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Special Chapter from Evan

After having a restless sleep last night, I wake up sore and tired. Thinking I know what is going to happen today, and I just hope it goes the way I’ve planned. If it doesn’t, then anything could happen. Alex keeps telling me to just tell her, but I think that is the wrong idea. If this goes badly, at least I wrote her a note, to help explain things if she runs. I really hope she doesn’t run. Upstairs I see mom is already making breakfast for us and I smell her coffee which oddly smells like vanilla. Dad hasn’t been around as much lately, I think he is too busy trying to find Alex’s parents. My mom thinks this is going to work out, “nice and easy” is what she says. She thinks if I break it to her nicely it will go easy. I think this will be the complete opposite of easy though. This girl, even though I know nothing about her, or never even talked to her for that matter, seems like a wild card. “Son she might be something great. Remember the stories I always tell you? In particular about Slade turning into a unicorn?”

“Yes mom, I remember. You never let me forget. I would just give anything to see it though.” I answer, sounding a little annoyed while trying to finish eating an egg and bacon sandwich for breakfast.

“Watch your tone.” She says with that mom look as if to say “don’t push your luck.” Then she smiles slightly and continues, “Slade had no idea that he was a shape shifter when he was younger and look at the things he was able to do? I think he might have been the strongest shape shifter in a long time.”

“What is the point mom?” I ask before I take a sip of my orange juice.

“That dear, you never know the things that someone can possibly do or even be capable of.” She finishes with a smile, then gives me a kiss on the head before she leaves the room. I wonder if she is right. Could Riley be capable of what Slade can do? I don’t believe she can, but she could always prove me wrong. I start to wonder what it would be like to be able to do what Slade can, or could do. I wonder where he went, or if he is even still alive.

Once I get to school I meet up with Alex at our lockers which are right beside each other. She is within my line of sight, and I can see how plain she tries to dress, worn old jeans and a regular t shirt, nothing fancy. Even the way she walks is like she is trying to go unnoticed. She doesn’t swing her hips around like some of the girls do here at school, trying to get checked out all the time. The way she stands her shoulders are straight, but in a polite way, brought up to have good posture, not in the “I’m going to stick my shoulders back and push out my chest so you’ll look at it” kind of way like a lot of girls I know do. She has her hair cut so it almost covers her eyes, but it is long and beautiful, which makes me start to wonder what it smells like. I don’t think it is colored or has highlights. From here it doesn’t even look like she is wearing makeup, she doesn’t even need make up though. I admire her for being modest. Clearing his throat loud and annoyingly Alex says, “She must know something...” then he glances over in her direction and raises a brow, “I mean did you see the way she looked away after you said “hey” to her in her head yesterday? She has to know or else she must think she is crazy. I mean the people who start to hear voices in their head, go to institutions.” He laughs a bit at himself then says “maybe we should mess with people who don’t know they are shape shifters.”

I give him a glace to see if he is joking or not, he isn’t. I just shake my head at his childish jokes. “Alex I really don’t think she knows. Look at her. She tries to be invisible. She might think she is crazy, but I don’t think we should go around making fun of her for it.” I say sounding a little irritated that he isn’t more compassionate.

“Or she just has no fashion sense. Not all girls are like the ones you date.”

“What’s that supposed to mean dude?”

“You think I don’t notice the way you are looking at her right now? I think you better quit while you are ahead, that is if you are even ahead. I don’t think it will ever happen. Plus she isn’t even the kind of girl you go for.”

“Maybe she is my type.” I try to sound confident in that, but by Alex giving me a disapproving look and rolling his eyes, I know I failed at sounding confident.

“Right, she’s your type just like her boyfriend is mine.” He laughs. He thinks he is so funny. “Common, let’s go sit in class before she does so we can see the look on her face when she has to sit next to the third hottest guy in school.”

“Wait, who’s the first and second?”

“Well me being first. Come on lets just go.” He dodges a bullet there, I am annoyed he won’t tell me. Maybe he thinks we just can’t talk about that stuff. Sure he can give me advice on girls but I can’t give him dude advice? Yeah, he has a point there. Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I close my locker door, and give her one last look before I head to class where she will be sitting beside me. Please let this go the way I’ve planned.

I try not to laugh out loud when I see her slam into the back of her boyfriend. Alex on the other hand is laughing so hard he might just explode. “Seriously dude, shut up!” I say to him in his head. “You’ve gotta admit it was kind of funny, look at her face! She is terrified! What’s the worst you can do? Kill her?” She does look pretty freaked out. I can’t hear what she is saying to him.

“Please take your seats Oliver and Riley” Mrs. Jordan says to them. I smile because I know why she doesn’t want to sit down.

“Now class, I will give you a few minutes to introduce yourself to your new seat partners. If you don’t already know about the other, now would be a good time to ask questions about them. Then in a few minutes we will take a small test to see what you remember from last year” Mrs. Jordan says then sighs once the grumbles and groans start.

I notice her trying to look at me from beneath her bangs. It’s kind of cute how she tries to do things, irritating but cute. “Hello Riley. We haven’t had the chance to talk before, I’m Evan.” I say hoping to start this off on a good foot.

She just sits there but then finally manages to squeak a “Hi.” Her breath starts to quicken.

Thinking my strategy over, maybe small talk would help her relax. “Did you have a good summer? I see your boyfriend is sitting with my best friend, what luck hey?”

“Yeah he is gay,” she snaps still without looking at me. Well my plan backfired.

“Yes I know. Alex came out a while ago to everyone. I knew before though, it wasn’t hard to tell. Why would you bring that up? Or do you mean your boyfriend? I thought he was your boyfriend, you two are always together”

“He is not my boyfriend!” This girl has a temper; mom would probably call her a “spit-fire”.

“Wow, you have beautiful eyes. They are such an interesting shade of grey, but wait...” Hopefully she lets me know what she knows about her eyes. I can tell that they have red in them, I just want, and hope she will admit to it. She doesn’t, so I pull out my phone and text Alex.

she doesn’t know.

The stupid guy doesn’t even have his phone on silent, well at least it wasn’t only him.

“Class please turn off your cell phones, you should be getting to know your new partner not talking on your phones!” Mrs. Jordan says.

I start looking harder at Riley, and she is more beautiful than I thought before. I was right, she hardly has on any make up, maybe just a little of that stuff on her eyelashes. I think they’d be long and beautiful without that stuff. The shape of her eyes are big and beautiful. She has freckles across her nose and under her eyes. She is oblivious to the fact that I am staring at her, so I decide to lean in closer, to tell her to look at me. Before I can even say anything I am struck with her scent. She smells like cherry blossoms and jasmine. I could get lost in it forever. I notice she has a little chill, which makes me want to wrap my arms around her or give her my sweater.

Right when I’m about to say something Oliver yells, “What? No way.” Then everyone in the class looks back at him, and I sit back straighter.

“Quiet down class,” Mrs. Jordan says losing her cool. She looks back at her friend, and then starts to doodle. First she draws a little bottle, with an “X” on it, then a weird pirate ship. She is pretty good with her doodles. Well she was until she draws a pirate stick person.

I lean back in trying to not get distracted by her amazing smell, I whisper in her ear “Riley if you would look at me, then you would notice something we have in common. You don’t need to be afraid to show your gift.”

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