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Chapter 7

Once I start to concentrate, the test was actually really simple. I guess it helps when you spend all summer reading over your notes from the previous year. I was the first one to be done. It only took me 25 minutes. Once I handed my test into Mr. Lewis he looked at me and it made me feel uncomfortable. He is kind of a creepy teacher, usually they hire friendly looking teachers, not ones who look like they want to attack you.

Unfortunately Evan wasn’t done at the same time as me, so it seems like I have been waiting forever at my locker. Putting my books and phone in my locker, I stand for a moment and then it dings on me that maybe this was just some big joke. “Nice one Riley. You fell for the oldest joke in the book. The hottest guy in school asks some loser to meet at her locker and eat together at lunch. Not going to happen. How can I be so stupid?” I ask myself while I shut my locker door then I lean forward and touch my forehead to my locker door.

“So you do think I’m hot?” Evan asks. Basically jumping out of my skin I turn around, and there he is with a huge smile on his face. This light doesn’t do him justice, but very clearly I see his eyes change to have light blue flecks. Mine from being freaked out and now feeling sick, most likely have yellow. “Sorry, I thought you heard me coming up behind you. I really didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No I don’t, you didn’t, and I’m fine.” I say as I take in a deep breath to steady my heart beat and get my emotions back in control.

“But I thought I just heard you say I was ho..”

Before he can finish I cut him off, “No, I didn’t. So are you going to explain to me why this happens?” I ask as I point to my eyes and to his to make my point, and to get his attention off the fact that I did say he was hot, but I don’t want him to know that. “Also, I’d like to know, how you knew this happens to me anyways? How do you even know where my locker is?”

“Well the second question is simple to answer. I heard about your eyes from a few people. I just never had the opportunity to talk with you or be near you. So I had my parents who are on the school board fix it so we need partners and they made sure you were partnered with me all year.” He explains to me like it is no big deal.

“So let me get this straight. You needed a reason to talk with me so you made your parentsgo through all that trouble? Couldn’t you just I don’t know maybe walk up to me and strike up a conversation like a normal person and not like a rich brat who gets whatever he wants.” I snap at him, no doubt my eyes have red in them. His on the other hand still have light blue, which means understanding. I really doubt he understands how I am feeling right now. I am beyond calming down now. I mean, who does he think he is that he can just set this up like some game? How could his parents be okay with this plan anyways? Are they scared of what their baby boy would do if he didn’t get his way? Oh my gosh, I feel like slamming my head against my locker or maybe his head against the locker. It might knock some sense into him.

“Whoa. Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this right now. You are right, I could have done the normal thing, but it wouldn’t have gone well. I can assure you, this was the right decision. My parents also agree. If you want to have it your way, then here let’s start this over. Hi my name is Evan. I heard your eyes change. So do mine. Oh yeah guess what you are a shape shifter. No big deal really. Oh didn’t you know already? Sorry. Have a great day. No I don’t think that would have worked out well at all.” He finishes with a huff and then takes in a deep breath.

“Excuse me? What did you just call me? A.. A.. Sh.. Shape shifter? I think you are nuts.” How does he think that? That is something you read about in books, not something you take seriously. This cannot be happening, I feel like I’m about to faint. The hallway starts to spin a little more.

“See my way was going to be a lot more efficient, but you wanted it your way. Oliver was right, you are stubborn. Riley what I am telling you is true. Haven’t you ever done something you can’t explain? Or do you truly have no idea what I am talking about? Haven’t your parents ever told you why your eyes change?” He asks with such sympathy in his voice and I can see it in his eyes how much sadness is in them towards me. It is almost like a pity party. Oh poor Riley, her parents are messed up, she is messed up. I feel more lightheaded now than I did a few seconds ago. Before I can fall sideways, Evan grabs me and pulls me closer to him, and sets me carefully down on the floor. Not meaning to, but I take a deep breath against his chest. Before he just had the sent of fresh rain, but now that I’m closer I notice small hints of pine trees. He stays close to me a few minutes more than he needed to, then pulls away and looks down at me. “I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way but you asked for it.” He says with a light joyful tone and laughs a little. I can see more now how perfect his lips look. Even though I’ve never kissed anyone before, I can only imagine that his are nice. After that thought went through my head his smile vanished, almost like he could hear what I thought, but that is impossible.

“I don’t understand. I’ve never done anything weird before, well besides my eyes changing. I’ve never done anything I can’t explain.” I say to him. I just start noticing now there are students all around us. Most of them are giving weird looks at what is going on, this is just way too much attention for me. I get really uncomfortable with all the looks, and I try to get up but Evan puts a hand on my shoulder to stop me from standing.

“You need to take a few minutes and sit here. I really don’t want you falling and hitting your head. I wouldn’t worry so much with what other people think. Trust me; a lot of them are different too.”

“Different how?”

“That will be a topic for another day, for now you need to focus on what I just told you. Didn’t your parents ever tell you anything? I’m sure they must have explained it all to you or at least hinted at it.”

“No. Lillian never told me anything, she left me with the Collins family just before grade 9 started. I’ve never met my father. Lillian’s eyes don’t change though. I don’t even think she knows why mine change. I don’t think she could handle me or handle needing to explain to people why it happens. Seriously, I thought I was defective or had a brain tumor.”

“Wait, you said you live with the Collins? As in William and Emma Collins? The fa... Never mind.”

“Yeah, why? What do they have to do anything? The what? Tell me Evan.”

“I can’t. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have even said anything.” He says looking away.

Frustrated with him, “No you started to say something. You have to say it since you started. You can’t just not say something you start to say. Please!” It pains me that I had to say please, I don’t want to beg for anything, ever. Especially not from him.

“I shouldn’t have even mentioned it.” He sighs, but then says “William and Emma are Faeries.”

“What? They aren’t. They can’t be, because that would mean they know about shape shifters and that stuff. If William knew what was wrong with me, he would have told me. I don’t think he would have hidden it from me all these years I’ve been staying with them. Would he? How does this happen? If you aren’t actually crazy and I happen to be what you say I am.”

“No one really knows how it happens or why. There are some good people trying to figure that out, unfortunately there are also bad people trying to figure it out too. I don’t know how to answer the first part. Riley they really are fae, I think their daughter is too. I shouldn’t have even told you that. I really am sorry that this is a big shock to you. I grew up with knowing both my parents are shape shifters, and so are Alex and his family. I guess it would be hard to not be shocked though.”

“You think?” I ask giving him a quizzical look. Can this be for real? I never in my wildest dreams imagine this... Wait. “Hey you said something before, about doing something you can’t explain. I have a dream sometimes, but I always thought it was something I saw on tv. I wonder if it actually happened.”

“What happened in your dream? Maybe we can figure it out together. How about we first go get some food in you? So you don’t faint. Look here come Alex and Oliver.” He says gesturing towards the end of the hall way. He gets up gracefully and offers a hand to help me. Being stubborn I refuse, and start to get up without his unneeded help, and almost fall back over. He grabs my hand just in time before I fall.

Oliver and Alex walk up standing a little too close to each other for my liking. “Hey is everything okay Riley? You look like shit,” Oliver asks looking more worried than I’ve ever seen. Then he notices Evan still has my hand, I quickly take my hand away and feel my face heat up with embarrassment. Just wait until he finds out I’m an even bigger freak than before, if what Evan tells me is true. I don’t even know if he will stay friends with me. I can’t lose him as my friend. I need him in my life.

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