The Hybrid

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Chapter 19

After taking a quick shower I headed into the kitchen. My eyes landed on Alex sitting behind the kitchen island and eating his breakfast. A smile appeared on his face once his eyes collided with mine. As I walked over to him to have my now cold breakfast, my stomach decided to make its self known, gurgling loudly. My hand shot to my stomach absentmindedly as I quicken my pace. My hunger was stronger than I thought and needed to eat as soon as possible if I didn't want Alex for my breakfast.

Quickly plopping next to Alex on the barstool I began to eat the eggs and bacon quickly. With every spoon full of food, my hunger subsided and I felt my body slowly relax. We eat in comfortable silence but his eyes watched me, sensing my unease.

After demolishing half my breakfast my mind began to wander towards Henry "when are we going to attack him"

His eyes shot to me "patience Ellie, we need to plan" he said carefully.

I shook my head frustration slowly setting within me "I've been patient enough, you've been planning for weeks and still nothing"

"So what do you propose" his voice had a slight edge as his eyes flicked in between mine.

"I could sneak into his house and kill him there"

"And how you going to get through his security" one of his eyebrows raised on his forehead.

"It's doable, I've been there, I could sneak in without anyone noticing me, kill him and then sneak out," I said between chewing my cold eggs.

"Do you think I didn't consider it? He has too many vampires around him. Even if you'd manage to get close to him and kill him, his vampires would kill you before his body would hit the floor" the frustration in his voice matched his facial expression.

I stayed quiet, straining my brain for ideas. I had to consider Markus as well needing to be careful, they would kill him. I couldn't have more blood on my hands apart from Henry's.

"Look, I know you want him dead for what he did to your parents, but we need to be careful. I can't let you get yourself killed." His hard stare softened as his frustration faded. I moved my eyes away from him and let out a sigh.

"I need fresh air" I muttered. Standing up, I washed my plate and stepped onto the balcony. Crisp cold fresh air hit me in the face, goosebumps erupted all over my body as the coldness engulfed me. I closed the door after me, crossed my arms over my chest to keep as much heat as possible and leaned over the railing of the balcony, watching the life beneath me. Cars passed on the road, people walking busy with their lives oblivious to the vampires and werewolves that walked among them. I wondered what would happen if the humans would find out somehow? I looked up into the sky, angry grey clouds took over the afternoon sky.

I strained my brain for ideas of how to kill my so-called brother, but couldn't come up with anything. Alex was right, it was impossible. My heart sank, feeling despair in the pit of my stomach. A heavy sigh escaped my lips and I shook my head, slightly irritated with myself.

Later that day Liam, Olivia and Sam returned from the Base. They brought a few computers and set them up in the living room and kitchen table. Liam looked stressed and from what Olivia told me the meeting with the mayor wasn't pleasant.

"The mayor was an asshole about the whole situation," she shook her head, annoyed. He wasn't happy about so many weapons and technology was taken away by the vampires and of course the deaths. Because most of the dead slayers didn't have families as most of them lost their closest to vampires they would have to be buried and the city council would have to pay for it. The word 'asshole' as Olivia used was an understatement. The other slayers that had some family left had to be notified and come up with different stories of how they died, depending on their wounds.

Being cooked up in the apartment all day, I decided I needed a break from all the people and those restricting walls. My freedom was everything for me. Since being with the slayers I haven't had much freedom, the thought of going for a walk alone sounded enticing. Everyone seemed busy anyway and I felt like I was in their way. Alex and Sam were setting up the computers. Liam was drowned in paperwork and Olivia was helping him.

After throwing a thick jumper over the t-shirt I wore with my skinny jeans I put on my winter jacket and a black beanie. After I left Alex's room and walked through the brightly lit living room I heard his voice "are you going somewhere?" Alex appeared in front of me. His eyes moved all over my body and face. His eyebrows were creased, his emerald eyes bored into mine.

"Just for a walk," disapproval flashed in his face. I furrowed my eyebrows "am I a prisoner?" I asked when I noticed his facial expression.

He had his lips in a tight line, his gaze hard as a rock "don't do anything stupid" his voice was commanding laced with steel. He thought I would try and kill Henry all on my own. I voiced it earlier today to him but I wasn't dumb. I knew I would be killed without even getting to Henry.

I shook my head never leaving his eyes "I won't". Suddenly his face softened and concern plastered all over his face. He pulled me into his warm embrace and I deeply inhaled his scent, a lowly melting into him.

He pulled away, his big hand found my cheek and caressed me with his thumb. I couldn't help but lean in, enjoying his warm touch "Please don't do anything, I can't bear the thought of something happening to you. Promise me" his voice was pleading, matching his deep emerald eyes I loved so much.

"I promise" the corners of my lips raised into a reassuring smile. He let out a sigh and kissed my forehead before letting me go.

When I entered the street, freezing air greeted me. The street lamps illuminated the dark streets giving it a harsh yellow hue. The snow gently fell from the sky, giving the streets a fairytale feel. Every time I inhaled and exhaled a cloud of fog left my lips. Placing my hands into the pockets of my jacket I headed into the city.

I walked with no particular direction or aim. I just wandered through the streets with my mind submerged deep in thoughts, still trying to figure out how to take down Henry. I knew I had to do it, he wouldn't stop hunting me until I was dead. I also knew that Alex was right, I couldn't just sneak into his house and kill him. He was powerful with connections everywhere. It wouldn't surprise me if he had help from powerful humans too, whether he bribed them or threaten them. I didn't want to spill anyone else's blood either. I couldn't let that happen, I cared about the slayers back in the apartment and didn't want them to fight my battles.

I struggled with it. I constantly felt the sinking feeling of despair, like I was always going to be the prey and he the predator. No matter what I did he would always have the upper hand. His power was in numbers. He had all the vampires in New York, I only had myself and the tree slayers back in the apartment, I didn't want them to fight my battles. Also, the thought of Markus being tortured and fed on made the situation even worse.

I let out a harsh sigh full of frustration. I shook my head, my hands in the pockets curled into fists as frustration quickly shifted into anger. At that moment, all I wanted to do was scream, to get rid of all the pent up anger.

My anger mainly came from being powerless; if I could at least free Markus. Liam said they all have been trained on what to do in situations where they would be taken by vampires or even werewolves. I could tell they all have been bothered by Markus being taken but surprisingly not as much as I thought they would be.

As I walked through the streets submerged in my thoughts, I didn't realise I strolled into a park. The park was dark, trees towered everywhere I looked. The fact that it was heavily snowing at that moment didn't help my vision.

Suddenly, I felt someone's eyes on me. I've got the feeling earlier as well but when it went away, I didn't pay much attention to it, now it was back. I looked around, but couldn't see anything through the heavy snow. I decided I had enough fresh air and walked after nearly two hours of aimless wandering, especially since Henry tried to kill me multiple times. I turned around and began to walk home.

Once I exited the park, the snow stopped falling and I was glad I could see better. However, I still felt someone following me. As I kept walking I quickly turned my head to glance behind me. A silhouette of what looked like a woman jumped into the shadows. My eyes widened while my heartbeat picked up a pace, unease washed over me as my suspicion of being followed was right. A few minutes later I repeated it to make sure I had the right person. As I neared a thin alley in between the buildings I passed, I jumped in and waited.

A few seconds later the woman who followed me passed by the alley. I reached out, grabbed her by her elbow and pulled her into the alley rather roughly. Pushing her against the brick wall I placed my hand around her neck while watching my strength, not wanting to kill her accidentally. My eyes raked over he features; she was a young human only a teenager, as I looked into her dark wide eyes fear flashed in them and gasped when she felt my firm hand on her neck.

"Why are you following me," my voice was laced with steel. My eyes bored into hers as I stared her down.

"I-I have m-message" she stuttered.

"Speak," I said more calmly as I let go of her neck.

She clutched her neck, her body slid down the cold wall and stumbled forward slightly. She cleared her throat "Councillor Jones sent me." Her voice was shaky "He-he said he will kill the slayer he captured if... you don't give yourself up. And he will kill the rest of them. He said he knows where you're hiding."

Once I registered what was the message I took a step back and gulped. My eye widened with every word that left her mouth and my hands began to shake. I quickly put them into my pockets hiding them from the young human in front of me.

Fear, hopelessness and shock overtook every cell of my body. I turned away from the girl and run into the streets.

As I ran through the streets, panic grew inside of me with every second that passed. The worst-case scenario kept replying in my head and with that grew my fear. I felt fear, not so much for myself but the slayers. I couldn't let them die because of me. The need to get back to the apartment and warn everyone grew with every step I took.

When I sharply opened the door of the apartment all eyes were on me. My heavy pants from the running echoed throughout the apartment. Their eyes went wide and I could tell it was because of the fear plastered all over my face.

"What happened" I heard Olivia's concerned voice from behind me as I sharply closed and locked the door. When I turned around Alex stood in front of me.

"Are you ok?" His eyes were full of concern. His eyebrows furrowed as he towered over me.

I shook my head "no...I'm not ok"

"What is it...what happened...are you hurt?" Alex's eyes were wide as he looked me over, looking for injuries.

I took off my jacket before I walked into the living room hanged it over the barstool.

They all stood up from their places watching me expectantly.

"We have a problem" I finally willed my mouth to move after my breathing calmed down and I replayed the words the young human told me. My voice sounded calm to my surprise. Total opposite of what I felt inside.

"What problem" Liam's voice sounded uneasy, his facial expression was stone hard and his body tense.

"Henry sent a message," I said as my eyes roamed over all the faces in front of me. "He'll kill Markus if I don't give myself up"

"Son of bitch" Alex's voice was furious as he turned his back to me and held his head.

"We have to do something" Olivia turned her wide eyes to Liam.

"Wait...there is more," I said carefully taking in their reactions.

Their eyes snapped towards me once again.

"He said he knows where we're hiding and he will kill all of you as well." My voice began to slightly shake, my eyes wandered towards the wooden floor. They were all quiet and my eyes tore away from the floor towards their faces. Sam and Olivia's face was full of fear. Liam's was full of anger and Alex's full of rage. I thought he would murder someone then and there.

A lump began to form in my throat, tears threatened to spill over to my cheeks. I knew what I had to do. I have to give myself up. There was no other way around it. I fought the tears, trying to blink them away but I couldn't stop them.

I quickly walked towards Alex's bedroom, closing myself in there. I left the light off as I walked over to the window, wanting to be left in the darkness that soothed me every time I felt distressed. Tears rolled down my cheeks, dripping off my chin as I gazed out the window. The cloud was gone and a bright full moon adorned the inky sky.

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