The Fairy Folk of Elvedon Manor

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Chapter 7: Plans

Karmy set off towards Elvedon Manor with a sad heart and a determined expression. He wasn’t really sure if they would help him at all since Sofire had been caught twice at the human house.Although the first time no-one had seen her, they had Flashter as living, breathing proof that she had been near them.The second time, well he had agreed with Albert that it was a good hiding place so he felt in pain with the guilt.All he could do is tell them what had happened and ask for their help to rescue Sofire from what could be a very long imprisonment.

He arrived at the old, stone, turreted fairy house near midday. As with most fairy houses, human eyes would not be able to pick out the steeple like turrets made out of layer upon layer of stones.They wouldn’t see the tiny little arched shaped windows from every single side of the hexagonal manor house.Sadly for them, they also wouldn’t see the golden glow pouring out from the depths of the magical building to make it light to all fairy folk close by.The building looked strong and solid while also giving the impression of welcome and warmth.Karmy felt both nervous and relieved to finally be standing in front of the Elvedon Manor.

Karmy banged on the heavy stone knocker and immediately heard the fast, flapping of tiny little wings close by. He jumped with a start as the smallest fairy he had ever seen flew directly up to the end of his nose and looked deep into one eye after the other.After several very long seconds, the tiny little fairy twitched his nose, blinked his long red eyelashes and finally gave the biggest toothiest smile any fairy has ever been blessed with.

“Karmy, they’ve been expecting you” boomed a loud, deep voice from the tiny little fairy.

“They know already?” he asked, puzzled.

“Naturally” said the tiny fairy.

He fluttered forward and reached out a tiny little pink, pointy hand to the heavy looking door latch. The door sprung open as though on tight, soundless springs and stopped as soon as it was open wide enough to walk through.Karmy looked about him all the way through to the main hall.All of the floors were brushed, shiny, cobblestones making a reflection from the candle chandeliers overhead.The lights floated low beneath the ceiling but high enough over Karmy’s head so he didn’t bump into them.One lit, solitary, candle appeared in between them and followed them for the remainder of their journey.The tiny fairy glided alongside Karmy keeping at eye level while he bobbed about keep up with every step.

They came to a heavy pair of doors, very similar to the front door. The tiny fairy flew to the end of Karmy’s nose again and gave another big, toothy grin.He then flicked a latch, the door sprung open and suddenly Karmy was inside a huge, stone walled room and the tiny fairy had vanished along with the floating candle.Karmy stood there for a few minutes, blinking his eyes against the darkness inside.He could hear tiny little chirpy voices and what sounded a lot like giggling.Karmy shuffled his feet and twiddled with his fingers, then realising how silly he looked he flicked out his long pointy fingers and stood patiently waiting.

“Come forward Karmy.We’ll send you a light” chirped a voice far away from where he stood.

Another tiny little fairy appeared with a pointy light sprite glowing green in his hand. The tiny fairy beaconed Karmy to follow him and flew slowly back to the furthest reaches of the room.As Karmy neared the voices, the room became a lot lighter.All of a sudden, Karmy felt as though he had been lit up from inside, the room sparkled gold from every corner with floating candles above his head and more pointy, green light sprites glowing and somersaulting in the air.He felt like he had come out of the darkest reaches of the wood and arrived on the brightest side of the moon!There were more chuckles.

“We’re not on the moon” said a giggling soft voice.

“Oh no, we were here long before him” giggled another.

“I didn’t realise Elvedon Manor had such a room” exclaimed Karmy.

“It doesn’t always” said a more serious, deeper voice.

“Karmy, we know what has happened. What we don’t know is why are you here?” said another deeper voice.

“I need to protect my fairies but what can I do against the Queen?”

“What can any of us do, Karmy?”

“You mean you can’t stand against her either?” cried Karmy, rubbing his pointy fingers on each side of his head.

The light dimmed down enough that Karmy could focus and stepped back a little. He could now see all six of the fairies seated behind a long bench.The fairies varied in size, two were as tiny as those that had brought him to the hall, two more were slightly bigger but still smaller than him and the final two were bigger than Karmy by at least another arm’s length.As they sat at the bench, the tops of their heads were level but their bodies and legs finished at different points to one another.So the tiny fairies had no part of them under the bench at all.Karmy could see by their white and gold dresses and the jewels they wore, that they were all of equal authority and he realised each should be taken as seriously as the next.

One of the bigger fairies, one with a blue beard, got up off of his seat and floated gently over to Karmy’s side. He rested his big hands on Karmy’s shoulders and looked deep into his eyes.

“Karmy, there is nothing we can do against the Queen.It could start a war and it would most likely be a war she would win.We can’t judge Sofire to be guilty or innocent while she remains at the Queen’s castle.All we can do, is wait until you can bring her here and then we can bring her before the Elders.”

“How can I do that?” sighed Karmy, while already he was thinking about something he vaguely remembered hearing Uni say.

“Bring Sofire to us to talk to and then we will make a decision. We cannot lay down brand new laws to Queen Maylada just to suit a new situation or fairy in trouble.We have to be seen to be fair.”

Karmy looked slowly up at them as a plan began to take shape in his head. As he thought on it longer, his sad face began to lighten so did the other six faces looking back at him.

“You know what you can do” said a big fairy Elder with dark red wings.

The blue bearded Elder tapped Karmy on the back and floated to his empty seat behind the bench. They offered him some dew juice and blackberries for his return journey and then the tiny fairy came back and led Karmy to the outside world.

Karmy stood outside thinking for a while. He stroked his fluffy white beard while his eyes fluttered this way and that.Then his furry brows furrowed and seconds later a tiny smile started to take shape on his lips.He knew he had to track down Uni and he knew exactly where he would be.He flew directly upwards until he was above the trees and then flew directly east right above the human and fairy homes below.He flew the fastest he had flown in thousands of years, he flew because he knew his little friend needed him.All of a sudden, Karmy flew slap-bang into nothing and started falling down towards the earth below.He just managed to pull himself up before he went crashing into the ground beneath him.He rubbed his head and looked up in confusion.Then he stood up and tried to walk forward but hit something hard again.He reached out his arms but he couldn’t get around the hard nothing that covered what felt like a big area.

He rubbed his chin and paced up and down. He shook his head and then rubbed his head again.He just couldn’t understand why he could see right through but couldn’t pass through the space ahead.He was about to take a seat on a mushroom when Uni appeared beside him.

“Hello, what’s happened?” chirped Uni, looking directly at Karmy’s forehead where it hurt.

“I don’t know, I was flying fast to find you and hit something hard and fell to here”.

“Well you’ve found me now, what did you need me for?”

Karmy smiled and he shook his head while poking the ground with his gold pointy shoe. Unicorns come to beings that need them the most.So he need not have flown so fast he flew into nothing and hurt himself, he should have just sat and needed him and he would have arrived.Karmy chuckled to himself and patted Uni on the head.

“Right, we need to ping her out of Queen Maylada’s castle” said Karmy.

“Ok, easy enough” replied Uni.“I can’t get her out unless someone can get me in though”.

“Yes, I thought you would say that” smiled Karmy.

With that, the two small friends heard the most thunderous roar they had ever heard. The ground shook beneath them and the tops of the trees waved their leaves about.Karmy grabbed the mushroom he was about to sit on and Uni grabbed Karmy.Their eyes bulged like flies’ eyes while they tried to shout over the noise to see if the other one knew what it was.Uni beaconed for Karmy to hop on his back and flew straight up and through the nothing that he had smashed into a few moments before.As they got above the trees they finally saw what it was that was making that terrible noise.

The human machines were bright yellow and vicious looking. Their long metal arms with big wide teeth smashed into the ground below.Bushes and trees were unearthed and tossed aside like small twigs.Karmy and Uni flew above with their mouths drooped open.Karmy felt that he could hear every root and snapped branch cry out to him in pain.He tried to throw his hands over his ears until he wobbled and nearly fell off of Uni.The tears started to fill in his eyes as he saw the horror unfolding in front of him, the area the monster machines had already ripped open was growing bigger and bigger.

Karmy nudged Uni below his flowing mane, which was beginning to turn green again and pointed towards the human houses. Uni winked at Karmy and changed direction, flying fast towards Albert’s grandson’s house.They had to save Sofire but there was no point saving any single fairy if there was no home for any of them to return to.Uni picked up speed and flew so fast that even a fire sprite would have struggled to see them.Karmy thought he heard air blowing fast around him and turned to see the rest of the unicorns following on behind.Karmy let a little smile escape, if all the unicorns were helping he must be able to do something – he hoped.

They arrived at Daniel’s parent’s house just as dawn was beginning to glow through the trees at the back of their garden. They couldn’t hear the monster machines from where they were but they knew they were there, ready to pound the ground beneath.Uni flew from top window to top window trying to see in through the blinds to where Albert might be laying.Karmy nudged him below the mane again and pointed to the one at the left of them.As he flew fast sideways, Karmy stood on Uni’s back to peek between the gaps.He smiled and gave a thumbs up to Uni and the other unicorns when he saw Albert on the bed, snoring so hard that the blanket hovered above his face and fell back down again.

Uni nodded at Karmy, who promptly sat back down on his back. Uni turned gracefully, backed up and kicked both golden hind hooves hard at the window.He spun around and they peered through the window again.No movement at all from Albert.Uni turned around and kicked again, ever so slightly harder than the first time.He twisted round again and still nothing.Uni tutted and Karmy shrugged his shoulders.Then all of the other unicorns lined up alongside Uni and Karmy couldn’t believe it with they all kicked the window so hard it shook.They all spun around and looked, finally there was Albert sat up and rubbing his eyes.Each of them raised eyes to heaven, shook their heads or shook their tail, Karmy even let a little chuckle escape.

Albert came to the window and opened the blind. He nearly fell straight back again when he saw Karmy and eight miniature unicorns looking in at him.His surprise was only multiplied by the sheer annoyance on each of their mystical faces.He caught up as quickly as a waking granddad can work things out, pointed downwards and showed the five digits on his hand which they all assumed meant he would be downstairs in five human minutes.

During that time, Karmy and the unicorns sped about the garden gathering dew juice and berries for their breakfast and kept some in pouches for the rest of the day. They had eaten and put everything away by the time Karmy came down smelling minty.They pointed towards the end of the garden and each of them flew into the bushes and waited patiently for Albert to catch them up.He arrived puffing and panting and looking slightly purple around the cheeks.Karmy touched him with his right hand gently on the chest and immediately his breathing went back to its usual pattern.

“Thanks” smiled Albert. “Now what’s going on?It must be serious for you all to risk coming here and banging on the window like this!”

“The human metal monsters are ripping up the earth over there!” pointed Karmy.

“So it’s begun” sighed Albert. “What can we do?”

“Albert, when I tried to fly over it I couldn’t. It was like I flew into a see-thru tree or something.I fell to the ground!The only thing that would stop me getting through anything would be ancient human magic.There must be something over there from the original settlers.I can only get there on Uni and thankfully he felt my need and appeared.”

“Interesting” said Albert, rubbing his chin.

“Well it isn’t when you realise that unicorns only present themselves to beings in need. The interesting thing is they appear in the size that you need them.So for fairies…”

“No” interrupted Albert. “Sorry Uni, beg my pardon for interrupting you.What I mean is, if the original settlers have left something where they are digging.We might be able to stop them doing what they’re doing.”

Karmy looked confused, as did the unicorns surrounding him.

“Humans look after historical things, preserve them, you know?”

They still looked confused.

“Humans protect items that might show something of our history or past. If there is something there, then they would have to stop digging.”

Karmy beamed the biggest smile he had every beamed at anyone and Uni started glowing a gentle pink. One unicorn started getting noticeably bigger while Albert and Karmy watched in amazement.Then Uni smiled up at Albert and told him to jump on.Albert couldn’t believe it, he was 80 years of age, he was now friends with the fairies and he was just about to climb on the back of a unicorn to try to save all of their homes.

They took off as fast as lightening with Uni and Karmy at the front and Albert on the big unicorn at the very back. They whizzed by so fast Albert could barely make out the houses and gardens below.Tears streamed down his sleepy face as his eyes tried to adjust to the light and cool air.Albert felt like it was the quickest time to make a long journey.They stopped by the opening in the trees where the big yellow construction machines circled around some rocks. Albert gently started moving them bit by bit, being careful not to put his back out.The big unicorn helped by pawing the ground with his front hoof but Karmy’s hands burnt if he touched them and the other unicorns were too small.So they all circled Albert with the big yellow machines circling them while they all watched in deathly silence.

Finally with a big tug from Albert, followed by a huge groan from the old man and a kick and scraping from the big unicorn, one of the rocks moved and rolled away behind them into one of the yellow machines. They each watched the rock and chuckled as it crashed into the big evil monster machine that was damaging their world.As they turned back they gasped and gaped.The unicorns shuffled their hooves and swished their tails.Karmy rubbed his purple beard while Albert shook his head.Right in front of them, where the rock once sat, were bones painted in red and what looked like ancient human jewellery.

“Well I never” said Albert

The unicorns snorted their furry noses.

“My goodness” said Karmy. “Well I guess that explains it!It’s the original sacred site of the first human settlers.The ones we were friends with, you know before…….well before all that.” He finished, shuffling his gold feet.

“Right, we need to make banners and get onto the local newspapers straight away” yelled Albert.

“Wait” said Karmy. “What about Sofire?”

“Well I can do the human stuff to stop the machines and you can save Sofire, can’t you?” said Albert. His voice slowing down as he sensed the change in the atmosphere.

“No Albert, we need you to help us save Sofire. Uni can only help someone out of somewhere, he can’t get break himself in.You need to get him in.”

“But I can’t be in two places at once. Can someone else help?”

There was a deepening silence while each of them pondered their predicament. They either had to lose Sofire to a possible eternal imprisonment and give up their homes or involve another human.None of them had said it out loud but they all knew that was the only chance they had.None of the other fairies would be able to do what Karmy couldn’t, so it had to be some being else.There was such a huge risk, if they picked the wrong human their world could be finished.Looking around them, Karmy knew that whatever he did there was a chance their world was finished anyway.

“Who are you suggesting?” sighed Karmy.

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