand on my unmoving shoulder.
"You want to take something.. to remember her by is that it?" Aseral said as she looked the woman over to see that it was one of her human church friends.
She had been over a lot as nana tried to recover for her that she was part wolf. Yet she had lost the will to transform and nana felt sorry for her so she had adopted her in a way. Now that she was gone, most humans had been told by the fae it was a heart attack. They was the reason for such a quick funeral.
"Yeah, Yes . I am sure she wouldn't mind if I took a few of her dresses." She said with a nodding head thinking she had gotten over as quickly lay claim to a large pile clothes she had found in her closet.
Saying nothing more Aseral sat and watch as they all ran back into the house to claim certain things before they knew that Aseral would soon snap her jaws at them.
As the sun started to go down she found herself alone in the empty house with music playing as she sat crying.
It was as the Linkin Park songs played that she heard a familiar knock on the door that caused her to rush from her place on the floor to the door.
"Hey." Said the calming voice of her friend as he was greeted with open arms.
"Duncan." she said as she fought back crying against his warm chest for the loss if her grandmother and the others.
Slowly wrapping his arms around her he held her close to him for a moment and lay his head on top of hers breathing in her essence as he felt her shiver.
"Duncan .... I .. I don't want to be like this, why? Why does it have to be like this?" She asked him as he stood there for her to lean on.
"People die and we move on. We become stronger from what we learned from them." He told her as he felt her eyes staring at his face burning holes through his lips.
"Aseral, you know how I feel about you. I will stand by you no matter what. Either as my alpha or as just mine. " he said to her as he leaned down to kiss her only to pause and kiss her forehead.
"What do you plan to do?" Duncan told her as she backed away from him and the kiss that was unshared.
"I wanna leave here so much. I wanna get away from this place and the death that sits all around here." She told him as she then leaned against the door frame that she shared with Duncan.
Looking at his face she could see that if she let him in they would end up in her grandmother's bed. She would give him what he wanted not like this, not now.
"I am going to go to college and then see who that pack takes me as a leader.
"Yes .... Aseral. " Duncan told her as he slowly backed away from the door still wanting to wrap her up close to him and turned around to face the street. When he felt her against his back.
"I want to be with you too Duncan, but I don't want you to hate me. please never hate me." Aseral told him as she wrapped her arms around his middle and nuzzled his back.
"I know you think that the pack wanted us together and so do I but if you keep me here. "Duncan said with a long sigh as he reached his hand up to place his over hers.
"Aseral... I ..I won't let you go and our friendship may get blurred."
"Duncan.. I don't want to lose you as my friend. I need time to know what I truly feel out of me loving you the way you love me." Aseral said as she pulled away from him and wrapped her arms around her self to fight back tears.

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