The Hybrid

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Chapter 33

Chapter 33

By the time I finished with the vampire, the wolves killed the rest of them. The once nice glossy wooden floor was sticky with a thick layer of crimson blood with dead bodies scattered around.

Briefly meeting the familiar molten gold gaze of Sam's wolf, I moved my head towards the door of the elevator. Without saying anything I began to walk towards it, hearing heavy footsteps and breathing behind me. I knew the wolves were at my tail without looking.

Once stepping into the large harshly lit elevator we began to move downward. Alex flashed in my mind as fear filled my core. Fear of losing Alex to Henry, fear to see him wounded badly. Weirdly enough, I felt slight relief that I would finally get to see Alex and end everything. Tonight was either my last night or Henry's. Either way, I was glad the nightmare would end.

Taking a deep breath I clenched one of the silver daggers nervously as if it would give me strength. I felt softness press against my arm. Glancing to my side molten gold gaze stared at me. Sam's enormous black wolf looked at me with his stunning eyes reassuring me, telling me that it's going to be ok. The corners of my lips raised into a smile and I gently ran my fingers through the thick fur on his neck. He nuzzled his snout into my neck and then licked my cheek.

When the elevator opened we stepped into a dimly lit corridor. Scanning my surroundings I noticed the door at the end. While we walked I strained my ears trying to hear any noise indicating anyone around. All I heard was our heartbeats, footsteps and breathing. But the nearer we got I began to hear faint movements. And by the time I stood by the door, a strong coppery scent of blood filled my nose. My eyes widened, panic filled my body, the only explanation ringing in my head was Alex.

Grabbing the doorknob I opened and pushed the door open. The room was bright and I had to blink my eyes a few times to adjust. Freezing, my eyes widened even more of what was in front of me.

In the middle right in front of me stood Henry with a smirk on his face and hatred in his crimson eyes. He stood tall, arrogance rolling off of him.

At the sight of the person next to him, the world around me stopped. Everything blurred only seeing the person. My blood began to run ice cold, and the hair on the back of my neck raised. Not believing what I saw in front of me, I blinked my eyes a few times to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. My mother stood next to Henry, very much alive and healthy. However, when I looked deeply into her crimson eyes the warmth and unconditional love I saw every day when I was only a small girl was gone, filled with a chilling coldness that crept into my bones.

She looked exactly as I remembered her as if only a few days passed since I last saw her.

At that moment, the pain I thought I would never feel again struck me. Last time I felt it was when I found both my father and her in their pools of blood in the kitchen we used to live in when I was a teenager. Along with pain, regret and confusion filled my core.

Regret that if I wouldn't run that faithful day, maybe everything would be different. If I faced the situation that was in front of me and not be a coward and decide to run I wouldn't lose so much time with my father and found my mother with Henry with disdain in her eyes towards me.

Confusion as to how she was alive. When I saw them, her skin was ash-coloured indicating she was dead, her eyes glazed over. If she wasn't dead, was she with Henry this whole time? Was I alone for eight years for nothing?

Feeling my eyes burning with tears forming, I blinked my eyes a few times and averted my gaze to the side. I couldn't look at her anymore. The longer I saw her cold eyes staring at me, the more my heart broke, piece by piece.

When I returned my gaze, avoiding my mother at all cost, a man or rather a vampire stood on the other side of Henry. He held Alex barely standing holding by his hair, with his arms behind his back. He was covered in blood, his long hair was matted with blood cascading over his face. I knew it was Alex, his signature scent lingered in the room along with his blood and he was the only human there. The small movements of his chest and faint heartbeat indicated he was barely alive. He had bite marks all over his body along with cuts. Some were fresh, blood still oozed from them and some were scabbed.

Fury filled my body seeing Alex in this state. I snapped my gaze towards Henry.

"Hello little sister," he said feigning softness with a smile that didn't meet his eyes.

Gritting my teeth, my nostrils flared, I demanded through clenched teeth "let him go"

He shook his head arrogant smile on his face "tsk, tsk, tsk you don't even greet our mother?"

My eyes hesitantly flicked to my mother. She still had the same coldness in her eyes. Then went back to Henry "you have me, let Alex go" as I said it I felt Sam nervously shifting next to me.

"That's going to be hard...I really enjoyed him" my mother's soft voice rang in my ears. My eyes flicked back to her, a smile appeared on her beautiful face but didn't meet her eyes. "His blood is delicious"

My blood began to boil, I willed my body to stay where it was. She was still my mother, I had no idea what has Henry done to her but her blood runs through my veins, she was a family.

I watched as my mother walked over to Alex and licked the fresh wound on his chest. " should really try it" she taunted as she licked her lips clean. She wanted a reaction from me and I used all my strength not to give her one. My heart sank seeing mother like this, vicious and hateful.

I took a steadying breath to calm the raging storm that was threatening to burst through the barrier "what do you want from me" I said with my voice full of venom.

"Well, for starters come and try his blood," she said as she pushed her forefinger into Alex's wound as it oozed with blood. Alex let out a shaky breath from the pain she caused him. My mother then licked her finger and leaned back her head "oh my God, I can't get enough. Something about his blood just makes me go crazy"

I felt my rage building up steadily, my legs and hands twitched to run over to them and kill them. All I saw was red.

"Then I want you dead," she said with her voice so cold, goosebumps erupted all over my body.

"Why" my eyes widened for a second but then I wiped it off my face as quickly as it appeared, setting on a glare. I didn't want to show her the effect of her words on me.

Where is that woman who raised me, who gave birth to me and took care of me. The woman when I looked at her I saw pure adoration and endless love in her eyes. I guess there was tiny hope hidden in the back of my head, that my mother I loved so much I would die for, was still there somewhere hidden in the depths of the vicious woman standing in front of me. But after hearing those words, I knew that woman was dead.

Her laugh boomed around the large room "you're asking me why?" She said after she stopped laughing "you are my biggest regret, you and your father" her voice was harsh, all amusement was gone from her face.

When I heard her words I couldn't hold the tears anymore. My heart was officially shattered and nothing would fix it. I quickly wiped the tears away. It wasn't time for crying. I let out a shaky breath "let him go"

"Then come and get him," she said boring her eyes into me.

Just as I was about to step forward I felt soft fur on my hand, catching my attention. His molten gold eyes looked at me, pleading with me. I softly ran my hand through his thick fur feeling his warmth. A soft smile appeared on my face.

"If this goes south, run," I whispered to him. As I said that, soft whimpers could be heard behind me. I ignored it as I tore my gaze away from Sam and stepped forward to my death. I accepted my fate the second she said she wanted me dead. She was half a millennium old, I stood no chance against her. All I cared about was to get Alex out of their grasp.

Every step I took towards them heavier feeling filled my heart at the thought I would leave Sam behind. We weren't marked but our bond was stronger every minute we were together.

I never left my gaze from my mother and Alex as she stood next to him watching me with a triumphant smirk on her face. Stopping few feet in front of him, my mother nodded at the vampire holding him. A sense of relief filled my core that Alex would finally be away from them when I saw the vampire let go of Alex.

Reaching for him, he fell into my embrace, he was barely conscious, his legs were very weak as he put most of his weight on me, his usually warm body felt cold against my skin.

My relief was short-lived when I felt him being harshly pulled away from me. Fear and shock struck me as I watched him being pulled away and my mother holding him against her and sank her fangs into his neck viciously without any remorse.

"Nooo!" I yelled as I rushed towards her. I felt hands on my arms and shoulders as I was being pulled back towards the floor.

"Tell your pets to stand down" Henry's harsh voice filled the tension-filled air.

I was held by the two vampires, kneeling on the ground, my rage and hate filled eyes glared at Henry "let Alex go"

"Tell the dogs to stand down and the slayer will live"

My eyes glanced at my mother while she drank Alex's blood. His body slowly getting paler and paler by the second. I quickly whipped my head back towards Sam and the guys. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I shook my head. They stoped mere few feet behind me, understanding.

I tore my gaze away when I heard a loud thud in front of me. My eyes landed on the lifeless body of Alex. I listened for his heartbeat but it was gone. I was frozen for a second and the whole world became hazy. I didn't believe this was real. I thought this was all nightmare and would wake up soon. When I realised this was all real and Alex was really dead, indescribable rage filled my body. This time I didn't hold back "you bitch" I spat out "I'll kill you" I tried to break free from the vampires that still held me down.

"That's not how you speak to your mother" she scolded me with her eyebrows furrowed. Breathing heavily from trying to break free I just watched her, pure hatred evident on my face. "I did let him go...into the heavens," she said mockingly, raising her hands and looked towards the ceiling above her. Then her hateful gaze meet mine once again "you didn't specify where to let him go" her innocent voice made me sick to my stomach.

The rage and fury that was already storming inside of me multiplied as I moved my eyes to Alex's lifeless body. I didn't think it was possible to be this much enraged. It felt like I would burst with hatred and anger towards her. My hands were curled into fists, shaking and my skin turned white on the knuckles. My whole body began to slowly shake, not being able to hold these strong feelings inside of me anymore. I had to let out my feelings.

I clenched my jaws together, every muscle in my body tense. Something snapped deep within me and I began to feel my fangs elongate, my nails turned into claws. It felt different with this much rage surging through me. I felt raw power deep within me waiting for me to be released.

Growl escaped my lips and I looked up at the woman I used to love so much in front of me. Her eyes widened at the sight of me. She let out a gasp, the same gasp escaped Henry's mouth as I snapped my raging gaze towards him. At that moment I didn't control my body, letting my emotions and instincts take over.

With ease, I stood up and the two pairs of hands that held me down firmly let go of me, but still stood very close to me, shocked. Turning around in a split second their heads collided with so much strength it surprised me. As their heads collided I heard a satisfying and at the same time sickening loud crack of their skulls. Before they even fell to the ground I pushed, both of them flew across the large room, barely scratching the surface of my strength.

By the time I turned around, Sam and all the guys were at my side, ready to attack never leaving my mother's hateful gaze.

"Kill them" she grunted to the vampires never taking her eyes off of me. Dozens of vampires attacked us, most of them were torn to shreds by the wolves powerful jaws, or I killed them by decapitating them or plunging one of the silver daggers in their hearts.

Just as I was in the middle of throwing one of the daggers into one of the vampire's chest I glanced at my mother, she was just turning around along with Henry and were about to flee. Not wanting to let them get away I ran towards them, pulling the silver dagger out of the dead vampire I just killed. Throwing the dagger at them, it past flew between their heads. I missed but on purpose. I wanted their attention and to enjoy their deaths.

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