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Chapter 10

Sitting outside Java chip in my car, I decide to go through all of Oliver’s voice mails. “Riley, I didn’t mean what I said. I don’t know what I was thinking. Please pick up.” “Riley are you okay? Pick up your phone.” It was pretty much the same thing over and over. The last one he said he wouldn’t call back and he would wait for me to talk to him, no matter how long it takes. All his texts are just him saying sorry over and over. I see Evan’s note there, with his brilliant writing. He wrote my name. He took the time to write me something, instead of texting, or calling or leaving a message. I just can’t bring myself to read it right now. Maybe later tonight before I go to sleep, if I can even fall asleep. After the day I’ve had, I should be in a mental institution.

“Hey Greyson. Is Holly around?” I ask him as soon as I see him cleaning off one of the tables.

He looks up and says, “Oh hey Riley. Shouldn’t you still be at school? Holly is out on a bank run right now actually. Is there anything I can help you with?” He has a strange concerned look on his face.

“I had an interesting day at school so I decided to take the rest of the day off. I suppose you could help me or at least talk to Holly when she gets back. I was wondering if I could start my work shifts next week or maybe the week after? As long as you can find someone to cover for me. I’ve just had a few, uh, personal things came up and I think I should just step back for a while. Until everything gets worked out. Is that okay? All I need is a couple of weeks max.”

“That should be fine. Is it something you want to talk about? I can always lend an ear.”

“No, not really. Thank you though. I really appreciate the time off.”

“Don’t worry about it. We can make do until you figure it all out. Who knows maybe it will all be worked out sooner than you think?” He says to me, almost like he knows what I am talking about. Weird.

“Well thanks again. I’m going to head home and hopefully get everything figured out a little better. Bye.” I call out to him as I am heading out the door.

After picking up a tropical car freshener, I head back to the house. I’m sure I’ve taken enough time and that Mr. Collins will be home, and hopefully ready to talk about everything. The whole way back I kept asking myself how he could have kept this from me and how he thought it was a good idea to keep something this life changing from me. Didn’t he think I should know what was going on? Or was I just not important enough for him to feel the need to tell me. These are all things I would like to have answered, but they probably will be left unanswered.

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