The Hybrid

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Chapter 23

"Is that really you?" I found myself asking, still not believing my father stood in front of me.

The corners of his lips raised slightly, his grey familiar orbs shone with happiness "It is me"

He began to walk towards me putting most of his weight on his left leg while my legs began to move on their own accord towards him. He opened his arms widely and curled them around my shoulders as I melted into his warm embrace. His scent of pine trees and cinnamon overpowered my senses when I breathed in deeply. Exactly as I remembered it. My anxiousness melted away, I closed my eyes and buried my face into his chest.

The familiarity of his presence made a fuzzy feeling spread across my chest. His presence immediately pulled me into my childhood memories where he would hug me after coming home from work, or when I felt upset. I pulled away and studied his still handsome face while he gazed into mine, his eyes taking in every inch of my face. I couldn't tear away my eyes from his features; afraid if I did, father would disappear and all of this would be only a dream. A cruel dream.

"I finally found you" he muttered against my hair "I've been looking for you for so long"

A smile found its way to my lips as I led him towards the bed. When he sat down I didn't miss the wince on his face and low hiss escaping his lips.

My eyebrows creased as my eyes looked him over and settled on his right leg "are you in pain?"

"It's an old injury...nothing to worry about," he rubbed his injured leg.

"How are you alive, I saw you dead," I couldn't help but ask. Curiosity killing me at this point.

He chuckled "I was nearly dead. Henry injected me with so much wolfsbane it induced a coma. Then he stabbed me with a silver knife. Honestly, I am still surprised I survived it. I lost so much blood and the injury to my head caused me to be in a coma for a year and then I had amnesia for months after it"

My eyes widened in horror imagining him lifelessly laying in hospital and then piecing his life together after he woke up from the coma. Guilt began to creep at me slowly "Oh my I'm so sorry I should have been there"

"No, he would kill you" he muttered "I am sorry you had to see everything" his eyes moved to the wooden floor in front of him. The authoritative aura he had around him when he entered mere minutes ago was gone. Before me sat a broken man who lost nearly everything and not the strong Alpha I remembered.

My heart sank at seeing my father's guilt, my eyes began to burn and line with tears. As my eyes studied the side of his face, I willed myself to stop the avalanche of tears and placed a hand on his forearm "dad...stop it" my voice was gentle after I swallowed the lump that began to form in my throat.

His sorrowful eyes met mine, tears glistened in his lower lash line. Tearing away his gaze again towards my hand resting on his muscular forearm, a sigh left his lips "I'm sorry you had to go through everything alone" he wiped the tear that escaped his eye with the palm of his hand.

Not being able to watch him so broken anymore, I pulled him into an embrace. He didn't need to apologise, none of it was his fault. This was a new beginning for us and I promised myself at that moment that he would be happy again. After we pulled away from each other I smiled reassuringly "all that matters is that we are together again".

He smiled and nodded his head "you're right"

I placed my head on his shoulder and sighed in contentment while my eyes slowly moved around the room "Is this your house?"

"This is my packhouse"


After a few seconds of comfortable silence, his familiar deep but nervous voice resonated throughout the room "there's something me and your mother kept away from you"

My head lifted from his hard shoulder, meeting his orbs "I know dad"

He sighed "We wanted to tell you, we waited for the right time," his voice was soft as guilt rolled off of him.

"Dad it's fine, past is past" I reassured him. I was fine with it and wasn't going to hold it against my dad after reuniting with him. I admit, hearing it from him would have been better instead of finding out from Henry and Sam.

He smiled at me "I'm sure you must be hungry, get changed and I'll meet you downstairs in a few minutes" As he stood up and then limped away towards the door, I instantly missed his warmth and presence. After opening the door, he gave me reassuring smile and then left.

I sat on the bed, my mind swirled with thoughts. Father was alive; I was happy beyond words and had a home but the thought of Alex made me nervous. The need to find out if he left with Olivia and Liam made my stomach twist. I loved him and needed to make sure he was safe. The thought of Henry putting his hands on Alex made my blood boil and my hand curl into fists.

I need to talk to dad about Alex. Oh God...please let him be safe.

After taking a shaking breath, attempting to calm my nerves down; I got on my feet and walked towards a large wooden wardrobe, hoping there would be some clothes for me to change into. A gasp left my lips upon seeing the wardrobe being filled to the brim with clothes. As my eyes raked over the selection of fabrics I noticed a lot of the clothes weren't my style. Most of them were frilly, very girly clothes. I was more of a plain, black and white girl with the occasional colour thrown in between. My hand went automatically for a plain white t-shirt and grey skinny jeans. I left my long black hair cascading over my shoulders and back freely.

As I walked through the corridor, my eyes raked over the dark wooden floors and matching panelling on the lower half of the wall while the rest of the walls were stark white. Paintings of people I never met and nature hung on the walls and small crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling, illuminating the long corridor. Once standing by the stairs, my mouth hunged open at the sight of a stunning large crystal chandelier, hanging high from the ceiling and matching the smaller ones from the corridor. The floor and panelling on the wall matched too and I imagined it was like this everywhere in the house. The stairs that led to the foyer was grand, the metal railing was black with intricate ornaments. It was luxurious and stunning.

As I roamed over the large foyer, the silhouette of my father talking to another older man appeared. A few male and female werewolves passed by and when some of them noticed me they gave me curious looks. Heat rushed to my cheeks and looked away from them, hating the unwanted attention.

As I walked down the stairs my dad looked up and met my eyes. His stormy grey depths shone with happiness with no sign of the broken man in the room. His aura was strong and authoritative, that kind where you would follow him to the depths of hell if he asked for it. His presence demanded respect and from the look of the people around him, he was highly respected and loved.

A smile adorned his face, brightening his face and then turned his attention back to the man. Once I reached them and stood next to my dad, the man looked at me and smiled warmly at me. "You must be Ellie" he extended his hand for me to shake it. I smiled and nodded, taking his large hand into mine. His grip was firm and confident where mine was weak.

"Ellie, this is my very good friend Rick and also my Beta" my father's soothing deep voice filled my ears from next to me.

"Nice to meet you," I muttered and instantly rolled my eyes at myself mentally for being so timid. After being alone for years, I hated my introverted nature.

"Pleasure is all mine." He said warmly, letting go of my hand.

As my eyes raked over his features, I noticed he was about the same age as my father, with wrinkles adorning his eyes. He was a bit shorter but more masculine. Thinning dirty blond hair shortly cut was atop of his head with streaks of grey on his temples and piercing blue eyes adorned his face.

"Let's go get you something to eat" my father's voice snapped out of my gaze.

"I'll see you later Ben," said Rick. They both nodded at each other and then parted ways.

My dad led me into the large dining hall, my wide eyes looked around in awe not being used to the luxury around me. It was stunning, elegant and luxurious as the rest of the house.

A few male werewolves sat at the table, their murmurs reached my ears before entering the large room. When we entered they all turned their heads towards us, flicking between my dad and me while silence engulfed us. The wariness in their eyes after their noses flared to smell the air had my brows creasing ever so slightly.

The feeling that some of them weren't happy I was there, made my stomach twist. They no doubt could smell I wasn't a full werewolf and a part of their pack. However, I was used to it and wouldn't let them bring my spirit down. Especially now, being reunited with my father after so many years, thinking I was utterly alone. I didn't know them and I couldn't care less for them. When their eyes landed on my father they lowered their gaze and bowed their head in submission.

Once we sat down, it wasn't long before a young woman placed a bowl of soup in front of me. I lifted my eyes, meeting hers as she smiled at me kindly. I returned the smile, warmth spreading across my chest at the thought that not everyone was against me being here. "Thank you" I muttered.

Once she was gone I found myself asking "you have servants?" My eyebrow raised in the process.

He chuckled "not necessarily servants. She is an omega. There is a few of them around here. They take care of the house and cook"

"I heard that some omegas don't have a wolf. Does that make me omega too" I couldn't help but ask, always wondering that about myself ever since my dad explained the hierarchy of the packs when I was younger.

Suddenly, the voices of the werewolves sitting on the other side of the table ceased, trying to hear my dad's answer. An uncomfortable silence filled the room. My eyes tore away from the soup and found the guys curiously staring at us upon hearing the silence. I furrowed my eyebrows at them and squinted my eyes while the embers of anger began to burn. One thing I hated was eavesdropping, those guys had no shame in doing so to their Alpha. Both of them moved their eyes away from us, before flicking their eyes at my father and then looking to the floor.

When my gaze moved back to father his eyebrows were furrowed, his intense eyes watched me "you're not omega. Omega's don't have the strength. You are stronger than any werewolf here. You are my daughter, Alpha blood is in your veins"

A sigh left my lips "Dad, I don't have a wolf. For everyone to respect me I need a wolf" I said with a hushed voice despite the fact I knew they could still hear me. Damn werewolves.

"You don't need a wolf to gain respect," he said reassuringly and with finality.

After finishing the food, my dad was needed for something and I ended up alone. He told me I was free to walk around the house and outside; to get to know the place. With my bad sense of navigation, I got lost a few times in the large house since most of the corridors looked the same.

After a while, the need for fresh air had me leaving the house. I needed to escape the constant stares of everyone which made me self conscious. The impressive gardens made my eyes widen as I took in my surroundings. Smaller houses surrounded the large packhouse and it stretched out for miles. It looked like a village. From what Alex told me about the pack, I knew this place was one of the biggest packs in northern America. I couldn't help but wonder if other packs looked like this as well. Even though my dad talked about his pack a lot when I was growing up I never imagined it would be like this.

As I wandered around in between houses, a few people were out. A couple of small children played, running after a ball. A few of them glanced at me, some of them looked curious once they noticed my eyes, and some of them smiled which I returned. After a while which must have been a couple of hours while Alex and the slayers occupied my mind, the sky began to get dark and the sun dipped behind the horizon. When I passed the last house, a thick forest towered in from of me making the darkness more intense.

As I started into the endless blackness, basking in it, footfalls from behind me got louder with each step and stopped not far behind me. My first thought was the children, but when an eerie silence greeted me and eyes burned into my back, I cautiously turned around.

The driver from the SUV that got me here stood there, watching me carefully but not as the rest of the werewolves there with the hint of unease. His facial expression showed friendliness, his eyes shining with sincerity. As my eyes took him in, I noticed he was as tall as my father and muscly as would be expected from a werewolf. Dark brows wavy hair sat at the top of his head messily flying around as the breeze flew by and piercing blue eyes stared at me.

"Thinking of running?" His deep baritone voice reached in my ears, his dark eyebrows were high on his forehead while one corner of his lips raised into a smirk.

He took a few steps closer as I stared him down. After such an eventful day, I was in no mood to speak to him. He seemed to be arrogant and him shooting me made me like him a lot less. It certainly didn't help his situation.

"Thank you would be nice," he deadpanned, "for bringing you here" he motioned with his arms around the place. "For reuniting you with your father" a smug smile appeared on his lips.

I squinted my eyes ever so slightly and cocked my head to the side while still staring at him and wondering what was his aim with this conversation. He did deserve my thank you but could have handled it differently. "Thank you," I said rather harshly and tore my eyes away from him as I began to walk away towards the back house.

"Wait" I heard him behind me.

I sighed and stopped in my track and he appeared in my vision. I gave him a quizzical look.

He signed and shook his head as he glanced at the ground. His eyes returned to mine and the arrogance I saw mere seconds disappeared "Look I realize our first meeting wasn't ideal. How about we start over again?"

"Ok," I said cautiously after a few seconds, taking me by surprise.

He extended his hand, my eyes stared at it before grasping his large hand "I am Will"

"Ellie," I pulled away my hand.

"Um...sorry for shooting you. But I couldn't let you go. I didn't anticipate you would fight back"

"Thanks...what did you except, I would let you take me without a fight?" I shook my head slightly in disbelief.

"Well," he scratched the back of his neck "ya," he muttered the last bit.

My eyes widened as my blood began to boil slowly "Oh I get it. You thought that because I am a girl I would be scared of three big intimidating werewolves."

He just stood there watching me with his wide eyes no doubt taking him by surprise with my outburst. I shook my head and began to walk away from him, done with the conversation. A few seconds later he caught up with me. "I underestimated you"

"A lot of people does" I muttered to myself but I was sure he heard me thanks to his extraordinary hearing that came with being a werewolf.

"I am trying to be friendly and you're making it really hard" his slightly irritated voice rang in my ears. I kept walking, not bothering to even look at him. A heavy irritated sigh left his lips "can you stop and talk to me please?"

I stopped and narrowed my eyes at him "why...why are you trying to be so friendly"

"You need me," a triumphant smile appeared on his face.

"I need you?" My eyebrows shot high, towards my hairline.

"Ya, I know everyone here. I could introduce you...not that you need it, everyone knows who you are, but you know what I mean" he said awkwardly "Plus we need to get used to each other"

I furrowed my eyebrows at him "And why is that?"

"Because...I'll be your Beta when you become an Alpha" he smiled brightly and puffed out his chest as if being proud he would be Beta.

My eyes stared at him dumbfounded for a few seconds before I snapped myself out of it and found my voice "Who said I want to be an Alpha?"

His eyes widened, the bright smile he had just a second ago faded with my words "it's your birthright. Your responsibility" he sounded a bit offended.

"No my only responsibility is-" my words stopped coming when I realised he was a stranger to me. I didn't want to tell him anything about Alex or me for that matter. A mixture of unease and disappointment flashed across his features "Never mind" I muttered and began to walk towards the packhouse. This time he didn't follow me and I help but feel glad.

A lot happened since last night and it was a lot to take in. Today was the day when my life turned upside down. Only last night I laid in Alex's strong arms, thinking I had no family. That I had only him. And then I was snatched by Will and thrown into this part of reality. Happiness was an understatement when I laid my eyes on my father, but being an Alpha wasn't anything I had planned for my future. I didn't want the title and the responsibility that came with it. I wasn't the leading type, always the follower.

I need to have some serious talk with dad.

Getting into the packhouse, with a little bit of direction from the omega I met earlier, I found myself standing in front of my dad's office. The large thick dark door towered over me as I listened for any indication of my dad or anyone else being there. No voices came through the door, but the strong smell of my father told me he was there, quietly working. My hand raised and knocked gently on the dark wood in front of me.

"Come in" his voice came from behind the door. Pushing open the door I walked in.

"Ellie, are you ok?" He asked sitting behind his large mahogany desk with a laptop in front of him. My eyes roamed over his office. It was impressive with dark wood that matched with the rest of the house. A dark leather sofa was pushed alongside the wall and a small library stood across from it.

"Ya I am fine...we need to talk" my voice sounded stern which I didn't anticipate.

He suggested to the comfy looking chair across his large desk. "Sit down" his eyes never left mine.

Sitting down I cleared my throat, suddenly feeling nervous "dad...I need to leave"

He sat frozen, his wide eyes stared at me with a shock that shifted into concern seconds later "why? I just got you back"

"I will return, once I take care of something" his muscles visibly relaxed as he slouched into his leather chair.

"Take care of what? Talk to me Ellie, I can help" warmth spread in my chest at his concern and willingness to help. But I felt resistant to tell him anything about the slayers, not knowing how he felt about them.

"I'm sure you know I stayed with slayers before I was brought here," I said carefully, he seemed calm, if it bothered him he didn't show it. "Henry threatened to kill them if I didn't give myself up to him. Last night I was on my way to him to keep them safe. They got protection from Boston's slayers, I just need to check if they all got there"

"Why on earth would you give your life for them.", he narrowed his eyes at me, his voice laced with a bit of steel while the air around him changed from calm to annoyed.

"It's complicated"

"Enlighten me"

I sighed. Here it comes "I care for them. They showed me nothing but kindness and we became friends. One of them got taken away by Henry because of me. And..." I gulped, mustering all my bravery "I fell in love with one of them" the last part I muttered and his eyes widened.

"But why would you still want to give your life if they got protection from Boston" his irritation shifted into curiosity.

"Because the slayers in Boston wouldn't give me protection which I understand but Alex wouldn't let me stay behind. He wanted to be at my side, even if his life would be at risk. And I couldn't allow that"

He cleared his throat "Alex is the one you're in love with I presume."

I nodded

"I understand your fear for his life, but I understand his reasoning too." His voice was calm and I was glad my dad took this so easily.

"Now I have no idea whether he went to Boston or stayed behind. I don't know if Henry got to him or even worse if he killed him" at the last words my voice cracked and my eyes were glued to the wooden floor.

"I have connections in Boston. I can try and get the phone number for them and you can find out if Alex is there or not. After that, we talk more"

I nodded seeing it was fair.

"I'll try and get the phone number as soon as possible," he said reassuringly.

I nodded again, happy with the outcome. As I tried to decide how to approach the next topic that needed my dad's attention, uncomfortable silence stretched between us.

"Is there anything else?" he asked when he noticed how nervous I was.

"Ya...about the Alpha title," I said cautiously "I don't want it, I don't think I can do it"

Father let out a sigh and looked at his desk.

"Ellie, I know everything is overwhelming for you at the moment but please consider it. You won't get the title before you get the proper training, which is going to be a few years" his voice was warm reassuring, matching his stormy eyes.

"Dad..everyone here-" I began to say but dad jumped in before I could finish "just give them a chance...if they don't warm up to you by the time you're fully trained the title will go to someone else I won't pressure you"

After a few seconds of silence while I considered his words I agreed.

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