The Hybrid

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Chapter 24

"Hi" a familiar voice came from behind me. I turned my head, my eyes landed on Will standing there. His tall frame towered over me.

"Hi," I muttered as my head moved back and my eyes landed on the two werewolves I have been watching sparring in the middle of the outdoor ring.

I've watched werewolves training and sparring all afternoon. I grew restless after a few days of sitting around and wanting to join but my doubt of them accepting me had me standing on the side and watching. As I watched them, the memories of Alex filled my head. More specifically, the night when we first kissed. The memory and many encounters with him after that made my heart sink; the longing for him grew stronger each day.

I miss you...your touch, warmth, scent and presence that I couldn't get enough of. You made me feel safe and woke up feelings I thought I'd never feel.

Will's presence snapped me out of my thoughts as he stood next to me and the awkward silence became unbearable after several minutes. Guilt began to creep into me for behaving unfriendly towards him, but I couldn't help it that last time I talked to him. It was too much to process in one day. Now after a few days, the guilt made me feel heavy and the urge to make things ok between us or at least attempt to be friendly grew.

I cleared my throat nervously "so...what have you been up to?" I fiddled with my fingers while my eyes roamed all over the place nervously.

"Nothing much, I had patrolled the border and now I came to train... Care to join me?" My wide eyes shot to him. The corner of his lips raised as he eyed me expectantly. The surprised expression I wore on my face must have told him I have been wanting to while full-on grin plastered over his lips.

"Ya, give me five minutes, I'll go and get changed"

"I'll be here, waiting" I heard him say as I turned around and rushed towards the packhouse. Entering my room, I changed into workout leggings, a sports bra and an oversized hoodie. I put my hair in a high ponytail and rushed back outside to Will.

When I came back to the large clearing in the back of the packhouse where everyone trained, Will's tall frame appeared in my vision, talking to a group of guys. Upon seeing me, one of them leaned closer to Will and whispered something to him. My brows ceased while my narrowed eyes stared at them, not liking grown men acting like girls in a high school. Upon them leaving, Will stood there in the middle, with a smirk on his face staring at me.

"So we're sparring?" I approached, relieved they guys left but still at unease, leaving my stomach in a twist. I kept my face blank not wanting to show Will any of my emotions.

He smiled widely "yep... Can't wait to see what you can do,"

I rolled my eyes at him "You saw what I can do"

"Indeed, but you didn't fight me" the corner of his lips raised into a cocky smile, brightening his handsome face.

A loud burst of a laugh escaped my lips "like that's going to make any difference" I managed to say in between laughing, panting and clutching at my side as pain shot from the muscle. In the middle of my laughing fit, upon registering my words his cocky smile disappeared exchanging for a cold glare. I didn't know how good he was or his strength but when the smile disappeared from his face, it was priceless. Now I just had to make sure not to make fool of myself.

"We'll see about that" his intense cold bright blue glare bore into me before turning away and taking his stance.

After both of us stretched and warmed up, we stood a few feet apart facing each other in an offensive stance. My eyes never left his body, trying to read and anticipate his movements while he had his eyes glued to me as well. Suddenly he lunged, trying to punch me, I jumped away his first missing my jaw by centimetres. He tried to punch again and I raised my hands to block it with my forearm and landed punch into the side of his abdomen and ribs. He took a step back rubbing his side where my fist collided with his hard muscle while his glare never left me. Suddenly the group of werewolves that were training, stood around us watching our fight. I gulped once all of their gazes were on us, feeling even more nervous with them around me; I moved my eyes from them towards Will.

Just as I turned my attention back to Will, he landed a powerful kick into my chest. Taking me by surprise, I fell to the ground with a loud thud while pain seared through my ribcage like fire burning through flesh. I couldn't help the groan escaping my lips. When I got up and took a deep breath, Will took the opportunity and blew punches towards me. One after another I dodged and blocked them as best as I could, not leaving me any window to strike back. Just as he landed his last blow I jumped to the side, this time anticipating his movement and grabbed his wrist, twisted his arm in an awkward angle behind him. He winced and I roughly kicked him into the back of his knee. He fell to the ground while cheers erupted all around me. My head whipped to the noise and my eyes widened upon seeing the male and female werewolves cheering and clapping their hands while some of them nodded their head with smiles on their faces in honour of my victory.

A chuckle brought my attention towards Will. He sat in the glass with a warm smile on his face. Smiling back at him, I extended my hand towards him, he grabbed it and I pulled him up to his feet.

"One more round?" He raised an eyebrow at me, mischievous smiles appeared on his face.

"Ya, this time don't hold back," I mimicked his smile, trying to intimidate him at least a little bit.

We sparred for another hour. His fluid movement and his strength made him a good opponent, a skilful fighter. While we fought more werewolves appeared to watch our fight when the word spread of me and Will fighting and no doubt me kicking his ass. I tried not to pay them any attention since it made me nervous and I couldn't let Will win. I noticed some of their faces that were etched into my memory; the ones that were wary of my presence in the pack. They seemed to be more curious and I was glad they seemed to let go of their prejudice. Perhaps they started to warm up to me upon seeing my skills, maybe even gain some respect. Or it could have been the fact that Will got his ass whooped. Probably the latter.

Once we finished our fight, the large group of werewolves that watched out fight dispersed and me and Will decided to take a break. As we sat in the grass under the big oak tree I heard his voice after drinking from his bottle of water "are you looking forward to the party?"

"A party?... I didn't know there is going to be a party" I started looking into the blue cloudless sky. Not interested in the party the tiniest bit.

"The party is in your honour"

My head snapped to him, my wide eyes finding his "In my honour? Why"

"Why not, Alpha has been looking for you for more than six years. Everyone is happy that you're finally here"

"Ok," I muttered, not knowing how else to respond. Were they really happy I was in the pack? Honestly, I couldn't tell being too afraid to actually look around and see everyone. Afraid I would see hatred and disgust towards me like I saw every time coming into contact with vampires.

"Well, I am looking forward to it. It's going to be a big one. Alphas and Betas from neighbouring packs are invited. Maybe I finally find my mate" he sounded wistful as he spoke the last sentence. He looked up at the sky, the sun illuminating his face as it came out from behind a cloud.

I moved my eyes towards him, watching his profile as he daydreamed, no doubt about his mate "ya, maybe you'll be lucky"

"Have you found yours?" He asked, his eyes landing on me a few seconds later, curiosity rolling off of him.

I shook my head, the memory of Alex asking me the exact same question replayed in my mind.

All of a sudden, his smile dropped, his whole demeanour shifted "did you meet your mate?"

My smile disappeared before I shook my head "I don't think I have a mate. I don't have a wolf"

He smiled, running his hand through his hair "that's good... because you have me. You don't need a mate"

It made my heart sink upon replying the memory, the mixture of guilt and longing poured in and overpowered every single cell of my body.

"no, honestly I don't think I have one." I finally answered after gulping down the lump that began to form in my throat.

"Why?" His eyebrows were high on his forehead creating a horizontal line.

"I don't have a wolf" I muttered, looking away from him towards the glass in front of him and reaching for the soft stems and gently combing through it my fingers.

"Sometimes I'd love to be in your skin"

"There is nothing special about being hybrid. It sucks" my voice sounded a little bit harsh.

"Well, sometimes it would be nice to have just me in my head" he looked at me "what is it like to be a hybrid"

My eyes widened, getting me by surprise with his question. No one ever asked me such a question, so it was hard for me to answer " I said, it sucks. I'd much rather be full vampire or werewolf. People can be very biased, they're either scared or they hate me because of what I am. Also, there is the blood lust" my voice was calm but couldn't help my restless fingers. I did that a lot when I felt nervous.

"Blood lust?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Ya, when I am in that state I lose all control of my body. All I think about is blood, usually, the first person that my eyes land on end up dead" my voice was low, my eyes were glued to the grass, ashamed of this part of me I hated so much.

Upon noticing the silence that stretched between us, I moved my eyes towards Will. His wide orbs already stared at me with fear and unease swirling in them "Does that happen often?"

A giggle escaped my mouth upon seeing the almighty Will afraid, before shaking my head "only when I don't eat in a day or so, but don't worry I always make sure it doesn't come to that"

"Did you...ever killed on blood lust?" He asked hesitantly, shifting nervously on his spot.

I lowered my gaze once again and nodded "once" I mumbled. Guilt filled my body when memories of that day flashed in my mind. I would never forget the face of the young guy. The horror that flashed in his eyes before I pounced on him and the way his body went limp in my hands as I sucked his life away.

Upon seeing my sadness, Will changed the topic which was greatly appreciated. Soon after we separated and as I got into my room my mind swirled with Alex. Ever since I left him, the uneasy feeling of something happening to him crept into my bones. I just hoped the feeling was wrong and he was fine in Boston with Liam and Olivia. As soon as my eyes opened that morning after I left, the realisation of making a mistake felt like I have been pulled under the water and couldn't swim back to the surface. Ever since that night my lips felt his for the last time, half my heart ripped apart and stayed with him.

Heavy tears lined my eyes while my heart sank to the burning core of Earth. Every time I thought about him, a heavy sinking feeling took over my body. At that moment, I let my tears escape my eyes, needing my emotions just to let go. I felt the urge to unleash them because if I didn't, if I kept them bubbled inside of me I would burst and the aftermath would leave only a shell of the person I was.

After a while my tears dried up, there were no more tears to shed. I just sat on my bed hugging a pillow like my life depended on it and stared into nothingness; disconnected from the world. I didn't even know how long I sat there when I heard a knock on my door.

My head whipped towards the door before wiping the remnants of my dried tears. Throwing the pillow to the side I walked towards the door and took a shaking calming breath before opening the door.

My dad stood in the corridor, leaning against his sleek walking stick while his grey eyes went wide upon seeing my appearance, which must have been terrible.

"What happened?" He asked as he limped into the room.

"It's nothing" I muttered. My voice was raspy from the crying.

"Did anyone tell you anything? That's why you're upset" his stormy eyes raked over my features as he stopped in front of me.

I furrowed my eyebrows " not a child"

He sighed "sorry...I just don't want to see you like this"

The corners of my lips raised slightly "it's nothing to do with the pack. Did you get the number?"

He shook his head "not yet, it's harder than I thought. I will get it for you I promise"

We chatted for a bit. Mostly about the party that was taking a place in a few days. I told him I didn't want to attend but seeing it was in my honour my attendance was mandatory. The party was the last thing on my mind. I would much rather go to New York to see if Alex was ok. That would have to wait after the party. There was no way a father would let me go before.


Days have passed, the whole pack helped with the party and everyone seemed to be excited. Will introduced me to a couple of his closest friends and to meet his mother. I learned her name was Lisa. She reminded me of my mother, the motherly way she spoke to me and the warmth I felt from her instantly. She told me stories of my father when he was young; since they grew up together. When Lisa met her mate Rick which was the Beta now, the three of them were inseparable. They supported my father when he fell in love with my mother. Not everyone approved of him being with a vampire, a member of the council since both species were enemies for millennia.

The information my father never left his pack when he got with mother and had me had my eyebrows shot high into my hairline. Rick and Lisa were in charge in his absence. They dealt with small decisions while my dad was included in the big ones. Twice a month he visited his pack and I remembered he would always tell me he had a work trip, always leaving me sad for leaving me home or wanting to go with him. Only then did I realise the sacrifice my dad made to be with my mother. Both of them sacrificed a lot. Their love must have been stronger than I ever imagined.

Will and I became sparring partners. Upon spending more time together, I realised I judged him harshly at the start. I began to see the person he really was; genuine, honest and loyal. Always tried to cheer me up every time he spotted me in a gloomy mood when the thought of Alex occupied my mind. I began to see him as a friend with each passing day. And if I would ever become an Alpha I would be happy to have him as my Beta.

Alex never left my mind. The feeling of something bad happening to him kept creeping at me. A sense of dread filled my body every time I thought about him. Even Will noticed it, but I would always brush it off. My guilt grew each passing day and drowning me effectively. The preparation for the party had my stomach twisting, here I was, a party being prepared for my honor while he could have been suffering.

Every day I found myself asking my father about the contact number of Boston's slayers. Every time it was the same answer; he was in the process of getting it. It left me annoyed but I understood. Technically the slayers were none existent to the humans, and I understood it took a lot of effort and time to spend on the phone trying to get the number. He assured me he would get the number for me and I trusted him.

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