The Hybrid

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Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Sitting in the black SUV I felt the anxiety growing inside of me. We were on the way to the warehouse by the docks, the place my father told us about. As I thought about Alex, I prayed to anyone up there in the heavens to keep him alive along with Markus.

Last night after we got to the hotel we decided we would strike at daytime seeing vampires are weaker during the day. After that, I spoke to Liam on the phone to let him know of our plan and also gave him the address. They would meet us there. We didn't speak of the incident that happened in the apartment the day before and I was glad.

I glanced at the silver ancient daggers I took from Alex's room thinking they could come in handy against the vampires. The red and purple stones glistened in the sunshine as I held them in my hands, taking in every intricate detail in awe. Placing them in their sheaths and fasting them on my thighs I glanced out the window. Will and Sam chatted on and off the entire time but I blocked them out thinking about how the rescue was going to play out.

After nearly two hours of driving through the busy city, we finally got to our location. I perked up in my seat when the huge warehouse appeared in my vision. There was no fence around it, just a huge metal warehouse right next to the water. I noticed there was no one around, it looked abandoned.

When I stepped out of the car, humid, salty air hit me in the face.

I gave questioning look to Sam "is that it?"

"That's the address your father gave us," Sam said scanning the surroundings.

The other SUV pulled behind us and four large intimidating looking werewolves jumped out.

"We need to wait for the slayers" explained Will to the warriors.

My eyes roamed all over the building. It was really quiet, the sloshing of water, colliding with the stone could be heard along with shrieks of birds that lingered by the water. But there was no noise coming from the warehouse.

I walked towards the large double door and frowned. It was locked only by a simple padlock. Not even that strong one. I leaned my head closer to the door trying to listen to anything inside. Any movement, footsteps or breathing, anything. But it was eerily quiet in there. This can't be right. I thought to myself.

Several minutes later Liam and Olivia finally arrived. When they got out of the car, Olivia just looked at me, anger flashed in her sky blue eyes but didn't say anything. My heart sank, she was my only friend. I averted my gaze towards Liam. He seemed tense and when he met my eyes he whispered something to Olivia while they walked towards us.

"Are you ready" I found myself asking when they stopped in front of us.

"Ya we're ready" Liam answered emotionlessly.

As we began to walk, I gestured for the rest of the werewolves to follow us. Once reaching the large double doors we dispersed into two groups. Sam, me and two of the werewolves line alongside the wall on side of the doors. Liam, Olivia, Will and the other two werewolves lined on the other side facing us. Sam nodded at Will and he walked to the door with large metal pliers and cut the padlock. It fell to the floor. I grabbed the two ancient daggers I had fastened on my thighs, feeling the uneasiness within me growing while Will opened the door.

We all peeked inside carefully and quietly. The inside of the warehouse was empty and dark, the only source of light came from the few large windows. Dust floated in the air as the light penetrated the darkness from the windows.

"It's empty, are you sure we are on the right address" Liam's eyebrows creased watching me, irritation rolled off of him.

"Yes that's the address" my voice sounded harsh, my eyes bored into his. Averting my gaze I stepped into the old dusty warehouse. I walked carefully, my eyes scanning every inch around me making sure there were no traps. Glancing behind me, everyone dispersed watching around themselves. Once I saw there was nothing around I stopped and shook my head in disappointment.

There has to be something here. Maybe he moved them into his mansion. Maybe my father was wrong and we are at a completely different address. Thoughts like these filled my head.

Hanging my head low, one of the warrior's deep voice echoed in the large place "what is this?"

I immediately whipped my head towards him. He was staring at the ground, leaning closer to have a better look at whatever it was. I immediately walked towards him and narrowed my eyes at the place he was staring.

There in the ground was an indented circle the size of my palm. As I looked closely I noticed lines but they were dusty and weren't visible enough. Squatting down I blew some air and brushed some of the dust to the side with my fingers until the lines became visible and I could easily make what it was. By now everyone stood around watching as it unfolded.

My eyes widened when I made out the symbol. This exact same symbol mother had tattooed on her wrist. I remembered it vividly because I used to ask her what the tattoo meant. She would always brush it off saying it meant nothing.

In the middle of the circle was a smaller circle with a line going from the top to bottom going through the smaller circle. The half-circle was on the upper half of the line intercepting the smaller circle.

Just trying my luck I pressed against the symbol, suddenly heard a loud thud and cloud of dust emanated from the far corner of the warehouse. My eyes whipped to the cloud of dust and I quickly stood up as I heard a gasp behind me. The ground had lifted slightly, showing a perfect rectangle. A door.

Smart bastards. I thought as the corners of my lips raised.

"Om-" Olivia's voice echoed through the large area but stopped. I quickly turned my head and saw Liam held a hand over her lips. Her eyes were wide but then shifted into a glare. She shook her head to get his hand off her face. As I glanced around the faces in front of me, most of them had a surprise plastered all over their faces. Apart from Olivia and Liam of course.

The hope I lost earlier when we entered the warehouse was back and stronger than ever.

Now that we opened the gate to whatever was underneath the warehouse we needed to be extra careful. We wouldn't have the advantage of daylight and we didn't know the layout, or how many vampires were in there. It looked like a suicide mission. But we were so close and I wasn't going to back down.

I took a deep breath and whispered to all of them "if anyone isn't comfortable going to the underground, which is most likely full of vampires, leave now. I won't judge"

I felt all their eyes on me, no one made a move. "We're going" Sam whispered back after a few seconds of intense silence. Flicking my eyes to him a mixture of fearlessness and determination flicked in his deep depths. As my eyes scanned the rest of their faces I got a glimpse of fear in a few of their gazes but no one objected to what Sam said.

Nodding I felt a sense of pride that those people were eager to help.

When we got to the ground entry, Liam and one of the werewolves lift the heavy looking piece of cement out of the way. The heavy smell of mould hit my nose as I glanced inside, it was pitch black. I had better vision than a human but it still wasn't enough. Both Sam and Liam whipped out their torches and lightened the pitch-black area underneath us. Stairs were leading down and all around were stone walls.

Sam gestured for us to follow him as he slowly entered the stairs. I quickly reached for my small torch and went in after Liam that was right behind Sam.

As we all got deeper underground my chest began to feel tight. I hated small dark places, and this was exactly what it was. The feeling of the walls closing in on me got the best of me and my hands and knees began to shake. I took a slow heavy deep breath to calm my nerves.

Several minutes later, we got to the bottom where double doors greeted us. Liam pressed his ear to the door trying to listen if anyone was on the other side of the door. I think he forgot that he was in presence of werewolves and me which had an extraordinary hearing. We already knew no one was on the other side of the door.

Sam shook his head at Liam and gestured for him to follow as he slowly opened the large door. As he opened the door a faint artificial light escaped into the darkness.

We all stepped in and my eyes roamed over the small room. There was a window in the wall but no one was there and the door on the opposite of the door we last entered. I perked my ears, I heard faint breathing and one very slow heartbeat indicating it was a vampire.

Sam slowly opened the next door and left the room with Liam on his tail. I heard a muffled bang and cracking of bones. Then Liam opened the door and Sam pulled the lifeless vampire inside the room placing him along the wall.

Liam gestured us to follow and we entered what looked like to be a large corridor. It split into two ways and I knew we had to separate into two groups.

I thought it all through in the space of a few seconds. I knew the pack could mind link between each other. Since I wasn't officially in the pack and neither was Sam we couldn't communicate between them. The same went for Liam and Olivia being humans.

I quickly gestured at Sam, Will and two of the werewolves warriors to be one group and me, Liam, Olivia and the other two werewolves another group.

Both Will and Sam glared at me in disapproval and I rolled my eyes at them. Sam insisted that I would switch with Will. And Will had no choice but to agree.

Once we finally parted ways I began to feel uneasy. I would also lie if I said I wasn't afraid but I couldn't let that stop me from getting to Alex. I just prayed we weren't late.

Sam took the lead of our group and walked along the wall with me and the rest of the group on his tail. We encountered two more vampires, unfortunately for them, me and Sam killed them before they could alert the others. This whole time there were no other doors and we walked until we reached the end of the corridor which ended with another door.

Once we approached the door we listened and found out that there were numerous vampires in that room. Sam glanced at me, concern flashed in his deep dark depths. I smiled at him to reassure him that I would be ok, he returned the smile but it didn't reach his eyes. He nodded to the other werewolves and burst open the door.

When we rushed into the room my eyes quickly scanned the room. It was big and bright, filled with computers and what looked like operating tables. Vampires in white lab coats and black combat uniforms whipped their faces to us. Surprise flashed in all of them.

The vampires in the black combat uniforms which I assumed were the guards rushed to us, yielding their guns out. We all jumped into action. I rushed towards one of the guards and kicked a gun out of his hand and landed a punch in his jaw. He hissed at me and I jumped towards him and got hold of his head. Quickly twisting his head I heard a sickening crack emanating from his neck.

Before he even fell to the ground another vampire attempted to hit me in the face but I blocked it, kicking him into his chest and colliding with the wall behind him. I quickly yielded one of the silver daggers and pushed it inside his chest where his heart would be. As I pulled the silver dagger out he slipped down on the floor.

"Watch out!" I heard Sam's voice yelling.

I whipped my head and felt searing pain coming from my jaw. Falling to the floor I spit out blood. I quickly wiped my face with the back of my hand and jumped to my feet. A smirk appeared on my face as I eyed the vampire in front of me, anger grew within me and bubbled like tar.

Picking up the dagger that slipped from my hand when I got hit, I lunged forward hitting him to the apple of his neck and slicing through his neck the next second with the silver dagger. Scarlet blood flooded out of his wound and gurgling noise came out of him as he fell to the floor.

We each fought few more vampires, that included the ones with the white lab coats on until there were no more left in the room. The sticky blood of the vampires flooded the floor as my eyes roamed over them.

My eyes snapped towards Sam and the werewolves. They all looked fine without any major injuries.

"What is this place", one of the werewolves asked as his eyes roamed over the computers and equipment in the room.

"It looks like a laboratory" I answered, my eyes landed on the medical beds "experiments perhaps, judging by the beds"

I didn't need to say what the vamps were testing on, as all three pairs of eyes went wide with horror. Vampires wouldn't torture their own species. For some reason, they were testing who knows what on humans and werewolves.

Alex flashed in my mind, as I imagined him laying on one of the beds getting experimented on, my insides clenched together.

"We gotta move" Sam's voice snapped me out of my miserable thoughts.

He was already on the way to the doors at the end of the large room when I heard him speaking to one of the werewolves "Simon, mind link to the other group and find out their position and whether they found anything, then fill them up on our situation here" his voice sounded authoritative, commanding.

Even though Sam wasn't his Alpha, Simon did exactly what he commanded him. He stared in front of him, he had an empty facial expression and I got the idea that he was in the middle of mind linking to the other group.

"They are by some kind of offices but it's empty. They only came into contact with a few vamps, no one is injured" Simons's eyes were on Sam.

"Good, tell them to come back to us if they don't find anything in the next twenty minutes. Explain them the way" Sam commanded and Simon nodded.

We waited for Simon to mind link the other group and then opened the other door. Another corridor greeted us. As we began to walk I noticed there were doors on each side of the walls.

I stopped in front of the first door and tried if it's open. To my luck, it was unlocked and I entered into a dark office. My eyes scanned the office before leaving. I closed the door and went for the next door. As I was about to open the door I noticed Sam and the others do the exact same thing. When I opened the door it was another office.

"Only offices" I heard Sam from my side after we opened more doors.

As we reached the last door alarm went off. "Shit! We gotta go, quick" Sam yelled over the alarm. He quickly opened the door and another corridor greeted us, but this time it was dark compared to the brightly lit halls we just came from.

The moist air and the smell of mould filled my nose. We ran through the short dark corridor until another door stood in front of us. This time the door was locked.

Seeing the door was heavy metal, even for us supernatural beings with extraordinary strength and speed was impossible to get through. This door was designed not to let anyone through without keys.

"Step back" I heard Ollie's voice which was the other werewolf as I learned from Sam.

My eyes whipped to him and then the gun in his massive hands. "Since when do you carry a gun?" I heard Simon asking.

"Since always" Ollie answered coldly. He aimed for a second and then pulled the trigger, shooting the lock of the door, loud bang emanated from the gun.

Seconds later Sam easily pushed open the door. Entering, my eyes scanned the large dark room. The overwhelming smell of mould and blood filled my nose and I immediately knew this was where the cells were and most likely Alex and Markus.

"Simon, mind link the other group and tell them to get in here now" Sam commanded and Simon obeyed.

Not waiting for any second longer I began to walk along the metal bars and peeking inside. As I passed them I noticed they were empty.

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