The Hybrid

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Chapter 30

Chapter 30

When I got further down into the dark alley in between the cells, a faint heartbeat and shallow breath found their way to my ears. An unfamiliar very faint scent was detectable in the air along with the pungent smell of mould and urine. Immediately perking up I picked up my pace, ignoring the werewolves behind me.

As I approached the cell where the shallow breath and heartbeat came out I glanced in and in the darkness, I could make out a silhouette of a body lying alongside the stone cold wall.

Only a look from Ollie was enough for him to understand what I needed. He came forth in front of the cell and aimed his gun at the lock. Pressing the trigger a loud noise echoed through the large room and startled the sleeping prisoner inside of the cell.

The prisoner jerked up and when he heard the loud noise. He clutched his knees to his chest and began to tremble. When Ollie opened the cell door I stepped in cautiously "please n-n-no", the prisoner's frail raspy voice reached my ears.

I knew it wasn't Markus or Alex from his voice and scent which was a lot stronger now that I was closer to him even though I couldn't make out his face from that far and his hair covering his face. I walked slowly towards him, my voice soft " it's ok, I'm not gonna hurt you" his eyes glistened in the darkness, reflecting the light of our torches. Intense fear flashed in his gaze and as I squatted in front of him he flinched. I held out my hand and his eyes zeroed out on my hand and stared at it for a few seconds as if deciding whether he should take my hand and if it isn't some kind of trick. His eyes suddenly glowed yellow and I sucked in a breath gasping.

"You're a werewolf" my eyes widened. It was more of a statement rather than a question. I couldn't recognise him being a werewolf through his scent.

His eyes widened and nodded subtly as his eyes shot to the ground.

"Do you know Markus or Alex, they have been taken by the leeches" I tried my luck.

His now normal eyes shot to mine "Markus, the slayer?"

My eyes widened "yes, where is he"

"They took him a few hours ago"

"Where," I asked urgently

"Down below" he muttered

I stood up "can you walk?"

He nodded and got to his feet, I noticed the slight shake in his knees but soon it was gone.

"You'll lead us, what's your name," I said authoritatively.


"Let's go, we don't have much time" I urged him to follow me.

When we stepped out of the cell I noticed Sam's eyes on Ivan, pity flashed in the darkness of his eyes as he took in Ivan's state. Ivan immediately bowed his head in submission feeling Sam's authority.

"This way", Ivans raspy, now stronger voice rang in the room and gestured towards the elevator door in between the cells.

"Simon mind link the other group, tell them where we are heading," I said walking in front of Simon.

"I already did, they're nearly here"

"Good, they'll catch up to us" Sam's voice echoed next to me.


When we got to the lower level, the elevator spit us out in another brightly lit corridor.

"He is somewhere here" Ivan muttered glancing around. His grey eyes widened seeing something behind me, at that moment I heard a lot of footsteps echoing throughout the corridor, voices and breathing.

Whipping my head towards the noise and Ivan's gaze, about thirty vampire guards rushed towards us. Once they spotted us they began to yield their weapons and shoot. Grabbing Ivan I pushed him back into the elevator. He was in no state to fight.

As I was in process of grabbing the two daggers from my thighs, I heard shooting from behind me. Quickly glancing behind me Ollie with his gun shooting at the vampires approaching.

In the next second bullets flew all around me as chaos erupted. Crouching to the wall I noticed a fire extinguisher on the wall, then my eyes shot back to the vampires and two of them trying to shoot me. Still holding the two daggers I threw the silver daggers at the vampires trying to shoot me, one hitting in the chest and the other in the thigh.

In the few seconds window, I ran towards the fire extinguisher and threw it with all my strength towards the vampires.

"OLLIE!" I shouted at the top of my lungs and hoped he knew what I wanted him to do. Thankfully he did, when I glanced at him he aimed at the flying fire extinguisher and shot right in the middle.

"COVER" I shouted to everyone in my group.

Crouching and leaning into the wall a loud explosive bang echoed through the corridor as I held my ears, shielding them from the loud noise. My eyes were fixated on the fire extinguisher as it exploded, shards of metal along with white powder shot out of the red large metal vessel, effectively shooting everyone around, mostly the vampires as it was a lot closer to them.

Searing pain exploded in my upper arm under the shoulder. Hissing, my eyes shot towards the wound on my arm. Blood oozed out as it glistened on the black clothing I wore.

The next second Sam was at my side "are you ok?" His worried voice made me move my eyes from my injured arm towards his face. His eyes were glued to my arm inspecting the injury.

"Im fine, let's go"

His eyes moved to me and shook his head. He tore on the hole that was in the jacket from the metal, making it even bigger. Rather a big piece of metal was sticking out of my flesh.

"This needs to come out. You won't be able to heal" he said softly.

I nodded biting my lower lip "do it, quickly" I barked out.

Without any hesitation, he pulled the piece of metal out of my arm, more blood oozed out, but then it stopped and I felt my flesh slowly reattaching.

Glancing at Simon and Ollie they seemed ok, with no major injuries apart from some scratches. Ivan poked his head out of the elevator. His eyes went wide at the side of the vampires lifelessly lying on the floor.

"The other group is here, they need the elevator" Simon said next to me. I gestured for Ivan to come out of the elevator.

As he did the door closed, and I remembered the two silver daggers that were still in the flesh of the vampires.

When I walked over to the lifeless bodies they were covered in white thick powder, shards of metal were sticking out of their flesh or left a gaping hole in them. Crimson blood stood out against the white powder. When I found the two vampires, one of them I killed as the dagger ended in his heart and the other was still alive, whimpering and hissing as the silver burned his flesh.

I pulled the daggers out of their bodies and killed the one that was still alive by breaking his neck. I wiped the blood out of the daggers against their clothing and sheath them back on my thighs. Then I grabbed two guns from them and headed back.

By the time I got back, the other group was there. Their eyes were wide, surprise was written all over their faces at the sight of the aftermath.

When I glanced at Will I caught him watching me, his eyes narrowed at the bloody fabric on my arm.

"You're injured," he asked, concern laced in his voice, his eyebrows high on his forehead.

"I was, it's healed," I said calmly

"Who's he" I heard Liam

My head moved towards him to answer but Sam beat me to it "we found him in the cell" he said coldly. It was obvious they didn't like each other, and any time they had a chance, fought for authority.

"We gotta move before more vampires find us," I said quickly, breaking the glaring contest between Liam and Sam.

"Check every door, Markus is supposed to be somewhere here," I said as we walked through the corridor. I noticed the doors and a small window in them. All we had to do was to look through the small window.

The first door we passed and glanced inside I noticed it looked like some kind of observation room that led to another cell. From the outside, it had the perfect view of the cell, and the room was empty. The second was empty too, soon we all began to look into the doors and most of them were empty. Few of them had humans or werewolves in them and we let them go.

When we finally reached the near end of the corridor and I looked into the last room, a body was slouched against the wall. When we walked into the observation room at first I thought it was some random human but I looked closer while they opened the door to the cell I recognised the face. Markus.

He was unrecognisable, his body that used to be packed with muscles was now bones and skin, scars and bite marks and large bruises covered his body which was visible because his upper body was bare only wearing ripped pants. His usually cut shortly hair was now long reaching his chin and matted with blood and dirt and he had a short beard on his face which was covered in blood and dirt as well.

My eyes were wide, my heart sank at the sight of him "Markus" I breathed out

I felt Olivia next to me glued to the large glass window "oh my God, it is him" her voice sounded broken, when I glanced at her she had tears rolling down her cheeks.

When the guys finally opened the door me and Olivia rushed into the room with Liam right behind us. Markus immediately shot open his eyes and jerked up into a sitting position, fear flashed in his emerald eyes, flicking them between the three of us and tears began to form in his eyes once he recognised us and realised that his torture was over.

Olivia rushed to him and hugged him tightly, after her was Liam. I kept my distance, just staring at them, guilt still growing inside of me as I imagined what they did to him. And what was Alex going through. Low murmurs filled the room as they spoke to him.

"Alex is not here" Markus's raspy, weak but urgent voice filled my ears. He was looking at Olivia and Liam then his eyes landed on me "Henry took him" his raspy voice laced with steel.

My eyes filled with tears, I tore away my gaze and left the room into the corridor. Guilt upon guilt piled on top of each other in my core. It felt like it would tear me apart, I would crumble underneath the weight of everything that happened. I didn't think more guilt could latch onto me but there was always more.

I felt Sam behind me, I smelled his scent and before he could say anything I quickly wiped my tears away "let's go, we have Markus, Alex isn't here"

When I turned around Sam still stood there, his deep dark eyes found mine, concern flashed in his depths as he brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. When his hand moved away from my face the others walked out of the cell with Markus hanging on to Liam and Will.

On the way out of the underground, we encountered a few more vampires. They got killed as quickly as they appeared and soon we were out in the daylight and fresh air.

Liam with Will placed Markus into Liam's car and then came to the group.

"Markus wants to talk to you before we leave," Liam said as he approached.

My eyes went wide for a second and fear washed over me as I imagined his hate towards me, after what happened to him and Alex. I quickly pulled myself together and nodded.

Once I got to the car Olivia sat next to him in the back seat.

"You need to talk to me," I asked carefully bracing myself emotionally for the outburst.

His eyes found mine but to my surprise, I didn't see any anger or hate in them.

"Henry took him to his mansion," he said with his voice low but hopeful

"I will bring him back" my eyes never left his.

He closed his eyes and rested his head against the seat. My eyes locked with Olivia, she was still angry with me, the scowl on her face showed me that much.

As I was about to walk away thinking the conversation was over Markus's voice filled the air between us "Ellie" he opened his eyes and locked them with mine " I'm not blaming you for what happened, I didn't mean it to come out the way it did back in the cell"

The corners of my lips raised ever so slightly "you have nothing to apologise for" I said softly "get well Markus" he smiled and then I headed back to the group, feeling Olivia's eyes burning into my back.

"Markus said Henry took Alex," Liam said angrily.

I nodded "ya he took him to his mansion", I stated.

"When are you going to get him, I'm coming with you," he said urgently

I shook my head "no, Markus needs you now"

Liam bored his eyes into mine, his lips were in a tight line. He was quiet for few seconds before he nodded.

"Are you taking him to Boston" I found myself asking.

"Ya, we leave him to rest for a day or two then we take a flight to Boston"

"Ok, I'll be in touch with you"

He nodded and left.

We all jumped into the cars and drove back into the hotel. I was glad we got Markus out, he was in there for so long and I wondered what they did to him. It looked like the vampires were observing him. Were they experimenting on him? Nonetheless. I still felt guilt even though a large amount of weight was lifted off my shoulders. If it weren't for me, nothing like this would have happened.

Once we got into the hotel I rushed into my room. Stripping all my clothes off I jumped into the hot steaming shower. As the water cascaded over my body I noticed the pink scar on my arm where the piece of metal shot me. I washed all the sweat and blood off of me. Once I stepped out I towel dried my hair and put the large fluffy tower around my body.

When I opened the door I jumped and sucked in a breath. My eyes went wide and my heart skipped a beat as Sam startled me sitting on the edge of the bed.

His hair was wet and messy and he wore clean casual clothes, fresh smell emanated from him. He grinned his eyes roamed all over my body. I felt the heat rushing to my cheeks when I realised I only had a towel around myself.

"How did you get in?" I found myself asking.

"You left your key in the door" he slightly raised his eyebrow at me, still boring his deep eyes into me.

"Oh," I said awkwardly, scratching the back of my neck and fiddling with my fingers. After few seconds of awkward silence, I found myself asking "Do you need anything?"

That snapped him out his stare and cleared his throat "I came to ask if you want to join me and the guys for drinks in the bar"

"You could have rung me" I gestured to the phone on the nightstand next to the bed.

He followed my gaze and then turned his attention back to me "I did" the corners of his lips raised creating a smile "but no one answered" mischievous glint flashed in his eyes.

"Ok, I'll be down in half an hour"

"I'll see you in a bit," he said as he stood up and walked towards the door.

When he left I let out a breath I didn't even know I held. I began to dry my long hair and put on some mascara and filled in my eyebrows slightly. Then I put on black skinny jeans and a red crop top. I didn't bring anything fancy because I didn't plan on going out for drinks. To be honest, that was the last thing on my mind but after today I felt like I needed to loosen up a little. Plus one or two drinks wouldn't hurt anyone.

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