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Chapter 14

Once I get out of the shower, I can already hear different laughs coming from upstairs. I hurry and get dressed in a pair of torn jeans and a forest green t-shirt. Not bothering to dry my hair, I just scrub my towel on my head a few times, and run my fingers through it to take out a few knots. I don’t want to look like a total freak, so I put on a little mascara but not to impress Evan. “Okay,” I say to myself out loud, “maybe just a little bit to impress him, but who am I trying to fool. He would never go for a girl like me.” With a heavy sigh I head upstairs, I accidentally miss a step and smack my shin on the step above. “Ouch.” I say and rub my leg as I finish going up the stairs more off balanced than before. The guys are all situated in the living room, like they all belong together being friends and here I am walking into it, messing it all up.

“Hey Riley.” Oliver says as he gets up off the couch and gives me a hug. I notice that he was sitting beside Alex, and that is where he goes to sit after he gives me a hug. Three spots are available, one on the loveseat beside Evan, with the two love birds on the couch, who I think just might be holding hands trying to not be noticeable, or on the chair by the window and the fireplace. Preferring my normal spot by the window is where I head to sit. Sometimes I find myself sitting here for hours after everyone goes to bed, with the fire lit, just reading books. As I sit and pull my legs under me I say “hey” to everyone.

“Uh why isn’t there a tv in the living room?” Alex asks, looking at me.

“Um well I don’t know. This is the sitting room I guess. You know, rich people stuff. There is a tv in the living room downstairs.” I say with a shrug of my shoulders. Oliver lets out a small laugh, because he thinks it is as weird as I do that they need a sitting room. That is why we always watch movies at his house, and not here. Well that and Jennifer is usually in there watching something stupid.

“You should side swipe your bangs Riley. You have nice eyes,” Alex says to me with a wink, knowing he is gesturing to the fact that he has the same color of eyes and that he thinks they are nice in general, probably not about the shape of my eyes.

“Uh, thanks.” I say, even though I leave my bangs where they normally hang. I don’t quiet trust him. “So whats up?” I ask noticing everyone glancing at each other.

“I think Alex should be the one to explain what happened, and his plan he has worked out.” Evan says to me, his eyes stay on me longer than I think they should. I feel awkward in my own skin around him. He gives me the chills like I shouldn’t trust everything he tells me. I can feel goosebumps start to rise on my arms. Shaking the weird feeling off, and rubbing my arms I look over at Alex who takes his hand out of Oliver’s before we give him our full attention. I can see the hurt look on Oliver’s face as he looks away trying to hold it together. No doubt my eyes have aqua in them for feeling protective over my best friends feelings, I’m sure there is also red, for my anger. I look at Alex and I can tell he sees the color in my eyes as his change too; his are a mix of light and dark purple.

He doesn’t say anything which is making me even more angry, I pipe up and say “Or maybe we could talk about the obvious elephant in the room right now. Get it out. We aren’t stupid.” Oliver looks taken back by my outburst, then a look of realization hits his face when he figures out I was talking about him and Alex.

Alex clears his throat and then says “Well I was going to wait until someone was ready before I said anything about making my feelings known.” He looks sympathetically over at Oliver.

Oliver lets a huge sigh go, then looks at me. “I made Riley a deal yesterday that I am going to talk to my dad this weekend. I think it is time he knows.” He says, still the sadness is in his eyes, even though he has a smile on his face. He can’t trick me, maybe the other two, but not me.

“I can be there when you talk with him if you want. I don’t mind.” Alex says sympathetically to Oliver.

“No that’s okay. Riley promised she would come with me. I think it will go good, she always tells me that he loves me and will accept me no matter what.” Oliver says with a more hopeful look on his face.

Alex glares in my direction with dark green in his eyes. He is jealous. Of what, I don’t know. It isn’t like anything is going on between Oliver and me, obviously!

“Oh, okay then.” Alex says as he gets up, “I need to use the washroom, where is it?” he snaps me.

“It is just down the hall and to the right. Should be the one with the toilet,” I say with a smile trying to lighten the mood. It doesn’t work since he glares at me again. This guy has a serious problem with me.

“Don’t worry Riley, he just likes your friend. He wishes Oliver trusted him as much as he does you.” Evan’s voice says in my head. I look straight at him with my eyes wide and most likely popping out of my head. Probably not my most attractive moment in my entire life. Then I hear him laugh.

“Seriously? How the hell did you just do that?” I ask him.

“Do what? What is he doing? He didn’t even move. Please inform the human of what is going on in this room right now. Hello?” Oliver says basically to himself because I am concentrating so hard on Evan’s face trying to figure out what he did, and how to stop it. It is a weird feeling having someone invade your head with their voice, especially when it is so unexpected.

Laughing this time out loud, Evan says looking at Oliver “I was telling Riley something in her head.”

“You can do that? Sweet. So, you can talk to anyone like that? Or just you guys?” Oliver asks, his tone in his voice gives away the fact that he is jealous of the fact he is missing out on this. Although I would love to switch him places, and let him have someone else invade his mind.

“Sorry to disappoint you Oliver, but only shape shifters can talk to each other in their minds. Unless you are telepathic then you can.” Evan says, distantly looking down the hallway to see if Alex is coming back. “I think you should just go for it.” He finishes with a wink at Oliver.

Oliver blushes then asks more to himself, or maybe just to forget what Evan said. “So there are people with telepathic ability? Cool.”

“What’s cool?” Alex asks as he walks back into the room looking around at each of our faces.

“Telepathy.” Evan answers raising his shoulders, which makes Alex roll his eyes.

“Back to the original topic before someone got us off topic with butting into something that is none of her business.” Alex says as he glares in my direction again. I have no idea why he even had to glare at me, we all know he was talking about me, since I am the only girl in the room. This guy has a serious problem and I’m not sure I want my best friend dating someone who could just fly off the handle at any moment.

“My parents were taken by a group of people. We think they are the group that likes to do testing on the supernatural folk. I want to find a way to get them back. From what I’ve seen their operation doesn’t seem so advanced that a couple of kids can just break into.”

“What? You want to break into a facility that does tests on people like us. What happens when they find us? Then trap us and do these tests on us?” I ask, giving him a snooty glare back.

“Well, we could just not get caught.” He grumbles under his breath and lets out a “duh.”

I try to ignore that last part. “How likely is that? Has anyone ever broken into the place and gotten out? Let alone gotten other people out?” I ask.

“Well, a few pixies went in once and got their friends out.” Evan says to me, trying to sound hopeful to help ease my mind. It doesn’t really help.

“Do I even want to ask what a pixie is?” Oliver asks looking from Evan to Alex to me then back to Evan.

“Seriously? Why did you look at me? I know just as much as you do Oliver.” I say laughing.

“Sorry.” He says then looks back at Evan waiting for an answer.

With a shrug, Evan answers “They look like normal people. Their wings hide in their shoulders, under their skin. When they need to use their wings, they kind of.. Well they shrink. It makes them really hard to catch and see because they are so small.”

I start laughing and say “So like Tinkerbell?” Oliver starts laughing with me, then we stop once we notice Alex and Evan aren’t laughing.

Alex coughs and explains “Unless you want to get hurt, I’d never suggest calling them that. Pixies can be very mean. Usually they are just needy, but they have a mean spirit.” He then laughs and says under his breath “Unless you want to, I wouldn’t mind seeing you get put in your place by a pixie.” Evan shoots him a look and Alex shrugs his shoulders and looks away. Evan must have said something to him in his head or else they just know each others looks.

“Are there pixies at our school?” Oliver asks another question, I’m still stuck on the fact that there are pixies.

“Yeah there are.” Alex answers and says, “Just like there are witches and the boys prefer to be called wizards. You’d be surprised at how many there are at our school.”

Oliver just sits there. The boy who rarely ever is speechless is now. Then he lets out a “Wow.” He has a weird look on his face, the one he gets when he is trying to imagine something he has never seen before, so I guess he is imaging a pixie or something else.

“So what do you think Riley? Will you help us?” Evan looks hopeful at me.

“I have no idea. It isn’t like I even know how to shape shift, I can’t even talk to you in your head.” I shrug. Admitting my faults out loud makes me feel weak.

Evan starts laughing, looks at me and says “So that is what you’ve been doing this entire time? Have you even been listening?”

“Of course I’ve been listening. Alex wants us to go on this life risking mission that could get us captured or worse could get us killed. There are pixies at our school that you don’t want to call Tinkerbell, witches and wizards. Why don’t they like to be called warlocks anyways? Why be called a wizard?” I ask the last questions to help get his mind off of the fact I was trying to talk to him in his head.

Alex answers me instead of Evan, “Because only the strongest are called a warlock, also there are female warlocks, just not as many as there are male.”

“Oh, I get it. How many shape shifters are there?” I ask because it seems rather odd that more people don’t know about this sort of thing. Or maybe they do, they just don’t talk about it.

“Not as many as there used to be unfortunately. They are the easiest to point out. You know, the eyes give us away pretty quickly.” Evan says to me, looking sympathetically over at Alex who looks upset with this all.

“What if I do say I’ll help? Then what?” I finally ask out loud, it is the one question I’ve been waiting to ask.

“Then we go and find my parents. The pixies who went have already told me how to get in and out without being noticed,” Alex says. He looks over at Oliver and sighs then looks at me. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get my parents back, but I won’t risk anyone’s life if they don’t want to help.”

“I need a glass of water. Let me just think about this all for a few minutes.” I say as I stand up from my chair.

“Shouldn’t you think about it longer than a few minutes? This is just so crazy; you should think it over longer Riley.” Oliver says just before I get out of the room, which is all too warm for me right now. Looking at him, then I notice Alex’s face behind him which is hurt, and his eyes show concern for his parents. I say “We don’t have the luxury to sit around and wait when people are in trouble, do we?” Another sigh from, Oliver he shakes his head no and then puts his face in his hands.

“I’ll help, but I don’t want Oliver to get hurt. He cannot go. ” I manage to say in my head to Alex, who then looks up at me with his eyes brimming with tears. I walk out of the room and get myself a tall glass of water, half filled with ice. As I stand there chewing on a large ice cube, I distantly look out the window. I try to imagine my life a lot easier as just a normal girl. With normal eyes and normal problems.

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