The Hybrid

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Chapter 21

It was dark outside when Alex and Liam walked through the door, entering the apartment. My eyes instantly landed on the two slayers, immediately noticing their unease. Alex's soft worried eyes found mine, the corners of his lips raised ever so slightly creating a ghost of a smile while my eyebrows furrowed. I couldn't help but study his face from across the room, trying to decipher the cause of their unease.

Jumping off the sofa, I hugged him tightly wanting to feel him in my arms and hoping to ease a little bit of his stress. I took a deep breath, inhaling his scent in the process and closed my eyes, imprinting his masculine scent into my mind as much as I could. He buried his face into my hair, inhaling deeply while my body melted into his impressive torso, engulfed by his heat.

"How was your day?" His voice was muffled as he spoke with his face in my hair.

I gently nodded against his chest "was ok". I pulled away and found his emerald depths burning with so much affection, my heart picked up its tempo "how was yours"

"Busy...I hate meetings" his voice was soft, his hand caressed my cheek, still gazing into my eyes.

Liam left his bedroom, wearing casual clothing while me and Alex walked into the living room, his hand holding mine gently as his finger soothingly caressed my flesh. Liam walked over to Olivia while she got to her feet and hugged him. He kissed her forehead gently and when they both pulled away she asked "well, how did the meeting go?"

He sat down on the sofa with Olivia next to him, heavily sighed and shook his head as if whatever news he was about to share was extremely hard for him. He scratched the back of his neck, his eyes roamed over the room before landing on me.

Something isn't right.

Never seeing Liam like this before, I became instantly nervous and fiddled with my fingers on my free hand. I knew whatever he was about to say wouldn't be good.

"Nearly all day we had a meeting with Boston." he spoke but got interrupted by impatient Olivia "what they said"

Alex shifted nervously next to me, his hand on mine tightened ever so slightly. Liam's eyes shot to Olivia "they don't want to get involved with the vampire council here. They said they will give us protection and home, apparently they have enough problems in Boston" his eyes moved to mine again and I knew what was coming. "They don't feel comfortable with Ellie"

My stomach twisted as the last sentence left his mouth while my eyes moved to the wooden floor. "I'm sorry Ellie" I heard Liam's voice "Me and Alex tried"

I found his eyes once again, the sincerity in them made my lips raise into a smile despite the fact I felt like crying. The need to treasure him, not to worry, override my emotions and for once I was glad for that. "it's ok Liam," I let out a sigh "I am used to it"

Even though people's prejudice wasn't anything new to me, it still hurt.

"What...does that mean we have to leave Ellie behind?" Olivia's voice echoed throughout the room. The atmosphere in the apartment became tense, at that moment I wished to be alone.

Liam tore away his gaze from her and looked down to the floor, giving her an answer.

"We can't do that Liam, we just can't" her voice raised, desperate borderline angry. She stood up and began to pace around the room as if she tried to solve this problem. Her soft sky blue eyes were lined with tears while she tried to keep it together. She was fighting it.

I walked towards her and reached out for her hands. "Olivia, this is for the best. I can't have you risking your life for me." I pleaded with her, my voice matched my eyes as I flicked them between hers. Worry marred her stunning face with her full lips in a tight line and her eyebrows creased.

I hugged her tightly for a second then pulled away "promise me you will go to Boston" her eyes flicked between mine and I found myself doing the same, looking for her answer while desperation grew with every passing second. But she wasn't going to give the answer I was looking for when she averted her eyes towards the floor.

"Promise me" I gently shook her, holding her by her shoulders trying to get her to agree "I'm ok with this," my voice softened and I plastered a smile on my face trying to reassure her more. I couldn't have her fighting Liam on this. He was looking out for them and I felt relieved they would be in a safe environment soon.

The corners of her full lips raised into a smile but tears started falling down her face. I wiped her tears with my thumb and hugged her tightly one more time. As I let her go I glanced at Liam. He gave me thankful smile and I willed myself to return his smile, trying not to show how affected I felt seeing Olivia's concern.

Olivia turned towards Liam while I turned away from them. My eyes landed on Alex, still standing where I left him watching me with sorrow in his orbs. But I didn't go to him, I needed to be left alone. I tore away my eyes and headed into his bedroom.

When I closed the bedroom door I went straight into the bathroom locking myself in. I knew Alex would go after me, I needed to be alone.

As I locked the door I sank to the floor. The thought of them being safe and away from Henry made me relieved. Despair soon overpowered the relief when the realisation of being left behind hit me. Loneliness crept at me again and who knows how long I would get to live. The problem was even if the slayers in Boston would take me in they would put themselves in danger. Vampires all over the US were looking for me. For Henry it was personal. However, for the other councils, I was an abomination and needed to be put out. I understood very well why they wouldn't take me in, they knew the risk. Also, me not being human didn't help my cause.

A soft knock on the door snapped me out of my pitty "Ellie, open up" Alex's voice cut through the door.

"I'll be a minute,"

Ten minutes later, I still sat on the bathroom floor wiping my face as I tried to erase all the evidence of crying. After standing up and splashing cold water on my face I opened the door.

The sight of Alex's relentless pacing in the room greeted me. His eyes moved to me when I entered the room, instantly stopping his tracks. His worried eyes were wide, his hair was cascading around his face, messy and pointing in every direction as if he ran his hand through his hair hundreds of times while I wallowed in my pettiness. His white dress shirt and black pants were changed into a black t-shirt that hugged his muscle dense shoulders and pecs while hanging loosely around his abdomen and grey sweatpants.

"Ellie," he breathed out "are you ok?"

"I'm fine," I gazed into his worried eyes "I just needed to be alone."

"I'm not leaving you behind," he said with urgency his eyes flicking between mine waiting for my reaction.

My eyes widened "no, you have to go with them"

"No Ellie, that's out of the question. I'm not leaving you to deal with that leech all alone" his voice was laced with a bit of steel with his eyebrows furrowed.

I shook my head and tore my eyes away "please" I pleaded "you must go with them" the thought of him staying behind and getting himself killed had my eyes slowly lining with tears.

"Ellie please, let me help you." My eyes bored into his for a few seconds. His determination didn't fade so I nodded. I knew he wouldn't let this go until I would agree. However, I had my mind set already and it tore at my heart for lying to him.

He walked towards me, placed his forefinger and thumb on my chin and lifted my face for me to look at him. He had me locked in his gaze as he leaned closer and placed his lips on mine and kissed me gently. His warm soft lips grazed over mine, our breaths swirled together and I melted into him kissing him gently back "I love you," he said after he tore his lips from mine. His irises dilated, burning with the emotion as I stared into them and my heart picked up the tempo.

He loves me.

I still couldn't grasp that someone as handsome as him had those feelings for me. A smile slowly began to form on my face but it never made it there. My happiness faded away when reality hit me. I would soon give myself to Henry, we wouldn't be able to be together.

All of a sudden, I felt the desire to feel his touch and his warm lips everywhere. I needed him, I needed the intimacy with him for the last time.

I smashed my lips to him and poured all the love and passion I felt for him into the kiss. All my emotions towards him. He returned it with the same craving. Our tongues danced, tasted each other and fought for authority. His arms roamed all over my back and bum pulling me tightly into him and leaving my skin aflame. He lifted me off the floor with his hands in the middle of my thighs as if I was nothing but a feather. I had my arms around his neck and slowly buried them into his soft locks as my legs curled around his waist. A trail of searing kisses was left behind as he slowly licked and gently sucked his way to my neck.

He gently placed me on the bed still kissing and nibbling on my neck, as his hands eagerly explored my chest. Wetness pooled out of my soft folds, soaking my lacy panties. His hands found the hem of the t-shirt I wore and pulled it over my head and then quickly opened my bra. The desire he had for me showed in his quick movements and his thick erection that poked into my lower belly. While he towered over me, he took off his t-shirt, sweatpants and underwear. His hard cock sprang up with force, nearly reaching to his belly button.

His eyes greedily moved all over my hard nipples then met my eyes as he hooked his fingers behind my leggings and pulled them down. He did the same with my panties before he threw my bottoms on the floor.

I had my legs wide open, letting him have his fill. He licked his lips as he took in every inch of my body, concentrating on my glistening folds. I patiently waited, my clit pulsated with the need to feel his thickness inside. He lowered himself over me, finding my lips again as his hard cock found my pussy. He slid his length easily in between my folds, coating himself with my wetness. I let out a light moan at the contact with my clit, pleasure and the need for more had shaky breath escaping my mouth which was muffled by his relentless lips.

He abandoned lips and began to kiss down my neck towards my breasts. As his lips found the hard peak of my breast his hand found the other. He sucked and flicked, the bundles of nerves had ripples of pleasure searing through me.

His hand trailed down to my belly towards my soaked wanton pussy. His fingers slid through my folds easily, moving up and down until he found my clit. He sat up his finger was still on my clit flicking when I felt another finger entering my slick channel. I sucked in a breath when he began to slide in and out of me, his intense eyes watch me with satisfaction and growing lust. I let out a moan feeling my orgasm nearing when his fingers disappeared and his wet tongue took their place.

"Oh..yess" I breathed out. My hand buried in his silky hair, holding his face locked in the place as I began to move my hips, dying for more friction. His finger entered my channel again, trusting into me a few times before he pulled away from me.

"I can't get enough of you" his voice was husky, his lust-filled eyes stared at me intensely as he caged me between his hard mouthwatering body and the soft bed. His hard cock rested against my slick pussy and I couldn't help but move my hips against his thickness, a groan escaped his lips upon feeling the friction on his sensitive cock.

He smashed his lips to mine with so much desire and passion while his hard cock pushed into my channel slowly stretching me. I couldn't help the moan escaping my lips against his once he was fully submerged within me. I couldn't get enough of the fullness and the intimacy between us. He slowly began to thrust in and out still kissing me. My lips were swollen from his harsh kiss but I loved it. I was desperate for it.

His thrusts began to pick up a pace and strength. The feel of him harshly pumping into me had me going into a frenzy of pleasure. My pleasure grew stronger with every relentless thrust.

All of a sudden he pulled away, placed his hands on my hips and turned me around on my knees and elbows, my bum was high in the air. I spread my knees and I felt his lips on my pussy once more. His tongue slid in between my soaking wet folds, the softness of his tongue was soothing in contrast to his hard thick cock and rough thrusts. He pulled away and felt his cock with one swift hard move enter me. He held my hips tightly as he thrust into me, the noise of our flesh slapping against each other echoed in the room.

In this position, he was a lot deeper inside of me. He pumped me harder and I could tell his orgasm was near, same as mine.

"Come for me" his sexy husky voice commanded and that was it for me. An explosion of intense ecstasy filled every cell of my body. I moaned out his name as I came all over his cock. My toes curled, my hands gripped the duvet, my pussy spasmed around his thickness. He thrust violently into me two more times before I heard his moan of pleasure near my ear, the head of his cock expanded before his hot sperm coated my inner walls.

When he pulled out I lied on my back, breathless. My eyes found his face, he was breathless too and a thin layer of sweat was on his forehead and body. We laid like this until our breaths calmed down.

He laid on his side facing me, leaning on his elbow, his fingers began to trace lightly from my jaw to my neck down to my breasts. As he reached my breasts, my nipples hardened and goosebumps erupted all over my body.

I watched his face the entire time. The corners of my life raised noticing his concentration on my body as if I was the most precious thing on Earth.

"Did I tell you you're stunning" his gaze moved to my eyes, then zeroed in on my lips.

I nodded, biting my lower lip while heat rushed to my cheeks.

"What have you done to me Ellie" he muttered.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and was about to ask what he meant when he beat me to it.

"I never felt anything like this towards anyone" he watched my face intently.

I smiled "I am the same, I've never loved anyone as much as I love you, Alex."

He lowered his face to mine and placed his lips to mine kissing me gently.

"Let's have a shower," he said after he pulled away. He got off to the bed, grabbed my hand and pulled me up to my feet.

That night we made love two more times. This was our last night together and I wanted to make the most of it. I would cherish those moments until my last breath.

The hatred towards myself grew for lying to him, for giving him hope. I couldn't have him risking his life for me and I couldn't live with myself if he would die. And tonight was the night. He wouldn't have a choice than to leave with Liam to Boston in the morning.

My love grew stronger every time I looked at him, felt his touch and smelled his intoxicating scent. I knew I wouldn't live much longer even if I ran away. Henry would find me anywhere and I was sick of running. Alex had a good chance at a normal life with another woman. The thought of him happy with another woman had jealousy sprouting within me but he had a chance to be happy and to have a family. I never had that chance, with me, there would always be a risk.

I hated my fate. I hated my life and I hated myself. Why would fate bring him into my life, let me fall in love with him and then bring Henry into the mix. He threatened everything in my life. Just as I found someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with we would get separated. I know I chose this myself, but his life was more important to me than my own. He needed to live, needed to be happy.

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