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Chapter 6

Deciding to turn my phone back on was a mistake because the first message that pops up before I go to next period is from Oliver telling me to trust him.

I really don’t want to talk to u about this.

I quickly send to him as I walk into the class room. Looking up, all I see is Evan. There is just something about him that seems so familiar but I can’t figure it out. I guess if I wanted to know badly enough I’d let myself open up to him but I don’t. He is just sitting there talking with Alex and Oliver who are sitting right behind him. Oliver is one of those people who is never early for class but is now. When did Oliver ever become a part of their crowd? Am I missing something completely obvious? They all seem so relaxed and at home with each other. I don’t think I will ever fit in.

“Go sit down please.” Mr. Lewis says to me. I guess he would since I am just standing in the middle of the doorway. Inwardly cringing again, I sigh then make my way over to my seat. At least Oliver is right behind me so this class won’t be as bad.

“Hi Riley,” Evan says to me as I take my seat.

“mmhmm” please get the hint I really don’t want to talk to you, I think to myself.

“Can you please look at me? As I was saying earlier there is something about your eyes, but you didn’t let me finish. Please?” Gosh it sounds like he is begging. Why does he want to see my eyes so badly? Did he notice my anger earlier? Oh god I hope not. Going against my better judgment I glance up at him looking anywhere but his face. To my surprise he reaches out and softly brushes my bangs out of my eyes. His fingers gently brush against my skin and I get chills. What is it with this guy? I’m sure my eyes have aqua in them now, trying to protect my secret from him, from everyone.

“Wow, I knew it!” He says with joy, like he won a bet.

Oh no, oh no! I start to panic, which means my eyes have changed.

“Calm down Riley,” he says in a soothing voice.

“What did you just say?” I ask suspiciously, risking another look at him. Looking at all his features, he looks strange, almost like he understands.

“I said calm down. You are panicking for no reason.”

“How? How did you know I was panicking? Unless... Holy shit! No way! You, your eyes!”

He is like me, whatever that means. Maybe he has a brain tumor too or too much radiation in food or bad genetics or something that causes this. His eyes are grey with light blue flecks, which if his colors mean the same as mine he feels understanding. Which makes perfect sense. I feel like such an idiot, like where you face palm yourself for not noticing sooner!

“Yes. Why do you think I wanted you to look at me so badly? Do you always shut off like that?” he asks like he knows he is going to get a sarcastic answer in return.

“No.” I say defensively.

“Yes.” I hear from behind me, but I already know it is Oliver by his voice. “She is intolerable,” he says then winks at me.

Rolling my eyes, “No, I think you are intol...”

“Class please take your seats and let’s get to work.” Mr. Lewis calls from the front of the room. “If you haven’t noticed you have the same partner as the last class. If you have the same classes as your partner you will always sit with that person. So you better get used to each other quickly. I have a test for you to do to see what you remember, I’m sure you will have that the rest of the day in your other classes. We just want to see what you remember\ and what we need to work on this year. This year there may be some interesting topics that we cover too. We feel that you are all ready to know why you are here. Now for the test, take one and pass it back. When you are finished bring it to my desk and you may leave.” He finishes handing the tests out to the front rows then goes to sit at his desk which has a very delicious smelling coffee waiting for him. Which is weird because I don’t even like coffee.

Evan writes on the corner of his test and moves it so I can see what it says.

*I’ll meet you at your locker after I’m done.

Maybe you and Oliver can sit with Alex and me at lunch.

That is if you want to.*

I can’t help but notice how smooth his writing is, it is kind of perfect, especially for being a boy. I’ve never seen anyone write that beautifully before. I just want to know what is wrong with me. I hope he knows; he must. On the corner of my test, I write:

*You know where my locker is?

Are you stalking me or something?

Will you tell me why our eyes change?*

Turning my paper a little so he can read it, he looks puzzled. The way his brow furrows just a tiny bit you can tell he is thinking. The “Evan is thinking” look suits him well. I bite the side of my lip as I stare at him. He is so hot, I think to myself. Then one side of his mouth turns up into a smile, like he knows I am admiring him. He starts to write something again and I really hope he erases it all after so the teacher doesn’t read what we are doing when we should have been writing our tests.

*Yes to all of the above*

He starts to laugh when what I can only guess is a terrified look on my face. My eyes most likely have yellow in them when I start to feel sick when he says yes to all of the above, since I did ask him if he was stalking me. Him laughing, though, makes Mr. Lewis look our direction. He then gives us a questioning look. It isn’t like there is anything going on. How can you cheat on a review test anyways? I try to go back to working on my test, but I am too distracted by wondering what Evan knows, wants to tell me, and how he knows where my locker is. I really want to know what Mr. Lewis is talking about also. What are these interesting topics that we are going to talk about in class? I mean what can be so interesting in Social Studies? He seemed anxious about it, I could tell just by how he was shifting around, and playing with his pen as he talked. Great now I start to wonder what is wrong with him instead of paying attention to the test. Even thinking about this boy who is supposed to be in class but no one has heard from his has gotten my attention.

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