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Chapter 12

I sit on my bed for an hour staring at my backpack. Trying to figure out if I even want to read what Evan has to say. Just the way he has written my name calls to me so with a deep breath I open the letter.


You left so quickly after I didn’t have time to explain things to you. I know this must be a huge shock to you. If you could give me the chance to give you more details I will. From how you reacted earlier I get the impression you might try to not deal with any of this. It is what you’ve been doing the whole time you’ve been here. Have you even tried to figure out why your eyes change? What might cause it and why? No, I don’t think you did. You just tried to be invisible and go unnoticed. Well I noticed, and I meant what I said earlier, that we need you. Something has happened to Alex’s parents. We want to try to find out what happened and find them. I’m not trying to guilt you into helping us by telling you about his parents. I just think you’d be a great help. If you were able to change into a lion as a 5 year old, I can’t imagine what you could do now. I didn’t even change until I was 14 and it wasn’t even that impressive. My parents didn’t think I would ever change. Do not hide anymore Riley. You are much too special to hide. I will wait for your answer whenever you are ready.


p.s you should forgive Oliver, he was heartbroken after you left. He cares very deeply for you.

He is right, I should forgive Oliver. Opening my phone I send a text to Oliver,

It’s ok what u said b4. I get it.

Not even a minute after I sent the message my phone rings. I don’t even say hello and he starts talking immediately.

“Riley, oh my god, I am so sorry! I don’t even know why I said that. I wasn’t thinking. What can I do to make it up to you? I’ll do anything, just name it.” The sadness in his voice is so thick you could touch it and it even sounds like he is crying.

“It’s okay. I get it. I even think of myself that way now. It sounds like the little girl in my dream I always tell you about was me. Isn’t that weird? I never put it together before, or maybe I knew the whole time and I just ignored it.”

“It makes sense though doesn’t it? All this time you thought it was something else stuck in your brain, but it was just your subconscious was trying to show you. Before I get all smart and scientific, what are you going to do now? If you want to forget this happened I will never bring it up again, even though I think it is kind of cool. If you think about it in a non-weird way.”

“I have no idea how you think this is cool because I certainly don’t. What if I change into a frickin dinosaur in the middle of class?” I say kind of joking, but then after I say it I wonder if I can do that.

“Well then no more school.” He laughs so hard at his own joke, but he is right no school. “Can you even change into a dinosaur? Aren’t there like rules to this kind of thing?”

“I don’t know, I guess that is something Evan will have to explain to me. Alex is one too so do you find him any less attractive now?” I can guess what his answer will be but I ask anyways.

“No he is still hot, it would take a bad hair dye job, and an orange tan to make him unattractive. I gotta go dad just got home. Thank you for forgiving me.” I can basically hear the smile on his face when he says thank you. I smile too.

“Wait, before you go. The favor, you said you’d do anything. I want you to tell your dad this weekend, I’ll be there with you if you want.” I wait for an answer, which seems to take moments longer than I thought it would.

“Are... Are you kidding me Riley?”

“You were the one that said you’d do anything if I forgave you. I can just go back to being pissed and ignoring you if you want.” A smile creeps onto my face as I know I have won this battle.

“Uh... Um... I guess. Yeah sure I’ll do it, this weekend. As long as you promise you are there with me. Seriously, I hate it when you win. Such a pain in my ass. Bye Riley.” He laughs.

“Bye.” I say laughing and press the end button. With a sigh I notice the smile is still on my face. If Oliver can deal with telling his dad he is gay, then I can surely deal with being a shape shifter. Can’t I? I mean it can’t be too hard. Then my mind starts to wander, I’m just me. I can’t do or be anything special.

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