The Hybrid

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Chapter 32

Chapter 32

For the rest of the day, me and Sam stayed in the safe house with Liam and Olivia waiting for Markus to shift back.

At some point, Sam rang the hotel to speak with Will to let him know where we were, what happened and not to look for us. Turned out he was still in bed hangover from the night before and had no idea we left. They stayed until early morning hours drinking.

"So what's the deal with you and him," Olivia asked me quietly, pointing towards Sam with her head. We were sitting at the table drinking tea.

My eyes followed her direction, Sam sat lazily on the sofa, casually chatting with Liam and watching Markus's wolf. His deep dark eyes darted towards me, catching me in the act of staring at him. He smiled warmly and I returned it as a warm feeling spread in my chest.

Hearing Olivia clearing her throat I turned my attention back to her "Um...he is...sorta kinda my mate," I said awkwardly and cautiously, scratching the back of my neck.

Her eyebrows furrowed, a mixture of surprise and disappointment flashed in her sky blues "your mate? I thought you were with Alex"

I gulped nervously "I was, well technically we weren't officially anything." I let out a heavy sigh and shook my head as I lowered my eyes towards my steaming tea "I still have deep feelings for Alex. him but meeting Sam made things very complicated."

"Is mate supposed to be something like a soulmate?" She asked perplexed.

I nodded

"Then how come you still love Alex if you have Sam? Shouldn't those feelings be out the window when you met him?" She said sipping her tea, her eyes bored into mine.

"I think it's because im hybrid, I don't feel the bond between me and Sam as I should. I mean, that's the only explanation I came up with. No one really knows since I am the only hybrid" I felt nervous explaining and talking about it with Olivia. Our friendship was rocky lately and she was so happy when me and Alex got together. I was afraid of her reaction.

"Right, because you don't have a wolf" she slightly raised an eyebrow.

I nodded

"I guess that's going to be bad news for Alex," she said bitterly, tearing her eyes away from me.

I let out a sigh "Olivia, I didn't plan any of this."

"I know, I'm sorry" she mumbled "I was just so happy for you and Alex."

In the next hour, Markus finally shifted back into a human. When he shifted it was slow but still painful and a lot faster than shifting into a wolf. Once he finished shifting he lied on the floor naked and his body shook slightly from the pain he just experienced. I averted my gaze while Liam grabbed the blanket that was draped over the sofa and gently covered Markus's naked body. Squatting next to him he helped him on his feet and sat him up on the sofa.

"How do you feel," Liam asked like a worried parent.

"Hungry and my whole body is killing me," Markus said, his eyes all over us.

"Right, I'll make you something to eat" stated Olivia as she scurried into the kitchen.

"Come on, let's get you dressed," said Liam to Markus as he slowly helped him into the bedroom.

I went to sit next to Sam and waited for Markus, there was an important matter to discuss. Now that Markus was a werewolf he needed a pack, seeing wolves were social creatures. He needed to be explained the laws and rules he had to follow, basically everything.

A few minutes later Markus came out dressed in comfy looking sweatpants and a hoodie. He looked a lot better, the sweat from his skin was gone from the shifting and he wasn't shaking anymore. Liam was on his tail right behind him. Markus sat on one of the armchairs and Liam went into the kitchen to help Olivia.

Marcus sat in the armchair, eyeing me and Sam. He was quiet. I could tell he wanted to ask questions but hesitated for some reason. I raised one of my eyebrows in question and was about to tell Marcus to ask whatever he wanted to know but Sam beat me to it.

"Ask," Sam's steady voice rang through the room.

Marcus let out a sigh before he ran his hand through his messy hair "Is the shifting always going to be so painful?"

"No, every time you shift it's going to be less painful and shorter"

"What about the voice in my head, is that my wolf. It doesn't stop talking" Markus said rubbing his forehead annoyingly.

"Eeh ya, your wolf is always going to be there, get used to it." Sam's voice sounded amused.

Markus averted his gaze looking defeated and uneasy.

"How did it happen? Did they experimented on you?" I found myself asking after a few seconds of silence.

His eyes flipped to me a mixture of fear and panic flashed in his emerald greens "ya, they kept injecting me with stuff. I heard them talking about my bloodline being the first slayers."

My eyes widened. "That explains your eyes in your wolf form," I said slightly in awe.

"Oh" breathed out Marcus.

"Markus, since you're not human anymore you need a pack." Explained Sam carefully.

"I know, I know how it works", muttered Marcus sadness rolled off of him, as he slumped deeper into the armchair.

"You know what happens when a wolf doesn't have a pack," said Sam next to me. It was more of a statement than a question.

"I've hunted rogues in the past, I know what happens to them" Markus sounded defeated. My heart sank for him seeing him like this. In his current physical and emotional state, it will take him time to recover.

"Marcus, you're more than welcome to join my pack. I'm sure father wouldn't have a problem with it" I said feeling proud that I could offer him something like this and mend a little for what he went through thanks to me.

His face brightened slightly as if a ton of weight was lifted off his shoulders. The corners of his mouth raised slightly "really? You would do that for me?"

I nodded smiling at him.

"I thought your father was dead," said Marcus after a few seconds.

"Ya, it was a shock for me too. It's a long story I'll tell you about it later."

After the conversation, me and Sam left back to the hotel. I was relieved that it turned out like this but I also felt bad and guilty even though he said it wasn't my fault. Everything was my fault. Henry would pay for everything.

When we came back to the hotel we filled in Will and the rest of the guys. I was happy when Will said he would take him under his wing until he would learn everything. I also told them, that at night I would go to visit my so-called brother.

"Are you serious? We need more back up" Will looked worried.

"I'm not waiting any longer. This needs to end" I eyed him sternly, my voice mirrored my eyes.

"I agree with you Ellie, but Will is right we need back up" Sam placed his hand on my shoulder.

"He is obviously using him as bait," Ollie stood across from me with his hands crossed over his chest.

"I know, but I can't wait any longer, tonight I am going. "


A couple of hours later all of us stood by the tall wall that leads to Henry's mansion. We were hidden behind talk bushes keeping quiet and listening to the footsteps of the guards. Just as I remembered it was the same pattern as before when I was there with Olivia. Every two minutes they would pass.

Sam nodded at all of us that it was time for us to climb the fence. I waited, keeping watch behind making sure no one was lurking behind us when Will and the guys climbed over the fence. When they were on the other side I effortlessly jumped on top of the fence, glancing behind me to see Sam easily climbing the wall.

As I glanced to the front in the garden I heard muffled groans and hits. Will and the guys were just in the middle of killing one of the guards. Second, later the vampire just laid there lifeless, Ollie and Sam pulled him into the large bush just beside the wall, hiding his body effectively.

In the meantime, I jumped off the tall wall landing on my feet with Sam right on my tail. Glancing at the mansion a few lights were on on the inside. All of us, slightly bend and keeping as low as possible to the ground while proceeded to run closer to the mansion, stopping only by the large windows.

When I peeked at the large window I noticed it was slightly open. Jumping to my feet I climbed the outside window sill and opened the large window more, but it wasn't enough. Glancing at the guys below me all of them were tall and big, they wouldn't be able to squeeze through the window, it was enough for me but not for them.

"Go to the front door, I'll open it from inside," I whispered, already climbing and squeezing through the window. At that moment I was proud of being only five feet tall.

It was dark and eerily quiet in the large room I just entered. As quietly as I could I made my way to the front door. On the way, I strained my ears but heard no movement. It was weird, it felt like something wasn't right. I had this nagging feeling that something bad would happen. When I reached the door and slowly opened it, the guys waited for me patiently.

When I met Sam's deep dark eyes anger flashed in them "don't do that again" he whisper screamed at me.

My eyes widened at his anger but I ignored his demand. "Something feels wrong" I whispered.

"WATCH OUT" Wills's voice echoed in my ears, startling me. My eyes snapped to his face, he had an alarmed facial expression, a glint of fear flashed in his eyes.

Quickly whipping my head behind me, following Wills gaze, a vampire ran towards us throwing knives. Just in time, I jumped to the side, missing one of the knives mere centimetres.

Landing on my knee I quickly glanced at the vampire and watched as more of them appeared next to him in less than a second. Adrenaline along with fear filled my body. Grabbing one of the silver daggers that was on my thigh, I threw it with all my strength at the vampire who kept throwing knives at the guys, hitting him in the middle of the chest.

Gunshots echoed throughout the large space as Ollie began to shoot the vampires. Effectively killing them as they fell to the ground.

I willed myself to shift, my fangs along with nails elongated into sharp claws and I felt my muscles and bones thickening.

By the time I shifted, two vampires rushed towards me, their sharp nails ready for my flesh. Jumping away and blocking their attack, I finally got a window and landed a powerful blow, my nails grazed through one of the vampire's chests. He hissed at me while I caught the other vampires wrist trying to hit me. I twisted his arm behind him until he began to cry out with pain. But I didn't stop, not until I heard bone cracking. Music to my ears at that moment. Then I grabbed his head and harshly twisted his head, the cracking of his bones filled my ears. He fell before my feet as I watched the other vampire marching at me with fury in his crimson eyes. Not wasting any second I jumped, my sharp nails digging into his shoulders as I held on to him and sank my fangs into his flesh ripping out his jugular.

When I quickly glanced around me, my companions shifted into their wolves, ripping apart the vampires. Remembering the silver dagger I walked towards the vampire that died thanks to the dagger, pulling it out of his chest harshly and wiping it on his clothes.

Hearing footsteps behind me I whipped my head towards it. A vampire rushed towards me, his fist hitting me in my jaw as it whipped my head to the side and falling to the ground. The coppery taste of blood filled my mouth quickly. As I got to my knees I spat out the blood and then got to my feet. Anger took over my body and I landed a powerful kick, his body collided with the wall behind him. Before he could react I stood in front of him with my hand on his neck, my nails digging into his flesh, warm blood oozed between my fingers. His hands were around my wrist and forearm, squeezing as his nails dag into my skin trying to free his neck.

"Where is your master," I said sharply through my clenched teeth.

"Underground" he mouthed, no voice came out of his lips because of me holding his neck so strongly.

"How do I get there" I sneered, at the last word I squeezed his neck even more.

One of his hands let go of my wrist and pointed behind me. I whipped my head towards the door all the way across the main door then returned my gaze to him. Smirking I grabbed one of the silver daggers and pushing it into his chest where his heart was.

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