The Hybrid

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Chapter 31

Chapter 31

When I stepped into the bar that was on the ground level of the hotel I immediately spotted the group of werewolves in the far end of the bar sitting in the booth. It wasn't hard to spot them since they were all tall and packed with muscles. They weren't hard to miss. I quickly walked over and was welcomed with warm smiles as everyone greeted me. Will made space next to him and I plopped on the soft leather seat.

After ordering a drink we chatted and laughed. Turned out that Ollie and Ron which was one of the other werewolves grew up together and had pretty funny stories together. They told us that one time when they were pups they stole apples from an old human man and he chased them for hours. The guy brought the attention to Beta Rick and they both had to clean the packhouse for a week after that. Of course, the old human man didn't know who was Beta Rick. He just happened to stumble upon him when young Ollie and Ron unintentionally brought the man into the pack.

From talking and laughing at Ollie's and Ron's stories, we somehow ended up talking about how to get Alex out of Henry's grasp.

"How are you planning to get him out," Will asked taking a sip of his beer.

"Honestly, I don't have a plan. I'm just going to barge in and hope for the best" all of their eyes widened, Simon even had his mouth hanging open.

"You can't be serious," Sam's brows were furrowed his deep eyes bored into mine with intensity.

"I am serious," I stared at him with defiance.

"You need to have a plan, unless you have a death wish," Will's voice was serious.

"I tried to plan, to come up with anything before he took Alex but I couldn't come up with anything. He has so many vampires at his disposal." I let out a breath in defeat "Henry is not even that strong, I fought him once before and he ran, he is a coward. I can't wait any longer"

"I can't let you do that," said Sam authoritatively.

Anger slowly began to rise within me and I glared at him "I'm not asking for permission"

He flinched at my words and pain flashed in his deep dark eyes before he averted his gaze. His jaw clenched, his nostrils flared and his hand held the glass of beer so strong I thought it would shatter in his hand.

Shit, what am I doing? He is my mate that is helping me to get another guy I am in love with. He doesn't deserve the way I treat him. I thought.

Deep in my thought, I didn't even realise Will and the rest of the guys left to the bar to get more drinks. Sam sat across from me still in the same position and his face was hardened hiding his emotions from me.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled. His eyes shot to me he furrowed his eyebrows making a v in between them. "You didn't deserve my attitude"

He just stared at me for a few moments. His face was still the same without any emotions. I couldn't take it anymore even though it was my fault he was livid.

A loud sigh left my lips "I think I'm gonna go to bed" I didn't wait for his response. I just stood up and left.

As I passed the bar where the rest of the guys waited for the bartender Will stopped me "where are you going"

"I'm tired, im going back to my room"

"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow" he raised his eyebrow at me and I nodded. I said good night to the rest of them and headed back to my room.


Once I closed the door of my room behind me, I washed my face taking off the makeup and brushed my teeth. I took off my clothes throwing them on the floor and put on a black simple silky nightie.

I got into bed, at first, my mind swirled with thoughts of Alex then to Sam. It was a constant battle inside of me about them. After what felt like hours I finally began to fall asleep when I heard a soft knock on the door.

Opening my heavy eyes I groaned and cursed under my breath as I walked towards the door. When I opened the door deep dark eyes collided with mine. Sam leaned on his hands which were on the frame of the door. He had an unreadable facial expression, I couldn't tell what he was feeling or why was he there. His eyes left my face and travelled lower and lower stopping at my legs. Then snapped back to my face. Just then I realised I wore a very short nightie that barely covered my bum.

As his eyes bored into mine he stepped inside the dark room without waiting for an invitation. When he took a step into the room I took a step back. I couldn't help but feel like he was the predator and I was his prey. I couldn't move my eyes from him and I found myself that I didn't want to. We repeated those steps until I hit the frame of the bed and couldn't go anymore in the back, he took one more step closer standing dangerously close to me. I lowered my eyes, now resting on his chest and I felt his breath gently brushing over my face and his heat radiating from him. I smelled a faint smell of beer but he didn't seem to be drunk and his scent of pine tree, wildflower and cardamom.

I felt his hand on my elbow, tingles erupted where he touched me and slowly moving up towards my shoulder then to my neck and stopped there starting at the base of my neck for a moment and then continues towards my cheek. This whole time his touch left a trail of tingling sensation and goosebumps erupted all over my body. I shivered spontaneously and was momentarily speechless of what his touch did to me.

I felt his fingers gently pinching my chin and lifting my head to look at him. His eyes looked black in the darkness but I still managed to see the slowly growing desire by the second "are you cold?" His voice sounded husky and his eyebrows were slightly creased.

I shook my head and a smirk appeared on his face. He lowered his face until he reached my lips and gently kissed them. My eyes widened but I didn't stop him. In fact, my body yearned for more. I blamed it on the mate bond. He retreated and studied my face. I kept my eyes glued to his and bit my lower lip, a combination of lust, adoration and devotion flashed in his depth. His eyes flicked to my lips and then the next second his lips crashed with mine, passionately kissing me. I returned his kiss with growing passion. His hands were snaked around my waist pushing me into his body. I melted in his hold against him. I placed my hands on his chest and then moved them up behind his neck.

While kissing me I felt his warm hands sliding under the thin fabric, holding my hips and waist, my nipples hardened against his body and my panties became wet.

All of sudden he pulled away his lips and inhaled deeply. His eyes flashed molten gold and for a second I thought he was angry with me. It was all forgotten when his lips collided with mine. He put even more passion into the kiss and I felt his hard cock pressing against my belly. When I felt his arousal that made my panties soaking, I wanted all of him.

He gently lied me down on the bed and began to kiss my neck. Once he reach that place where his mark would be, between my shoulder and neck he kissed, sucked and gently nibbled at that place. I sucked in a breath, goosebumps erupted all over my body again and my nipples were stone-hard begging for attention. Once he felt my hard nipples he teasingly grazed his fingers against my hard peak through the thin fabric I wore "you're driving me insane" he breathed out in between kissing my neck, slowly going lower towards my breast.

At that point, my breathing was shallow and shaky and my heartbeat was beating erratically. He pulled down the thin straps of my pyjama until my breasts were free. He gently took one nipple in between his lips and agonisingly slowly sucked and flicked my hard peak with his tongue. My clit was throbbing, screaming at me for attention and my hips began to move up and down as he lied in between my legs, my wet pussy grinding against his cock.

A shaky breath escaped his lips and then pushed my hips back into the bed. He understood what I needed and sneaked his hand in between my legs touching my pussy through the wet lacy material of my underwear. Then he went under my underwear, his fingers exploring my pussy, sliding in between my slick wet folds. When he found my clit he began to flick expertly, my back arched at the sensation, shuddering breaths and soft moans escaping my lips. My hips began to move pushing into his hand more.

"I want you so badly" he whispered against my ear. Those words tipped me over, this was all it took for me to reach my orgasm. As he said those words my world shattered and I moaned loud, my body spasmed against his while he kissed me relentlessly. When my ecstasy ebbed away I found myself wanting more of him.

I turned him over, straddling him and taking over the situation. I pulled his shirt off along with his pants and underwear. His cock sprang out hitting him just underneath his belly button. Taking off my nightie and underwear I sat on top of him, my pussy against his massive cock. I began to glide up and down the length of his member, coating him with my juices. He held my hips taking in my body. As I moved against him I kissed him passionately and then let his cock slide into my pussy slowly. As he slid into me we parted our lips and I let out a moan of pleasure as he filled me. He threw his head back and I started to move up and down his cock. We found our pace and met halfway as we both thrust into each other.

"I need to mark you," Sam said still thrusting into me "my wolf is going crazy"

I stopped moving and he looked at me in surprise "not yet please. After everything is done" he stared at me for a second, his eyes roamed all over my face but then nodded and smiled.

I began to move again up and down his hard massive cock when I began to feel my orgasm nearing the explosion.

"Oh my God, im gonna come"

"Yes baby, come for me," Sam said panting heavily as he pumped inside of me. A few seconds later the orgasm I felt earlier came crashing down on me only a lot more intense. I moaned loud throwing my head back as my walls clenched against his thick cock. I felt him pumping into me harder and faster, his breathing was shallow and hard and I knew he was close. Seconds later he pumped into my pussy harder than before and moaned out my name as his cock swelled and then shoot his sperm inside coating my walls.

When I laid next to him we both panted and I found myself staring at him as our orgasms ebbed away. His eyes were closed and a smile appeared on his face. He looked so happy at that moment my heart skipped a beat. I rested my head on his chest and he placed his hands around my waist. We laid there for a few minutes, I listened to his steady strong heartbeat slowing down.


The harsh loud noise of the phone woke me up from my sleep. Sam stirred next to me, his hand leaving my waist. I reached for the phone still half asleep with my eyes still closed. They were too heavy to open.


" Ellie, I need help" the voice on the other side sounded urgent and desperate. I shot my eyes open, my tiredness was forgotten about.

"Liam?", I furrowed my eyebrows while I sat up. "what happened"

"It's Markus, he-he's shifting"

"Shifting?" My eyes widened slightly. Surely he couldn't mean shifting into a werewolf. Marcus was human.

"What's wrong" I heard Sam's raspy voice next to me

"Get in here," he said urgently "he's shifting into a werewolf"

My eyes widened and froze with my mouth agape as shock took over my whole body. How was that possible? I thought

"Ellie! Are you there" Liam's voice snapped me out of my shock

"Where are you" I blurted out with urgency.

"In the safe house"

"I'm coming," I said before I slammed the phone down.

I jumped off the bed and began to quickly dress. I briefly glanced at Sam now standing and looking for his clothes on the floor.

"How is it possible, he's human," I asked my thoughts out loud. I knew Sam heard everything Liam told me on the phone.

"I've no idea. I guess we're going to find out soon enough" he muttered getting dressed.

In the next few minutes, we were out the door, rushing through the hotel towards our parked car.


I holding the doorknob at the safehouse I stopped in my movement when heard screams of pain and faint cracking of bones entered my ears. My mouth went dry and cold sweat covered my body. I glanced at Sam, my wide eyes with horror found his deep dark orbs. He seemed calm. He must have witnessed hundreds of first time-shifting. I on the other hand had no experience with it.

Getting into the apartment, the first thing I saw was Markus in the middle of the living room, screaming his lungs out in pain, his body stiff as if he was afraid to move, but jerked nonetheless. I heard the cracking of his bones a lot louder. Instead of his hands were paws and he was covered in dark brown fur, but his skin was still visible. His ears moved upon his head and became pointy, his nose elongated and was in process of becoming a snout, his teeth elongating and looking sharper. Lastly, his eyes glowed golden yellow with specks of emerald green around the pupil.

He laid on the floor, his body shivering and jerking from his enormous pain. Shards of glass were everywhere around him from the broken coffee table. A chair was flipped on the floor along with the cushions that were shredded, the fluffy filling scattered all over the living room.

"Oh my god," I heard Olivia's shaky voice and my eyes shot to her. She stood in the kitchen, her wide eyes fixated on Markus, horror and shock written all over her face, tears staining her cheeks.

Liam stood on the other side of the kitchen island, looking utterly helpless watching Markus. His head snapped to us once he heard us, relief flashed in his emerald eyes "thank God you're here" his voice sounded urgent but relieved "I don't know what to do, can you stop it?"

At that moment I had no idea, being a hybrid and not having a wolf I never had to shift to the extent werewolves did. I felt completely useless, luckily Sam was with me.

"There's nothing we can do. He has to go through the shift" Sam's calm voice came from behind me.

Liam's wide eyes moved behind me settling on Sam "so you're saying we just have to wait?"

"Pretty much," Sam said now standing next to me.

Olivia walked over to us "why is he in so much pain"

"First shits are always painful. The more he shifts less painful it becomes. And quicker" Sam explained watching Markus.

"How did it happened?" I found myself asking after few seconds of silence between us. Markus's screams and heavy breathing could be still heard through the apartment. My eyes went to Olivia

"Out of nowhere he got very angry, his eyes changed and then it started" her voice was shaking and I noticed her hands too. She averted her gaze to the floor, her shoulders slouched. At that moment she looked smaller than usual and frail.

I knew our friendship wasn't in the best shape but at that moment I knew she needed a hug and a friend.

"Come here," I said walking over to her and pulling her into a hug. "He will be fine"

Moments later Markus's screams stopped, my eyes moved towards him when I noticed it was suddenly very quiet. A large coffee-coloured wolf stood in the middle of the room staring at us. He had a lighter large patch on his chest and his back.

He looked alert, his ears pointed upwards, his big round eyes never left us and he stood stiffly on his all four legs.

"Careful, his wolf doesn't recognise us," Sam said carefully "we need to show him we mean no threat"

"And do you propose we do that?" Liam snapped at Sam, glaring at him.

"For starters, you could keep your emotions in check. We can feel others emotions in our wolf form. Just keep calm and don't do any sudden moves, it would startle him and wait for him to come to you. Let him sniff you to get to know you" Sam said calmly.

Moments passed and we just stood in the room calmly before Markus's wolf began to slowly, cautiously step towards Liam and Olivia. He stood in front of them and sniffed their clothes and then their hands. Then he licked Olivia's finger and his tail began to swish from site to site. Olivia smiled and Markus did the same thing to Liam.

A few seconds later Markus let Olivia pet him and then he jumped on her, his large laws on her shoulders licking her face, while her laugh rang throughout the room.

"Stop it," she said in between her laugh trying to wipe her face. I couldn't help the smile while I watched them.

Back to his four legs, Markus turned his attention to us but was less alert. He walked over casually, sniffing our clothes before he sat down and bowed his head in submission in front of us. I furrowed my eyebrows. "What's he doing?" I asked Sam perplexed.

"He is showing his respect for us"

"Right," I said awkwardly, feeling dumb. I should have known this.

Markus stood up and walked over to the sofa, plopping on top of it. As he lied down, his tail was moving up and down from the side.

"Do you have any idea how it happened?" Liam said after he let out a sigh and ran his hand through his dark hair. "I mean, how is it possible"

"No idea, we can't turn humans into werewolves like vampires do" Sam explained, he looked confused by the whole situation as well.

A light bulb lightened in my head when it came to me "what if the vampires injected him with something. They were observing him, which means they must have experimented on him."

All three pairs of eyes went wide "well, that's possible. What other explanations are there." Sam said

"We better ask Markus when he turns back" Liam spoke as he rubbed his chin.

"He looked really scared and startled when it started" Olivia stated. "I don't think he knew what was happening to him"

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