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The Hybrid

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Ellie is a hybrid. Half-vampire and werewolf. After the death of her parents many years ago, she is on the run from both vampires and werewolves. They think she's an abomination and doesn't deserve to live. Soon she finds out there has been another reason they have been after her. One day, slayers manage to capture her and she strikes a deal with them to take down the vampires. In the process of helping them, she learn she grew up in lies after finding out her parents weren't who they seemed to be. In fact, nothing is as it first seemed to be.

Fantasy / Romance
Iris F.
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Chapter 1

I was letting out ragged breaths as I ran through the thick forest. The rain was beating into my flesh, running with my supernatural speed. I held one hand in front of my eyes, shielding my face from the ice-cold rain and wind. My skin was well past the stage of the biting coldness. It was becoming numb from the frost and running for quite a while.

I heard loud footsteps and their breaths as they ran after me. The forest was engulfed in darkness and an eerie atmosphere. Not even the moon adorned the night sky on this dreadful night.

My heart was beating rapidly in my ribcage. I didn't dare to look behind me at the monsters who murdered my parents to check how close they were. I felt despair in the pit of my stomach. Once again, they found me. Once again, I was on the run. Once again, I needed to start my life again. All because of who I was.

Suddenly, one of my legs slid on the stone that was covered in mud and felt searing pain radiating from my ankle. I fell to the ground and tumbling a couple of times, mud covered my skin and wet clothes. I cried out but quickly tried to get on my feet. As I did, I felt a gush of air hitting my back and felt their presence.

Four vampires surrounded me. They all hissed at me, revealing their elongated fangs. Hatred and disgust flashed in their crimson eyes. Rivulets of rainwater run across their pale faces, making them even more terrifying.

Rage ignited my body and I felt my nails elongating into sharp claws, my beastly fangs protracted from my jaw. I felt my bones and muscles getting thicker and stronger.

I loudly growled at them, warning them to leave me alone. At the sight of me, the four sets of crimson eyes widened but didn't make a move.

With my ankle now perfectly healed, I lunged at two of the vampires that were closest to me, my claws ripping through their flesh. I felt warm blood on my hands as it oozed from the wounds. A perfect contrast to the cold I felt from the rain and wind. Both of the vampires fell to the ground while the other two leapt at me but I dodged one of them.

The other one, I managed to catch mid-air with my strong hand on his throat. My claws sank into his neck with so much strength his head and body fell to the ground separately, blood squirting all over me. The last one watched me, frozen with his eyes even wider as terror flashed in his face. I didn't wait and pounced at him, going straight for his neck. My sharp fangs pierced through his skin and ripped his flesh out.

An eerie silence engulfed me once again, only my ragged breath, the sound of my heart erratically beating inside my chest and the sound of rain on the trees and ground as the raindrops hit the surfaces could be heard.

As my eyes roamed over the vampires I killed, a tear rolled down my cheek which was instantly mixed with the rain as loneliness and sadness seeped into my soul. The thought of killing more vampires made my heart sink.

I hated killing, if they just let me alone no one would be dead. I quickly wiped my face, picked up my backpack and began running. I was discovered and needed to find myself a new temporary home. Covered in their blood and mud, I was glad it was raining, at least it would wash off of my body.

I never wanted to kill not even hurt anyone. All ever wanted was to be left alone to live my life as normal as possible. They always found me and I didn't understand how, being always careful. Every time they found me, I couldn't help the despair growing in the pit of my stomach. It was only a reminder that I would never get to live a normal life.

I ran, slowly shifting back into my human form. My clothes were soaked to the point where I could feel the cold creeping on my bones. My teeth were clattering and I could no longer feel my fingers.

On the horizon, a light hue of light appeared in front of me in between the trees. The corner of my lips raised slightly as relief washed over me. Picking up my pace I reached the outskirts of the forest in no time. A small town appeared in front of me, the street lights illuminating it. I smiled at the thought of a warm shower and bed.

As I got into the small town I stopped running and walked instead, not wanting to get anyone's unwanted attention. As I walked through the small town my eyes were scanning my surroundings, making sure I wasn't followed by more vampires or werewolves. The town was mostly empty seeing since it was late at night.

Only a few humans passed me, some walked their dogs, some were jogging but all of them had this weird expression on their faces as they passed me and looked at my appearance. My brows furrowed when I noticed their expressions. What the hell is wrong with them. I thought to myself. I just shook my head and kept walking.

Few more minutes passed, I finally found a motel and quickly entered the reception. The motel was small the reception even smaller. When I entered I was greeted by yellow bright artificial light that hurt my sensitive eyes at first. I blinked my eyes a few times to get used to the harsh lighting. The smell of air freshener hit me right in the face. I scrunched my nose at the strong smell. For humans, it was probably bearable and pleasant, however for me, not so much. My eyes scanned the place.

Behind the desk sat an older woman with a book in her hand. Her eyes snapped to me from her book, she raised her eyebrow behind her reading glasses as her eyes took in my appearance slowly from toes to my face. Suddenly, I felt self-conscious as I looked down at myself. My clothes were soaked and ripped in several places and some places were still covered in blood. I prayed to whoever listened that she wouldn't ask questions. As I walked closer to her I gave her the most charming smile I could muster. Her eyes narrowed at me.

"Hi, do you have any available rooms please," I said, my voice calm and steady. The last thing I needed was for her to call the police.

"Just for yourself?" She asked, between chewing her bubble gum. The noise irritated me but I didn't show it.

I nodded.

"I'll need your identification,"

I took my backpack off of my shoulder and looked for my purse. I finally found it, after rummaging in it for a few seconds. I had all the necessary stuff I needed on the run, as I quickly packed it when I came home from work.

I handed her my fake id. She took it and wrote my fake name on some form. "How long are you staying Alyssa?"

"Just tonight" I answered

She nodded "that's going to be 60" I smiled and handed her the cash from my purse.

Then she got up and showed me to my room.

The room was small, double bed was in the middle of the room with white bedsheets. The walls were covered in flowery wallpaper and the floor was in the old brown carpet. It was old-fashioned, reminding me of the eighties from what I saw on tv. But I didn't mind at all.

When I was finally alone, I placed my backpack on the chair by the table and let myself fell to the bed facing down. I closed my eyes and began drifting off instantly when I woke myself up. I desperately needed a shower and a change of clothes, I was still in the soaking wet clothes.

I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I stripped off my clothes as I filled the bathtub with hot water and watched steam filled the room. I slowly got in, sinking myself into the stunningly hot water, only my head peaked out as I rested it at the edge of the bathtub. I closed my eyes soaking in the heat.

My mind swirled with the idea of where am I going to go tomorrow. I couldn't decide which direction to take. I was sick and tired of my life on the run. Constantly looking behind my shoulder, making sure I haven't been followed. Constantly worrying about what tomorrow would bring and always be careful, around everyone. I could never be myself, not around humans. Not to mention werewolves and vampires.

They hunted me ever since my parents were murdered. I somehow slipped through their fingers on that fateful night. I was at a sleepover at one of my friend's houses. Sometimes I wish I was dead with them. I wouldn't wish this life on anyone.

The worst part was that I was always lonely. With loneliness came depression. I couldn't form any kind of friendships because I knew I would be on the run soon. I'd only hurt myself and the people for leaving them behind and disappearing without an explanation. And me being me, the last thing I wanted was to inflict pain on anyone, whether physical or emotional.

After that night my parents were murdered I ran. I packed my belongings and ran without ever looking behind. I was eighteen years at the time. I had plans of going to University. I always wanted to be a scientist. My dream was to work at NASA. However, my dreams were shattered that night. Now eight years later, and I am still running. I travelled through half of the US, and they always found me.

I thought about the future, and deep despair settled in the pit of my stomach. I'll be running and hiding until I am dead. The hope I once had of having normal life was gone. The thought of never having a family of my own, career or even home really struck me every time I thought about it. Behind my closed eyes, I felt tears forming.

I opened my eyes and sighed, blinking away the tears. I began washing myself and my hair. I laid in the bath for a few more minutes before I got out. As I dried my hair and swirled them into the towel, I walked out to get my toothbrush and went back into the bathroom.

After brushing my now human teeth, I looked into the mirror. I couldn't help the disgust I felt towards my eyes. It was the only thing that would distinguish me from werewolves and vampires once they laid their eyes on me. They were orange, fiery, sunset type of orange with yellow specks and black ring around the iris. It was a mix of vampire crimson eyes and werewolf golden yellow eyes.

Humans always complimented my eyes, they always said they never saw anything like it. I always smiled at them politely, saying they were contacts.

My heart swelled with despair and sorrow because I knew there was no one else in the world with eyes like mine. That's why I was the target. One of a kind.

My eyes roamed over my face. My jet back hair contrasted with my eyes. I noticed a slight pink scar on my forehead just above my eyebrow. It was barely there, must have been from earlier when I fought the vampires. Thanks to my genetics it healed quickly and tomorrow there won't be any sign of it. My slightly tan skin was glowing after the steaming hot bath and my cheeks were flushed. When I got sick of my face in the mirror, I went to get dressed in my pyjama.

After packing everything into my backpack I finally got into the bed, turned on the tv to have some noise in the room, and grabbed the phone that I put to charge before I went for the bath. Like every night I went into my gallery and went through all of my pictures of my parents. Always losing myself in the happy memories I had.

The way my mother would read me a bedtime story. Every Sunday she would make me my favourite dinner, which was lasagna even though she could never eat it. She always watched me with a glass of blood in her hand and a smile on her face as I enjoyed my dinner. My father always spent the afternoon whenever he was off work, with me. Playing silly games or innocent pranks on my mother. She always got angry at him, but a few minutes later the anger was gone and she gazed at my father with so much love and admiration, it always used to put a huge smile on my face.

I dreamt one day I would find love like my parents had for each other. Unfortunately, that is never going to happen given my situation. All my life I stayed clear from men, having only one night stand here and there. I never involved any feelings.

I felt my eyelids getting heavy so I put my phone on the nightstand, turned off the tv and light. As soon as I closed my eyes my mind drifted, blackness engulfed me.

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