The Hybrid

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Chapter 25

A soft knock coming from the door snapped me out of my stare at my reflection from the tall mirror that leaned against the wall in my room. Walking towards the door I opened it, my eyes landed on Lisa with a wide smile on her face. Her chocolate dark brown hair was pulled into an elegant high bun and she wore a stunning burgundy gown, that flared from her hips and sparkled every time she moved. It hugged her body perfectly, showing off her soft curves. Even though she was in her fifties, her beauty couldn't be denied.

Her eyes roamed over me from head to toe while a satisfactory smile adorned her features "you look stunning"

I felt the heat rushing to my cheeks, no doubt painting my face bright pink "thank you, you're stunning as well"

She smiled "let's go, it's time... everyone is here"

I glanced at myself in the mirror across the room for the last time, making sure I looked presentable. Earlier that day, Lisa brought a few dresses to my room. Upon seeing them, my eyes immediately went to this one. It was a simple black gown with a full skirt and high split on the side showing my high off with thin spaghetti straps and a deep neckline that went past my cleavage. My hair was wavy and pinned on one side with a sparkling clip while the other side was left freely framing my face. Bright red lipstick and black eyeliner adorned my face and when my eyes first landed on my reflection in the mirror; I almost didn't recognise myself.

I tore my gaze away from the mirror and walked into the corridor. As we walked towards the party that was outside I grew more nervous with every step. I couldn't help fiddling with my fingers and biting the inside of my mouth to the point where it started being painful. But I welcomed the pain, distracting me from the anxiousness that grew inside of me every time I was forced to be the centre of attention.

Soft orchestral music filled my ears once we got out of the packhouse. The party was situated in the back garden where usually training occurred. But for the party, everything was cleared and a huge white marquee was built there. At first, the party was planned in the packhouse but when Lisa, who was in charge of planning realised the number of werewolves attending she had to improvise.

Along the path to the marquee were bright flowers with soft fairy lights illuminating the nature around us softly. The inside was decorated the same way with more crystal lights giving it a soft warm white hue. The orchestra was on a slightly raised stage playing slow ethereal music.

"I thought it's supposed to be a party, not a ball," my eyebrow raised high on the forehead as I met Lisa's eyes filled with amusement.

Lisa giggled "I got too excited"

A smile appeared on my face while I shook my head. My eyes landed on the form of my father standing in front of the marquee in a crisp tuxedo that was made perfectly for him with holding his walking stick which made him look like a mafia boss. He was talking to Rick who sported a black tuxedo as well and next to them stood Will who wore a black suit and looked utterly bored, lazily checking his nails and letting out a sigh. I bit my lip trying to choke down the laugh that was threatening to escape upon seeing Will. He reminded me of a young teenager and not an adult man.

Upon seeing us walking towards them, Will's mood lightened up and a bright smile appeared on his face while he straighten his spine. Once we approached them, my dad and Rick turned their attention to us.

"Beautiful," my dad said with a smile as he kissed my cheek. Will and Rick kissed my cheek too, greeting me and all of us entered the enormous marquee.

Upon entering, my eyes went wide while my mouth opened slightly at the number of people that attended. My eyes scanned the sea of people, some of them already danced on the dancefloor in front of the orchestra in pairs, slowly and elegantly. Quite a few of them stood by the big bar on the far side of the marquee and the rest of them were scattered around in groups and pairs with drinks, conversing easily.

As my eyes roamed over the faces of the people in front of me I couldn't help the feeling of the walls closing in on me, making me feel uneasy. I leaned into my dad and whispered as low as I could "dad, please don't do a big introduction"

Father looked at me, his eyes flicking between mine "Why"

"I don't feel comfortable. I'm nervous" my voice shook ever so slightly.

"You'll be ok" he smiled reassuringly, leading me inside.

I sighed and cursed under my breath which caused my dad to give me a side-eye, no doubt hearing my cursing. Soon after, dad was swept away alongside Rick and Lisa by a group of guests and I took the opportunity and headed towards the bar.

"Where are you going," Will asked behind me.

"I need a drink," I said not bothering to face him while still walking through the sea of people and ignoring their stares as I passed.

When we finally reached the bar I ordered myself a shot of vodka, needing the courage for what was to come. His bright blue eyes burned into the side of my face, standing next to me. A look of concern appeared on his handsome face as I turned my head towards him.

"Don't look at me like that" I said softly, taking the small glass and drinking the vodka with one swig.

His eyes followed the movement of the now empty glass, then leaned closer to me "are you ok?" He asked carefully as I nodded at the barman, ordering another shot.

I took the small glass and drank the vodka in one go again before my attention turned towards Will "I hate being the centre of attention. I need my good old friend vodka to loosen me up a bit" I smiled already feeling dizzying but at the same time relaxing the effects of the alcohol. My head spun every time I closed my eyes, not used to drinking alcohol that much.

He looked over his shoulder and then turn back to me "let's dance" before I could even protest, he grabbed my hand and led me through the myriads of people towards the dancefloor. As he pulled my smaller frame behind him, my legs knotted together a few times, nearly falling to the ground. My dizziness from the alcohol didn't make it easy for me to follow him either.

"I can't dance," I managed to say while being pulled behind him, feeling my tongue a little bit heavy.

"I'll teach you"

When we stepped into the dancefloor, my breathing was heavy and I swayed from side to side as if being on the boat before he took one of my hands and placed it on his shoulder, the other in his hand, steadying me and putting his hand on the small of my back. We began to move with the soft music, my eyes flicked between his, pleading to let me go. His stone-hard face told me there was no chance he would let go back to the bar and drink. My eyes were glued to our feet, trying not to step on his feet as we danced.

After a few minutes and a few songs later, I got the hang of it. My eyes found his, a smile adorned his face which I mimicked.

"You're getting better," he said, still smiling as he guide me through the dance.

"Thanx" I managed to say as heat rushed to my cheeks upon hearing the compliment. If you could call it a compliment.

His eyes moved behind me and started at something which had me instantly wondering what was he looking at. This whole time we danced he didn't pay anyone much attention until now. Once I was in his position I looked in the direction. My eyes landed on my dad as he spoke to a few werewolves with Rick by his side. However, one of them caught my attention; I felt his burning stare on my face, ignoring the conversation altogether.

As I raked my eyes over his features in between my dancing with Will, I noticed he was ruggedly handsome. His deep dark brown eyes stared at me so intensely, a shiver run down my spine. His dark brown hair was cut short on his sides while longer on top of his head which had tendrils of hair falling into his eyebrows. High cheekbones and strong jaw that could cut diamonds had no doubt women fanning over him. Stubble adorned his lower face which made him that much more handsome and accentuated his full lips. His frame was strong and powerful with wide shoulders packed with muscles and a slim waist. The aura around him was authoritative demanding submission and respect; the same as father.

Alpha. The only thought that came to my mind.

The other one that talked to my father was tall as well but smaller than the man next to him. He had black shoulder-length hair that was tucked behind his ears neatly and hazel eyes.

"They want to meet you" Will's voice reached my ears and had me jumping ever so slightly. My eyes met my dad's grey gaze, a slight smile adorned his face before his eyes landed on Will.

We stopped dancing, the sudden end of the movement had me snapping out of my stare towards the group. My head snapped towards Will and meeting his eye the look on my face had me questioning his movements. "Let's go" he grasped my hand gently and pulled me behind him.

As we walked towards the quartet that included my father, I didn't miss the glare the guy that stared mere seconds ago, sent towards Will; his eyes narrowed as his eyes moved towards our holding hands. He looked as if he wanted to pounce at Will and kill him if he could. My eyebrows furrowed while my eyes narrowed, mimicking him while anger slowly grew within me, bubbling inside of me and waiting to be spilt over at any excuse I could get from him.

What the hell is his problem.

Upon approaching them, Will let go of my hand while my eyes shot towards my dad, a warm smile appeared on his face. I willed my facial muscles to move, to create a smile despite the fact the only thing I wanted was to glare, to show how much I hated self-assured and arrogant guys. The guy that stared showed all those signs.

Leaning in, I kissed my dad gently on his cheek. Then he turned his attention to the man standing next to him. His intense eyes never left my face, studying me "Alpha Samuel this is my daughter Ellie" he gestured towards me.

"Ellie this is Alpha Samuel of Black Moon Pack and his Beta Chris" my father motioned towards the two men.

Alpha Samuel extended his hand towards me. I found myself staring at his extended hand and before taking it. He gently but firmly shook my hand, his nearly black eyes pierced through me straight into my soul. I felt naked under his gaze which made me want to hide.

"Please call me Sam" his voice was soft but deep, the corners of his full lips raised showing off his pearly white teeth. Other women would be melting under his intense eyes and the wide smile which brightened his face but that wasn't the case with me. He was handsome but Alex was the only man for me. The thought of Alex had my heart sink, wishing he could be by my side.

Our skin touching as I grasped his large hand, had me snapping back to reality. A very faint tingling sensation erupted in the place where we touched. It was barely there so I shrugged it off, being the effects of the vodka. I let go of his hand and his Beta shook my hand too with a bright smile on his face.

"Alpha Samuel, Chris" I heard Will's voice next to me.

The two men in front of me turned their attention to Will. The growing tension between them could be cut with a knife "Will long time no see. You haven't changed a bit" Chris's voice reached my ears, never losing his bright smile while he addressed Will.

Lisa appeared next to my father "it's time" her words reached my ears as she leaned closer to my dad. He nodded before tearing his eyes towards me and motioning for me to follow him. We walked towards the podium where the orchestra played where I suddenly realised the two vodka shots I drank earlier weren't enough. At that moment, I wished Will didn't drag me to dance needing at least one more vodka.

Upon reaching the podium dad walked towards the microphone that stood in the middle. I stood on the side of the podium as my eyes nervously roamed over the myriads of faces in front of me. My nervousness got the best of me, my heart began to beat drastically in my chest making it the only noise I could hear, my hands began to shook and I felt like my legs would give up under me any second.

My eyes stopped on Will, he smiled at me brightly, reassuringly and I managed to return the smile, however, it didn't reach my eyes. Next to him stood Chris and Sam. Sam kept his dark eyes on me, his dark orbs slowly took in my frame stopping on my face. The intensity of his stare had me closing my eyes in order to tear away from his gaze. Every time our eyes met, it took all my strength to look away like I was under a spell.

My eyes shot open upon hearing my fathers voice. His voice usually soothed me but not now. This time his voice irritated me to no end. "Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all know I have been looking for my daughter for quite some time. Just as I began to lose hope I found her. Let me introduce my daughter Ellie the future Alpha of Silver Moon" my eyes went back to all the faces in front of me as they applauded and cheered. My dad gestured me to come forward and I nervously did while my stomach twisted.

My eyes went wide, my heart began to beat erratically as I hesitantly took the microphone. Father wanted me to say something and I didn't prepare anything. How embarrassing, I should have been prepared.

I nervously cleared my throat, trying to calm my nerves "thank you for the warm welcome and thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy the rest of the night" my voice was shaking the entire time. Upon finishing my embarrassing speech I handed the microphone back to my dad and took off.

Rushing outside the marquee, utter humiliation took over every cell of my body. At that moment, I wished the ground would swallow me whole where wouldn't have to look into their faces ever again.

Walking behind the marquee, a large lake greeted me. As the bright moon shone, it created millions of sparkles across the large lake. The music of the orchestra from the party filled my ears and the calmness of the water made my anxiety slip away. I closed my eyes breathing in the crisp air enjoying the calmness; the extreme opposite of what I felt mere minutes ago.

As my eyes landed on the moon my mind swirled with thoughts of Alex. I found myself doing that a lot, starting at the silver orb in the inky sky while thinking about the only man that made me feel things I thought would never be awakened. I couldn't help but feel alone despite the fact someone was always around me. It wasn't the loneliness I experienced before where I was utterly alone. My father, Will, Lisa and Rick were my family but I yearned for Alex's touch and to hear his deep voice that managed to soothe my raging emotions. I needed him. At that moment I decided that tomorrow I would go back to New York to check everything for myself. I couldn't wait any longer.

"Beautiful" a deep voice from behind me reached my ears. My eyes widened upon realising the voice was familiar which caused my heartbeat to pick up a tempo. His breathing and heartbeat that was beating rapidly in his chest were now next to me. As I turned my head, Sam's profile appeared in my vision.

"It is," I said politely as my eyes tore away from Sam and shot towards the moon and the lake.

"I wasn't talking about the moon" he stated. My gaze shot to him, studying his profile while squinting my eyes at him and cocking my head, trying to figure out what was his aim. Only meeting him less than an hour ago, it felt like he had some kind of claim on me which I didn't like. His intense stare, glaring at Will when he saw he held my hand and now compliment me.

"Thank you?" I wasn't sure of what to say. My eyes met his dark orbs as he turned his face towards me and chuckled. I moved my eyes away from him again watching the lake in front of me, feeling the awkwardness growing. Silence engulfed us and after several seconds, I heard him clearing his throat "can I have a dance with you?" I looked at him, he nervously ran his hand through his dark hair, his adam apple bobbed as he gulped.

I nodded "ok" I mumbled. He offered me his arm and I looped my arm through his, my hand resting on his forearm. Walking inside, curious eyes shot towards us while my eyes were glued to the floor as he led me through the werewolves into the dance floor not wanting to see the curious stares around me.

When we stopped he placed his hands exactly the way Will did earlier. One rested on the small of my back and the other held my hand. I placed my hand on his broad shoulder. I didn't realise how tall he was until I had to lean back my head to look at his face. My head stopped on his chest; same as when I was with Alex. The memory of him holding me from behind made my heart sink.

"I have to warn you," I said after pushing that memory to the back of my mind, staring into nearly black eyes. He raised an eyebrow at me urging me to finish my thought. "I'm not good at dancing"

The corners of his lip raised, lightening up his face. "I don't mind, I can teach you" his eyes flicked between mine before moving them to my lips and then back to my eyes. Upon reaching my eyes his eyes dilated ever so slightly.

"Will beat you to it, he promised me he would teach me" I smiled, studying his face. Suddenly his facial expression hardened, his jaw flicked while my eyes went to his lips without realising it. He didn't comment on it and my smile fell, while I wondered why he didn't like Will. What was his issue with him?

My eyes tore away from him and as we danced I looked around. I caught a glance at my father with Rick, Lisa and Will. My father and Will talked to each other while both of their eyes were on me and Sam. Then my dad leaned closer to Will and tell him something in his ear. Will's head shot to us again his wide eyes found mine. His eyebrows were high on his forehead creating a horizontal line in the middle of his forehead and his mouth was slightly open. He looked to be shocked, surprised. I squinted my eyes at him trying to figure out what my dad told him. Damn the loud music.

After the dance with Sam, I went back to my father and Will. Throughout the night I got introduced to more and more people. But the second they would walk away I would forget their names. It was just too much to remember and I was never good with names.

For the rest of the night, Will behaved differently around me. We would chat and joke like we always did but he would always make sure to keep a respectful distance from me. Whatever my father told him while I danced with Sam changed his demeanour towards me. I wasn't going to question it in front of everyone. I would let it slide for tonight.

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