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Chapter 4

Pulling up to Oliver’s house he is already waiting outside. Probably to get away from his dad, who by the looks of the cop car in the drive way, is home. “Holy shit,” he gasped while hopping in. “No wonder you didn’t want to tell me! How did you afford this? Spent less on clothes to pay for it? By the way you look like crap, I thought I said sexy, not clothes found in the trash can. I also suggest getting an air freshener, it smells rank in here.” His nose curls up in the cutest way when he makes that face.

“I know. I am going to pick one up later today. Oh thanks for the compliment, that is so nice of you to say. I’m glad you approve. What if I got all gussied up and was stuck with Lindsay or Mila as a partner? Think of that!” I sneered at him. I am just wearing my usual worn darker blue jeans with a few holes, and a few doodles in permanent marker, and a gray long sleeve shirt with those neat thumb holes. It is more like a sweater, but not exactly a sweater. I have my regular black converse shoes. No makeup. Doesn’t he realize I am trying to not be noticed? Unlike him, who I swear wants to be noticed all the time. He has nice lighter wash jeans and green shirt. The green makes his eyes look darker than normal. He has really nice boots on too. I feel very plain next to Oliver, exactly how I like it. Sometimes I wish he wasn’t as flashy as he is, only because it does bring a little more unwanted attention and looks from people. I would never ask him to change who he is though. He is my best friend and I wouldn’t ever ask him to be anyone but himself.

It doesn’t take us long to get to school. The parking lot is really full for being early. I guess everyone wanted to know who they are sitting with early; I’m sure some kids are probably already complaining to the teachers. I really hope I get someone who doesn’t talk a lot and leaves me alone. I don’t know how much I can handle a talkative person.

Walking to our lockers Oliver says, “Want to make a bet on who our partners are? It could make things interesting! Heck I’d even give everything I own, even the clothes on my back to be partnered with a good looking guy.” Opening my locker I don’t even need to look at him, I know he has this big smile that could stop a million girls’ hearts, if he wanted to anyways. His eyes are now in a distant dream land, no doubt thinking about some guy he thinks is attractive this week. The hairs on the back of my neck start to tingle like someone is watching us. I brush it off as nothing though.

Clearing my throat to bring his attention back to the conversation, “No, I don’t. I just want to get this year over with.”

“Well let’s get this over with Riley as you put it. Today you might just meet your future husband.” He winks and elbows me in the rib. I grab my side where he elbowed me. Great, he thinks I’m going to find prince charming, yeah right and I’m Cinderella. He laughs and says, “Or you could meet my future husband.”

“Oh my gosh!” Oliver gasps as he walks into the room, and stops in his tracks. I smack right into him,

“Ouch! Why’d you stop?” I ask rubbing my head from hitting him.

“Look at the board Riley.” Looking up, I notice his name

Oliver Mabrey – Alex Fuller

Oh great, now he is never going to shut up. I start laughing and say “I guess you are meeting your future husband today.” He shoots me a glare, and then says “Did you happen to look at who your partner is? I was right.” he winks. I can see that he is happy about being right, for once. Glancing back at the board, my mouth drops.

Riley Morrison – Evan Grant

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