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Chapter 30

After a few days of ignoring Evan at school I think he finally got the picture. It sucks being his partner, especially with me not talking to him. On the up side, Caleb has been hanging out with me more and more. I even think he is starting to be less of a crab. He still doesn’t smile much, but I’ll get it out of him, I hope anyways. No one should be that unhappy, especially when they are as gorgeous as he is. Oliver has been kind of distant lately too. I hope it isn’t because the fact that his boyfriend is best friends with the person I hate right now. I didn’t think anything could come in between our relationship, especially not after him standing up to his dad to be friends with me. Alex though has been nice, he will randomly pop into my head and say “hi” and see how I am doing. I don’t mind, Alex is a great guy. I’m really happy for him and Oliver. I was just hoping I wouldn’t lose my best friend as soon as he got into a serious relationship. I think that will change though. I could be wrong, it could just be because Alex is still grieving over the passing of his mom. Whenever I ask him how he is doing with it, he says he is fine. He looks like he has lost sleep and weight. I hope he is good; I don’t want to see him upset. I’m glad he has Oliver around to cheer him up though, Oliver can be a weird person sometimes, but he is great. I’ve seen Evan in the hallways with Mila, I think they eat lunch together now, but that shouldn’t bother me since Caleb has been eating with me.

Holly and Garrison scheduled me into work more now that things have settled down. I need to save up some money for the holidays now that I actually have some friends to buy presents for; this is really exciting for me. Work has been slow. It usually does get a little slow during the fall. Once the snow starts it picks up. I like going to work, the distraction is great. William and Emma told me to tell Holly and Garrison about me being a shape shifter. At first I thought they were crazy for wanting me to tell someone.

“I need to talk to both of you after work, if that is okay?” I say to Holly and Garrison after I clock into work.

“Sure whatever you need Riley.” Holly says to me with a big smile. She is beautiful, long dirty blonde hair, deep green eyes. Garrison has the same hair color; it is a bit long, especially for a guy. He is handsome in his own way though. He has brown eyes, like milk chocolate. They are both pretty short too, shorter than I am maybe 5′2 he might be 5′4. I think they are a perfect match for each other.

The rest of the night I am nervous about telling them. Oliver came in just to get a drink and buy a book for his dad. Oliver kept telling me it would be fine and that if they fired me, then he would quit.

“You think they are going to fire me?!” I whisper so Holly doesn’t hear me.

“No. Did you not hear what I said? Just relax, it will be fine. Make sure you call me when you get home okay?” He says with a big smile. I love that he is so happy now.

“Yeah. I will. As long as I’m not canned.” I say, with a half smile. As soon as he turns around the smile is off of my face. I take in a deep breath and try to focus on what I was doing before Oliver came.

I clean up the counter, replace a few empty syrup bottles, and wipe down the tables. One of the tables was horrible. Whoever was sitting here decided to draw all over it, thankfully it wasn’t in permanent marker, or else I’d be angry. I mop up the floor, and then go and find Holly and Garrison. I peek around the one corner of book shelves, and I see them sitting at one of the tables. I clear my throat so they know I am here and walk up to them. They are an adorable couple, the way they just hold hands as they read books together.

“So what would you like to talk about Riley?” Holly asks me as I take a seat across from them.

“I have something to tell you.” I take in a deep breath and look away from them, “I’m a shape shifter. I totally get if you don’t believe me, or if you want to fire me or whatever.”

“Riley,” Garrison says, “we know.”

“Are you kidding me? How? How did everyone else know before I did?” I ask as I let my head fall back so I see the ceiling.

Holly lets out a small laugh, “Haven’t you ever noticed anything different about us?”

I glare at the ceiling, and then pull my head back so I can see them. They look like normal people, then Holly moves her hair and reveals pointed ears.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” I say not truly believing what is happening. “You too?” I ask looking at Garrison. He nods his head and moves his hair.

“Yes Riley.”

“So what does that make you then? Elves? Is that even a thing? A real thing?”

“Yep it is and we are.” Holly says with a big smile, her smile is breathtaking.

“What can you do then?”

“What do you mean Riley?”

“Well doesn’t everything have a special thing they can do? Or is that not something that happens. Maybe I am just crazy. This could be one long nightmare.” I try to laugh at myself, but it doesn’t shake the weird feelings I have away.

“Oh I get what she means. Well that is a good question. Some elves can do different things than others yes. We both are great archers, but only for fun. Some elves are peaceful too, which we are. We have met some not nice ones in the past, before we moved here. This town is great Riley. You’ll be surprised on what you’d find living here.” Garrison says to me, he looks happily at his wife.

“So did you know? I mean know about me the whole time I’ve been working here?” I ask, then they nod their heads yes. “You didn’t want to tell me?”

“It was not in our place to inform you Riley. You’ll understand one day. Why do you think we let you have all that time off. We figured you found out about being a shape shifter. That is very rare you know, you should be proud of it.” Holly says still with her smile. She is the prettiest elf I have ever met, well the only girl elf anyways.

“I understand. Thank you.”

“Is that all you needed to talk about?” Holly asks.

“Yes, I think I will just head home now I need to get ready for a date.” I say with a huge smile on my face, one that probably hasn’t been there for a while.

Tonight Caleb is taking me to a movie, after I am done with work and get ready. Jennifer keeps telling me to wear something else; she seems more excited for me going on this date than I am. She thinks I should borrow one of her skirts and sparkly tops. I give her a stink face; she makes one back at me.

“Riley, how did you manage to get Caleb interested in you? I mean he is like the hottest guy at school. Well besides my boyfriend. All my friends are jealous.” Jennifer sits on my bed, waiting for an answer.

“Um. I don’t know. It just kind of happened.” I can’t tell her what really happened. She still doesn’t know about any of this. It would be a lot easier if she knew, maybe she wouldn’t think I’m such a freak anymore.

“Well it’s kind of cool, but don’t tell anyone I told you that. I’ll deny it.”

“I know you will.”

“Riley. I hope you have fun on your date. I think it is really great that you’ve found someone, other than your gay best friend. Just don’t do anything stupid okay?” She says with a serious look in her eyes, they almost seem to glass over like she is about to cry, but she holds her composure nicely.

“Oh don’t worry I won’t do anything stupid. I promise.” I say with a smile. She gets up and gives me a hug, which is really out of character for her. Once she is out of the room I start to wonder what has upset her, or changed her mind about me. Surely me going on a date isn’t the only thing that has made her instantly like talking to me.

The date goes great, I mean even though it was another action movie. Caleb held my hand throughout the movie, and I didn’t think the whole time, so he didn’t hear my thoughts. When he dropped me off, and said goodnight he gave me a kiss on the cheek. As soon as I got in my room, I sighed and started giggling. I’ve never felt this way before.

The rest of this year is going to be great.

I’m still just Riley, the girl with the weird eyes. At least I know why now. I’m a shape shifter and a damn good one too.

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