The Hybrid

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Chapter 11

Once we all jumped into the SUV Alex drove out of the city. Adrenaline still rushed through my veins, while my body shifted into my human state.

“Where did you disappear? You were supposed to stay on our side” Alex’s angry voice filled the car.

I rolled my eyes at him “I went to the bathroom” using the same sharp voice as him.

“You couldn’t tell us?” Markus turned around in his seat to face me. Same irritation and tension etched into his face.

“You were busy” my voice calmed as the adrenaline slowly left my body.

“What are you,” I asked cautiously, leaning forward between the two of them, remembering their speed and strength during the fight.

They both glanced at each other “what do you mean” Alex asked tensely.

“Your strength and speed were the same as the vampires. What are you? Are you vampires?” I pushed the question.

“We’re humans Ellie,” Markus turned his head towards me, his voice and facial expression were softer than mere seconds ago and his usual demeanour towards me.

I shook my head “No, you’re not, humans don’t fight like this” my eyes flicked between them, trying to read their thoughts.

Alex let out a sigh of defeat “ point lying. We are the descendants of the first slayer. We have supernatural speed and strength, but we are humans.”

My eyes widened at the revelation, my mouth slightly opened. I blinked a few times snapping myself out of the shock. “Only you two and Liam have those powers? The rest are just regular humans?”

“Yep” replied Markus.

Leaning back into my seat I crossed my arms over my chest. My mind swirled with the information I just found out. They were powerful, I needed to be more careful around them. They could easily kill me if they wished.

In the next few minutes, I found myself asking “do those missions always end up like this?”

“No something went wrong” Alex's voice echoed in the car as he watched the roar in front of him.

“Ya, something went horribly wrong, it felt like a trap, I don’t know where the vampires kept coming from” Markus glanced at me.

I watched him as he turned around watching the road in front of him. I furrowed my eyebrows.

Why is he so nice to me all of a sudden?

For the rest of the ride, I kept quiet, thoughts of what happened in the club filled my mind. My brother killing our mother made my heart ache. How could he do that? I couldn’t understand that. On top of that, he wanted me dead too, he hated me.

My heart sank, my chest clenched as sorrow filled every cell of my body, despite the fact I didn't know him. He was my blood, my only living family I didnt know I had only a few hours ago. Dread rooted itself in the pit of my stomach when I realized he will be after me. He won’t rest until I am dead.

My vision began to blur with hot tears filling my eyes. I quickly blinked them away, not wanting the slayers to see me crying and being weak. My eyes wandered into the rear mirror and saw emerald green eyes gazing at me curiously. I quickly snapped my eyes away glancing outside the window watching nature passing by enveloped in the darkness.


Passing through the big hallway with Alex walking in the middle with me on his left while Markus on his right, he contacted Liam “Liam” he paused “we need to talk” he paused again “ok, I’ll meet you there” he spoke through his earpiece.

While we still walked his gaze found me and Markus “before you go your way we need to report to Liam” I nodded and followed behind him. We walked until we reached Liam’s office.

Once we entered, I immediately sat down on one of the chairs feeling exhausted, my legs hurting from the high heeled boots I had to fight in. Liam rushed in only seconds after us. Glancing at him he wore only pyjama bottoms and a hoodie.

The second Liam's eyes landed on me while walking towards his desk, his eyes widened, shock flashed across his face. My eyebrows furrowed noticing his facial expression.

Wondering what got him so shocked I shot my eyes down towards my body. Gushes of dried blood were all over my skin. The wounds I got when I fought my brother’s vampires were long healed but the blood stayed. The rest of the blood was from the vampires I killed. But then I realised the blood on my body must have been nothing compared to the blood on my face. I remembered ripping flesh out numerous times with my fangs. I must have blood smeared all over my face. I understood the shock Liam felt.

“What happened”, he eyed Alex his voice commanding

“I think it was a trap”

“What? It was meant to be an easy mission” he ran his fingers through his short hair.

“We had to run, or we would most likely be dead right now. Vampires kept appearing. We couldn’t kill all of them” Markus’s voice filled the room as he leaned against the wall casually.

“Could it be because of me?” I found myself asking while readjusting the hem of the uncomfortable dress. I was dying to take it off.

Three sets of emerald eyes shot to me.

“I don’t think so,” Alex shook his head slightly.

“They wouldn’t know you’re with us” Liam rubbed his chin as if in deep thoughts.

“But what if they do know and the trap was because of me” my eyes moved towards my hands. The memory of the first meeting with my brother kept replying in my head. ”did you know I have a brother?” My eyes glanced towards Liam.

His eyes widened “what?” All three of them said at the same time. Glancing at the other two they had the same facial expression as Liam. Surprise and shock.

“Ya, it was a surprise for me as much as for you” I continued “he was there and he wasn’t alone”

“What happened” Alex’s deep voice laced with a tinge of steel reached my ears.

My eyes wandered to the tiled floor “when I went to the toiled I was grabbed by one of his vampires. He brought me to him, we had little exchange of words then I fought him. He ran and when I came back I saw you two fighting...the rest you know” my voice sounded a bit shaky as the memories flashed in my mind.

“Did he threaten to kill you” Alex raised an eyebrow at me. I tore away my eyes from him and glanced at Liam and Markus. They watched me intensively waiting for my reply. I nodded.

“If he tried to kill her and didn’t succeed, the other vampires would be his last attempt to kill her” explained Liam.

“That’s only speculation, it could only be a stupid coincidence" Alex seemed agitated. His jaw clenched as he spoke.

“Liam” I waited until I had his attention “is there someone who can help me find out the name of my brother?”

“Ya, tomorrow after breakfast I’ll go with you.”

The need for vengeance filled my body and mind.

I will find out who he is and kill him before he kills me. He's going to pay for what he did, brother or not.


The next morning couldn’t come faster.

Like every morning the cafeteria was busy, slayers were everywhere I looked. This time they didn’t even notice me. After getting my breakfast I headed towards the table. Olivia with Liam and Markus were already there. When I approached the table Olivia spotted me first.

“Good morning,” a wide smile adorned her face.

“Morning” I returned her smile. Liam with Markus turned to me and greeted me too. It surprised me that Markus even bothered to greet me. He never did before.

“You look just like us” Olivia eyed my slayers uniform I decided to wear as an attempt to fit in a little bit “it suits you” both slayers looked at me again and faint rosy colour found its way to my cheeks.

“Umm...thanks,” I said awkwardly sitting next to Olivia.

“I heard what happened last night” Olivia's melodic voice reached my ears.

“Ya, a lot happened last night”

“I can imagine the shock you must have felt when you faced your brother,” her voice filled with sincerity and compassion.

“Shock is an understatement.” My voice was calm, but then anger filled my body when the thoughts of him killing my parents drowned my mind. “I just can’t wait to find out who and where he is so I can kill him with my own hands” surprisingly my voice sounded calm compared to the raging storm that brewed inside of me.

Her eye widened, shock evident on her face “you want to kill your own brother?”

I glanced at the other two men that sat across from us, both of them eyeing me intensely, listening to our conversation.

I returned my attention to her “if I don’t kill him, he’ll kill me. He made that clear last night.“ I paused taking a deep breath “he killed my mother and I’m guessing my father as well.” My voice sounded lower. I still couldn’t believe he would kill his own mother, his blood and the person who gave him life.

“We will need to make a plan, make sure there wouldn’t be any surprises” stated calmly Liam with a slight smile on his face.

My eyes widened and my head shot towards Liam “I don’t expect anyone to risk their life for my cause. This is my problem to deal with”

“Did you forget that’s what we do?” Markus's eyebrows furrowed.

I narrowed my eyes at him “you” I pointed my finger at him “want to help me?” My voice sounded a bit sharper than I thought it would.

Liam chuckled turning his attention to Markus. I noticed a slight blush appeared on his face. “As I said, that’s what we do” he tried to look cool and collected but I noticed the uneasiness in him. I grinned, only yesterday he was hostile to me, today he seemed a lot friendlier. I wondered what changed his behaviour towards me.

After finishing our breakfast, me and Liam left to find out the vital information about my brother. He led me through the hallways until we stopped in front of a familiar door. The control room.

I furrowed my eyebrows feeling confused “why are we here?”

“To find the information we need” replied Liam calmly with a smile on his face. With that, he opened the door and we entered. As I glanced around the room I noticed only a few people in the room, all of them sitting behind computers. Liam headed all the way to the back of the room.

A young guy sat behind a computer. He turned his head towards us as we approached him. I noticed he looked like a teenager seventeen or eighteen at most, round glasses sat on his nose, and behind those glasses were baby blue eyes. Curly blonde hair that was pointing in every direction adorned his head. He had freckles on his cheeks and the bridge of his nose and he looked skinny but tall. He wasn’t the usual kinda slayer I’ve seen around.

“Sam,” I heard Liam next to me. “Good morning, working already?”

“Good morning...yep, you know me, I am an early bird” Sam smiled at Liam then he glanced at me, his eyes widened but smiled nonetheless.

I smiled back at him “Ellie”, I stretched out my hand to shake his hand.

“Oh, I know who you are,” he shook my hand with a huge grin on his face “I am Sam” I smiled even wider at his friendliness.

He turned to Liam “so what do you need?”

“We need you to find someone, a vampire.”

“Ok, I will need a name,” Sam turned on his chair to face his three computer screens.

“That’s the thing, we don’t know anything about him” Liam glanced at me and then back at Sam.

“Do you know anyone related to him?” Sam asked as he faced us again.

“Ya, his mother,” I said “her name was Victoria Jones”

Sam turned to his computer again and typed the name in. Suddenly I felt a presence behind me. I turned around, only to see Alex standing there. As his eyes found mine my heart skipped a few beats and I sucked in a breath, he startled me. When he saw my reaction he chuckled.

“You finally graced us with your presence,” said Liam watching Sam, his back facing Alex.

Alex rolled his eyes at him “I was busy”

“Doing what?” Liam half turned towards him, his eyebrows high on his forehead.

“Training”, Alex stared at Liam for a second before he looked at the screens in front of Sam.

I heard Sam ” is that her?” My eyes shot towards the middle screen. There she was, my beautiful mother, in that picture she looked just as I remembered her, the only difference was her hair. She usually had them cut into a bob. In that picture, her hair was long and wavy.

“Ya, that’s her” I watched Sam clicking off the picture and scrolling down towards the information about her.

“Wait,” I said quickly, urgently, as my eyes tried to read the information. Sam stopped scrolling and we both read it. My eyes widened as I came across one particular piece of information. Sam looked at me with the same wide eyes.

“Holy shit,” Sam couldn't help it.

“What?“, Liam watched the screen, trying to read the information.

“She was a member of the council” Sam explained.

At this point, I was shocked, speechless and frozen on the spot. My mother, a person I knew nothing about I realised. Growing up she was someone I admired and always wished to be like her. But the more I learned about her, the less I wanted to be like her. She left her son and husband because she fell in love with my father. And she was a member of a council. The same council was after me this whole time.

I blinked my eyes a few times to snap myself out of the shock. “A high member,” muttered Liam reading the information too.

“Are you ok?” Alex's soft voice came from somewhere behind me.

“Ya,” I muttered, I wasn’t ok but I didn’t want to tell him that.

“Did you know?” Liam's eyes bored into mine suspiciously.

“No, apparently I knew nothing about her” I couldn't help the anger growing within me.

His facial expression softened and he sighed then he turned his attention to Sam “Is there the name of her son?”

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