The Hybrid

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Chapter 2

A loud bang on the door woke me up from my sleep. My eyes shot open as I jerked up in the bed into a sitting position. I scanned the room while another bang resonated from the door.

I got off the bed as quietly as I could to peep through the little hole in the door. My heart was racing while my eyes scanned the room for my belongings. My backpack with all my possessions was ready, waiting for me to be grabbed.

Once I got to the door, I narrowed my eyes and leaned gently on the door to look through the peephole only to see a man standing there staring right at me as if he knew I was looking at him. His emerald green eyes pierced through the door right into my soul. I let out a shaky breath, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and a shiver ran through my body. I took a step back quietly, trying not to make any noise as I eyed the door. My gut feeling told me to run, so I did.

I quickly turned around grabbed my backpack, put on the shoes and as I did another loud bang came from the door. My already racing heart picked up a pace. I glanced at the door and saw the doorknob shook, he tried to get in.

Another bang on the door came in this time louder. Panic surged through me as I quickly grabbed my phone. I opened the window and cold crisp fresh air hit me in the face. Ignoring the freezing air, I jumped out of the window and I heard the door slam open and rushed footsteps towards the window.

Landing on my feet I took off into the town. Glancing behind, he didn't follow me but I could feel the anger seeping out of him through his glare. I ran until I reached the town centre. Once I got into the town centre I let out a relieved sigh.

As I walked through the town people were giving me weird stares once again. I frowned and turned towards one of the shops that sold hardware.

Then I saw my reflection in one of the shop windows. I was still in my pyjamas. Flannel pyjama pants and tank top sure does make me look weird in late November. I didn't even feel the cold from the adrenaline that surged through me when I ran from that man.

Next to that shop was a thin alley, I ran in and quickly got dressed in my black skinny jeans, white t-shirt, red flannel shirt and black jacket. I put on a black beanie in an attempt to hide my hair to disguise myself better.

I was just about to enter the main street when I noticed the guy from the motel stop across the road. I immediately took a few steps back hiding in the shadow of the alley watching him.

He looked furious, his head moving from one side to another, his eyes scanning his surroundings searching for me. His body was tense, fists curled and hanging along his body. One thing I noticed was that he was a human.

Why would a human be after me?

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, my eyes never leaving him. He gave off a bad aura. Kind of aura where I should be scared and running for the hills.

He began walking again, and so did I. I entered the street keeping my distance still on the other side of the road. As he walked, I noticed a knife that peaked from underneath his black jacket that reflected the sun.

After a few minutes of walking, he disappeared into an alley. I ran across the road and when I peeked in the alley he was gone. It was a dead-end alley. I frowned, confusion filling my mind once again. He was a human, how could he disappear so quickly? They didn't have the strength nor speed as vampires and werewolves had.

I felt my stomach rumble and I began walking into the nearest grocery store to pick up something to eat.

After having breakfast, I headed towards the closest car hire dealership. I needed a car to get away from here, as far as possible.


As I sat in the car driving on the highway, I had no idea where to go. I just kept driving and at night I would stop for a motel or sleep in the car. Maybe I shouldn't settle for a few weeks.

Thanks to my parents I had money, I wasn't a millionaire but I had enough money to live off for a few months. I kept the money, just in case I needed them and now would be the time to use them. Seeing that both werewolves and vampires were after me more than ever, I had to keep moving. A few months ago werewolves tried to attack me, yesterday vampires.

They were getting better at finding me. Last year I was able to stay in one place for nearly a year. This year, however, I couldn't even settle. Just as I found a job I had to run again.

The human doesn't help my situation either. I frowned at the thought of him. I have never come across him. What did he want from me? Maybe I should have opened the door, maybe he only wanted to talk. But then again, he wouldn't be so aggressive, banging loudly on the door.

He seemed intimidating and my gut feeling told me to run. Thanks to that, I am still alive, so far my gut feeling was always right. Something about that man, his aura, the air around him just screamed death.

I drove all day, the sun was setting behind the hills giving off beautiful orange and pink hues across the sky. Soon, I would have to stop and rest. I felt tired from the driving and my stomach rumbled at least an hour ago. The last gas station I passed was four hours ago, I should have bought some food. As I drove I hoped there would be town in the next hour or so. If I wouldn't be able to get food in me soon, I was afraid I would be on a killing spree.

All of a sudden, I heard howls coming from the forest next to me. The howls kept getting louder every few minutes. I opened the windows slightly, crisp fresh forest smell hit me along with a wolf smell. I closed the window, anxiousness slowly taking over me.

I held the wheel so tight my knuckles were white and my lips were painful from all the biting. I stepped on the pedal trying to go faster. Glancing into the forest, in the darkness I saw two yellow orbs staring at me as the werewolf ran alongside me in the forest. I sucked in a breath and my heart sped up, frantically beating in my chest.

The next second, a huge black werewolf jumped in front of the car. I quickly spun the wheel and my leg slammed on the break trying not to crash into the werewolf. Next, I saw the world around me spinning, screeching of the wheels against the asphalt filled my ears. Fear rushed through me and a scream escaped my lips as the car uncontrollably spun then flipped.

My body was roughly tousled from side to side thanks to the pressure of the movement. Then I felt weightlessness for a second, a loud crashing noise thundered all around me as I hit my head against the window. All this happened in the space of a second.

I groaned as I felt severe pain radiating from my head and my whole chest area. My hand went automatically to my head. I felt warm liquid coating my fingers. Bringing my fingers in front of my blurry eyes, I saw blood.

All of a sudden, realisation hit me and I began to panic at the memory of the huge werewolf flashed in front of my eyes. My hands shoot towards the seatbelt buckle. It was stuck. I kept pushing the button on the buckle trying to release the seatbelt but it didn't budge. I tried to use my strength to break the seat belt but I was too wounded.

All of a sudden, I heard screeching of wheels on asphalt, screams, howls and loud shots from weapons. My eyes went wide, terror slowly engulfing my entire body. Then it all went quiet. Eerily quiet.

Whoever did it must have been strong. All I could hear was my rapid shallow breathing and the thumping of my frantic heart. I looked around seeing only green grass hoping that everyone was dead and the person who killed the werewolves wouldn't find me. I could get out of the car and run, my wounds would heal and I would be ok.

But I heard footsteps coming my way then black boots appeared in my vision. My hope shattered at the sight of the boots, dread, fear and panic washed over me.

The boots stopped right next to me, then his face appeared. Emerald green orbs bored into my fiery orange ones. I saw a flash of relief in his eyes but it quickly went away. My brows furrowed in confusion.

Why was he relieved?

His eyes roamed over my face as I did over his. He had chocolate dark brown hair framing his face, stopping at the nape of his neck. He had a strong sharp jaw and nose. I noticed a scar on his left eyebrow. His eyes went wide, something else flashed in his emerald depths. I couldn't pinpoint what. He pinned me, froze me to the spot with his gaze. He was the man who banged at the motel door, trying to get to me in the morning.

Suddenly, a sharp pain radiated from my shoulder. I looked towards the beacon of pain, something small poked from my flesh. I pulled it out bringing it closer to my eyes to examine it with my blurry eyes while a frown appeared on my face.

I held a small needle with a tiny metal syringe with yellow liquid inside. My eyes widened, the colour from my face disappeared and my heartbeat sped up even more than before as my eyes met his emerald depths.

He had a smirk on his face as he watched me. I felt my body growing weaker than it already was from the crash. The syringe fell from my hand as black dots slowly appeared in my vision. I tried to fight it but whatever was in the syringe was strong. When I could no longer fight it blackness overtook me.

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