The Hybrid

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Chapter 26

The party finished late, my body ached from the dancing and high heels I wore all night. Itching to take off the heavy dress, I was more than happy that it had ended. By the end of the night, I couldn't get rid of the annoying headache caused by the music and constant chatting.

The second I stepped into my room and closed the door behind me, the heavy dress fell to the floor, pooling around my legs and took a long hot shower. Letting out a heavy sigh, an overwhelming relief washed over me as the hot water cascaded over my aching body. My tense muscles relaxed and the pain slowly began to subside as the hotness of the water seeped through my skin deep into my bones. Washing off the heavy make-up from my face I felt more like myself again, hating the heavy feel of it on my skin despite making me look nicer.

My mind swirled with Alex again as he did countless times before, constantly on my mind. The corners of my lips raised into a smile while the thought of our intimate time together, our kisses and touches drowned my mind. How his hands around my waist made me feel safe and wanted, and touching my hard nipples made me feel wet and desperate for him. How his cock felt against my slickness and inside of me. Then a memory of his thick erection filling me to the brim, his perfect chiselled abdomen and his emerald depths filled with desire only for me, had my pussy pulsating with need.

One of my hands reached for my hard nipple, gently rolling it while my other slipped in between my legs, finding my throbbing clit. I played with my pussy thinking about Alex while the hot water cascaded over me and wished for nothing more than for his hands to touch me and ravish me.

Upon reaching my quick orgasm, I finished off my shower, got dressed in my pyjamas and headed to bed. The second my head landed on the pillow I closed my eyes and sleep overtook my body.


It was nearly noon when my eyes opened and reached for my phone that was on the nightstand. I completely missed breakfast and was now getting ready in my room to go for lunch. My stomach made a gurgling noise, indicating the severity of my hunger. If I wouldn't eat something in the next fifteen minutes or so, my blood lust would get the best of me and someone would end up dead. If the pack would witness it, I didn't think they would be as eager to get to know me as they were last night at the party.

I quickly finished up getting dressed which was my usual comfy attire, leggings and a large comfy jumper that ended in the middle of my thighs effectively hiding my bum. I put my long dark hair in a messy bun on top of my head to keep it out of my face.

I hurried through the corridors, the dreaded feeling of parched throat began to appear and panic surged through me. I picked up my pace ignoring a few "Hi" from my fellow pack members. I felt bad for ignoring them but getting my blood lust under control was more important.

Rushing into the large kitchen I grabbed a sandwich that was on a plate, ready to be taken into the dining room by one of the omegas. Their gaze burned into my face the few seconds I was in the kitchen, noticing my uneasiness. Thankfully no one tried to talk to me. I muttered a thank you before rushing out, taking a few bites of the sandwich as I slowly walked into the dining room. The feeling of parched throat slowly subsided with each bite I took, and with that relief grew inside of me.

That was close...need to be more careful in the future.

Stepping into the dining room I froze, rooted to the ground as my wide eyes looked at the group of werewolves sitting around the large table. The conversations in the room quieted down while most of them had a look of surprise on their faces. Just then I realised the people that sat around the table were all the Alphas, Lunas and Betas from neighbouring packs that were in the ball last night. Heat rushed to my cheeks from the embarrassment that took over my body from just barging in and eating messily while everyone else looked well put together and used their manners which I lacked at that moment.

My eyes found father sitting on the far end of the table. Amusement flashed in his stormy eyes, the corners of his lips itched to be raised but he kept his face straight. Right next to my father on his left sat Sam with Chris next to him, both of them staring with the same facial expression. Across from Sam sat Rick and next to him was an empty chair. Normally, I would go and finish my lunch there but seeing all the faces in front of me I decided against it. All I wanted to do at that moment was to disappear. Swallowing the piece of sandwich, I willed my facial muscles to move into an awkward smile and rushed out.

To be honest, in my attempt to stop my blood lust, I forgot we still had quests and didn't register the growing sound of voices that got louder with each step.

Walking back into the kitchen I sat at the small round table, shaking my head as the embarrassment slowly began to subside. Holding the half-eaten sandwich in front of my mouth, just as I was about to take a bite, Will's voice echoed in the kitchen which had my eyes snapping to his approaching form "there you are, I've been looking for you everywhere"

He plopped down on the chair across from me. "Why are you eating here?" He asked raising an eyebrow at me.

"I forgot we have quests, so I ended up here" I decided it would be best if I didn't tell him about my blood lust, the last time I mentioned it he seemed afraid.

My eyes tore away from Will as one of the omega's brought me a glass of water and placed it in front of me. I gave her a grateful smile "thank you"

"So" he began to ask awkwardly as he scratched the back of his neck "what do you think of the Alpha"

I cocked my head to the side and narrowed my eyes at him, not understanding why was he all of a sudden so nervous "which Alpha, there were a lot of them last night"

He's hiding something.

His eyes widened ever so slightly "Alpha Sam" his voice sounded cautious while his blue eyes studied my face.

"Um...I guess he is ok, I don't really know him that much...why?" I drank some of the water and took a bite of my sandwich.

"No reason at all" he answered, but the longer I looked at him, the more suspicious I grew. Averting his eyes when I looked into his and the constant jerking of his leg under the table told me he was nervous and hiding something from me.

"You're not telling me something," I narrowed my eyes at him, studying his every little movement.

Silence engulfed us for a few beating seconds, only the overpowering noises of omega's working in the kitchen could be heard before he cleared his throat "I heard... he found his mate last night" his orbs were intensely watching my reaction.

Is that why is he so nervous about? Why is he so weird all of a sudden? Something is going on.

"Good for him, he is handsome, whoever it is, she is very lucky he seemed nice," I said taking the last bite of my lunch, not caring much about him.

His brows shot high on his forehead while he relentlessly stared at me, concealing whatever thoughts and emotions were going through his head.

My eyes narrowed at him "ok Will, what is it, why are you acting weird all of a sudden" my voice was on the edgier side while my irritation grew by the second. I didn't have the patience for his weird behaviour just after dealing with my blood lust.

He was quiet for a few seconds, his eyes still bored into me. As I took a sip of my drink watching him closely, he began to speak "he said... you are his mate"

In the middle of gulping my water down, I froze the cool water still poured into my mouth when I registered his words. My eyes widened to the size of saucers. I panicked, breathing in as I was about to tell him that couldn't be possible I forgot my mouth was full of water. The cool liquid rushed into my windpipe and the feeling of choking had my body violently coughing.

I didn't even notice Will jumping to his feet and rushing to my side while my coughing fit took all my attention. I felt his hand on my upper back and his worried voice reached my ears, asking if I was ok.

I nodded still coughing, holding my hand in front of my mouth while my eyes teared. After a few more seconds my throat calmed down as I wiped my eyes with the palms of my hands and silence filled the space between us.

If it was true and he was my mate, that meant I would have to let go of Alex. But how could that be possible? I had no wolf, how could I have a mate? And the weird part was, I didn't feel anything, I didn't feel the bond from my father's stories. Every time when my skin touched his an overpowering tingling sensation should have occurred, his scent meant to be alluring, like a drug to me. The urge to be close to him should have been overpowering every other urge in my body. My mind should have been filled with him and not Alex. I had none of those; well I did feel slight barely noticeable tingling when I first shook his hand. But other than him being really attractive there was nothing.

Shit, only thinking about Sam like this feels like betraying Alex.

It made sense why Will acted weird last night. My dad must have told him and he kept his distance from me since he found out. I learned from my dad that mates get overprotective and don't like other werewolves touching their mates, especially male werewolves before they mate. Now I understand the hostility from Sam towards Will. However, what I couldn't understand was why no one told me until now. Why Sam didn't tell me and I'm finding out from Will.

My wide gaze went back to Will "are you sure about that"

Concern flashed in his blue orbs "that's what your father told me"

"Shit" I muttered under my nose before resting my elbows on the round table and placing my head in my hands, fisting my hair.

"You don't look too happy," he said as his eyes burned holes into me. The thought of letting go of Alex had tears lining my eyes. In the back of my mind, I hoped we could have been together but that wasn't going to happen with the current situation.

"Do you realise how lucky you are? Not everyone finds their mate" his voice sounded a bit irritated.

My head raised while my eyes found his; they flashed bright golden-yellow for a second before averting his angry gaze.

I knew the source of his anger very well. He looked for his mate for years and haven't found her yet and here I am annoyed that my mate found me. What he didn't know was that I was in love with Alex. I felt conflicted; my heart tugged me towards Alex while my mind towards Sam. I knew being with Sam would have been the smartest choice for the sake of the pack if I decided to be their Alpha.

I let out a sigh "Will" my voice was soft, trying to sound comforting "one day you will find her. I am sure of that" he didn't look at me and it was him this time who wanted to ignore me.

"There is a reason why the fact that I have mate threw me off"

His eyes shot to me the second I said it, his anger shifted into curiosity "What reason"

The loud noise from the pot that one of the Omega's was using had me remembering that we weren't alone in the kitchen. My eyes looked around and even though they looked like they worked I knew they listened to our conversation; every little word Will and me exchanged. Will followed my eyes and then met mine. As I gestured him to follow me he nodded his head, understanding my train of thought.

I led him into my room, once we entered and he sat at the edge of my bed he couldn't wait any longer "well, what's the reason"

"I am in love with someone else" I blurred it out quickly, sitting down next to him. My eyes landed on his face watching his reaction.

His eyes widened a little bit "I guess that would put you in a tough situation"

I ended up telling Will everything. Him being noisy he wanted to know everything from the day Alex captured me until I left to meet with Henry. I told him about all the slayers killed in the massacre at the Base, Markus taken away, hiding in the safe house. Then getting threatened by Henry. The fact that Alex was a slayer didn't surprise him the slightest bit. Which I was happy about.

I also told him of my plan of going back to New York, which he wasn't happy about at all. However, he understood my need of making sure Alex was ok. He offered to come with me, at first I said no but he wouldn't accept my decision. He didn't leave me a choice. He said he would come with me or he would make sure I wouldn't go at all. I hated his stubbornness.

We talked for hours explaining to him everything. When the darkness came only then he left. Being in my room for most of the afternoon I decided to go for a walk, itching to get fresh air and stretch my legs out.

After putting on my jacket, I sneaked out quietly making sure I wouldn't get caught by my father or Sam. Most of the guests returned but I wasn't sure if Sam returned to his pack. Since I was his mate he probably wanted to talk.

Once I left the house, relief washed over me and began to walk towards the lake behind the packhouse. I decided I would explore and strolled to the other side of the lake. The bright moon was high on the inky sky accompanied by myriads of stars. The dark nature around me was engulfed in the silvery moonlight making it look magical.

Upon reaching the far end of the lake I sat on the shore and gazed at the dark sky watching the constellation of stars above me. Alex occupied my mind for the most part and prayed to whoever deity was out there that Alex was safe and well.

Then Sam entered my head. It was hard for me to believe he was my mate. I didn't want to question him but I had to. The bond just wasn't there, and if he really was my mate he would get hurt when he find out about my feelings, and that was the last thing I wanted.

"Why?" I raised my head watching the moon, addressing the moon goddess. Knowing I wouldn't get an answer and probably look like I belonged in the psych ward, I needed to get it off my chest. Despair grew deep in my core knowing Alex and I would never be together.

"Why do you have to make my life so complicated, so miserable." I let out a sigh and shook my head, tearing away my eyes from the bright moon. "Haven't you had enough fun with me?" I laid down into the soft grass and stared at the inky sky. Soon sleep engulfed not realising I fell asleep.


Something wet and rough slid across my cheek waking me up slowly. Then something cold and wet touched me gently all around my face and heard sniffing somewhere above me. Then something wet and rough slid across my other cheek again. A whimper came somewhere above me. My eyes shot open while my hands moved to my face automatically as I was trying to stop the cold uncomfortable feeling on my face.

Letting out a groan I quickly sat up, annoyed at the animal that dared to wake me up this way. As I sat up and backed away like a crab on my legs and arms, I got a perfect sight of what woke me up. In front of me sat a huge very dark wolf. Not sure if he was brown or black thanks to the darkness around me and the moon that was the only source of light. His large round eyes glowed beautiful molten gold watching me intensely. Holding his head high, he kept his tongue out breathing loudly and ears pointing upwards while his tail moved from side to side.

A smile appeared on my face while admiring his beauty. My eyes took in his large furry body, straight away I knew it was male, one of his paws could easily cover my whole face. Noticing my smile he stood up and took a few steps towards me. I reached out, my fingers touched his soft fur on his back as he sniffed my hair. Suddenly his wet warm tongue licked my cheek again.

Wiping my cheek I stood up quickly and furrowed my eyebrows at him "that's enough with the licking" my voice sounded harsher than I intended.

At my words, his ears flattened on top of his head and lowered his head. His pleading eyes stared into my soul.

At the sight of his big sad eyes, my face softened. I sat back down on the grass and patted a place next to me. He perked up and took one big step to lie next to me. He placed his head on my thigh, nudging into my hands with his snout wanting me to pet him.

"Who are you hmmm?" I asked as my fingers run through his soft thick fur while my eyes were glued on the glistening lake in front of me.

"It's beautiful here, I think this is going to be my favourite place to relax" I found myself talking to him knowing he couldn't reply.

After a few minutes of silence, I decided it was time to return to the packhouse. While walking back the wolf walked next to me. With him being on his four legs his back stopped just under my shoulder. His snout sniffed me every few seconds and I got a pretty good idea who he was.

"Did you go for a run and found me by the lake?" I raised an eyebrow, watching him and being drawn to his stunning golden eyes. He looked at me and then back in front of him.

A few more steps later he ran off into the darkness, my eyes watched his large retreating form and disappearing into the tall grass.

It's not him.

Thinking he wouldn't return I began to continue walking towards the packhouse. When the noise of footfalls resonated from behind me, it had me suddenly feeling nervous, biting my inner lower lip.

A familiar faint tingling sensation erupted where a warm hand touched mine, making me stop. The scent of pine trees and wildflowers with a tinge of Cardamom filled my nose, making it oddly intoxicating. At the party, I could barely smell anything, everything was overpowering as all the scents mixed together, but now I could smell it perfectly. Deeply inhaling the intoxicating smell I turned around.

Deep dark intense eyes gazed into mine, then his eyes moved to my lips. I gulped, tearing my eyes away from his and ending on his impressive body. He only wore sweatpants, his perfectly chiselled upper body was bare. My nervousness intensified, feeling his intense eyes burning into me. Alex's face flashed in my mind, guilt followed soon after pouring heavily into me.

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