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Chapter 24

We waited around the rest of the night for Jamie to improve. She only opened her eyes a few times throughout the evening and she has yet to say anything. Everyone is on edge, because the Dragons Labyrinth should have helped her by now. Oliver fell asleep on the living room couch at about midnight, now it is 3am. Alex decided to sit on the couch near Oliver’s feet. Oliver had asked Alex to wake him up if anything happened. I just think he didn’t want Alex to think he didn’t care about what was going on if he fell asleep. I could tell Alex kind of thought that once he fell asleep though, I tried to reassure him that Oliver does care, he must have been tired. I said, “If he didn’t truly care about your mom, or you then he would have went home a long time ago, he probably wouldn’t have even come when there was trouble.” It didn’t seem to help his mood though, but I can’t really blame him.

The next thing I know I am being woken up by yelling from upstairs. “What the heck?” Rubbing my eyes I try to look around but I’m not able to see anything since it is so dark. All I see is the clock showing it is 4:45am. “How the hell did I get in my bed?” There is a grumbling noise coming from my floor. I scream and bundle my blankets up around my chest.

“Riley what the heck is your problem?” I notice it is Evan’s voice asking. I don’t breath a sigh of relief though.

“Evan where are you and why are you in my room?” I ask frantically looking around the pitch black. Then he clicks on the light. “Oh god, way to warn me first.” I say after I cover my eyes with the blanket.

“You were falling asleep upstairs. It looked really uncomfortable; your neck was crooked to one side. So I thought I should bring you down to your room. Then you started flailing around, like you were having some sort of nightmare. You kept saying, “Don’t hit me that hurts.” So I thought I’d stay and wait for you to calm down. I also wanted to know what was going on in your dream, I thought maybe you would say more in it, but you kept screaming. Once you stopped, I guess I fell asleep.”

“I don’t remember having a dream. Seriously though the last thing I remembered was being upstairs watching Oliver sleep and Alex was drifting beside him.”

“Well I guess you got tired of watching the world’s most boring couple.” He chuckles at his own little joke. “So why did you wake me up? I was having a good dream.”

“I heard screaming from upstairs; maybe I should go check it out.” I finish saying then look down, well at least he didn’t change me. Then I wonder what the dream was about. His eyes are full of red orange flecks, it was a romantic dream.

Before I can ask him what the dream was about, there is knocking on my door then William says, “Are you decent? Or awake?”

I roll my eyes, “Yes we’re decent and I am awake.”

As William opens the door, he says, “We?” Then looks directly at Evan and gives him a questioning look with his eyebrow raised. “Ah I se...”

“No! Stop right there, you don’t see anything.” I say angrily. “Nothing is going on here, he has a girlfriend.” I say then look over to Evan. He looks taken back and the red orange in his eyes disappears immediately.

“Well n...” Evan starts to say.

William interrupts, “I think you two need to come upstairs. Evan, your best friend might need you soon, more than ever before.” His face looks stricken with grief. Evan bolts right up and runs out the door, I can hear him run up the stairs, it sounds like he is going up by 2s. “Riley, you need to be sympathetic if things go bad.” I give him a questioning look, until it hits me. I get up slower than Evan did, because frankly I still don’t think I belong, especially now if it is something like this.

Upstairs in the guest room, I find everyone gathered around Jamie, her eyes are open. Everyone is around her, leaning in to hear what she has to say. Feeling unsure I keep my distance and stay back by the door.

“Alex honey, you are such a sweet boy.” She manages to say, relief is shown all over Alex’s face when he hears her talk. She tries to put her hand on his face, but she can’t lift it very high, so Alex holds her hand on his cheek. “Sweetie you need to be strong, make decisions with your heart, and never let anything hold you back.” Alex nods, a few tears fall from his eyes, and he puts his head into her arm. She gives him a kiss on the top of his head, and then looks up at Oliver who is standing behind Alex. “You take care of my boy, be good to him.”

Tears start to form in Oliver’s eyes, then he says, “Yes ma’am.” It sounds more like a squeaking mouse than anything though. I can tell he was nervous; he has a little line of sweat on his forehead.

“Evan dear, watch over my son will you?” This time she doesn’t sound as good, her voice is shaking and she needs to take in more breaths between words. It sounds like it is hard for her. He nods his head. Jamie looks over at her husband, and there is an unspoken good bye there. You can see it the way they look at each other that they don’t need to use words to express how much they will miss each other, and how much they love each other. Just one look is all it takes. Tears form in Jamie’s eyes at the point where they are looking at each other. I must be heartless because I’m thinking about how nice it must be to have someone to share that connection with. Then I notice she is looking directly at me. “You..,” she says with a labored breath, “You are meant for greatness.”

“Why does everyone keep saying that to me?” I get looks from all of them in the room and William puts his hand on my shoulder and shakes his head.

“Because it is the truth, you just don’t know it yet.” She takes a few deep breaths, “Believe it.” Her eyes start to get a little more vacant, as she tries to focus on my face.

“Mom, please don’t go.” Alex says into his mother’s hair. His tears are falling freely, and he doesn’t care that others are watching him. His love for his mother is so strong. If only that could heal her. Her hand is on his head to console him, rubbing his hair. She must have done this while he was younger, because his sobs grow softer after a minute.

“I...” Jamie starts coughing and gasping for air, then manages to say “I... love you.” Her eyes close, and her hand falls from Alex’s head.

“Mom...” Alex looks up to her face, then screams, “MOM! No. You can’t leave. Not now. Please. I love you.” Alex hugs her, and holds her hand up to his face, and puts her hand in his hair. Liam goes around the bed to his son and has to pry him away from Jamie. He gives him a big hug and they stay like that for a long time. Both holding each other as they cry over the loss of Jamie.

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