The Hybrid

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Chapter 15

"Ellie! Wait" Olivia's sweet voice echoed in the hallway behind me.

I stopped and turned around, watching her running towards me. She stopped a few feet in front of me, panting heavily and eyeing my clothes suspiciously with her narrowed eyes. Then her eyes shot to my face.

"Are you going somewhere?" She raised one of her eyebrows and crossed her arms on her chest, daring me to lie to her.

"I'm just going for a walk," I tried to sound innocent, the corners of my lips raised into a smile.

She narrowed her sky blue eyes at me and her eyebrows furrowed, not believing my lie.

I sighed, grabbed her by her elbow and pulled her into the bathroom that was a few steps away from us. As we both entered, I looked around and made sure no one was on the toilet or in the shower. Then I walked back towards her. She still had her eyes narrowed at me, her arms rested on her hips waiting patiently for my answer.

"Well..." She said her voice laced with irritation, demanding my answer.

I lowered my voice just enough for her to hear me "I'm going to get some info on Henry," my eyes flicker between hers, waiting for her reaction.

Her eyes widened "what do you mean you're going to get info on Henry" she said loudly her irritation shifted into shock.

"Shhh..." I placed my hand over her lips as I frantically looked around "I am going to the address Sam gave me, I want to find out the area, what security he has and what am I dealing with. Anything that can help me." I hoped she would let me do this, not that she could stop me. And I hoped she wouldn't say a word to anyone.

"Liam doesn't know about this, does he," her voice matched mine after she pushed away my hand from her lips.

I shook my head "I have to do this Olivia" my voice sounded desperate.

"Why, why don't you just wait until Liam and Alex come up with a good plan" she pleaded with me, with every word she grew irritated.

"Because they are taking ages, there's a traitor here, Henry can attack anytime and we won't see it coming. I have to have the upper hand. I need to have some info. It might help us with a better plan as well." The urgency to do this laced into my voice.

She eyed me slowly shaking her head disagreeing with me.

So stubborn.

"Olivia," I placed my hands on her shoulders "I will do this whether you like it or not" I bored my eyes into her sky blue depths, hoping to intimidate her slightly to back off.

"I'm coming with you" she stated after a few seconds her eyes bored into me the entire time with the same intensity.

I let out a sigh of frustration and shook my head while I tore away my eyes "no"

"I'm not letting you do this alone. I'm coming with you whether you like it or not" she smiled triumphantly using my own words.

"Do you realise Liam will kill me if something happens to you? He will be pissed if I go alone" I pointed finger at her "if you come along he will murder me"

"No, I'm not letting you go alone" she spoke with finality. "Now let's go" She turned around and left the bathroom.

I let out a heavy sigh of irritation and went after her. I contemplated just locking her in her room, only if I had a key.

Entering her bedroom she began to get dressed. She changed into her jeans and winter jacket after she saw me wearing casual clothes.

"By the way, how were you gonna get into the city" she raised an eyebrow at me when she turned towards me.

"Um...I was going to take your car" I muttered tearing away my eyes from her face, suddenly the floor became very interesting.

"You thief, you're gonna steal my car," her accusing voice entered my ears, her wide eyes met mine as I tore them away from the floor.

"I wasn't going to steal it," my voice was loud and defensive "just borrow it. I would bring it back", I muttered the last bit of the sentence, eyeing the floor again.

Olivia shook her head and began to giggle. My eyes shot to her, my brows furrowed and gave her a questioning look.

"We should get some guns," she said after her fit of giggles ended.

I shook my head "no, no time. Plus I don't want anyone to know we're leaving" my voice was serious.


On the way to the city the night sky was clear, half-moon could be seen high above with myriads of stars twinkling in the inky sky. The only noise in the car was the radio that played some random pop music. We didn't speak both of us submerged in our thoughts.

Were we really about to spy on my so-called brother? I was nervous to do it all by myself but with Olivia coming with me, my anxiety was on a different level. The last time we went on a mission, it ended me nearly getting killed. I prayed to whoever listened that nothing would happen. That we would just gather some info and leave. I just hoped Liam would never find out about it, but since Olivia invited herself to go with me that wouldn't be the case. He will murder me for taking Olivia with me, not that she gave me any choice.

I didn't know what Alex would do once he finds out that I left without anyone's permission. Since the kiss last night I haven't seen him. I wondered what he was up to. The thought of his lips on mine made the heat rush to my cheeks. I wanted to talk to him about it last night. I just hoped he didn't regret the kiss and now avoiding me.

After the kiss, he walked me to my room. We barely talked and it felt a bit awkward. I couldn't help the feeling that he regretted kissing me. I shook my head and sighed. If he did, it would be awkward between us. A pang of hopelessness settled in the pit of my stomach. I shouldn't be getting attached to him. I thought to myself. If that was the case, it would hurt a lot less.

When we finally arrived at the address Sam gave me, a big black metal gate with swirled ornaments stood in front of us as we sat in the car.

"Are you sure this is the address" I found myself asking Olivia, still staring at the gate with my wide eyes? It was one of those electric gates that only wealthy people had. The ones owning a huge mansion.

"Ya, that's the address" I heard her saying next to me. I still had my eyes glued on the dark gate.

I cleared my throat, snapping myself out of the shock "ok, let's park the car, and then I have to get over the fence" I said trying to sound calm and knowing what I'm doing. In reality, I wasn't. I was a nervous wreck but didn't want to show that to Olivia.

She parked the car a bit further down the road away from the gate. It was parked in between thick trees making it a perfect hiding place.

Once we stopped and she turned off the engine I turned my attention to her "stay here, I'll be back as soon as I can. If I'm not back in an hour, go, don't wait for me." I stared at her intensely, hoping she would listen to me at least once.

She glared at me her lips in a tight line "do you honestly think I let you go alone" her tone was deadly serious, determination flashed in the sky blue eyes. I've never heard her this serious with anyone.

Without even waiting for my response she opened the door, jumped out and slammed the door behind her. I pinched the bridge of my nose and shook my head "why is she so stubborn" I mumbled to myself.

After jumping out of the car we both headed towards the mansion. It took us a couple of minutes. We avoided the gate and walked alongside the tall fence until we found a perfect tree.

We both climbed the tree and were now standing on a thick branch looking into the big garden. I was right about the mansion. It was a beautiful Mediterranean style mansion with balconies and decorative stone walls. All around the house were flower beds with small bushes and trees, but without flowers, since we were in the middle of December. The garden was big with high trees scattered all over it.

At least two security guys walked around the house and I was pretty sure there was more scattered around and inside the building. It would be tricky to get closer to the house. From the tree, I couldn't see or hear as good as I wanted to. I needed to get closer. My eyes moved over to Olivia, she eyed the security guy that just passed us. I was pretty sure they were all vampires from the metallic smell of blood that surrounded them.

Once he was far enough from hearing range, I moved closer to Olivia and leaned over to her to speak as quietly as I could "I need to get closer" I whispered into her ear.

"There is a pattern. It takes two minutes for another guard to appear. We should be able to make it." She whispered eyeing the mansion in front of us.

While I had my eyes on the mansion, a light suddenly switched on in one of the large windows just across the tree we were spying from. Henry walked in with a man in his mid-thirties trailing after him. He seemed to be human. Glancing towards Olivia, her eyes were wide, her mouth hung open slightly and she looked frozen on the spot.

I furrowed my eyebrows "what's wrong" I whispered snapping her out of her shock. She blinked a few times "Jamie" she breathed out.

"Who's Jamie," I felt completely confused.

She turned her wide eyes towards me "he's the traitor" she explained. My eyes widened and I looked back at the man. As I watched his face closely, I realised I'd seen him a few times around in the cafeteria and gym.

"He is the brother of the girl you accidentally killed" I heard Olivia whispering. I noticed the slight disappointment in her voice.

My wide eyes shot to her once again my mouth hang open. Now I understood, he wanted vengeance. It was all happening because of me.

Guilt filled every cell of my body as I thought of the girl and how I killed her. I knew all too well the sorrow that followed after the death of a loved one.

My eyes moved back to the window and the man I now knew as Jamie. He was talking to Henry and he seemed nervous. "We need to get closer, I need to hear what they're talking about" I whispered to Olivia.

"No need" I heard her next to me. My eyes snapped towards her again. She held small binoculars.

I furrowed my eyebrows "how is that going to help us, we still can't hear what they're talking about" I watched her as she looked through the binoculars.

"I can read lips," she said calmly "ooh...this is interesting"

"What-what are they saying" I whispered curiosity getting the best of me.

"Jamie is saying: it's done, I hope our deal is still on and I get your protection," she said quoting Jamie.

What is done?

Olivia's gentle whispering filled my ears, quoting again "ya tonight, as far as I know, everyone should be there. No missions were on"

I furrowed my eyebrows straining my brain, what did he mean by that. Then it hit hard in the face. He was talking about the Slayers Base. Everyone was there most likely sleeping and they would ambush them, thinking I was there with them.

Terror filled every cell of my body, my heart beating erratically in my chest and for a second I could hear my heartbeat loudly as every other noise blurred into the background. I turned my face towards Olivia and her eyes widened at the sight of me. I was pretty sure the terror I felt was shown on my face too.

"Are you ok?" Olivia asked carefully.

"We gotta go," I jumped off the branch to the ground landing on my feet.

"Hey, wait for me" I heard Olivia as she tried to climb down the tree. I waited for her, pacing around under the tree impatiently. Once she was on the ground we rushed towards our car.

"Will you tell me what up?" I heard Olivia next to me as she drove, a slight concern laced her voice.

"They planned to ambush The Base" I muttered as my eyes flicked to her.

She had her eyes glued to the road in front of her, but I could see in the darkness her eyes widening and a pure look of terror appearing on her flawless face as she registered my words. Seconds later she slammed her foot into the acceleration pedal and we picked up the speed. We were going pretty fast and I was surprised we weren't pulled over by the police.

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