The Hybrid

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Chapter 10

“I look like slut” I looked at my reflection in the large floor length mirror in Olivia’s room.

“No” she came behind me, meeting my gaze in the mirror “you look hot”

I glanced at myself in the mirror for the millionth time. I wore a bright red one-shoulder sparkling mini dress that hugged every curve of my body and black velvety thigh-high boots with high heels.

I didn’t feel like myself in those clothes. The dress was so tight, it was like a second skin. I barely wore dressed, never mind heels, always been jeans kinda girl. Comfort over trends.

I wondered how would I fight in the uncomfortable high heels and tight dress. I felt self-conscious and just wanted to hide in my room and never leave. At the thought of Alex seeing me in this outfit, I felt heat rushing to my cheeks. I itched to run to my room and put on my usual comfy jeans and flannel shirt.

She turned me around gently to face her and began putting red lipstick on my lips.

“I don’t know Olivia. I don’t feel good about this, it’s too much” my pleading eyes bored into hers hoping she would let me take off those ridiculous clothes.

She smiled reassuringly “it’s perfect, you’re stunning, I don’t think you realise it”, she looked me over, a satisfactory smile found its way on her face. "You need to blend in, this is perfect. Alex won't be able to keep his eyes off of you"

My already rosy cheeks got deeper in colour and I smiled awkwardly “Let’s go, Liam will kill me for making you late,” her melodic voice was laced with a hint of annoyance. I couldn't help the chuckle escaping my lips.

With every step closer to the foyer, my anxiousness grew, slowly suffocating me. I couldn’t stop fiddling with the bracelets Olivia made me wear.

She noticed “Relax Ellie, you’ll be fine” her voice was like velvet to my ears but it did nothing to soothe my nerves.

“I never did anything like this” I bit my inner lips, my eyes nervously looked to the floor.

“Markus and Alex will be there with you, they did it loads of times” her statement, even though was meant to calm my nerves, made me feel more nervous than I did a second ago. The thought of them leaving me there to get killed didn’t help my anxiety.

What if we get injured or killed? What if they capture one or all of us?

Relax Ellie, you can do this. Just trust yourself.

A few seconds later, Markus, Alex and Liam appeared in my vision. They looked like they had a heated conversation. Once they noticed us all of them turned to face us. Liam grinned widely as his eyes glanced at me and then at Olivia. Alex had an unreadable facial expression but I noticed his eyes roamed over my body before flicking to Olivia. Markus was fuming squinting his eyes at us and his jaw clenched, once he spotted us he turned away. I didn't expect anything else from him.

As we approached, Liam eyed us sternly “finally, you’re late”

Olivia rolled her eyes at Liam “Oh get over it, it’s just five minutes”

Liam shook his head then turned his attention to me “Ellie, as I said to Alex and Markus, be careful, lure them out of the bar if possible, make sure the humans are safe, understood?”

I nodded then gulped, my eyes looked towards Alex and Markus nervously. Alex seemed calm almost bored, with not a tinge of anxiety showing in his behaviour. Markus was still angry, his back was still turned to me.

Once I stepped outside the building cold air hit me, goosebumps appeared all over my body and I took a deep breath of the fresh air. I haven’t been out since Alex took me and I missed it badly. My eyes flicked towards the sky. The moon illuminated a small cloud that was in front of it and I could see millions of stars scattered across the inky sky.

Jumping into the car I decided to sit in the back seeing Alex was the one driving and Markus, I just didn’t want to push his buttons more. Driving off, we were engulfed in silence. I just watched the nature around me moving to clear my head and mentally prepare myself. I still felt nervous and kept fidgeting with the bracelets while biting my lips to the point where it began to feel painful. Markus and Alex began to chat and I didn’t bother to listen. At first, they chatted calmly but then my ears registered Markus’s steely voice “I don’t understand why he needs her, we are strong enough to kill them by ourselves, what if she betrays us”

“I’m not listening to you moaning about this all night” Alex annoyed voice echoed in the moving car.

“Don’t tell me you actually want her here” Markus’s angry voice rang in my ears.

“Suck it up, get yourself together. We are going on the mission and we need her whether you like it or not.”

As I listened to them my anxiety was gone replaced by slowly rising anger. “Do you mind? I’m sitting right here” steel laced my voice. I squinted my eyes at him, my jaw clenching so hard, dull pain began to sear through my jaw.

“No one is talking to you,” Markus eyed the road in front of him not bothering to look at me.

“You’re talking about me, if you have a problem then say it to my face, if not then just shut the fuck up,” I couldn't help the anger as I said the words.

His face snapped to me, pure rage and fury flashed in his eyes, but then his eyes widened as he looked into my eyes, his rage slowly disappearing. He held my gaze for a second longer before he turned away facing the road again.

I glanced at myself in the rear mirror, wondering what got the colour from his face to disappear. For a second he looked afraid.

My eyes glowed fiery orange indicating the level of my anger. And I was furious, barely holding it together. I understood the pain he felt because of his loss, but I got sick and tired of him treating me like this. He wasn’t the only one who lost someone in their lives. The darkness around me made them even more intense. Like two suns glowing in the universe.

"Coward" I shook my head, crossing my arms over my chest as my gaze turned towards the window next to me, watching nature passing by quickly. I heard Alex chuckle.

For the rest of the way, Markus didn’t speak. Judging by his crossed arms on his chest and heavy breathing he was fuming. I must have destroyed his poor ego.

Finally getting into the city, Alex parked the car around the corner just in case we needed to escape quickly. Glancing at the building the walls were made of burned orange brick and it looked like it was falling apart. A big flashy halogen sign was above the entrance which said ‘the Oasis’ with the colours of yellow, orange and red. The bouncers stood in front of the entrance eyeing people walking in, wearing expensive outfits.

As I began walking towards the building, a warm hand on my elbow gently pulled me back. I stopped and turned around, Alex’s emerald green eyes bored into mine. “Be careful and do not leave our side” his hard eyes lingered on my face then wandered towards the entrance. “Act like we are your puppets like you own us”

My eyes widened at that idea and I didn't miss Markus's heavy irritated sigh. I subconsciously bit my lower lip and slowly released it as I wondered how that would go down. Alex's emerald orbs zeroed in on my lips before I nodded and turned around.

Alex’s warm touch enveloped my hand as he gently hooked it on his forearm and the same did Markus. Glancing at both of my hands on both of their forearms I gulped suddenly feeling nervous again.

I can do this.
I can do this.
I can do this.
I have to.

As we approached the bouncers, I plastered the most charming smile I could, wiping away the nervousness from my features. "Hello boys"

They looked me over, checking if I’m worthy of letting me in. One of them lingered their eyes on my breasts longer than necessary. I cleared my throat, snapping him out of the stare, his eyes flicking at my two companions. The bouncer then returned his gaze to me, giving me a knowing look and smiled, stepping to the side to let us in.


Entering the club, loud upbeat music filled my sensitive ears. Bright lights flicked and moved around the large place that contrasted with the darkness around us.

I squinted my eyes adjusting to the lights. Scanning the place my eyes widened once I registered what was in front of us. I quickly turned to Alex and leaned closer to his ear for him to hear me better through the loud music. His spicy deliciously smelling cologne hit me in the face “nearly everyone here is a vampire” worry was noticeable in my face and voice.

“I know, we will manage,” he seemed calm as he pulled away and his eyes roamed over my face and stopped at my lips.

My eyes widened, eyebrows raised to my forehead as I ignored his eyes on my lips “do you realise it’s only the three of us?”

Amusement flashed in his emerald orbs while he chuckled “yes, I do realise that, let’s get some drink” he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bar.

Approaching the bar, only then did I notice Markus left our side. I searched for him in the myriads of vampires and humans around us. I wondered why I even looked for him. He was dickhead to me any chance he got. I found him walking around, his eyes roaming all over the place.

“Shouldn’t we help him?“, I found myself asking Alex as he handed me a cool bottle of beer.

“No, we keep watch from here”

I turned away from him watching the crowd. All of a sudden, heat dangerously close to my back penetrated the dress I wore and seeped deep into my skin, the whiff of his cologne enveloped me “watch for possible escape route” his breath gently fanned across the side of my neck, sending a shiver across my spine.

I tried not to think about his breath on my skin and his body so close to mine as I kept scanning the place. Which was extremely hard. There was the main entrance, on the far end of the place was a fire exit and I noticed there were windows high on the wall close to the ceiling.

Several more minutes have passed while I casually drank my beer. Alex now stood a meter away from me with Markus by his side. This whole time I felt someone's eyes on me making me uncomfortable. I scanned the faces of the vampires and humans, but everyone minded their business. Most vampires and humans danced, some sat in the booths having a conversation and then I saw some feeding on humans. But there was no fear on their faces.

All of a sudden, someone's hand brushed gently over mine. My head turned towards the person. A cute looking guy stood there holding what looked like a shot of whiskey. He had dirty blond hair and deep brown eyes, a slender tall body. He was staring at me intensely taking in my appearance. And he seemed to be human.

He leaned closer to me for me to hear him better. “You’re beautiful, can I buy you a drink?”

“No thank you, I still have a drink,” I said loud enough for him to hear me through the loud music. I hoped he would get the hint and leave. Glancing towards Alex, I met his emerald depths then his eyes flicked towards the guy. He was glaring daggers at him and his body seemed tense.

“Do you want to dance?“, I heard him ask, very close to my ear. I turned my head towards him while I felt his hand on my bare shoulder. If I would be here to enjoy myself I would dance with him and have him buy me a drink, but I was here on a mission so it was out of the question.

I shook my head “no, I don’t dance”.

He looked towards Alex and Markus ”is he your boyfriend?”

Before I could answer I heard Alex’s deep voice “yes I am” he sneaked his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

My eyes snapped to him and saw Markus appearing next to Alex. All three of them eyed each other cautiously for a second, my eyes flicked from one to another. The air between them was tense, then the guy looked at me “if you get sick of them, find me” he flashed me a smile.

Alex let go of me and took a step towards the guy. He said something into his ear and then he said “get lost” loud enough for me to hear. The guy’s eyes hardened and then turned around and left without sparing me a second glance.

“I didn’t need your help” I turned my attention to Alex, glaring at him as he came back next to me. I wasn’t some damsel in distress that needed rescuing.

“He’s gone, you could at least say thank you” he bored his eyes into mine, slight irritation could be heard from his voice.

“Thank you,” my voice laced with venom as I glared at him. If my glare could kill, he would be dead laying on the floor.

A few more minutes have passed, I noticed Alex left somewhere while Markus stood there watching the crowd.

From drinking the beer my bladder began feeling full. Turning around to the slayers, Alex still wasn’t there. I didn’t want to tell Markus that I needed to use the ladies room or in general I just didn’t want to talk to him so I headed into the bathroom. I would be back in the minute, plus I could take care of myself if something would happen. Walking through the crowd, sweaty bodies bumped into me as they danced in their drunken state.

Nearly reaching the ladies bathroom, I felt a hand on my elbow pulling me back quite roughly. I quickly turned around, crimson eyes stared into mine, malice twinkled in them. I sucked in a breath as my eyes widened. The vampire roughly pulled me away from the crowd, taking me by surprise. Before I could even do anything, I stood in the wide corridor nearby the toilets. Four other vampires appeared in my vision. Pulling my arm out roughly from the vampire's grasp, I broke free. They all circled me, eyeing me cautiously.

Scanning their faces all I saw was maliciousness and disgust. Some of them had their lips curled in disgust and some of them had their crimson eyes squinted watching my every move.

“Hello sister” My eyes shot to the vampire standing in front of me.

“Who are you,” I squinted my eyes at him, anger slowly bubbling inside of me.

“Your brother, why else would I call someone like you a sister” a wicked smile appeared on his flawless face, pure hate could be heard from his voice.

My brows furrowed in confusion as my eyes roamed over his face. Then my eyes widened when I noticed the slight resemblance to my mother. The same colour of his dark brown hair, same eyebrows and the same birthmark on the side of his neck which I had as well.

But he was a vampire, his blood-red eyes were the proof. Which meant only one thing. His father must have been a vampire. He wore a grey expensive-looking suit with a white crisp dress shirt. He didn’t wear a tie, the top two buttons were open.

I furrowed my eyebrows glaring daggers at him “how”

“Before mother ran off with your bastard of a father she had a life, she had me. She chose the werewolf over her son and husband” he fumed. My eyes widened, shock making whatever I wanted to say to him forget. It took me a second to register everything he said. Mother had a son and husband before I was born. Millions of questions filled my head but when I realised I had a brother, a living family that seemed to loathe me, it filled my heart with sorrow.

“Now I am going to enjoy killing you as I enjoyed killing her” sinister smile appeared on his face.

I froze at the revelation at first but then hate and rage began to fill every cell of my body, my hands curled into fists.

He killed our mother. What beast could do that?

I felt my beastly fangs and sharp claws elongating, my bones and muscles thickening. My eyes must have glowed stronger than normal because the look on his face put a slight smile on my face. Surprise and fear, but he quickly shook it off.

He leapt towards me and I caught him mid-air, grasping his neck then throwing him into the wall. The other four vampires began fighting me, their long sharp nails cut the skin on my arms and legs as I protected myself from them. Once I got a one-second window, I took it.

My sharp claws pierced through one of the vampire’s chests, ripping out a piece of his flesh along with his heart. His blood splashed everywhere, including me. The other one leapt at me, and I dropped the bloody heart. I fell to the ground he ended up on top of me, trying to get a hold of my neck.

I managed to roll over him, me ending up on top of him. I sank my teeth into his neck, a big piece of his flesh along with his jugular vein came out once I pulled away. I glanced behind me, my brother running off with one other vampire, as I spit out the vampire’s flesh.

A commotion from the club snapped me out of my glare. Only then did I notice, the music stopped blaring. Running back, Alex and Markus were surrounded by dozens of vampires, already fighting them. Humans ran away from the crowd and out of the building with panic and horror on their faces.

Without wasting any more time, I began fighting the vampires closest to me, knowing the slayers needed my help.

The thought of leaving them behind and running away briefly flashed across my mind, but I quickly dismissed it. It wasn't me. I would never leave someone behind to get them killed.

I fought through the crowd, more vampires coming my way. Soon I stood in the middle of the room next to Markus and Alex.

Vampire coming our way, I used my claws ripping through their flesh, ripping their heads and limbs off. I glanced towards Alex and Markus, my eyes widened as confusion filled my mind. Their strength and speed were the same as the vampires we were fighting. It was inhuman.

How is that even possible? I didn't sense anything else than human.

Another vampire tried to attack me. I avoided his blows, and when I bend over to avoid one more of his blows I extended my arm towards him, sank my sharp nails into his lower belly and ripped through him up towards his neck, exposing his intestines, falling to the floor. It wouldn’t kill him but should knock him out for quite a bit.

Another came at me, landing a punch into my midsection. I took a step back clutching my stomach as pain seared through my abdomen. She ran towards me but I ducked down kicking into her legs. She fell but quickly stood up.

She bared her fangs at me, she seemed a lot stronger than the other ones. I got a hold of her by the back of her neck and began kicking her into her stomach with my knee. As she clutched her stomach and tried to block my kicks, I quickly jumped behind her, grasped her head and twisted sharply until I heard a satisfying cracking noise of bone braking.

Hearing Markus faint grunt behind me, I shot my head towards him. He had five vampires not leaving him any chance to defend himself. Sending a powerful kick into one of the vampires, he flew a few feet away. Grabbing the other one's head, I sharply twisted her head until she fell to the ground. I watched Markus quickly glancing at me, a surprise but then horror appeared on his face as he took in my appearance.

“We have to run,” my loud voice tried to reach them as I fought another vampire. They kept coming, we couldn’t possibly defeat all of them.

“She’s right” Markus’s voice came somewhere from my right.

Glancing towards Alex, he fought two vampires. Once I finished the vampire I fought, I ran towards Alex, jumping at one of the vampires, I bit into his neck ripping out his jugular vein. My eyes shot to Alex, he just finished off the other vampire. Not waiting another second I grabbed his hand and pulled him away. “Let’s go”, my voice sounded commanding.

We ran towards the exit, Alex throwing his silver knives into the hearts of vampires that came into our way trying to attack us with Markus on our tail. Once we exited the building we rushed towards our car.

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