The Hybrid

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Chapter 13

Night came and I began getting ready for the mission. The mixture of excitement and nervousness filled my core. I’ve been told by Olivia to wear casual clothes since we needed to blend with the people on the streets. It was December and freezing outside so I decided on skinny jeans with a t-shirt and hoodie. I put on a winter puffer jacket with a black beanie and finished the look with my favourite combat boots.

Just on time, a knock came from my door. Opening it, Olivia stood there with a huge grin on her face, wearing similar clothes. Only instead of a jacket, she wore a cream coat and a fluffy hat. “Are you ready?” She asked taking in my appearance. I nodded and stepped outside the door.

“We need to go to the weaponry,” her melodic voice echoed as we walked through the empty hallway.

“We get to have weapons?” I raised my eyebrow at her. I wondered why I wasn't able to get any weapon when I went on a mission with Alex and Markus. Did they not trust me enough?

She giggled “ya, I never go without weapons”

Entering the weaponry, a guy sat behind a desk with a laptop. His eyes moved from the screen of his laptop towards us. He smiled widely upon setting his eyes on Olivia. “Hi, are you here to get your weapons?”

“Hi, Derek. Yea we need ear comms and...some guns?” She turned to me, her eyebrow high on her forehead looking for approval.

I shook my head “For me some knives or something. I never handled guns”

“Never?” Both of her eyebrows raised in surprise “I have to teach you”

I smiled at her then turned my attention to the guy as he stood up from his desk and went into the back of the room. He came back holding two small boxes, handing one to me and the other Olivia. Opening it there was a small black flat battery type of mechanism. Then I remembered Alex had one of those in his ear.

I glanced at Olivia, she was in the middle of putting it inside of her ear. So I did the same thing. As it was placed securely, I heard a male voice in my ear coming from it.

“Can you hear me?” a male voice resonated in my ear.

“Ya, we are all set” I heard Olivia next to me.

“So what guns you have for me” she turned her attention to Derek.

He turned around grabbing two small pistols on the belt holster. “I’ve micro nine mm for you”

She grabbed it beaming at him “you know me too well” opening up her coat she fastened the guns on her slim waist.

Derek turned his attention to me “I’ve some throwing stars and here” he handed me a large combat knife with the sheath attached horizontally to a belt. I grabbed it fasting it around my waist and pulling my hoodie and jacket over it to hide it from sight. He also handed me a pocket with throwing stars. I fastened it on the belt of the knife on my hip.

“Thanks”, I smiled happily, pleased with the weapons.

“Let’s go” I heard Olivia next to me.

“See you later” I heard Derek as we headed for the door.

Entering the large foyer of the building Liam stood there waiting for us. Once we approached he had a serious look on his face.

“Please be careful” he pleaded as he held Olivia by her shoulders, looking into her eyes.

“I will don’t worry,” she said with a smile on her face, trying to reassure him everything would be fine.

He looked in my direction letting go of her shoulders “you know what to do, if anything happens, use the comms. I’ll be listening” his voice sounded commanding but his eyes told me another story. He loved Olivia and he was afraid something would happen to her. I only nodded acknowledging his words.

With goodbye, he kissed Olivia on her lips. I turned around, not wanting to intrude and began walking towards the door.

Sitting in the small car Olivia drove to the city. We were both quiet and I couldn't shake the feeling of nervousness. What if something would happen, Olivia could get injured. I had to push those thought out of my head. She was trained, she knew what to do. In fact, she probably knew more than me. But ever since she told me about her last mission with Markus, I felt protective of her. She was my friend, I didn’t want to see her get hurt. I couldn't let anything happen to her, not to mention Liam would have my head.

After a while, we finally arrived in the city and Olivia parked the car on some random street near the city centre and we both hopped out.

“So we just going to walk around?” I found myself asking as we walked down the street.

“Ya pretty much”

Snow began falling and I smiled at the sight. It was freezing cold but one thing I loved about the winter was the snow. It was just magical.

As we walked through the city, we casually chatted about everything. I found myself asking how she got to be a slayer. She told me that Liam saved her from vampires. She went clubbing with her friends and vampires attacked them. Liam saved her but couldn’t save her friends. Apparently, he fell in love with her then and there. He told her everything and she decided she wanted to try it. Liam trained her and helped her become the slayer she was now.

A cross the road was a dark alleyway and we both headed towards it. Just casually walking but concentrating our senses on our surroundings, the foul smell of urine and rubbish filled my nostrils. Because of my heightened senses, the smell was a lot more stronger for me than for Olivia. She seemed unbothered by it. I on the other hand did everything in my power to not throw up. Once we finally ended up on the other side of the alleyway I felt relief, breathing in the fresh air deeply.

We crossed three more alleyways like this but there was no sign of vampires. I furrowed my eyebrows when we exited the last alleyway “is this normal?”

“Ya, sometimes” she replied flatly “let’s go find a few more. If we don’t come across any vampires we head back”

“Fine by me. I’m missing my warm bed”, a yawn escaped my lips and tears lined my eyes slightly.

She chuckled “me too”

We decided to grab a coffee in the nearby coffee shop that was still open and headed into another alleyway. As we walked through, I perked up upon hearing footsteps and whispers.

I grabbed Olivia’s arm, she sharply turned her head towards me shootings me a questioning look. Eyeing her cautiously I pressed my forefinger to my lips, signalling her to be quiet. She nodded and we slowly, carefully walked towards the noise, setting our coffees on the ground in the process. Once we turned the corner I carefully peaked in the direction of the noise. A vampire held a young teenage girl sucking the blood out of her neck.

As we carefully and slowly came closer to him he froze, then pulled his head away from her neck. His crimson eyes found us and a wicked smile formed on his face while her blood coloured his lips and chin.

I reached for the throwing stars, never leaving my eyes from his face. I threw it towards him but he quickly jumped out of the way, leaving the teenager to fall to the ground. While running towards him I shouted to Olivia “check on the girl!”

I lunged at him with the knife in my hand, missing his chest with centimetres. He jumped towards me, his sharp nails sliced through my jacket leaving it in ribbons on my chest. Sending a powerful kick into his midsection he collided with the brick stone behind him clutching at his stomach.

Before he could make any movement, I threw the knife into his heart. His eyes widened, blood poured out of the wound and he fell to the ground dead. Approaching him, I pulled out the knife and wiped the blood off of his clothes.

Suddenly a loud thud as if someone jumped off the building reached my ears. Then footsteps, a lot of them. I sharply turned around, only to see about twenty vampires circling me. Each and every one of them had a vicious facial expression.

I took a step back, cautiously watching their every move. Fear began rising within me when I realised that there was no way I could take twenty vampires all by myself. At that moment, I hoped Olivia was still alive and was smart enough to save herself. Looking around for an escape route I was greeted with brick walls all around me. It was a dead end. The only way out was to pass them.

Suddenly all of them lunged at me at once. I jumped, dodged and stopped their blows as much as I could. Throwing a few punches and kicks in one direction, I was greeted with punches and kicks from the other.

My body collided with the cold wet asphalt now covered in snow. They were too quick and too many of them. There was no way I could defeat them.

As I got up to my feet, I felt searing pain radiating from my abdomen, one of the vampires kicked me into my midsection knocking the air out of my lungs. It left me flying across the alleyway colliding with the brick wall and falling to the ground not far from the dead vampire I killed earlier.

A cold hand around my neck lifted me off the ground, restricting my airways before I could even get to my legs. I clutched at the vampire’s arm, digging my nails into his flesh, hitting him, trying to kick him anywhere, but he didn’t budge.

I struggled against him, my mouth opened trying to get some air into my lungs but nothing came in. Too weak to shift I felt helpless. “Die bitch” he sneered just a centimetre from my face. He was so close to my face I felt his disgusting breath on my skin. My vision began to blur, black dots appeared in my vision from the lack of oxygen. I closed my eyes waiting for my death. Then blackness engulfed me.

The coldness from the ground brought me back to the living. Overwhelming pain seared through my raw throat. Loud noises entered my ears. Wanting to know what was happening around me I dared to open my eyes, but my vision was still blurry. Lots of shapes and footsteps moved around, the sound of gunshots and screams filled my ears. I felt my consciousness slipping away again.


From nothingness came blackness. I felt pain everywhere but mostly around my neck. Slowly opening my eyes, relief washed over me when I saw the familiar surroundings of my room. Daylight illuminated the room, telling me I must have been out for hours.

Attempting to sit up in the bed, I abandoned the idea straight away. Even more severe pain seared through my abdomen.

What the hell... I should be healed.

I noticed IV in my arm with clear liquid dripping from the drip bar.

A few minutes have passed. I lay there replaying the last memories of the night. Olivia flashed in my mind and I prayed whoever listened she was alive. A few more minutes passed and my consciousness slipped away once again.

This time, a noise woke me up from my sleep. The room was dark, only a small lamp illuminated the room. Glancing around the room, Olivia sat on the chair by the door and next to her stood Liam. She held his hand, her eyes looking down.

Liam shifted, my eyes moved to his face. His eyes collided with mine, they widened at the sight of me. “Ellie” he breathed out seeming relieved.

Olivia immediately shot her striking wide eyes towards me. Both of their faces were marred with concern along with tired eyes and Olivia looked paler than usual. As I took in Olivia’s appearance I noticed she had a busted lower lip and her hand was wrapped. I furrowed my eyebrows eyeing her injuries. Feeling anger raising within me I promised myself that whoever attacked us would pay dearly for it.

Attempting to speak, only a squeak came out of my mouth. My eyes widened as I held my hand to my mouth in surprise but also shock.

“Don’t speak” Olivia quickly said moving to the edge of the bed next to me. “your pipes are crushed”

I looked around the room in a desperate search for anything to write on. My eyes stopped on my phone that was laying on the nightstand next to my ned. Grabbing it I began typing.

‘What happened’ I held out the phone for her to read it.

"Oh my God was bad" tears began to form in her eyes as she spoke “By the time I checked on the girl and stopped her bleeding you were around the corner fighting the vampire. I saw the others on the roof and called for help. Thankfully Alex and Markus weren’t too far, they were there in minutes.” She explained while she placed her hand in mine.

‘Why am I not healed?’ She read it loudly so Liam knew the question.

He answered “they must have injected you with something. You’re healing like a human” I rolled my eyes and shook my head in response. I was sick and tired of everyone injecting me with drugs.

‘Was it ambush?’ I typed in the phone.

Both of them nodded “I don’t know how they knew about the mission and where we were” stated Olivia.

I furrowed my eyebrows ‘maybe they hacked the system?’ I held out the phone for them to read.

Liam shook his head. “That’s impossible. Our system can’t be hacked plus the details of the mission were placed in after you returned.” He rubbed his face and began pacing the room.

Suddenly, the door opened and Alex walked in. His eyes widened once his emerald eyes found mine. “You’re awake” he breathed out, relief evident in his voice and face.

I nodded as I watched him standing there by the door, fuzzy feeling spread across my chest. I took in his appearance. He had faint dark circles under his eyes, a fresh scar on his forehead screamed at me. His chocolate brown wet hair was messy framing his face. He wore grey sweatpants and a plain black t-shirt. I gulped pain radiated from my raw throat and I couldn't help the wince.

His eyes moved from my face to my phone in my hands. “How are you feeling,” he asked walking towards the bed and stopping at the foot of the bed.

I typed in my reply ‘painful everywhere. Thanks for coming to help.’

“No need to thank me.” He stated. He turned to Liam “I think I know how they found out about the mission”

Liam raised his eyebrow eyeing him.

“I think there is a traitor” Alex's face and voice was void of any emotions.

“that's what I thought too,” Liam said.

As I watched them, my eyes began feeling droopy and I blinked them a few times trying to fight the tiredness “Are you tired?” I heard Olivia. I nodded watching the two slayers talking, trying to listen to their conversation.

“We talk about this later,” Liam's eyes shot to me. “Let’s go, Olivia,” he said walking over to her “she needs to rest” he took her hand in his and she smiled at me. I smiled back “I’ll come by tomorrow if he lets me” as she said the last part she glanced at Alex. I furrowed my eyebrows confused at what she meant. She giggled, stood up and left.

‘What did she mean' I typed on my phone and showed it to Alex.

“Nothing,” Alex looked away.

I watched him as he stood there, he shifted from one leg to another. I got the feeling that he wanted to say something but didnt know how to. He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck “right, I let you sleep” he said turning away and leaving.


I was wide awake when I heard a knock on the door. After everyone left last night I fell asleep immediately and woke up a few minutes ago. The door opened and an older man walked in wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck and a clipboard in one of his hands. He smiled once his eyes met mine, the glasses on his nose raised slightly. I smiled back being friendly.

“Good morning Ellie.” He walked over to me, his voice deep but soothing and calm “I am Dr Olsen” I nodded acknowledging him. He studied the clipboard then turned his attention to me. “You’ve been beaten up pretty badly. How are you feeling?”

Grabbing my phone I began typing ‘still painful everywhere. Especial in my chest and throat’ he nodded once he finished reading it.

“May I?” Suggesting to my neck.

I nodded.

He lifted my chin gently, studying my neck “open your mouth for me” he said and I did.

With a small light, he illuminated my mouth and throat. “Ok your throat seems better, I think the drug they injected into you is wearing off” he let go of my mouth “try and say something” I began to talk but only barely a whisper came out. “Ok your voice is slowly coming back to you but I suggest trying not to use your voice.” I nodded. “I need to check your chest too. You had two broken ribs”

I nodded lifting my sleeping tank top under my breast. I looked at my chest, my eyes widened. A deep purple bruise adorned half of my chest. He examined it then noticed my horror “the bruise on your chest will clear out. I will need to do an x-ray later today if you're not healed by then” he took a step back and wrote something on the clipboard. I pulled down my tank top and covered myself with the blanket. “You seem better than last night. Your body is already healing. I will take the iv out... you don’t need this anymore” he gently slid out the iv out of my skin and pull away the drip. Breath of relief left my lips once that was done. I hated needles and couldn't wait to get rid of it.

“I will see you later,” he said before he walked out of the room.

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