The Hybrid

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Chapter 16

As we speed through the city and then the highway towards the Slayers Base, I prayed to God that it didn't happen yet and we would be able to warn everyone just in time. Unbelievable guilt and despair filled my body when the thoughts of everyone dead because of me swirled in my head. A tear escaped my eyes and rolled down my cheek but quickly wiped it away. Now wasn't the time to cry. I had to be strong.

Once we arrived in front of the base and park the car in the garage we stepped into the house. The strong coppery smell of blood greeted us, upon stepping into the large building. My body immediately tensed and my eyes widened.

Once I shook off the horror and shock, I strained my sensitive ears for any noise but didn't detect anything. It was eerily still and quiet. Usually, I could hear faint footsteps and chatter around the building at this time if I tried, nothing but silence greeted me this time. Which meant only one this. Everyone was dead.

Olivia's eyes widened when she saw my facial expression "What is it"

"I smell a lot of blood" my eyes flicked to hers, panic marred her stunning features. Her already wide eyes widened even more, the colour from her face disappeared and her whole posture tensed.

Suddenly she sprinted off towards the stairs and into the hallway, I followed her until she stopped in front of a door. Olivia didn't waste any time, burst the door open and rushed in. Moonlight illuminated the room through the windows just enough to make out everything. She was about to flick the light on but I placed my hand over hers on the light switch. She turned around and before she could even ask why I shook my head.

Vampires could have been lingering outside and If they did we needed to be careful. She snapped her head towards the large bed and my eyes followed, it was empty. I could tell she tried to see in the darkness, while she squinted her eyes struggling. Her body slightly relaxed when her eyes landed on the empty still made bed. She must have been looking for Liam since this wasn't her room.

Sprinting out the door into the harsh lid hallway again looking for him with me on her tail, she stopped in front of his office and roughly opened the door. It was empty as well as both of us scanned the room, she let out a sigh of relief "he is not here" she breathed out and her body visibly relaxed even more.

We both began to look for Alex and Markus and when we couldn't find them anywhere we were both relieved but wondered where they could be. We stumbled upon a few dead bodies in the bathrooms and hallways but didn't dare to go into any of the other rooms. Unmistakable sorrow and despair in Olivia's stunning face grew with each dead body we found. She knew all of them and I could only imagine the pain she felt. I didn't know them, but knowing they died mostly because of me made the guilt that already weighted me down even stronger.

"Is there any way we can contact them, they probably don't know what happened here?" I asked her while we walked through the bright hallways.

"Yes, there is" she turned around and began walking the opposite way towards the weaponry.

When we entered, the metallic smell of blood drowned my scent. I looked around and then noticed Olivia frozen on the spot staring behind the desk. I walked next to her, Derek laid there in the puddle of blood. His neck was slid open, his eyes open and glazed over, fear written all over his face. Averting my gaze, I gulped loudly as I felt a lump forming in my throat.

Standing behind Olivia, I placed my hand on her shoulder hoping it would alleviate some of the pain. However, I knew nothing would lessen the pain of death. I knew it first hand, only time would help but not fully erase.

She wiped her face as tear escaped her eye. After tearing her eyes away from his dead body, she walked around the desk towards the back of the room where empty shelves lined the walls. Just hours before this massacre, those shelves were filled with deadly weapons and the latest gadgets.

She walked alongside the empty shelves, her perfectly shaped eyebrows creased as her eyes looked for the comm. She stopped, picking up the small technology.

"Thank God" she muttered under her nose.

The corner of her lips raised ever so slightly into a ghost of a smile. Seconds later, she picked up another one from the floor. She came over to me, dusting off the comm she found on the flood, on her hoodie, while she handed me the other one.

"Is this going to work?" I took the comm she offered and began placing it in my ear.

"They're all connected" she answered placing the small technology into her ear.

Once the small earpieces were in our ears I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the weaponry. "We have to get out of here."

Soon enough we were in her room. While I packed an overnight bag for her, Olivia tried to reach Liam.

"Liam, are you there" her voice laced with desperation reached my ears.

A few seconds later Liam's voice rang in my ear "Olivia? Is that you?"

Olivia sat on the chair, her whole body relaxed and she closed her eyes upon hearing his voice. As if a large amount of weight was lifted off her shoulders. After opening her eyes, a slight smile appeared on her lips. I felt relieved as well and hoped Alex was with him.

"It's me, I am here with Ellie. Is Alex and Markus with you?" She asked when she joined me, packing her stuff.

"Only Alex...if Markus is not there, they must have taken him"

"Shit" I muttered to myself as I sank into Olivia's bed. My elbows rested on my thighs while holding my head. I felt dread in the pit of my stomach as I imagined Markus being tortured and fed from.

I took out the earpiece and put it in my pocket. Olivia talked with Liam a bit more but I didn't listen as I thought about Markus. Yes, he was an asshole to me and hated my guts but after I helped him with the vampires in the club, he changed his behaviour towards me. Despite the fact we had a rough start, I couldn't just ignore the fact that he was taken by vampires, thanks to me.

When Olivia finished packing her stuff we headed towards my room. As I packed my stuff Olivia told me that they were in a safe house in the city and that's where we were headed once I finished packing my stuff.

After jumping in the car and driving back into the city we stopped in front of a big apartment complex. The building was modern at least ten levels high with long balconies and large floor-length windows.

After grabbing our bags and walking into the building, we found ourselves in an elevator and ended up on the seventh floor. Stepping into the big square hallway, three doors greet us. My eyes scanned the place and noticed small cameras barely visible, one in the corner facing the elevator and the other facing the door on the left.

Olivia headed towards the door on the left and before she could knock on the door, the door sharply opened and a hand pulled her in. Another hand roughly pulled me inside too.

Warm arms snaked around my shoulders hugging me and the smell of musk, nutmeg and orange engulfed me. I rested my head on his hard chest and melted in his heat, deeply inhaling his scent while his cheek rested on my head. Hearing Liam talking to Olivia in a hushed voice I blocked them out, never wanting this moment to end, feeling safe in his arms. The disastrous memory of the night faded as I concentrated on the man that held me as if his life depended on it.

"I was so worried" Alex spoke in a low tone as he got a hold of my shoulders and pulled me away enough to look in my eyes. Finding his emerald orbs, they studied my face and then flicked between my eyes and lips. His brows were creases, worry marred his handsome features.

"We're fine, we weren't there when it happened" I muttered, drowning in his eyes. Alex pulled me into his embrace once more and I closed my eyes enjoying the intimacy far too much.

"Hi guys" I heard a familiar voice, but I couldn't place a face to it. My eyes shot open and I jerked my head towards the voice.

"Sam..." Olivia breathed out, relief was evident in her voice. She pulled away from Liam and walked towards him before they embraced each other.

With Alex's arms around me, I watched their interaction. They seemed very close. She held his face in the palm of her hands and talked to him in a hushed voice.

"They're siblings" Alex whispered into my ear. His voice fanned gently against my skin, sending a shiver across my spine.
He must have sensed my curiosity. I didn't respond just watching the affection and care they were giving each other while I enjoyed Alex's close proximity.

After greeting Sam we all walked into the open plan kitchen/living room. It was spacious. The kitchen was sleek white with a kitchen island and bar stools that separated the living room.

A large leather black sofa faced the flat tv which was on. The images from the hallway, the ground floor in front of the elevator, the stairs and in front of the building played on the tv. On the large glass coffee table were two laptops and guns.

On the left side of the large room was a huge balcony that spread to another room. Across the windows were two doors. One of them was a spacious bathroom decorated in earth colours and the other must have been a bedroom. Another door was situated next to the windows on the other side of the wall.

Alex took my hand and pulled towards the door. The room was fairly big. There was a king-sized double bed dominating the room with a nightstand on each side. A dresser was situated right across the bed and next to it right beside the big window was a small library. There was a door next to the door we entered in.

"Is this your room?" I found myself asking Alex as my eyes roamed over the bedroom. It looked lived in with pictures on the nightstand and clothes thrown over the bed. It looked like someone lived there for months perhaps years.

He nodded "yes, this is my room. I used to stay here a lot. You can take the bed, I'll sleep on the floor." His eyes bored into mine intensely.

"No, I don't want to bother you, I don't mind sleeping on the floor," I said awkwardly, nervousness raised within me every second being alone with Alex.

His eyebrows furrowed and his arms crossed over his chest "That's out of the question. You'll sleep on the bed" his tone of voice and posture told me I wasn't going to win this argument.

I let out a sigh of defeat "Ok"

"Are you hungry"

" fine," I said, feeling ok. But second later, my stomach made the loudest noise. That could easily be heard on the other side of the door. Heat rushed to my cheeks, wishing the ground would swallow me whole.

A wide smile adorned his face. "I think you do...Let's go, Liam is making you something to eat."

When we entered the living room, a delicious scent of tomatoes, garlic and beef hit my nose. Liam stood in the kitchen cooking, Olivia with Sam sat on the barstools chatting away and watching Liam.

When we reached them Olivia's eyes shot to me and Alex. She smiled and gave me knowing look. Heat rushed to my cheeks and I quickly averted my eyes.

"So..." I heard Liam's voice and my eyes automatically landed on him. "I heard you had a little adventure tonight," he said with a steely voice, irritation flashed in his eyes.

"Ya we did, and thanks to that, we're alive" I glared at him, my blush disappeared.

"And? What did you find out" his eyes flicked between me and Olivia?

"We went there to get some info about Henry and end up finding out who sold us out" Olivia answered calmly, her sky blue eyes flicking between Liam, Alex and me.

"Who" Liam raised his brow.

"Jamie, Anna's brother" Olivia answered.

Liam's eyes widened but then he composed himself as he turned around and threw the pasta into the boiling water.

"I had a suspicion" I heard Alex's voice next to me. I turned my gaze towards him "he worked in the control room the night of your and Olivia's mission" he added his eyes staring into mine.

"Bastard" Sam's voice rang throughout the room.

My eyes moved to the floor as a pang of guilt settled in the pit of my stomach.

Everyone is dead because of me. If it weren't for my brother being after me and me killing the innocent girl none of it would have happened.

I couldn't help the sinking feeling of my heart.

Not to mention, Marcus was missing. Who knew what they were doing to him. He's suffering because of me.

"What about Markus" I found myself asking. "He wasn't there when we were looking for you"

"They must have taken him" Alex answered apprehension evident in his voice and face.

"What if he is out," I asked, hoping he wasn't there when the attack happens.

"I left him in charge of the Base. He wouldn't leave" Liam said, his back to us while he still cooked the dinner.

"Where were you all day by the way," Olivia asked him

He turned to face her "I had a meeting with the minister and mayor and then I came here to help Alex" his voice was calm, his gaze towards Olivia was full of affection.

When Liam served us the delicious pasta, we all sat at the round table by the window. I learned that Alex was here all day working on the plan with Sam to take down Henry and the council. I felt relieved and happy that he didn't avoid me.

After everything that happened tonight, I barely ate. Just the thought of dead Derek lying in his pool of blood made my stomach churn. I knew I had to eat something if I didn't want to drain them all tonight.

The whole time we chatted all the people I got to know and stumbled upon that were dead in the Base, flashed in my head. I drowned in guilt and regret. Thanks to Olivia's stubbornness she was alive, if she had listened to me, she wouldn't be sitting here eating pasta and chatting away with everyone.

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