The Hybrid

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Chapter 3

From nothingness came blackness and I instantly felt a sharp pain searing from my head and ribcage. I groaned, opening my eyes slowly.

Why am I not healed? I thought to myself upon realising I shouldn't have any pain.

My hands automatically moved towards my head. They were bound together with handcuffs. But not just any handcuffs. No, they were dipped in silver. I felt a slight burning sensation on my wrist thanks to them. It was bearable because of my genes. However, if I was a full vampire my wrists would be burned to the bone.

My heart began to beat erratically in my chest, my eyes scanned my surroundings as fear filled my body. I was in the car, the sound of the engine penetrated my sensitive ears; it didn't help my pounding headache.

The sky above me was dark as ink and so was everything around me. A slither of the moon could be seen high in the night sky with myriads of stars scattered across the dark sky. I must have been out for hours, remembering it was sunset when I crashed and got myself into this situation.

As I scanned my surroundings my eyes landed on the one who shot me. He just sat there his body and muscles seemed relaxed, driving as if he didn't just kill werewolves and kidnapped me.

Fear shifted into furry. It began bubbling inside of me like hot tar. I concentrated to shift into my beastly mode to put end to this situation but nothing happened. My eyes widened at the realisation I wasn't shifting. I looked at my bound hands absentmindedly as if it would help me decipher what was the cause.

"What did you do to me" I hissed, glaring at him. Just as I said it I felt a sharp pain in my ribcage. I groaned and clutched my side where the pain radiated from. I knew I had few broken ribs as I felt them rubbing against each other when I breathed too deeply or the car was too jumpy.

He glanced at me then his eyes moved back to the road in front of us. "Just something to prevent you from shifting" his voice was calm much like his demeanour.

My eyes widened, not knowing such a thing even existed. But then again I never came across someone like him. "Why am I not healing" I muttered.

"I guess, side effects" he answered calmly with a stupid smirk on his face his eyes glued to the road in front of us.

I glared at him again, anger threatening to spill over. I wanted to strangle him so badly at that moment but If I was going to escape, I needed to calm myself and think of an escape plan.

I closed my eyes, taking deep breaths intending to calm my nerves but as I did sharp pain seared from my ribs again. I hissed at the sensation. "Shit" I muttered under my nose. He glanced at me, his eyes narrowed where I held the side of my ribs.

"When is it going to wear off" I mumbled, not wanting that sharp pain searing through me again.

"Few hours," he said coldly, watching the moving road again.


As I sat there, I decided I better not speak or move until I could heal. It's not like he had any intention of talking anyway. As we drove I became bored, I kept my eyes mostly on the road in front of me.

I heard him shifting in his seat and my eyes automatically snapped to him. My eyes roamed over him. His dark hair was in a half-up bun. I noticed he had high cheekbones and thick eyelashes. He was tall from what I remembered when I saw him in the small town. My eyes moved to his shoulder and arm. He had a fair bit of muscle on him too.

I felt heat rushing to my cheeks once I realised what I was doing. I was checking him out. Shit! Ellie get it together! I screamed at myself mentally. My eyes moved lower towards the weapon he had fastened to his belt. If I was quick enough, I could snatch it from him. But given my injuries, there was no chance for me. I let out an irritated sigh.

Few hours passed, we didn't talk, I waited for my body to heal. I couldn't wait to get my strength and health back to escape from him. I began feeling the familiar itching sensation of my body, healing. That drug he gave me must have worn out. A smile found its way on my face. I felt the wound on my head slowly closing and the headache subsiding rapidly. My ribs slowly reattached and minutes later there was no more pain in my body.

"Who are you" I broke the silence my voice stern and steady. I finally asked the question that bugged me ever since I first saw him in the motel.

He glanced at me, a smirk appeared on his face. He held his gun pointing at me.

Suddenly I heard a howl from next to me. My head snapped towards the wilderness towering on my side and I saw shadows running next to the car. One of the shadows looked towards me. Two glowing golden yellow orbs were staring at me. Rage and fury filled my body once again threatening to spill over.

"Shit, today can't get any better" I muttered to myself.

I heard a chuckle next to me. My eyes snapped towards the man that kidnapped me. Amusement flashed in his emerald depths. My eyes furrowed at his demeanour. His gun was still pointing at me. He didn't seem bothered by the werewolves at all.

Then I noticed more shadows running next to the car on the opposite side of the forest. I gulped, my eyes widening. The rage I felt a few seconds ago sifted into a fear. At least eight werewolves were surrounding us.

Even if I managed to snatch his gun and escape, I would have no chance against so many werewolves. My eyes snapped back to the man next to me. His amusement was gone, his body seemed tenser his facial expression unreadable. He must have noticed them too.

"Hold the wheel" his smooth deep voice rang in my ears.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion "huh?"

"Hold the wheel," this time he said it more aggressively. "Don't try anything if you want to live" his eyes snapped to me pinning me to the spot.

I didn't plan on doing anything, I knew I would be dead if I tried to escape now. The crash would kill me or the werewolves. If I wanted to live my only chance was with him. For now. Without saying anything I took a hold of the wheel.

I heard the clicking of metal as I glued my eyes on the road in front of me. I presumed he was reloading his weapon. Then I heard the window moving down. Then a loud shot came.

Even though I knew it was coming I still jumped when the loud noise entered my ears. I heard more loud shots, this time they have dulled thanks to the ringing noise in my ears. The shots and all the noise around me faded as the ringing noise got louder and louder in my ears.

As I began feeling dizzy, I felt a warm hand on my hand. My head shot towards him, his facial expression hard and unreadable, but I noticed something flashing in his eyes. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was in my dazed state. But it was softer than the facade he put on his face.

In my dazed mind, I didn't even notice how close his face was to me. At that moment, my dizziness and ringing sensation in my ears diminished. My eyes widened and I quickly pulled away from him, going as far away from him as possible into my passenger seat. I looked around and noticed the werewolves were gone. The rest of them must have fled once they heard the gunshots.

I sat in my seat not daring to speak. I didn't want to get shot with that drug. Few more minutes have passed, the adrenalin left my body and I felt my eyes getting heavy. I curled up, bringing my knees to my chest and turning away from the man next to me. I closed my eyes and the constant sound of the engine lulled me into sleep.


I smiled stretching my body and slowly opened my eyes. It took me a second to realise where I was. I wasn't in the car anymore. My eyes scanned the room as I quickly sat up. Four white walls surrounded me with a white door on one side. There was a small window on the other side from where the light came from. It was the day, I noticed, a sunny bright day.

I sat in a bed, there was nothing else around me. I stood up and walked to the window and noticed the bars were silver. Then walked over to the door, I tried my luck and attempted to open the door and of course, it was locked. The doorknob was also coated in silver as I felt slight burning while I held it.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I walked back to the bed. Then it hit me. Silver bars and doorknob, a drug to prevent shifting, him killing werewolves all by himself. My eyes widened and a shiver ran through my body as the word appeared in my mind.

A slayer.

He's a slayer. But how is it even possible? I never heard of any slayers before. If he is a slayer then why is he keeping me alive? Is he going to torture me? I need to get out of here.

I looked around my prison again trying to find anything I could use to help me escape, but there was nothing. I sat on the bed, putting my elbows on my knees and wiped my face with both my hands as irritation grew in my body. I sat there for few minutes, my eyes roaming all around the room in a desperate attempt to find a way out. Anything.

I noticed a small camera in the corner above the window hidden in the shadow. Walking directly in front of the camera, I smiled, put my hand in front of me facing the camera and stuck out my middle finger. Then went back to my seat on the bed. The gesture wasn't needed, I just felt like I needed to let go of some steam. It helped a little bit as I imagine the person's face sitting in front of the screens watching my little act.

As I walked back, I tried to shift into my beastly mode but couldn't. He must have injected me with the drug again when I was asleep. Irritation shifted into anger and I kicked into the bed and let out an angry scream.

Once the anger subsided, I sat down my mind swirled with the thought of escape once again and the slayer that kidnapped me. At that moment I felt sheer hatred towards him.

A few minutes later, I felt my stomach gurgle, my throat began feeling parched and my gums began feeling painful. My eyes widened and dread filled my body at the realisation that if I don't eat or drink blood I would kill the first person that walks inside the room.

The thing with me was, my vampire side was taking over once I began feeling hunger. All thoughts wipe out of my mind and animalistic instincts kick in. Those vampire animalistic instincts mixed with werewolf made them much stronger than normal vampire and werewolf instincts.

Once I was at that level of hunger all I could think about was blood and couldn't control my body. And that level of hunger was approaching dangerously quickly. The last time I ate was yesterday morning in that small town.

I began nervously pacing around the room. I felt my fangs elongating, panic grew within my body each second passed. I walked up to the camera my fangs peeking out from my upper lip as I talked "if you don't get me food or blood, you will all end up dead" I hissed.

I began pacing once again trying to calm myself. I tried to push the thought of blood from my mind, but the more I tried the worse it got. I put my hand in my long black hair massaging my scalp. I know, weird but it does work. Few mins later of my pacing around the room, I heard the keys in the lock of the door and the doorknob twisting, opening.

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