The Hybrid

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Chapter 22

The darkness around me was penetrated by the silvery rays of moonlight that snuck through the small opening in between the curtains in the bedroom. Alex's arm was sleepily draped over my waist, his warmth enveloped me and the feeling of his naked muscle dense body, perfect against mine soothed me. His steady deep breath on the back of my neck tickled me slightly, leaving my hair moving with each of his breaths.

I laid like this for hours, waited for him to fall asleep while I made the most out of our intimacy. I didn't dare to close my eyes and fall asleep, basking in every second I got to be with him and preparing myself mentally to face Henry. Fear and anxiety slowly grew in my body with every passing hour but it didn't hinder my determination. The only thing in my mind was to protect Alex. Nothing was more important than this.

Alex was in a deep sleep for a while, I could have gotten up but I laid in his arms and soaked in his essence a few more minutes longer, enjoying the last moments I had with him.

Tears began to fall from my eyes into my temples and the side of my hair. The thought of us never being together filled my mind. All night I tried not to think about it, tried not to ruin these last moments but the nearer the time came for me to leave the harder was to keep my tears away. I would never feel his presence again, never smell his scent I loved so much, never felt his warm touch on my skin and his soft lips pressing passionately on mine.

My stomach twisted while my heart sank at the thought of betraying his trust. At that moment, I wished for nothing more than to have a normal life and more time with him.

I slowly moved his hand that was draped over my waist and got up, making sure he wouldn't wake him up. I couldn't think about what could have been. If I had, I would never leave and that just couldn't happen. Standing on my feet, I wiped the remnants of the tears from my face and glanced at his face. His worry-free features made him look young, boyish and absolutely handsome. His long hair was sprawled on the pillow behind him and the corners of his lips were raised slightly.

When my eyes tore away from the sleeping slayer, I put on leggings and an oversized jumper that was draped over a chair as quietly as possible. Grabbing my combat boots, I headed towards the dresser where a piece of paper and pen lay.

I wrote a short letter to Alex, explaining to him why I did what I was about to do. I explained my love for him and urged him to go to Boston. By the time he would read it, either me or Henry would be dead. I placed the piece of paper on the nightstand next to him before leaning over him and connecting my lips to his gently. He stirred a little and I froze, my eyes widened but thankfully he didn't wake up.

Grabbing my jacket I quietly opened the door and left the room. Entering the dark living room I heard the faint inhale and exhale of Sam's breath. On my tiptoes, I carefully dodged the glass coffee table and his shoes that were left messily on the floor by the sofa. If it wouldn't be for my good night vision, I would step on his messy shoes, fall and no doubt get caught.

Once I was in the hallways outside of the apartment, a sigh of relief left my lips. As I stood in the elevator, my hands began to shake. Trying to distract myself, my hand went for the zipper on my heavy winter jacket and fiddle with it as the mixture of anxiety and fear slowly took over my body. I chew the inside of my mouth to the point where it started hurting but I didn't care. The feelings were a lot stronger than the insignificant pain I causes to myself. My body itched to stop the elevator and go back upstairs to Alex from the dread that slowly overpowered all the other negative feelings.

I can do this
I can do this
I can so this
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, commanding my body to stay where it was. The tornado of feelings that made me tremble calmed down as I imagine myself in a dark room where Alex's soothing voice whispered his feelings towards me. My determination and urge to kill Henry slowly grew which was exactly what I needed.

Stepping into the streets, freezing crisp air hit me in the face as I braced myself against the harsh gush of freezing wind. In this part of the city at early morning hours was eerily quiet. No one was around since everyone slept. As I walked further into the city it got livelier. People walked by and mingled, shops were opened and it resembled more as the never-sleeping city.

Which each step that brought me closer to Henry I willed myself not to think about what was going to happen in the next hour or so. My mind was empty, only concentrating on putting my leg in front of the other as my eyes were glued on the icy footpath.

All of a sudden, the screeching of wheels on the asphalt snapped me out of my concentration. My head whipped towards the noise, my wide eyes landed on a black SUV that stopped right next to me. In a split second where I managed to turn around and about to run, the door opened.
The grip of strong hands on both of my elbows pulled me in roughly. A muffled scream escaped my lips as a large hand over my lips enabled me to fully scream and alert someone around. I tried to pull away from whoever dared to abduct me. For a second, whoever it was struggled against my attempt to break free but won in the end. I was pushed into the middle seat roughly as one of them got into the car sitting next to me and slamming the door. In the meantime, the other door opened and another intimidating looking guy entered.

I knew immediately that I was in presence of werewolves as the faint barely noticeable smell of fur and forest reached my nose. My eyes scanned the small place around for a way to get out but the door was locked. Another werewolf sat in front of the wheel as he drove off.

"What the fuck, let me go" I screamed at the two werewolves that pulled me in and held me down in the seat.

I managed to free one of my arms and hit one of them into his face with my elbow as I struggled to break free from their hands on my body.

The metallic smell of blood filled my nose. "Fuck!" His rough voice was muffled from the injury I caused as he let me go. I must have broken his nose. The other one managed to put a silver chain on my wrists while I got distracted by the first werewolf. It was a split second before I could even do anything.

I sat in between them, the guy I broke his nose held his wound, giving me a death glare through his yellow glowing eyes. My eyes shot towards the driver, I met his intense orbs through the rear mirror. The third one just sat next to me quietly but I felt his burning eyes on me as well.

"," At this point, intense rage took over my body. The burning of the silver chains on my wrists was muted thanks to the adrenalin pumping in my veins. With all my strength, I broke the chains and in a split of a second I felt my fangs and teeth elongating and getting sharp, claws replaced my nails and my bones and muscles thickened. Their gasps reached my ears as I shifted right next to them.

Then next second, my hand moved to the back of the bleeding werewolf's neck and pulled his head with all my might towards my knee. As his face collided with my knee, his groan filled with pain echoed in the moving car. I let go of the back of his neck and straddle the other werewolf.

As I faced the other werewolf my hand shot towards his exposed neck. I held his thick neck, my claws digging into his flesh. His wide amber eyes stared at me in shock while he clawed at my exposed wrist. My eyes shot to the other guy when I noticed his movement in my peripheral "don't even try it... if you don't want him dead" my voice was laced with venom. If my voice could kill, they would be dead.

They both looked at each other in fear and shock. My eyes flicked between the two of them for a few seconds before the car stopped. I heard opening the front door, heavy footsteps on the asphalt and then the door opening harshly while my eyes glared at the two werewolves in front of me. The burning glare and the presence of the driver made my eyes tear away from them.

"Let them go" his deep voice filled my ears, expecting him to be more threatening. His eyes flicked to the two werewolves, then back at me. I didn't let go.

"Let me go, I have no business with you," I said through my gritted teeth trying to control my anger. He held my gaze a little bit longer as if having a mental conversation with himself before stepping to the side and gesturing me to leave.

I narrowed my eyes at him, studying his face for any indication of trickery. His face was stoic so I hesitantly let go of the werewolf's neck and stepped out of the car, watching all three of them in the process.

Once out, I stared the third werewolf down as I stood a safe distance away from him. He held my gaze, not an ounce of fear could be seen or felt from him. But I wasn't afraid of him either. While I took a few steps back, my eyes watched his every move making sure he wouldn't attack me. When I was further away I tore my gaze away and was about to run when I heard his deep voice "your father is alive"

I froze upon hearing his words. I turned around and bored my narrowed eyes into his "bullshit"

"He is alive and well, and he's been looking for you for years"

"I saw his dead body... he's dead" I gritted my teeth. Anger returned like a tornado destroying everything in its wake. He was playing with me.

He chuckled and shook his head "I assure you he is not," My eyebrows furrowed at his response, my anger never left.

"Let me guess," I said sarcastically pointing at him with my forefinger "he sent you to get me"

He nodded, the corners of his lips raised, amusement from my sarcasm flashed across his features.
I didn't believe a word that left his mouth. For all I knew, he probably wanted to kill me. This could easily be a trap.

"Well, then tell my father to come and get me himself," the cold words left my lips before I turned around to leave.

Suddenly, a sharp pinch on the back of my thigh had me freezing. Before looking, I knew exactly what it was since this happened to me many times before. I managed to turn around while my body began to feel limp. My wide eyes shot to the werewolf, a triumphant smile plastered across his face. My body fell to the cold ground, blackness engulfed me.


My eyes fluttered open and stared at the ceiling for a few seconds while memories of last night poured in. The distinctive smell of werewolves drowned my senses. My eyes widened and panic filled my body upon replaying the kidnapping and the conversation with the werewolf. Quickly sitting up, my eyes scanned the room. I furrowed my eyebrows when I couldn't recognise my surroundings. I was in a bedroom. A nice one. There was a large wardrobe on the side, a fireplace in front of the bed, a chair with a table next to the large window. Two nightstands next to the large bed I currently sat in. All of the furniture matched with sleek edges and a glossy finish in the shade of white.

As my eyes shot towards my body, I noticed wearing a flannel pyjama shirt. The word confusion I felt at that moment was an understatement.

Where am I?

Why am I here?

Upon registering the daylight in the room, my panic intensified. The thought of Alex swirled my mind. Alex probably woke up and read the letter I left him. I prayed to whoever listened that he left with Liam and Olivia.

I couldn't believe I failed. Everything I did was for nothing. I betrayed Alex's trust.

I suddenly became restless, needing to find a way to get out of here. Getting off the bed, I began to pace around the room.

Fuck, what am I going to do?

The thought of the werewolf from last night filled me with rage. He destroyed all my plans. He destroyed my hope of saving Alex. All I saw was red. I will fucking kill him when I see him. My eyes shot to the door and rushed towards it. It was locked which didn't surprise me. I shook the door and screamed my lungs out to get anyone's attention.

After about five minutes of intense, loud screaming, shaking and kicking into the unflinching door, my throat burned, my muscles felt exhausted and my rage burned out. I sat on the floor in front of the fireplace, hugging my knees to my chest staring into the blackness of the fireplace. I felt utterly powerless at that moment. Despair filled my entire being.
I wish I was in bed with Alex. I wish I felt his hands on me while he would hug me to comfort me. His presence always had that effect on me. My eyes began to burn with tears while quiet sobs escaped my lips and left my shoulders trembling in the process. I buried my face in my arms as I wallowed in my misery.

What have I done? I shouldn't have left. I'll never see him again.

Suddenly, faint footsteps on the other side of the door reached my ears. They got louder with each step and then they stopped in front of the door. I heard sliding a key into the lock and unlocking the door. It was quiet for a second as if the person on the other side hesitated. Then the door opened while I kept my head buried in my hands, not wanting to see the person who caused me all these problems.

It was quiet for a couple of seconds as if the person was frozen on the spot. The only thing I heard was the person's heartbeat. It was beating quickly than usual and the person's breathing was shallow letting out short breaths.

When I didn't hear any movement I slowly and carefully lifted my face and faced the person in the room. There he was, my father stood there tall, proud and full of life. My wide eyes met his wide grey orbs. We stared at each other, me being in shock of seeing him alive while the look of relief and sorrow marred his handsome features. I noticed his dark brown hair was laced with streaks of grey. Wrinkles around his eyes and forehead adorned his face. He still had some muscles on him but it was a lot less than I remembered. He leaned on a walking stick and I noticed he was putting most of his weight on his left leg.

I blinked a few times, not comprehending it was him standing in front of me. I stood up and pinched myself, making sure I wasn't sleeping, that this wasn't a dream.

"Dad?" My voice was weak, still not believing my eyes. How was it possible?

The corner of his lips lifted ever so slightly "Ellie" the look on his face matched his warm familiar voice. He took a few steps inside the room, my eyes went to his legs limping on one of them, and closed the door behind him.

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