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Chapter 20

Compared to some of the people locked up, Alex’s parents look pretty good. There was one guy who looked horrible. I didn’t get a good look at him since Evan and Alex kept rushing me along, but he looked like he had been here a long time. I wish I could help all of them, I wonder how many people they are holding. We wait what I think is 2 hours, but it is hard to tell when you don’t have a watch. It looks like the “doctors” go on rounds every 45 minutes. So that gives us exactly 45 minutes from when they come around again.

“Mom, Dad.” I hear Alex trying to talk with his parents in their minds, but they don’t seem to respond. They both look fine, but they aren’t paying attention. She looks a little bit worse than he does; I wonder why that is since they were taken at the same time.

“Alex. Look at their heads. There are wires.” Mila says to him, she is pointing down at his parents. Even with his human eyes, you can see the colors change to have red and dark purple flecks. Trying to figure out why there are wires. I’m starting to think they are there to monitor their brain activity.

“Guys,” I start, “I think those are there to monitor their brain waves. So if they try to talk to you, or each other, that is if they know shape shifters can do that. Then they won’t talk back to you, or a herd of doctors will come in trying to figure it out. So if we unhook them, then we have to be fast. Should we try to get others out as well?”

“No my parents are my only concern.”

“What about the younger guy that is in the room with them? What if he is a shape shifter too? Don’t you think he will need help too or be mad when we don’t help him?”

I can hear Evan sighing in my head. “We’ll see if we have enough time.”

“NO!” I yell back, “He needs our help. You and Alex can work on helping his parents. You each take one and I will help him.”

Once the doctors are done checking on Alex’s parents and the younger guy in the room Mila goes on the other side of the vent to help take it off. I’ll say one thing about pixies, despite their size they are pretty strong. Once she gets it off, Evan and Alex are the first ones down. They change instantly and go to help each of his parents. I go down after them. Once I change back, I go towards the younger guy in the room.

Whispering I say ,“Hi. My name is Riley. I’m going to help you out of here.” He just blinks at me. His eyes are like mine, he is a shape shifter. His emotions don’t change when he sees me. I wonder if the brain machine monitors emotions. How would they even know all of this? His hair is a nice brown, a few shades lighter than mine. His features are strong, very prominent. His nose isn’t big, but it fits his face nicely. His lips are full,\ and his cheeks have a soft peachy glow to them. They warm up his light skin. He also has light freckles all over his face. They aren’t over powering, just very cute. I could look at him a lot longer if it wasn’t for the timing. With a sigh of relief of him being a shape shifter, I start taking off the wires attached to his head, then the ones on his body. I try not to notice too hard on the fact that his stomach is so muscular, my fingers linger on his skin a moment longer than they should. I can feel my face heat up with embarrassment after noticing how long my fingers have been on his stomach for. Bringing my mind back to what is going on, I hear shouting outside in the hall way.

“Check room 8, then check the others!” A female voice yells. She still sounds far enough away from where we are, I still have time.

“Riley just leave him! We don’t have time for this.” Evan yells at me.

I ignore what Evan is saying to me, I can’t just leave him. “Do you need help up?” I ask quietly. He tries to get up, but I can tell he needs help. I reach out and put one hand on his muscular shoulder, and the other on his back. I can feel his muscles working as he stabilizes. “Easy now. Can you change? We need to get out of here fast!” I say in a rather panicked voice.

“Evan go and put the chair on the door to buy us some time!” Alex yells. Evan is already over there with a chair. “Mom. Dad. Can you guys change? Can he change?” he says as he looks over in my direction. They all nod their heads.

Mila is yelling at us but it sounds more like a little bell ringing than yelling, “Hurry up. We need to go!”

Just as we change and get into the vent the door crashes in, and the female doctor looks at us in the vent. Her eyes are wide like she has never seen it happen before. Mila drops the vent. “What the hell?” Is all the female doctor can say. She is just stunned to see us all in the vent.

“We need to get out of here. NOW!” Mila says in her squeaky voice.

I hear more yelling from behind us, but I can’t hear what they are saying. Going back the way we came, I look back into the room with the guy that looks like he has been in here for a while. I just stare at him.

“Riley?” I hear in my head, but it isn’t Evan or Alex. I’ve never heard this voice before. It sounds old, and broken. Just then the man’s turns towards the vent where I am I hear him say my name again “Riley?” How does he know my name?

“Riley! Come on! They are going to find us!” Evan comes back for me, just to yell at me more like it.

“No. We have to save him. He knows my name.” Trying not to sound freaked out by the fact a person I’ve never met knows my name. Just then doctors come through the door.

“So Slade, who are you talking to? You think we don’t know you said something? Are you talking to those things in the vent? They didn’t save you. Next time we will catch them, now we know how they come in.” He starts laughing; it has got to be the most disgusting laugh I have ever heard before in my life.

In my head I hear, “Go now.” Too afraid to help, I back away from the vent and hurry away.

Passing the last vent I hear the voice again, the one I kind of recognized. “Oh, Lillian. I’d love to see you again. It has been too long.” I stop. Lillian? That’s my mom’s name.“Can we meet sometime soon? Will your daughter be with you?” He asks. I can see he is on the phone. Thank goodness my mom isn’t here with this man. I can’t remember him being around. “Oh she isn’t with you anymore? That is too bad. Maybe I can see you sometime soon?” He pauses. “Ah, not for a couple of months. I understand. You have a wonderful holiday, and call me when you are in these parts. Good bye dear Lillian,” he says then hangs up the phone. He laughs to himself then says, “I will get that girl of yours Lillian, no matter what. She will pay for what she did to me.” There is a knock at his door, but he doesn’t answer it. Even though it is one of those frantic knocks as if to say open me now.

“RILEY! This is the third time we’ve had to come back for you. Do you have a death wish?” Evan yells. My eyes stay on this man though. What did I do to him? “Come on Riley! We need to go now.”


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