The Hybrid

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Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Later that day my dad called meeting. Me and Sam were already in my dad's office when Rick and Will entered. My dad and I informed them of the phone call and my worries over Alex being captured by Henry.

"Ok, so what's the plan," asked Will standing by the wall leaning against it.

"To get them out...unnoticed" answered my father, concern flashed in his grey orbs as they flicked towards me.

"I have no idea where he keeps them," I said reluctantly, standing by the massive desk. I doubted he kept them at his mansion. He must have a place where he kept his prisoners.

"I think I know" my dad's voice rang in my ears, my eyes shot to him. I gave him a questioning look when his greys met my flaming orange.

He shifted on his comfy looking chair "there is a place just outside of the city by the docks where he keeps his prisoners. He probably keeps them there"

I furrowed my eyebrows, my eyes narrowed at him "how do know that"

He let out a sigh "When I was looking for you, I got a word of that place and went there to see if he managed to get you" his eyes never left mine and I didn't miss the sorrow that flashed in his depths. I just averted my gaze. All this time he looked for me couldn't have been easy for him. He must have suffered the same way as me.

"Ok, that's sorted" I heard Wills voice.

I shook my head "no, the plan is not sorted" I stated glaring at Will. "It's not guaranteed that Henry has Alex. Liam said he thinks Henry took him because he couldn't find him anywhere but that doesn't mean Henry have him. Maybe...maybe he just ran." I explained and hoped it was the case. However, I knew Henry had Markus and he needed to be rescued if it wasn't too late. "I need to go back to the safe house" I added as my eyes flicked over everyone's face.

My father looked uneasy with the whole idea of me going to New York and facing Henry. But that wouldn't stop me, I had to go and find out if he got Alex or not. However, I just couldn't sit and hope for the best.

Both Sam and Will looked determined and I was glad they both insisted on coming with me. I knew Will was a good warrior from our sparring sessions. I never saw Sam fight but from Will, I heard he was very strong. Plus he was an Alpha, strength comes with it.

"Ok, so we go to New York and go to the safe house and then we'll see from there?" Will asked a bit confused, his eyebrows were high on his forehead.

I nodded "we leave in two days"

After the meeting, I rang Liam and told him about our plan. He and Olivia insisted on helping and they would meet us at the safe house. I felt a slight joy of the fact that I would get to see her but was a bit worried about her leaving the safety of the Base. I felt incredibly protective of her, I knew she was well trained but at the end of the day she was human, they are fragile.


As I sat in the back of the SUV my eyes were fixated on the nature that moved in the window as we sped through the highway. Those two days were the longest days of my life. I felt extremely nervous and worried about what I would find in the apartment or worse, what I wouldn't find. That sinking feeling about Alex being taken by Henry tormented me and how it was even worse since Liam's word rang in my ears. There was a tiny hope in the back of my head that Liam was wrong. That rather than him being taken, he took off after I left him.

The entire ride to New York was quiet as everyone was drowned in their thoughts. I caught Sam gazing at me a few times through the rear mirror and it brought memories of the night in the club with Alex and Marcus. I felt slight heat rushing to my cheeks as faint rosy colour flushed my face at the thought of Alex's possessiveness when the guy tried to hit on me. As I tore away my gaze from the rear mirror my eyes glanced out the window next to me and a shy smile appeared on my face.

It was quickly wiped off when I saw the tiny lights of New York shining on the horizon. Great contrast against the darkness that engulfed us. After hours of driving, we finally made it.


As we pulled up, the familiar apartment complex towered over us. We waited for the other SUV to pull up as well. My father insisted on taking four more werewolf warriors with us. I was sure, he would send everyone if he could to make sure I was safe. When they pulled up Sam told them to check into the hotel that was a few blocks away and wait for us there.

After the elevator ride, we stepped out into the square hall. I headed straightaway for the apartment door and stood on my toes to reach the key that was hidden on the wooden door frame above the door. Once I reached it I opened the door slowly and quietly. I heard no noise coming from there as my ears strained for any vampires lingering there.

When I entered a faint smell of oranges, musk and nutmeg brushed against my sense of smell. Alex's scent lingered in the apartment along with few other scents. I recognised Olivia's and Liam's but there were others that I didn't recognise. And I smelled blood. All the scents were faint which meant it was a while since anyone was in the apartment.

I quickly flicked the lights on, while fearing the blood I smelled was Alex's.

"Blood" I whispered.

They both shared a look. I bolted into the living room and scanned the place. It looked normal, the way I remembered it. Then I headed into Alex's room. His heavenly scent was a lot stronger there along with the coppery scent of blood. As I flicked the lights on I scanned the room. My eyes immediately narrowed at the floor by the bed.

I felt Sam's presence behind me just as I walked towards the bed, my eyes glued to the floor. With every step I took, the coppery smell got stronger. There was a quite small puddle of dried blood. It was barely noticeable being now brown coloured against the dark wooden floor.

Dread and panic filled every cell of my body. This was proof that Henry got Alex. All my worries were true. I felt Sam standing next to me, when my eyes moved to find him, they were staring at the floor and squinting his eyes.

My eyes began to burn, my tears begged to be let free. Sam noticed it when his eyes found mine and pulled me into a hug.

"We will find him" he reassured me, his deep voice and scent somehow soothed the panic inside of me.

I nodded against him. A few seconds later I heard heavy footsteps nearing, getting louder with each step and then clearing a throat. We pulled away and looked into the doorframe. Will stood there holding a piece of paper in his hand.

"I think this is for you," he said reluctantly holding out the piece of paper.

My eyebrows furrowed as I narrowed my eyes at the paper "what is it"

He didn't reply just waited for me to grab it. Once I hesitantly took it and read the elegant cursive writing, unbelievable rage and fury filled my core. It was like a molten volcano waiting to erupt. And once it would erupt it would destroy everything in its way.

Hello dear sister,

I am sure you know by now I have your lover. I dare you to come and get him. That is if he is not dead by then.

I am looking forward to seeing you.

I read the note a few times, making sure to register every word. With my stone-hard face I glanced at Will, his eyes watched me. At the sight of me, he tensed and his eyes went wide. I was sure I must have looked like a raging lunatic. In my rage I slowly scrunched up the piece of paper, imagining it was Henry's head instead of a piece of paper and let it fell out of my hand. My hands curled into fists, my now elongated nails dag into my flesh drawing blood but I didn't care. I barely felt it. I felt my fangs elongating in my mouth and an angry growl emanated from my chest.

A warm hand on my shoulder appeared, faint tingles erupted, even though the thin fabric "calm down" his deep soothing voice filled my ears but this time it didn't calm me down. The rage I felt was too strong for anyone to calm down.

I turned my head towards him and met his deep dark orbs, uneasiness evident on his face. This was the first time I have seen him this uneasy, he usually looked cool and collected. I slowly placed my hand over his still placed on my shoulder. Pushing his hand off and I rushed towards the door.

"Where are you going" I heard Sam's voice

I turned around to face him "to kill him" I seethed through my clenched teeth.

"No, wait", I heard his panicked voice behind me but I ignored him.

Sam's footsteps followed me when I reached the door leading into the living room. Will still stood there watching me with his wide blue eyes. I glared at him, daring him to stop me. He averted his gaze to the floor, extended his hands in surrender and stepped to the side to let me pass.

"Don't let her pass!" I heard Sam's voice

At that stage, I was halfway through the large living room ignoring the two werewolves I left in the bedroom.

As I grabbed the doorknob of the main door and harshly opened it with my rage still searing through me, I found Olivia's sky blue eyes landing on mine. They went wide the second they spotted my glowing flaming orange eyes.

Her perfectly shaped eyebrows creased when she noticed the war raging within me. "Ellie?" Her soft melodic but cautious voice entered my ears.

My eyes flicked to Liam, to his emerald green eyes. He watched me cautiously as if I would attack. To be honest, I couldn't blame him. If I would be in his shoes I would be the same. My rage began to subside as I gazed into his depths that reminded me so much of Alex's ones.

Once I had my rage under control Liam visibly relaxed and I averted my gaze towards the floor.

"What happened" I heard Olivia's voice. I couldn't get my mouth to form any words so I just stepped back into the living room to let them in.

"This happened" I heard Wills voice behind me. Olivia's and Liam's eyes went somewhere behind me. As I turned around I saw Will walking towards us and handing them the unfolded piece of paper.

In the meantime, I walked away from them sitting at the barstool in the kitchen. I held my head in my hands my eyes fixated on the granite countertop as pain replaced the raging fury. Tears began to form in my eyes but I quickly blinked them away. This wasn't the place to cry.

"Are you ok?" I heard Sam's concerned voice next to me. I shook my head slightly and then felt him sitting next to me.

"Oh my God, how did I miss it" Liam's frustrated voice echoed in the room.

"I can't believe this" Olivia's voice followed behind him.

As I sat there I closed my eyes to block everyone around me out, wallowing in my misery. After a few minutes sitting there and Sam keeping me silent company I found myself mumbling "I'm sorry, I couldn't control it."

He placed his large hand on my back, rubbing soothing circles " it's ok, I understand no need to apologise" his voice was soft, reassuring and calming.

I tore my eyes away from the countertop and found his deep dark brown orbs staring at me. Suddenly, I felt so lucky to have him as my mate. Even though because of him I couldn't be with Alex, I was fortunate enough to be with him. He was understanding about the whole situation. Another werewolf wouldn't let me save Alex, never mind helping me.

"Thank you" my voice was low "for doing this"

His eyes glinted with adoration, the corners of his lips raised, making a wide warm smile on his face "I'll be always by your site"

His smile was contagious and I found myself smiling faintly as I felt slight heat rushing to my cheeks. I blushed at his sweet words and warmth spread across my chest.

Suddenly I felt Olivia on my other side, she placed her hand on my forearm. I turned my attention to her, pain and uncertainty flashed in her sky blues.

"Ellie, we thought you were dead." She mumbled. I stood up, guilt rooted in my core seeing her in pain and placed my arms around her shoulders pulling her onto a tight hug. "I'm sorry Olivia, I should have never left" my words were muffled against her shoulder.

She pulled away "you should have talked to me about it" her voice was sharp laced with steel. She was angry at me for this whole situation and I couldn't blame her. It was all my fault.

"I had my mind set. When I heard Boston would give you protection, I thought I wouldn't need to go to Henry. But Alex said he wouldn't leave me behind I had to do something to prevent risking his life." My voice sounded as I felt, defeated and in despair.

"And he still end up getting caught by the leech" her anger flashed in her eyes and I felt the venom in her voice. My heart sank at the way she was looking at me, nevertheless, I understood her feelings.

I felt Sam shifting next to me. "Where did you disappear huh? You should have been here at his site" she raised her voice at me.

I stared at her in shock. I have never seen her like this.

Sam's voice boomed in the large room as he stood next to me "none of this was her fault. She was taken away to her father and no one knew what she was about to do. It was the stupidest idea I ever heard, you should have never even allowed her to do anything like this."

Her eyes flashed towards Sam glaring at him. Liam appeared next to Olivia and narrowed his eyes at Sam. They both glared at each other, tension grew between them so thick I could cut through it with a knife.

"What's happening here," Liam said aggressively still staring at Sam. I noticed the anger in Sam, his eyes flashed molten gold. Placing my hand into his I hoped it would calm him down. The fight was the last thing we needed.

"Nothing" I heard Olivia and as my eyes flicked towards her, she was glaring daggers at me. She pulled Liam away into the corner of the living room and I turned towards Sam.

"Calm down" I tried to sound soothing. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he opened them his deep dark orbs found my flaming orange.

"I couldn't listen to her accusing you anymore"

Talking to Sam I heard Liam's and Olivia's heated conversation. After a minute Liam walked over without Olivia, eyeing Sam warily. "Ellie we are leaving, let me know when are we getting Alex and Markus." He sounded a lot calmer.

I nodded and he turned on his heel and left along with Olivia.

I sighed heavily once the door shut behind them. Seeing Olivia angry with me like this brought out the pain I felt earlier. It really stung me. And the fact that Sam nearly fought Liam wasn't helping.

"Uff...that was close" Liam walked towards me. I gave him a warning look not to comment on it anymore. He lowered his gaze in surrender.

"Let's go" I ordered "no point staying here any longer"

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