The Hybrid

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Chapter 17

When we all finished the pasta Liam cooked for us, everyone headed to bed. Olivia and Liam shared a room, Sam took the sofa and Alex and I shared his bedroom. I was nervous about sharing a room with him, even though he said it didn't bother him and would sleep on the floor.

My hormones were all over the place and my heart beat drastically in my chest just thinking about him, sleeping in the same room as me. At times like these, I felt like a teenager or virgin despite the fact I wasn't.

"I need a shower" I grabbed my bag from the floor, about to rummage through it.

"The bathroom is over there" Alex pointed to the other door. I nodded and grabbed my pyjamas.

Once in the bathroom, I flicked the lights on and walked towards the sink to place my clothes there. Glancing at myself in the mirror I gazed into my orange fiery eyes. They began to slowly line with tears.

The images of the slayers and the thought of Markus kept flashing in my head. I felt disgusted by myself that I let anything like this happen. The guilt within me grew every second like a large boulder was placed on my back and weighing me down knowing they were dead.

All those lives lost could have been prevented. Only if Alex would never bring me into the Base or my attempt of trying to escape. I wiped my eyes free from the tears that blurred my vision. My facial expression hardened, the thought of my sharp nails digging into his flesh and killing him flashed in my mind.

He will pay for everything.

Turning away from the mirror and switching on the shower, took off all the clothes I wore and stepped into the spacious shower. I closed my eyes when the heat of the water seeped through my skin into my bones instantly relaxing my tense muscles.

After finishing my shower, I dried myself with the fluffy towel that was on the shelf and then got dressed into sleeping shorts and a tank top.

When I entered the bedroom, Alex sat at the edge of the bed doing something on his phone. His eyes shot to my face and smiled widely at me. Then slowly roamed over my body and then back to my face where we both stared at each other for a few seconds. Everything around us faded as I found myself drowning in his deep orbs.

His eyes filled with desire before I tore my eyes away from him and felt the heat rushing to my cheeks in the process. He cleared his throat as if trying to dissolve the sexually charged atmosphere as I walked over to the bed. In the meantime, he disappeared into the bathroom.

I crisscrossed my legs sitting in the middle of the large bed and covered myself with the large soft duvet. My eyes roamed over his room since there was nothing else for me to do. There was a picture of him, Liam and Markus looking a lot younger, in the small library along the wall. It looked like he lived in the apartment. I noticed a pillow and blanket neatly folded on the floor alongside the library.

Ten minutes later, Alex came into the bedroom. My eyes tore away from my phone towards him. He wore a white plain t-shirt and shorts. The outlines of his bulging muscles under his t-shirt were visible, the shadows that the small lamp created made them even more noticeable. His hair was wet cascading around his face and pointing out in all directions, making him look boyish.

The corners of his lips raised slightly while he watched me checking him out. Heat rushed into my cheeks once again when I saw the smile and tore away my eyes.

"Good night", I muttered, placing my phone on the nightstand and layed down covering myself with the duvet up to my chin, trying to hide from his amused stare.

"Good night" his soft, deep voice reached my ears.

I turned off the lamp that was right next to me and closed my eyes. I hoped I would fall asleep straight away since I felt my eyes heavy with exhaustion, but no matter what I did I couldn't fall asleep.

The events of the day and the thoughts of everything that happened kept me awake. And the fact that Alex slept on the floor in the same room as me, didn't make it easier.

I turned on the other side, hoping I would get nice and comfy and finally fall asleep but nothing. I changed my position a few times, I was restless. And so was Alex as I heard him moving the whole time guessing that he couldn't get comfortable.

When I couldn't take it anymore, I sat up on the bed and looked in his direction, irritated at my own mind. The blanket was far too small for him, his legs were sticking out from underneath the blanket. I felt bad for taking over his large bed. He moved to his side facing me and I knew he wasn't sleeping when his emerald green depths landed on me through the darkness in the room.

"You know, this bed is big enough for the two of us," I stated with my voice low, but loud enough for him to hear me perfectly. My heart was beating madly in my chest as those words left my lips.

"I'm fine" I heard him say as I laid down again.

"You can't be comfortable, and I don't mind sharing the bed"

Silence followed for a few minutes and I thought he fell asleep. I faced the other side when the movement of the blanket and footsteps resonated in the room. Then the blanket moved behind me and dip in the mattress under his weight followed.

"Are you sure?" His deep voice dangerously close behind me whispered. His heat seeped into me and his breath on the back of my neck gently caressed my skin, sending shivers run across my spine. His signature scent of musk, orange and nutmeg drowned my sensitive sense of smell. I felt like I was in heaven.

I gulped loudly and then cringed at how loud it was "I'm sure"

He covered himself with the duvet and I found myself drifting away upon feeling him so close and smelling his signature scent.


The sun was high in the sky as I walked from the school. The corners of my lips raised into a full-blown smile at the memory of Tommy Higgins asking me to be his girlfriend. I was beyond happy, fancying him since I first laid my eyes on him in first grade. Tonight, he wanted to take me to the cinema for a date.

Last night I had a sleepover at Jenny's house and we ended up having a little party. Few people came over including Tommy. That's where he asked me to be his girlfriend. After that, we drank some beers and played spin a bottle. It was fun. Of course, the guys wanted to see the girls kiss or do some stupid stuff. I was happy as a teenager should be.

Approaching my home I opened the front door. The strong metallic smell of blood hit me hard in the face immediately wiping my smile away. My eyes widened and my heart began to beat rapidly in my chest as I ran further into the house. Upon reaching the kitchen, utter terror filled my entire being at the sight in front of me.

The usually white kitchen counters and walls were crimson red, splashes of blood covered every wall. When I stepped further into the kitchen the body of my mother laid on the floor, her limps in an awkward position. The look of surprise and fear that was on her face was forever dented in my mind. Her usually bright crimson eyes were lifeless and glazed over. Her skin was greyish pale and her usually pink lips were purple. Dried blood was all over her body, a gaping hole right in the middle of her chest where her heart would be.

I sank to the floor, heavy tears already rolling down my cheeks. Loud sobs filled the room while my shoulders shook in the process.

Suddenly, hushed voices coming from the garden reached my ears. Hope ignited in my body at the thought of my father being alive. I sprang up to my legs and ran towards the double door that led into the garden.

Slam opening them I froze, a loud gasp escaped my lips as my eyes widened. There he was, Henry straddling my lifeless father. He held a dagger in one of his hands, dripping with blood. Father's blood. As he turned around and stood up, my eyes couldn't tear away from his face. The corners of his lips curled into a sinister smile and his evil borderline psychotic eyes pierced through me. I willed myself to look away from him and I got a glimpse of my father. He laid in a pool of his own blood, lifeless, multiple stab wounds covered his body.

My teary eyes flicked to Henry again, he smiled at me wickedly showing off his fangs. A mixture of panic, shock, fear and anger grew within me every second my eyes stared at the monster in front of me.

"Hello sister" he chuckled then his gaze hardened "'re next," he said as he lunged at me.


My eyes shot open and I jerked upwards in the bed. My breathing was heavy as my wide fearful eyes scanned the room. For a second I didn't know where I was.

"Are you ok" Alex's sleepy voice filled my ears. He sat up next to me and placed his hand on my bare shoulder. Just hearing his voice and feeling his innocent touch calmed my racing heart and thoughts.

"Ya," I muttered, running my hands across my face "just a bad dream". The image of Henry's maniacal face kept flashing in my head. I haven't had a nightmare like this in years. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to wake you up"

"Do you want to talk about it?" his voice sounded less sleepy and I could hear the slight concern in his voice.

I shook my head "no im fine...thanks" my voice sounded calmer. When I lied down turning my back to him, Alex followed.

A few seconds of silence have passed when I heard Alex's hesitant voice. "Can I...hold you?"

I smiled and nodded despite the fact he couldn't see me "yes" I hoped he would ask.

He placed his warm hand on my hip hesitantly at first, but with every centimetre, his touch grew more confident. He moved his hand towards my belly, after that he pulled me into him. His hard chest pressed against my back, his heat nearly suffocated me. He began to gently caress my belly with his finger in a soothing manner while my top raised upwards, revealing my belly. My body relaxed with his hands on my skin and I found myself drifting away sooner than I would have liked.

A noise from the living room woke me up. Slowly opening my eyes, I blinked a few times, feeling Alex's torso pressed tightly against my back, his hands on my belly, his feet between mine and his light even breaths on the back of my neck. My hair moved with each of his breath, tickling me. The corners of my lips raised slightly into a smile at this intimacy. I dreamt about this almost every night since meeting him.

I carefully moved his hand from my belly and was about to untangle our legs to get up, but his hand moved back where it was and pulled me back into him. I felt his lips pressing against the back of my neck. Goosebumps erupted all over my body. "Stay...please" He whispered behind me, his voice was raspy from sleep. I smiled as butterflies erupted in my stomach.

We laid like this for a few more minutes. I loved the way he felt against my body and all I could do was melt into him. He made me feel safe, a sense of belonging filled my heart for the first time in years. He moved his hand under the tank top I wore and caressed my belly with his finger, the same way he did last night.

The few one nights stands I let myself have never included cuddles. I never let myself to feel any emotions, keeping it always physical. Up until now, I didn't realise that was what I yearned for.

Before he moved his hand away from my belly he kissed the back of my neck again and then got up. I sat up on the bed as I watched him walking into the bathroom. My eyes roamed over the room. The sun shone through the creamy coloured blinds, giving the room a slightly warm yellow hue.

My eyes stopped at the library. I got off the bed and walked towards it. There were two silver daggers on the shelves in front of the books. They were beautiful, decorated with red and purple stones. Ornamental wines decorated the hilt. The blade was silver, I could smell the faint metallic scent once I got near them.

"Beautiful aren't they?" Alex's deep velvety voice filled the room while he walked towards me.

"Ya", I said eyeing them "they're silver"

"Family heirloom" I heard his voice next to me, the smell of mint filling my nose.

My wide eyes shot to him "you mean they used to belong to the first slayer" my eyes found his emerald depth and I found myself unable to tear my eyes away.

The corners of his lips raised into a smile "yes, they're designed to kill vampires"

"Do you use them?" I found myself asking, still locked in his gaze, eager to know more.

He shook his head "no, they're too beautiful to waste them on vampires. Plus there are more effective weapons now"

I finally tore my eyes away from his, glancing at the daggers "ya, you're right. It would be a waste to use them on vampires" I smiled weakly before turning away and walking into the bathroom.

Walking into the bathroom, I did my business and morning routine. After brushing my teeth I let out a sigh as I realised it was time to face the reality. Time to get in there and plan the assassination of my brother, even if I had to do it all by myself. It was time for him to pay for what he did to my mother and father and all the slayers. And we had to free Markus. The thought of him getting tortured made my heart sink. We only became friendly recently but he was Alex's and Liam's brother. Not to mention Olivia saw him as her brother too.

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