The Hybrid

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Chapter 12

“Henry Jones,” Sam's eyes were on the screen. “But wait there is more”

I waited, anticipation growing within me as my eyes bored into the computer screens intensely.

“He is a member of the council. He took her place after she disappeared” Sam stated. My eyes once again widened at the information and it didn't take long for me to realise that my own brother was after me this whole time. These past eight years, he was the cause of me running from one side of the US to the other. Werewolves were after me, but not as much as vampires.

“The club was definitely a trap” Alex’s voice filled my ears from behind me. I turned around as my eyes found Alex’s, a pang of guilt rooted itself in the pit of my stomach. Both Markus and Alex could have died because of me.

I turned back to Sam “where do I find him?"

“He lives here in the city, I’ll write down the address for you” Sam grabbed a piece of paper that was on his desk and began writing the address.

Handing me the piece of paper I couldn't help the need to know more “could you find one more person for me please?”

I felt Liam shifting next to me when I glanced at him and then Alex, they both had questioning looks on their faces.

“Ya of course”

I quickly turned around to him “Benjamin Evans”

Sam quickly typed in the name and my father’s picture came up. He glanced at me, seeing if that’s the person I was looking for. I nodded once nervously. Clicking off the picture he began reading the information. This time, I didn’t dare to read too afraid of what would be there.

After a few seconds, Sam turned around to look at me, his baby blue wide eyes found mine. At that moment, I knew there was something I didn’t know about my father.

“You’re full of surprises,” Sam’s voice sounded apprehensive.

Before I could even say anything Liam’s frustrated voice filled my ears “what is it”

“He was Alpha to the Silver Moon Pack”

“Fuck” I heard Alex behind me.

Liam stared at the screen for a few seconds. “Is there anything normal about your family?” Liam’s voice sounded sharp, irritated.

“Apparently not” I answered with the same sharp voice. Feeling anger slowly taking over my body I turned to Sam “thanks” and walked away from them.

With my supernatural speed, I ran towards my room. Anger diminished and shifted into despair. Once I closed the room I crumbled towards the floor. With my knees under me, elbows dag into my tights as I held my head. Heavy tears rolled down my cheeks and my shoulders shook from the sobs that I couldn't control.

My mind was filled with the thoughts of my parents. I didn’t know who my parents really were, my life was one big lie. All the happy memories I had and cherished, all those memories that kept me sane while I ran and was at my lowest were lies. The only feeling I felt at that moment was a betrayal.

I couldn’t help but think of Henry, my only living family. I couldn’t imagine the pain he must felt when my mother abandoned him. In a way, I understood his frustration. He must have felt betrayed by our mother. But I still couldn't understand how could he kill her.

In my crying fit, I didn’t hear the knock or opening the door, not even the footsteps that stopped behind me. I only felt hands around my waist and shoulder gently pulling me backwards until I hit something hard. I froze but then a gentle deep voice filled one of my ears “shhh... it’s ok”, I immediately recognised Alex’s voice.

His voice so close to my ear sent a shiver down my spine. It was soothing and I listened to his comforting words. I felt his heat enveloping my body and for the first time in years, I felt safe. We sat like this for a minute or two, my back leaning into his chest, his hands placed around my waist and I felt his face in the crook of my neck while I silently cried.

Once I realised what was happening and how pathetic I must look to him, I pulled away from him and turned around to face him “Why are you here,” my voice was raspy from the crying while I wiped my tears away. When I gazed into his emerald green eyes, compassion flashed in them and something else I couldn’t pinpoint.

“I came to check on you, and found you like this” his voice sounded soft and in a way vulnerable.

"I am fine now” I raised to my feet trying to avoid his stunning emerald orb, I always seemed to get lost in them.

He got up as well, facing me with pity and sincerity flashing across his handsome features “you don’t need to act all tough with me, I understand how painful it must be. Your parents not being the people you thought they were”

I sighed my shoulders slouched and my gaze travelled to the floor. I walked over to my bed, sitting on the edge. “I knew nothing about them” I muttered under my nose, my eyes watching my hands.

He walked over, squatting in front of me “I’m sure they did it to protect you”, I felt his soft gaze on my face.

I looked up into his eyes “and here I am, running eight years later, still running” I sighed and shook my head “they died in vain. If they told me they could have been alive” a single tear escaped my eye and I quickly wiped it as I averted my gaze from Alex. I didn't want him to see me like this. In front of him, I felt weak and that was something I didn't wish to show to anyone.

“You won’t have to run anymore”, his voice sounded serious, his eyes and facial features hardened. “We will kill the ones who are after you”

A small smile found its way to my lips the second the word ‘we’ left his lips.

He smiled widely at me. “Plus you have alpha blood in you. You can claim your pack” he said as a matter of fact kinda way as he stood up.

“What?” surprised, my eyebrows raised high on my forehead. I didn’t even think of that.

Do I even want to be Alpha? Would they follow me?

“Because your father was Alpha you-” he began explaining thinking I had no idea what being Alpha meant, but I stopped him by raising my hand my palm facing him. “I know how it works”

“Oh...Do you want to claim your pack?” curiosity filled his eyes.

“Honestly, I don’t know...I am hybrid, even if I did try to claim father's pack, they wouldn’t accept me,” I felt defeated. “Why did you sound so stressed when you heard the name of the pack” I raised my eyebrow at him.

“Because he wasn’t just Alpha. He was The Alpha” his voice sounded serious as he began pacing in front of me.

I furrowed my eyebrows “meaning what?”

“Silver Moon Pack is one of the strongest packs in America,” he still paced in front of me.

My mouth hung open. “What?”


A few days have passed since finding out about my family. I came to terms with the information. There was nothing I could do about it. They were dead and nothing would bring them back. Yes, they didn’t tell me anything, but they were still my parents. I didn’t want to taint the good memories I had of them with the fact I didn’t know anything about them.

Itching every day to go after Henry, Alex and Olivia always stopped me. And they were right. If I would run there trying to kill him without any plan I would end up dead. And now that I became somewhat close to Olivia and Alex, the thought of me dying didn’t sound so appealing. Since Henry was one of the higher council members I would have to plan his assassination very well. Every little detail would have to be thought of.

Sitting across from Olivia I dug into my lunch. It was late lunch, we spend all morning sparring. I fought with her as much as possible needing to be prepared when the time would come for me to face Henry again.

With my peripheral, I noticed someone walking towards us. My head shot to the side towards the person. It was Liam with a serious expression on his face. He sat next to Olivia gently giving a peck on her cheek.

“You have a mission tonight”, he eyed me seriously.

I perked up at the statement. I was in that building for days, dying to get a break from these restricting walls. My back straightened and a smile found its way to my lips.

Before I could even say anything he beat me to it. “don’t be too excited. You’re only going into the streets. No clubs, nothing like this. One of the other slayers was meant to go but he injured his knee while training. So you’re going instead of him” the corners of his lips twitched as he fought the urge to smile at my eagerness.

I grinned “I'm grateful for anything to get me out of here for a few hours”

“You two are going together”, his eyes shot to Olivia.

“finally” she smiled, her gaze found mine as excitement rolled off of her “I haven’t been on a mission in months”

“You know why,” said sharply Liam eyeing her sternly.

She scoffed “oh please, cut the crap with your overprotective behaviour. I am a trained slayer, you can’t keep me off the missions because you worry too much” she glared at him, anger evident in her voice.

I couldn't help but smile at her response, hiding it while I placed a glass in front of my lips about to drink my water. Even though Liam was the head of this organisation, she still stood up to him. And I loved that about her.

His facial expression softened as he raised his hand to caress her cheek “I love you, you’re my everything. I don’t want anything happening to you” Gazing into her eyes with so much affection, suddenly I felt uncomfortable, like intruding on some lovemaking session. I averted my eyes away from them roaming around the cafeteria aimlessly.

Olivia told him something but I blocked their conversation out of my head. My mind began to swirl with thoughts of my nonexistent love life.

The urge to find someone to love me the same way Liam loves Olivia grew every time I saw them like this. I couldn't help the envy growing in the pit of my stomach.

Glancing at them, the anger that once filled Olivia’s face was gone, exchanged for love and utter adoration. They looked so loved up, it made my stomach churn a little bit.

A few more minutes passed and Liam’s voice filled my ears with his serious, commanding voice “tonight, ten o’clock be ready. You’re just going to walk through the streets and if you come across any vampires, you kill them” I nodded once, my eyes boring into his, acknowledging his instructions. With a last glance towards his girlfriend, he stood up and left the cafeteria.

Once he was out of hearing range I couldn’t help but ask “when was the last time you went on a mission?”

“Five months ago,” she said, her voice nearly whispered. “I nearly died that night, if it wasn’t for Markus, I wouldn’t be here now” my eyes widened, my eyebrows shot high on my forehead.

“What happened?”

“We were ambushed in one of the street alleys. I got bitten pretty badly and nearly bled to death.”

“Now I understand Liam’s concern”

“I know, I shouldn’t be too harsh on him” she muttered. “I was just eager to get out of here...same as you”

“Nothing is going to go wrong tonight” I assured more myself than her when I realised if something would happen to her, I would have to face Liam’s wrath.

She smiled widely then cleared her throat “so how is it going with you and Alex” her eyebrow raised on her forehead slightly.

I narrowed my eyes at her “nothing is going on between me and him”

“Nothing?” Her eyebrow raised even higher.

I shook my head “No. He’s being friendly. That’s about it. There is nothing romantic” slight irritation found its way to my voice. I had no idea why she kept thinking that there would be anything between me and him. Yes, he was ruggedly handsome where any woman would just melt under his gaze. And what I noticed around me they did. Nearly all the single female slayers had a crush on him.

But there was also his aura. The same aura I saw through the peephole in the motel when I first saw him. The aura that could tell you he was deadly, dominant and confident. This blend of qualities made him that much more desirable.

I however kept my desires of him at bay, hidden deep within me. He got under my skin ever since he comforted me when I found out about my parents. He was in my thoughts most of the day when I didn't spar or sleep.

For eight years no one showed me any affection. Of course, when the opposite sex would show something like this, my hormones would go crazy. The fact that I was hybrid kept me grounded, my thoughts and fantasies would ever only stay in my head. No one would ever find out how much I actually wanted him.

Hybrids and slayers don't mix. Plus with his looks, he could have any woman he desired. With my looks, I had no chance with him. It was always friendliness that I sensed from him, nothing else.

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