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Chapter 5

“Alright Class settle down and take your seats.” Mrs. Jordan says with a smooth calm in her voice. How the hell is she so calm right now? Everything is out of control, why couldn’t we just sit where ever we want? I don’t know what I am going to do. Why does he have to be my partner? Thank god it is only just for one class.

“Try not to have too much fun Riley.” He elbows me in the arm to bring my attention back. He is about to wink before concern hits his face, “Riley you really need to calm down. Your eyes are going out of control. Evan will surely notice something is different about you. Take a deep breath.”

“What the hell do you mean? I’m calm. What color are they?” I start to panic even more. I can do this, I think to myself as I take in a huge gulp of air. I know how to control my emotions, I tell myself trying to sound positive but it doesn’t help, and my air is getting stuck in my throat. What do I do? I can’t let anyone see my eyes.

“Seriously, Riley, don’t freak out even more! I don’t know, yellow and dark purple? What does that mean?”

I don’t understand they have never been two colors before. “I don’t know Oliver, this hasn’t happened before.”

“Please take your seats Oliver and Riley,” Mrs. Jordan says again. This time her voice isn’t as calm as before, more irritated than anything.

“Don’t worry, it will be okay” Oliver whispers in my ear before we take our seats. His seat is so far away from mine. My friend is too far away to help me now. I don’t even think he remembers my problem now that he is seated beside Alex​.

“Now class, I will give you a few minutes to introduce yourself to your new seat partners. If you don’t already know about the other, now would be a good time to ask questions about them. Then in a few minutes we will take a small test to see what you remember from last year,” Mrs. Jordan says then sighs once the grumbles and groans start to pick up from my class mates. If looks could kill I’d be dead right now by the glare Mila is directing at me. Glancing over at Oliver I can see he is fitting in well with his new partner, I think he is even blushing. I take a peek at Evan under my bangs, oh my he is even better looking up close, and he smells amazing, unfortunately he smells like fresh rain. Of course he had to smell like the thing I love most. Okay Riley you need to take a deep breath, he is just like everyone else here, just way better to look at.

“Hello Riley. We haven’t had the chance to talk before, I’m Evan.” He says. Oh even his voice is smooth, almost like velvet. I’m beginning to think girls of the world have no chance at all against his charm.

“Hi” I manage to squeak out. Mentally I am punching myself in the face for making a total fool of myself. Just look down, don’t look at him. Deep breath. In. Out. Stay calm you idiot.

“Did you have a good summer? I see your boyfriend is sitting with my best friend, what luck hey?” He is trying to make small talk. It would help if I could manage to say something to him. Anything at all would be nice!

“Yeah he is gay.” Oh I didn’t mean it literally. Why did that come out of my mouth? Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I should really figure out how to think before I talk.

“Yes I know. Alex came out a while ago to everyone. I knew before though, it wasn’t hard to tell. Why would you bring that up? Or do you mean your boyfriend? I thought he was your boyfriend, you two are always together”

I let my temper get the best of me and look at him and say “He is not my boyfriend!”

“Wow, you have beautiful eyes. They are such an interesting shade of grey, but wait...” I look away quickly. I can only imagine what he saw, red for anger. Hopefully he doesn’t think I am crazy. I’m sure he is going to ask for a new seat as soon as class is over. I’m a freak and now everyone is going to know it. I glance at him from under my lashes and notice he is texting on his really nice phone. Oh even better, everyone is going to know before class is even over. Trying to see who he is talking to, a beep goes off in Oliver and Alex’s direction. Well that answers my question. A few other beeps go off, and now it is my worst nightmare. Glancing at Oliver I notice Alex is the only one staring at me.

“Class please turn off your cell phones, you should be getting to know your new partner not talking on your phones!” Mrs. Jordan says with a less than patient tone.

I sneak a quick glance at Evan again; he is staring at me even harder than before. This time his intent is to see my eyes. He looks surprised. My eyes have clearly changed color again. No mistaking it now, before they had red, now they have dark orange. I went from angry rage to distrust. What next, I wonder? Flipping through my notebook, I start to doodle in the margarine. Evan leans in closer and I can feel his breath on my ear; I can smell his mouth wash, minty fresh. A chill goes down my back.
“What? No way” Oliver yells. Everyone in the room eyes him suspiciously.

“Quiet down class.” Mrs. Jordan says angrily.

Peeking back at Oliver to see what’s wrong, he and Alex are in deep conversation. Boy did they ever hit it off quick. Not much to do now but to start another doodle in my notebook and try very hard not to notice Evan beside me. I am doing a horrible job, because all I can think about is him there.

He leans in again, and whispers so softly in my ear, “Riley if you would look at me, then you would notice something we have in common. You don’t need to be afraid to show your gift.” It sends more chills down my spine. Before I can even look up at him, my phone vibrates in my pocket. Thank goodness a distraction.

*Riley u can trust him.*

I glance back at Oliver who is smiling at me. Why does he want me to trust him? So we can be best friends dating the others best friend? I don’t think so. I need a bigger distraction than my hormonal best friend. Please universe, give me a distraction. Please!

“Alright class. Since no one is excited to get to know your seat partners, it’s time to take the test. It should take the rest of the class. If you forgot something over the summer, just leave it blank until the end of the test and go back. This isn’t your first test and certainly won’t be your last. Do your best that is all I ask. When you are finished, please bring it up to my desk then you are dismissed.” Mrs. Jordan says as she hands out a stack of tests to each row. While everyone is groaning about the test, I am silently cheering inside. Just when I needed a distraction, I got one! It was almost like Mrs. Jordan knew that I needed distraction. Dismissing that thought and still really angry at Oliver I shoot him a quick text.

*How the hell would u know? You’ve never even talked to him.*

I shut my phone off so then I don’t get any more distracted or lame text messages from him.

The test was a breeze. I finished before everyone in the class. Looking over I can tell Oliver is still writing his test, looks to be about in the middle. Of course he did nothing over the summer to help his academics. I pack everything in my bag, get up, and hand my test to Mrs. Jordan. She gives me a sympathetic smile and a slight nod to her head. I take the first step out the door and take in a deep breath and let out a sigh.

“Something wrong Riley?”

“What?!” I ask turning around and notice Evan is right behind me. “No, nothing is wrong, I uh, I, just have to go.” I stumble on the last few words not knowing what to say to him.

“Do you want to talk before the rest of class comes out?”

“No, I have to stop at my locker, and use the uh, bathroom,” I stammer. Why does he make me so nervous? I can talk with Oliver just fine.

“I can walk you to your locker. I think we have the same classes this semester. Or I could drive you home after school, I think we should talk.”

Why on earth does he want to talk to me! I can’t deal with this today, I just want to have a normal life, not be stalked by this weirdo. “No its fine, I know where my locker is. And I just got a vehicle, I can drive myself.” I say angrily, why won’t he just take no as an answer. Does he not notice I am irritated with him? I’m sure my eyes have dark purple or red in them right now. Or both? It wasn’t until today that that has happened.

“Oh, well I guess I will just see you next class in Social right? With Mr. Lewis?”

“Yeah, sure.” I say just as the bell rings. Not exactly sure if he heard me, I keep going anyways. Great we have the same classes I think to myself and inwardly cringe. Heading towards my locker, I glance behind my back just to make sure Evan isn’t following me. He isn’t there anymore, but there are more kids around now I can’t really tell. I guess I could just listen for a flock of screaming girls to know if he is there.

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