The Hybrid

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Chapter 18

When we entered the living room, Olivia, Sam and Liam stood by the main door, dressed in their winter coats and about to leave.

"Hi," Olivia's sweet voice echoed in the room when she noticed us walking into the living room. She raised one of her eyebrows while her eyes flicked between me and Alex. A wide approving grin appeared on her face, pleased with us sharing a room. Upon seeing her facial expression, heat rushed to my cheeks and I quickly tore away my eyes from her.

"I am meeting with the mayor at the Base, I need to take care of all the bodies. Olivia and Sam are coming with me to gather the computers and weapons if there are any left." Liam's eyes were on Alex, his voice authoritative.

"Ok, if you need help let us know," Alex's voice came from next to me. Liam nodded before they all left.

Alex began to make breakfast while I sat on the barstool. He poured me a cup of coffee, my eyes roamed over the room and stopped at the digital clock that was on the shelf under the tv that was mounted to the wall. It was eleven am. I didn't realise it was so late.

"So...tell me about the council" I broke the silence that enveloped us. At first, it was comfortable but as it stretched, I couldn't help the feeling of awkwardness that surrounded us.

"There are four members, one of them is your brother" explained Alex as he grabbed two plates from the cabinet above the sink.

"He is a high member of the council, is he the leader?" I asked watching Alex's broad shoulders and pecks, the way his muscles flexed as he cooked. I found men incredibly sexy when they cooked.

He turned around, emerald green depths found mine "yes" he placed a plate with scrambled eggs and bacon in front of me.

"Shit, that complicates things" I muttered to myself as I looked into my coffee, seeing my reflection in it.

The fact that he was a council member would make it tricky enough to kill him. Learning that he was the leader of the council would be impossible to kill him. He probably had more security around him and more power than I ever thought. Not to mention the rest of the council would probably go after me. It felt like I could never get out of this never-ending cycle. I would always have someone trying to kill me.

Suddenly, hands snaked around my belly under my breasts and his hard upper body pressed against my back tightly. His soft lips pressed against the side of my neck in a tender kiss. "Don't worry, we will find a way to kill him" his voice was low, husky.

Too deep in thought about Henry, I didn't notice Alex sneaked behind me, his large torso completely consumed me. I only nodded, speechless with his intimacy. It sent heat rushing to my lower belly.

His hands left my body and I thought he would sit next to me to dig into his breakfast, but he spun me around on the barstool. I sucked in a breath, my heart beating erratically in my chest to the point where I thought it would stop, startling me with the motion.

My wide eyes found his and my drastically beating heart intensified when I noticed the growing desire inside of them. My lips parted slightly on their own accord and his eyes zeroed in on them. Leaning my head towards him, our lips connected. Our soft kiss intensified by the second, feeling his desire for me. I licked the seam of his lips and he granted me the entry. As our tongues tasted each other and fought for dominance, the passion grew within us, to the point when I needed to feel him everywhere.

I placed my hands on his hard shoulders and slowly slid them behind his neck and into his silky hair. He had his hands roaming all over my back and hips. We pulled towards each other as close as possible, him ending in between my legs. The noticeable bulge in his pants against my now wet pussy made the urge to feel him everywhere that much stronger.

The heat in my body that consumed me could be extinguished only by him. Only then did I realise I never felt such desire for anyone. His scent drove me insane with lust while his touch left a trail of fire that moved to my lower belly, feeding my arousal.

His hand's mover under my bum lifting me off the barstool effortlessly as if I weighed nothing. My legs instinctively curled around his hips while we sucked, nipped and licked our lips.

As he walked through the living room into his bedroom, his erection ground against my dripping core, my moan muffled by his relentless lips.

He gently placed me on the bed and lay on top of me still kissing each other passionately. His lips left mine, slowly kissing down my chin to my neck while his hands moved under my t-shirt up towards my breasts. My nipples hardened at the contact of his warm touch, feeling his heat through the thin lacy material. A muffled groan left his lips upon feeling my hard nipple.

My swollen clit yearned for his attention, the throbbing feeling driving me mad. Without realising, I began to move my hips against his, my pussy sliding against the length of his hardened cock through the material of our clothes.

All of a sudden he pulled away, emerald green collided with fiery orange, the lust in his depths left me speechless. His fingers found the hem of my t-shirt then he pulled it over my head. His eyes tore away from mine, sliding down towards my breasts. He leaned closer, slid his hand behind me and with one swift movement unclasped my bra then pulled the piece of clothing off of me gently.

His eyes roamed over my breasts, taking in every centimetre. All of a sudden I couldn't help but feel self-conscious. What if he didn't like what he saw? As if sensing my thoughts, his eyes moved towards my face "you're breathtaking" and then he lowered himself down on me again.

His words and the tenderness in his eyes dissolved my self-consciousness.

He began kissing the curve of my breast while his hand touched the other with his hand. His fingers found my hardened nipple and began to play with it. His hot lips found my other nipple and as he sucked in the hard peak, my back arched, his face buried into my soft flesh in the process and I involuntarily let out a breathy moan.

His lips let go of my nipple with the pop feeling his burning eyes on my features. Meeting his eyes, a wide smile appeared on his face. "You're driving me crazy."

He lay next to me, leaning on one of his elbows as he kissed my lips. His hand moved from my belly down towards my jeans. After opening my jeans and he slowly slid his large hand under my panties.

My gasp was muffled with his kiss as I felt his finger sliding through my velvety slickness. My swollen clit screamed for attention.

" wet" he muttered against my lips.

"Please" I managed in between his relentless lips, needing his finger on my swollen clit. Moan escaped my lips, upon feeling his touch exactly where I needed him. My hips thrust into his hand, dying for more friction.

Seconds later, his hand left my burning body as he sat up and pulled both my jeans and panties off. He opened my legs widely, his eyes locking to my glistening pussy. His eyes moved to my face, the hunger in his eyes made my juices pool out of my core "I'm dying to taste you". Without waiting any longer he laid on his belly with his head in between my legs.

His lips gently kissed the inner thigh closer and closer to my pussy, leaving an inferno in its wake. My core clenched in anticipation, needing his length buried deep inside of me. Moan escaped my lips upon feeling his tongue gliding through my folds.

Both his hands spread my legs even wider, as his tongue found my throbbing clit. Moan escaped my lip, but I needed more.

As he trusted his finger inside of my slick channel and his tongue flipped my clit, I felt as if I would explode with pleasure. One of my hands went to his hair and the other to my breast, gently rolling my hardened nipple. With every thrust and flick of his tongue, I was closer and closer to my orgasm. Seconds later I reached my peak and the world came crashing down. Intense pleasure rippled through every cell of my body. My toes curled, my back arched as intense pleasure exploded in my body sending me to heaven and back.

After the aftershocks of my orgasm eased, I was left breathless with a light sheen of sweat covering my skin.

He lifted himself off the bed, leaning over and caging me in. His lips clashed with mine with so much need, it only intensified my need to feel him inside of me despite the fact I just came. I tasted myself on his lips which I found extremely erotic.

When I noticed he was still fully clothed, my hands went to the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head, parting our lips for a second. My hands slid up and down his chiselled torso feeling every bump of his muscle. He chuckled against my lips and I felt the goosebumps erupting on his skin. I couldn't resist the urge any longer and let my hand slide lower until the bulge of his hardened cock through the material of his pants came in contact with me.

He leaned into my hand upon feeling my touch on his length. My eyes widened when I felt the thickness and size. He pulled away kneeling on his knees in front of me as he opened his pants and pull them off with his underwear.

His hard cock sprang out with force and my eyes automatically shot to his member. Pre-cum glistened at the tip of his head and I couldn't help but wonder how would he taste.

I sat up, my hand finding its way to his throbbing cock. My finger curled around his thickness as I licked the tip of him tasting his pre-cum. As I did my eyes were glued to his face. He closed his eyes while my tongue gently licked off his pre-cum. Then I put my lips around him and gently sucked him while I stroked him at the base. His head leaned back, losing the sight of his face as a moan escaped his delicious lips. I sucked him and pulled him further into my mouth.

Suddenly he gently pulled away and I gave him a questioning look. " if you keep going like I will come" his voice was husky, his eyes full with desire. I smiled at the thought of me making him come so easily. I loved it.

I got up to my knees and placed my lips to his. He kicked off his pants and then placed his hands on my hips pulling me into him. His hard throbbing cock pressed against my lower belly while his lips captured mine in a desperate, passionate kiss.

He lied down on the bed pulling me on top of him and I placed both my legs on each side of his hips straddling him. His cock against my wet pussy felt delicious, driving me mad.

I began to slide my pussy up and down his length, my juices spreading all over him. His hands were on my hips as I lift myself angling his throbbing cock at the entrance of my channel. We both let out a moan as he entered my pussy, slowly filling and stretching me up.

"Fuck... Oh my're tight" he breathed out.

I slowly began to move my hips up and down his cock as he began to meet me halfway. Soon we found our tempo and he began to thrust harder. With each thrust, he went in harder and harder and I began to feel my orgasm approaching. I could tell his orgasm was close as well the way his breathing was heavy and his thrusts seemed desperate. As I was sliding up and down his cock, his finger found my clit. And that was it. Pure ecstasy seared through every cell of my body, my pussy spasmed around his cock as I came all over him. A loud moan escaped my mouth and I heard his, as he trusted roughly inside of me, his fingers dag into my hips and his hot seed coated the walls of my pussy.

He pulled me on top of him, I rested my head on his chest both of us breathing heavily from the orgasm we just experienced. We were still connected as we lay there for a few seconds longer. I smiled against his chest.

"Wow, that was incredible" he breathed out after I pulled away and we lay next to each other. I only nodded, speechless. It was incredible. The few one-night stands I had were nothing compared to what I just experienced. No one even made me come. The sex with him felt different, it was mind-blowing.

"Right, I need a quick shower" I stated as I stood up from the bed and felt his sperm dripping down my leg. He still laid in the bed his eyes roamed all over my body, satisfaction flashed in his stunning emerald depths. He froze when he saw his sperm on my thigh.

"Shit, I came inside you," he said sitting up on the bed, panic evident on his face.

"I am on birth control" I explained and his face and body visibly relaxed.

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