The Hybrid

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Chapter 27

"We should talk" his deep velvety voice reached my ears. My eyes slowly moved back to his face and met his intense dark orbs.

I nodded "we can talk inside, I'm cold" tearing my eyes away from him, I turned around and continued to walk back inside the packhouse. Shiver run across my back as the cold breeze pushed into me. My arms crossed over my chest holding my jacked overlapped while trying to keep the cold away. I wondered how he wasn't cold since he only wore shorts. He walked quietly behind me the whole time, his heavier footfalls were such a contrast against my soft ones.

Upon entering the large foyer, a couple of werewolves turned their attention towards me and then Sam that entered close behind me. Their eyes widened ever so slightly before wiping their surprise from their features which shifted into curiosity. Heat rushed into my cheeks before averting my eyes and quickly picked up a pace, trying to run away from their prying eyes.

When we both entered the small lounge that was only a few doors away from my room, I quickly closed the door behind him. The fireplace was lit, giving the room a warm yellow hue since it was the only source of light in the room. Sam sat on the large leather sofa, his eyes followed my every move until I sat on the leather armchair that was situated across from him. Under his burning eyes, my heart was beating drastically in my chest while my nervousness spiked. A t-shirt covered his torso which had me instantly wondering where he got it since I didn't see him getting it.

Pushing aside my nervousness which had me stay quiet I blurted out quickly "when were you planning on telling me I'm your mate" my fingers played with the hem of my jumper while I fought the urge not to let my leg jerk.

His dark orbs flicked between my eyes as if trying to read something while his eyebrows creased creating a slight v in between them "I thought you knew, that's what usually happens"

I shook my head averting my gaze "I had no idea"

"I noticed," he said a bit dryly and ran his hand through his dark hair, annoyed while leaning back against the cool leather sofa.

A tinge of pain flared in my chest from his behaviour as my wide eyes stared at him before it shifted into anger while my eyes narrowed at him. I guess the bond affected me. "Well, I am sorry for being such an inconvenience for you" my voice was laced with steel and I harshly stood up from the comfortable armchair.

His eyes widened, eyebrows shot high in his forehead upon seeing my outburst. He stood up as well and when I was about to leave, his much softer voice reached my ears "wait" My head snapped back to him, anger still rising within me. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like this"

"Then how did you mean it huh?" I raised an eyebrow at him while glaring at him. The anger was still present, but subsiding slowly upon seeing his shock. Damn mate bond.

"I just imagined this differently. I've waited for you for so long." He shook his head and let out a sigh, averting his eyes to the fireplace "I lost hope" he whispered. If it wouldn't be for my good senses I wouldn't be able to hear the last part.

With my anger now gone I sat back down on the sofa "imagine my surprise when I found out about you."

He chuckled softly, then silence followed filling the air between us for a few seconds as my eyes stared into his, unable to tear them away from him. "How did you find out" his deep velvety voice snapped me out of my stare.

"Will told me," I said cautiously, not knowing of his relationship with him since he seemed unfriendly to him the few times I saw them together. Most of the time he didn't even speak to him and both of them seemed tense.

The corners of his lips raised slightly into a charming smile while butterflies erupted in my chest. My eyes involuntary moved towards his lips, my body itched for his touch. All of a sudden, Alex flashed in my mind and I found myself tearing my eyes away from Sam as the guilt and sinking feeling of my heart replaced the butterflies I felt mere seconds ago.

He must have noticed the conflict of my emotions I battled inside of me because his eyebrows formed a straight line, his eyes never left mine as he tried to study my face.

"What is it?" He asked.

Hesitantly bringing my eyes back to him, confusion showed on his face. "Um..." I cleared my throat nervously "there is something you need to know," I said very carefully. I was sure it would hurt him but he deserved to know, and I didn't want to keep things secret between us. Not this anyway.

He cocked his head to the side keeping quiet, letting me speak. "I-I'm in love with someone else" I stuttered slightly. Extremely heavy feeling engulfed my heart as the words left my lips. Alex's confession of his love towards me replayed in my mind and I felt my eyes burning and lining with tears.

His dark orbs widened and flashed molten gold before averting his gaze. His breathing began to be shallow and his heartbeat picked up a tempo. His face hardened instantly, anger sprawled all over his face as his jaw muscles flexed. Even though he was furious, pain flashed in his dark orbs before he wiped it away.

I moved my eyes to the fluffy carpet that was placed in the space between us feeling utterly guilty. Every ticking second he was quiet, the quilt claimed more and more of my body. I felt this intense feeling because I caused him pain. After all, this wasn't what he imagined, he deserved better, he deserved someone who would give him her entire heart and soul. This should have been a time of happiness because we were the lucky ones out of the few that found each other and yet we were both miserable.

The same went for Alex. Knowing this would have happened, I would keep my distance and never allow any feelings to grow. All I did was cause pain. No matter who I would chose I would cause pain. I hated myself for this.

"Is this your way of rejecting me" Sam's defeated voice filled my ears, snapping me out of my thoughts. I shot my eyes to him, pain replaced the anger that marred his handsome face.

My eyes widened upon hearing his words. This wasn't what I expected from him. Outburst or walking away was more along the lines I thought would happen.

It didn't even cross my mind of rejecting him. "No...that's not what I want"

I felt conflicted, one second I would do anything to be with Alex. The next second I couldn't bear the thought of rejecting Sam. Even though my feelings for him haven't been that strong, it was growing quickly thanks to the bond. It wasn't love and it wouldn't be for a while but I couldn't deny the pull towards him now that it was only me and him. I came to the realisation, the bond grew the more time I spent with him.

As I held my head in my hands, leaning forwards with my elbows on my thighs while my mind was deep in thoughts and conflict, his scent breezed over my nose which had me releasing my head and lifting my gaze from the carpet. Sam was crouching in front of me, his eyes were at the same level as mine, flicking between mine. His hand reached for my forearm and slowly slid towards my hand. His touch left a tingling sensation in its wake which had goosebumps erupting on my arms.

"What do you want to do then,"

Those annoying butterflies erupted again in my chest at our close proximity as I tried to form words "I know I need to let him go" I moved my eyes to his bulky chest "but I need to do something first" the butterflies were gone replaced by the extreme heavy feeling on my shoulders and chest.

"What do you need to do"

Moving my eyes back to his face, a combination of concern and curiosity flashed in the darkness of his orbs. "I need to go back to New York to check if he is ok" I mumbled.

His brows shot high on his forehead "why"

I began to tell him everything. About Henry killing my mother and trying to kill my father, him hunting me and trying to kill me multiple times, slaughtering the slayers and taking Markus. Threatening Alex's, Olivia's and Liam's life if I didn't give myself up.
I told him the story of the night when I left Alex behind to save his life and Will taking me away and my worries of Alex not going to Boston and getting caught by Henry.

While I spoke, the entire time he kept quiet, watching me and taking in all the information I gave him. Once I finished he seemed tense and he stood up taking a seat where he first sat down on the sofa "I can't let you go alone" he stated after a couple of seconds of silence.

I let out a sigh "I'm not going alone. Will insisted on coming with me"

"I'm coming with you as well" his eyes bored into mine waiting for my reaction.

"No...I cant-" I began to protest but when I noticed his stone-hard facial expression I stopped. "You won't let me go if you don't come" I stated coldly, glaring at him.

He nodded once, one corner of his lips raised making a smirk on his face.

Still glaring daggers at him, I had no other choice than to let him tag along.

My facial expression softened and my glaring disappeared when I noticed his face softened and desire flashed in his deep dark orbs. My eyes flicked to his lips without realising it and the next second his lips clashed with mine.

I froze for a second, the kiss taking me by surprise, but it quickly melted away and I found myself responding to his hungry, passionate kiss. Our lips moved in sync, an intense pleasure seared through me at the contact of our lips. His tongue burst through my lips and began to dance with mine while tasting every millimetre of his mouth. He tasted heavenly and I found myself wanting more. Sliding my hands up his shoulders and behind his neck, he snaked his thick arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. A growl emanated from his chest as I returned his kiss with the same fervour.

After I pulled away, we were both slightly panting while a wide smile adorned his face. I found myself smiling as well, stretching my swollen lips from the passionate kiss as I drown in his dark chocolate depths.

After the kiss, I decided to call it a night. I felt tired from our intense conversation and my emotional turmoil. And it was also very late at night. He walked me towards my room. As we walked he brushed his hand over mine a few times, I could tell he yearned for my touch because I yearned for his. But I needed to keep a little bit of distance before I would let go of Alex. Every time I thought about it, intense guilt and pain seared through me. For my emotional sake, I needed to keep a little bit of distance from Sam. Once we reached my door he kissed me slightly on my forehead before I stepped into my room.


"Ellie" I heard my name being called by an unfamiliar voice. Whipping my head towards my intruder, a young female werewolf stood just outside the sparring ring. I saw her waving me over but the distraction earned me an elbow into my ribs and kick under my legs which made me fall to the ground with a loud thud.

I groaned, pain searing through my ribs. A booming laugh came from Will's mouth as he stood over me. I glared at him, my eyebrows created a straight line on my forehead.

"You get distracted too easily" he stated, extending his arm to help me up to my feet.

I took his hand and he pulled me to my feet. Then I pinched him into his shoulder playfully "oh...shut up."

Ignoring his laugh I moved my attention to the young female werewolf "what is it" my voice sounded stern even though I didn't intend to.

Her bright blue eyes widened slightly showing the uneasiness in her I caused "Alpha wants to talk to you, it's urgent"

"Is he in his office?" The corners of my lips raised into a smile, hoping my smile would put her at ease. She nodded.

I turned my attention back to Will still standing in the sparring ring waiting for me. "I gotta go, I'll talk to you later"

"Alright," he turned his attention to another male werewolf that was approaching him.

I turned on my heel and headed towards my dad's office. Opening the large double door, my eyes instantly met my dads grey orbs while a smile appeared on his face upon seeing me. As I breathe in, another scent mixed with my father's. My eyes move around the room in search of the other person. I knew who it was since the scent was etched into my memory.

Sams dark depths met mine, the corner of his lips raised slightly as he slowly took in my dishevelled state He stood by the small library with his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

"What is it," I asked my dad tearing away my gaze from Sam, as I walked into the room and the door shut behind me.

I sat down at the chair across from my dad "I got the number for you. It wasn't easy, but thanks to Alpha Samuel's help I got it" he smiled triumphantly.

My eyes widened and my brows raised high on my forehead, the corners of my lips raised into a wide smile. I moved my eyes from my dad to Sam. "Really?"

They both nodded and I found myself standing up from the chair and walking behind my dad's chair and putting my arms around his neck hugging him and kissing him on his cheek. "Thank you" I mumbled against his shoulder.

A brief joy seared through my body at the thought of talking to Olivia and maybe hearing Alex's voice even though I haven't had a clue what I would tell him. At the thought of that butterflies erupted in my belly.

When I glanced at Sam, his jaw was clenching and his posture seemed tense as he stared at me and father. From the look of him, he fought the urge to lung at my father. He didn't like me hugging my father but I was too happy to care at that moment. I knew he would be like this with everyone touching me.

Still standing behind my father he handed me a piece of paper with the number scribbled on it.

Without hesitation and waiting for any second longer I took a step closer to the phone on my fathers large mahogany desk and dialled the number on the piece of paper.

Anticipation grew within me as the phone rang, it got picked up a few seconds later and a female voice came through the phone that I didn't recognise. "Hello Cristina speaking"

"Hi, my name is Ellie Evans, I am looking to speak with Liam Venandi or Olivia?" I said a bit too excited. My voice was shaking ever so slightly and was noticeable only if you concentrated.

It was quiet for a few seconds on the other line. My eyes looked at my dad and then flicked to Sam, who now stood on the other side of the massive desk, staring at me in participation.

"Two minutes," the woman on the line said.

I rolled my eyes, not being patient enough to wait. Several seconds later Olivia's voice boomed in my ear through the phone "Ellie?"

The second I heard her voice a bright smile appeared on my face "Olivia, oh my God I'm so happy to hear you."

"I can't believe this. We thought you were dead"

Before I could respond I heard muffled shuffling noise and then Liam's voice came through the speaker. "Ellie is Alex with you?" His voice sounded worried.

At that moment my heart dropped to the Earth's core while my eyes widened, dread and terror took over every cell of my body as my blood ran cold. My muscles tensed and I couldn't even move a bone. "No" my voice was weak now shaking from the dread that took over the excitement.

"Shit!... Ellie, I think Henry got him. I've looked for him all over New York. He still has Markus as well" once I registered his words the world around me faded as my worst nightmare came true and the dreadful feeling I felt this whole time ended up being right. I should have listened to it. In my frozen state, the phone slipped through my hand to the floor. A loud bang echoed in the quiet office.

The next second heavy tears rolled down my cheeks and warm hands appeared on my shoulders as I was being moved over to the sofa to sit down. When my hearing came back I heard my father's voice but didn't listen to his words. Alex occupied my mind, the mental images of him being tortured and fed on kept appearing in front of my eyes.

Turning my gaze to Sam sitting next to me, he wiped the tears from my face. His soft touch caused the tingling sensation on my skin, letting me know it was him. Meeting his eyes, nothing but determination flashed in his eyes.

"We will find them" his deep voice soothed my sorrow. I found myself putting my arms around his shoulders, he placed his hands around my waist, hugging me tightly and heard him inhale deeply while nuzzling my neck.

Once we pulled away my eyes landed on my father, sitting behind his table watching us. "I told him you'll call him later"

I stood up and took a few steps towards my dad, anger and determination seared through me like a tornado. "I need to find them"

"Ellie, I just got you back. What if something happens to you" his pleading eyes bored into mine. Normally I would give in to him but not today. Not when it came to Alex.

"I can't let them die," my unintended sharp voice has him shifting his soft pleading eyes into a hard stare.

"He is dangerous, I can't let you out, your life is at risk" his voice sounded stern as well.

"I am coming with her" Sam's voice reached my ears from behind me. My dad's eyes flicked behind me towards Sam "I won't let anything happen to her"

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